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I recently got rid of my car because it’s no longer running (it was my home for the past 4 years). What is a tent best suited for city-living and where can I buy it? Please provide specific model.

Had a Price Club membership verification today. First one in a long time! Literally lasted 10 seconds, and the only reason I answered the door is because I had tree trimmers here and I actually thought it was a tree trimmer in need of something. A little surprised to see two cops.

Either way…

“Good afternoon, just checking to make sure you still live here. Have a nice rest to your day!”

That was it. I was getting all ready to make my stand and refuse to sign anything, and yada yada…and they were gone within 10 seconds of my answering the door.

Yes…just long enough to remind you that they own you. That they are watching you. Just enough to qualify as causing mental distress and lower the quality of day to day life with the burden of this ever present knowledge.

Just enough to make sure that the public shaming an added punishment never stops. Ever

Exactly Tired,

What a crock. I just had my yearly membership renewed at Van Nuys. I always get uneasy when it’s someone new. This time young over eager cop. Was really going after me about my cars. I have 4 because I have 5 drivers in our family. Made me tell him several times who’s driving what each time trying to catch me lying. What a joke. After taking pictures of my car I said “Have a good one” not even a response. To add to the stressful week, some parents at my daughters college found out about my past. After the complete stress out and answering their questions everything is fine. They were actually super supportive one even wanted to give me a hug. They are all on the east coast. The absolute shit storm this causes for 36 hours is almost unbearable. It really is never ending punishment.

Steve –
I have to go in 2 weeks, but I am not sure why people continue to ALLOW them to take photos of your cars? This is NOT a requirement of 290, they have NO right to do this, nor do you have any obligation to allow it. I have never allowed it, always politely declining their request. If we are FORCED to follow the law TO THE LETTER, they must also! Please everyone in the valley, DO NOT let them do this, politely decline. Give them an inch, they take a mile..

Listing any drivers of your cars is not a requirement either. You must list the plates of all vehicles registered to you, owned or regularly driven. Period.

290.015(a)(3) The license plate number of any vehicle owned by, regularly driven by, or registered in the name of the person.”

What is it with this red line under every thing i try to put here? i found this site last night , and spent all last night reading , wow i am blown away at how many smart people there are here , i am on a fixed income and i am erley alztimers so my spelling sucks , anyway for now i just want to thank everyone for there time and work , i just moved because of my 35 year old crime , and i had to move into an old motel that sucks , but the manger likes to get payed so he don’t care ,but he also don’t care if folks make my life worse than it all ready is , i think i am like most peope in the same boat as we are and just want to clime under a rock, but i am really getting sick of that , soon i know i will have to move again , i am kind of at a loss of words , thanks for doing what you do , your all very brave , i don’t know what to do God help us all , my family everyone , i might post more , i gust need to see if this post

oh i just wanted to say , i feel that the powers that be , are using us as a battering ram to take all peoples rights , if i ever win the lottery i will spend a great deal of it to help ,

I could not agree more with you!

We have become pretty much the ONLY minority that it is perfectly fine to pick on and abuse!

They can’t do that with any other minority in these PC times!

its nice to find people that know what I am feeling , man I am so sick of the weak freaks with there do gooder phones and taking picks of me , and talking smack , acting like there going to stop there car , or the just sit in there car and watch my place , I always worry about my lady , my kids are grown and live next door , and I don’t want anything to happen to them , we always try to keep the peace , yet I have been jumped 2 time in the last five years , and both times the cops have took the peoples side that jumped me , and both times I was just a few feet from my door , and the last time the cops beat the crap out of me , so I just have to keep moving ! I just want to settle down safe with the love of my life , and go fishing !! but no , its not going to happen , I would not mind so much going in to regester so the cops know were I am I have nothing to hide , but to let people know all my biz sucks , because its just so SOME people feel safe , others just want to punish you , then in the back ground the good ol gov are stuffing money in there pockets , and thinking of more ways to steal everyones rights , so put the blinders on and put your nose to the grind stone and don’t ever think , just pay pay pay , and the SO are the key , every stupid bill they pass no matter what it is , they say its for the children , well the way its gong our kids will never ever have any rights at all ,and really they already don’t have any rights in less a court deems so , then the same court will turn and tell a kid he or she will be tried as an adult , what the heck is that? , it makes me sad to see what is really going on , well watch your backs , and keep your head down ,

