This is how to pass a bill with no facts to support it

The discussion in the U.S. House pertinent to International Megan’s Law has ended with a vote to pass the resolution under suspension of the rules.

Ten legislators spoke in favor of the bill. They all threw out a lot of numbers, sometimes in conflict with each other, all designed to draw conclusions that cannot be concluded with any degree of logic.

Remember that the bill is named International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders. Child exploitation and other sexual crimes. Sexual crimes. Traveling sex offenders. Keep that in mind. Full Opinion Piece

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Only one word comes to mind morons ,

We need now to rally together and kick out of office those responsible. I’ll show you how one community corner at a time…you have more power than you may think! I have always been republican but it seems as with Reagen and the Democrats of his day; I didn’t leave the Republican party the Republican party left me! Now, from business to business and church to church we have a country to take back. Robert Curtis (949) 872-8768

I would like to state publicly that I officially HATE the United States of America.

I am done with it.

It’s a sad for the republic, democracy, freedom, truth and justice. The authors of this bill and all the liars that quoted completely made up numbers have done this country a monumental dis service. Now it goes to the man child’s desk and it will become law. He will in all likelihood go on TV saying something to the effect that he is single handedly protecting children as his drone program continues to kill innocent children, and this governments foreign policy will continue destroying stable countries killing millions, many of them children, and will continue making enemies on an unprecedented scale never seen since the beginning of recorded history. These men and women in our government that masquerade as honorable people sicken me. Many of these frauds are everywhere, from local government all the way to the top of our corrupt system.

If this surprised anybody, well, it shouldn’t. We should never expect an elected representative to do the right thing. They are owned. They are owned by lobbyists. They are owned by the media. They are owned by their parties. They have two jobs: Raise money for their party, and get re-elected. Any representative who does the right thing would be spinning on a spit, over a very hot fire, in the next election. This will not be resolved by the legislative branch. If it can ever be resolved, it will have to be in the courts. And they only way to get there, I fear, is to have it get so bad that it can’t pass anything that resembles constitutional. Strap in folks. It’s gotta get a lot worse before it has any chance of getting better.

Lies and irrelevancies were stated as reasons to support this. Chris Smith bothers to give recidivism rates, for registrants who do not receive treatment. Mostly all registrants receive treatment. So whatever study he was quoting is irrelevant. The reoffense rate is under 1% for all registrants that I know of and all I know of have received treatment. It’s like they were talking to fill space for something they already all know they are going to pass. Fillng the space with talking about Megan Kanka, who has less relevance to low level registrants than the unconvicted and untreated sex offender founders of SORNA, John Walsh, admitted child rapist, or Mark Foley, author of SORNA, who had an underage intern scandal. And expanding SORNA is part of HR 515. Chris Smith thanks the Family Research Council who promotes Death to Homosexuals Act, internationally. Chris Smith and the like-minded are Nazi’s for their hatred and disregard for humanity. Someone must have paid the Congress people other than Smith off to come up with such nonsense to exert so much energy to get something so wrongheaded passed. I wonder if that somebody got the high level funding going because he was angry that he was fought on his internet identifier cyber-nazism. Hmmmm. As far as SB 448, Kelly may have made it non-retroactive, but I think he plans to later amend it to be retroactive. Let’s not take our eye off Kelly. As far as HR 515, they changed the name of it to not mention sex trafficking. But then when spoke of on the floor, it was the some of the same sex trafficking nonsense… Kelly’s M.O….

The same sex trafficking nonsense, that does not connect to registrants. Smith said 4500 passports issued to registrants in one year. But then, fails to mention any numbers on registrants committing crimes. The same sex trafficking nonsense that seeks to criminalize normal behavior under the guise of a phony connection of sex trafficking to registrants, who have an under 1% reoffense rate.

First I paid for a passport not under this condition, I say class action lawsuit i want a refund of unused time. Secondly RESTRICTING my travel is a money thing, they wanna keep the “Vacation” money in the US, F* that Ill goto mexico with NO PASSPORT and spend all of my $ there screw the us govt.

This is exactly what the Nazis did.

I’m not exaggerating. Look it up.

I hate this country and I’m honestly embarrassed to be called an American. It means nothing anymore. Saying that I’m American now just makes me feel “stupid” in the literal sense. lack of intelligence and common sense. I’m done.