Kelly, I would suggest not using your real last name here. You don’t want to be a target. There are no rules here on the name you use.

so are there anyother chat sites ? with kind of fomat?

thank you

Before calling local police to get their interpretation, I was hoping someone here could comment on their understanding over travel requirements. I’m a CA RSO (misdemeanor and no current probation or parole) and am planning a family vacation to NY for 7 days. I’m not understanding if I’m required to report it to CA since I’ll be gone more than 5 days? It’s not clear to me by reading the requirements. I also see that NY, from how I interpret it, doesn’t require my notification unless I’m there for 14 days? However, it appears that CA may require me to notify NY based on CA’s policy? Anybody able to help me understand this? Thanks.

OMG we’re expected to be Attorneys now to sort through all of these different regulations that vary from state to state. Really- it’s just a mess, and I can’t see myself living the rest of my life like that.

PK, I fully agree with your frustration! It is not only absurd that we are expected to somehow be aware of existing laws in every State, County, and City of the entire Country ……but we are also expected to be informed of all recently enacted laws and restrictions – laws for which no lawmakers every bother to include adequate notification provisions. So how are we not to perceive these many new laws as traps intended to re-incarcerate registered citizens for any unknown misstep.

I go on vacation about once every month or so, and I NEVER tell anyone. Sometimes I fly, sometimes I drive, but it is unnecessary to notify ANYONE that you are leaving CA unless you are making a permanent move. We all need to stop giving MORE information than is required by law. Yes, I have visited NY, and never notified them that I was there. I was on VACATION, I did not “reside” there.

I’ve done the same thing…this isn’t my first trip. However, I’m trying to be more conscious of the requirements considering all the BS that continues to come our way. My crime was in 1998 and I’ve never had anything aside from that and don’t want to start with any type of violation at this point. I agree with you to not give anything other than what we are required, but in reading over the requirements, it seems it may be a requirement. If driving, it’s easy to be discreet, but flying leaves a paper trail that they can then present against you if it comes to that.

Good luck G12. I don’t want to be a deadpan, but I have been trying to get an answer to those questions for a couple years. If asked it here and got several answers. I looked at the law and was bewildered. I even asked the Sheriff and two officers gave me two interpretations.
It was easier to get a straight answer when I was on probation. I’d go to the probation officer when I wanted to leave the county and she would say yes or no.

This is exactly why I’m hesitant to ask my registering PD. They likely won’t know and then will instruct me to check in with local PD in NY and I don’t want to do that if it’s not necessary. I’ve called them for other instructions before and they never seem to know much about the requirements. It’s frustrating knowing that you’re trying to comply and living a clean life but can still get violated for not knowing a requirement. And let’s face it, they keep the requirements as quiet as possible, almost as though they want to catch a registrant for non compliance. Thanks for the best wishes…if only Janice or Chance could maybe chime in and help all of us with the confusion.

So I am late to the party but I am just learning that I am now ineligible for 1203.4 dismissal due to revision of 1203.4(b) in 2014 (AB 20). I have a felony 311.1(a) and felony 311.11(a) and plead guilty to both in 2012 (accepted indicated sentence of probation) because at the time my lawyer advised me that since I was getting probation i would be eligible for dismissal under 1203.4. Has anyone had positive results with a 1203.4 petition after 1/1/2014 for offenses now listed in 1203.4(b)?

Did you take a plea deal before or after 1/1/2014? If it was before…you can get it expunged. I was arrested in 2012, took a plea deal in 2013. Just had get my probation terminated early and the conviction reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor (wobbler offense) and expunged (based on constitutional grounds). Check out their site for more details. Do their eligibility check thing.

I plead guilty in 2012 based on a judges indicated sentence of probation only. The prosecution was unwilling to cut a deal and was pushing for prison time. I realized my best way forward was to both avoid jail and take the probation so I could apply for dismissal later. so technically not a plea bargain but I plead guilty on the understanding that I would be eligible for 1203.4 after succesfully completing.

Regarding a 1203.4, I really think it carries little weight for the future. I received one in 2014 and really it does nothing for me at all. It didn’t remove me from the website and it is not reflected under my name on the website which it should be. I’m not trying to be negative, so if you do file, then use a public defender. That way you’re not out any money!

I don’t believe expungment does anything for you as far as Megan’s Law site is concerned. The potential benefit of expungement relates to employment or any sort of application that asks about being convicted. I’m now able to answer no (with a few exceptions) on applications that ask if I have ever been convicted of a felony.

Another reason I can answer no is because I had my felony reduced to a misdemeanor in addition to the expungement. 311.11a is a wobbler…not a straight felony…so a reduction is possible. I have been told that now that my felony 311.11a has been reduced to a misdemeanor…that I should fall off the Megan’s Law website. Still have to register of course. Still waiting to see if I will actually get removed automatically now that my conviction has been reduced. Was told it could take 90 days for the DOJ to update the records which should result it me no longer showing on the site. Then I have to deal with all the other sites that list me (homefacts, etc).


Unfortunately, for all of us that have to register, if a potential employer does a thorough background check our convictions would show up, and not the record clearance. I always carry a copy of my 1203.4 with me as proof if there is ever a question. It’s a shame thge DOJ will not show that on the website.


I’m paying an additional $200 to have do an expedited record clearing procedure that is supposed to speed up the process of the background databases being “updated”. They are the ones that were successful at getting me off probation 6 months early, a reduction, and expungement (plea deal before AB20 went into affect.

I have heard that the background check companies are not supposed to report an expunged conviction. Whether they or don’t…no idea. I’m guessing background checks that involve Live Scan will probably still show the conviction. Perhaps the less expensive “run of the mill” background checks won’t show it? I guess I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I have also heard that no convictions past 7 years (California law) are supposed to be reported by background check agencies. Not sure if all of this is sabotaged by having to register. Maybe there is no way to hide 290 convictions. Step 1 for me…try to get off the damn site.

Based on your post…I’m guessing you have had a background check show your expunged conviction? How much time had passed since the expungement? Perhaps not enough time had passed?

This is excactly why I am pursuing the 17b reduction and 1203.4 dimissal. If I get reduced I np longer appear on the website and if dismissed I can truthfully answer to private employer my case was dimissed in the interests of justice. Offers some peace of mind.

I will share my results over the next few months. It has only been about 6 weeks since my hearing (early term of probation, reduction, and expungement). Still waiting on getting official court documents showing all this was granted. If I don’t vanish from the site in another 6 weeks…I’m going to get a lawyer involved to contact the DOJ. Once recordgone has completed the $200 expedited record clearance work (they can’t do that until they get the court documents)…I get a voucher to run some sort of background check on myself. Maybe it won’t show up? Maybe it won’t because it’s a budget background check? I guess the real test will be when I start job hunting.

California Schools May Expel Students Over ‘Sexting’ Under Proposed Bill
AB 2536 was introduced this month and focuses on “sexting” with the intent to humiliate and harass a student.

While New Mexico has passed a law that legalizes consensual sexting, takes away the punishment. Good old progressive/regressive California, the bipolar state.

I saw my name on a reality Web page,, and was wondering if that is legal. They don’t have a number to call or email listed. This is total bullshit. I feel like starting a Web page and listing random names just to puss people off. We can start with that idiot John Walsh!

You will probably find your name on many websites. It’s part of being a Registered Citizen. Generally if you can afford to file a lawsuit against a website that promises to remove your information for a fee (extortion, usually asking $399.00 or more), then that may be illegal and you may be able recover civil damages. The problem with this is the cost of a lawyer, the time it takes and most importantly, the publicity a lawsuit creates will outweigh the benefits the RC wants to achieve. Publishing current public 290 information on other websites will probably not be found illegal unless the law is changed. Just my opinion. Not legal advise.