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Janice’s Journal: We Must Answer This Grave Injustice to the U.S. Constitution

It took six weeks.  Only six weeks for Congress to make a historic decision without any discussion or debate about its significance.  That decision is the addition of “unique identifiers” to the passports of U.S. citizens.  This has never happened before in the history of our country and has only happened in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

The U.S. Senate struck the first blow on December 17, 2015, when they adopted an amendment to H.R. 515, International Megan’s Law, under a “suspension of the rules” that significantly limited discussion and debate.  During that time, the Senators failed to mention the importance of the amendment and instead focused on the “alleged horrors” the bill would prevent.

I said alleged and I mean alleged for this is the “new” sex offender myth that continues to be repeated despite a total lack of facts to back it up: anyone convicted of a sex offense involving a minor will eventually be guilty of sex trafficking.  Regardless of the age of the offender.  Regardless of how many decades ago the offense occurred.  Regardless of whether a judge has declared the offender to be rehabilitated.

The U.S. House of Representatives followed in the footsteps of their Senate colleagues today, only six weeks later.  And like the Senate, they considered the amendment under a “suspension of the rules”.  They did not discuss, they did not debate the historical significance of adding “unique identifiers” to the passports of hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens.

Americans should be afraid.  Very afraid.  That any group to which they belong will be next.  Are you a Muslim?  Are you gay?  Are you overweight?  Have you ever been convicted of drunk driving?

We cannot sit still and be quiet.  We must answer this grave injustice to the U.S. Constitution and we shall.  We will file a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, possibly the day after the President signs the bill into law.

For if we don’t act.  We, too, will be “guilty” of failing to heed the ominous words of a German clergyman, spoken in 1946:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Join us in this fight by showing up, showing up and speaking up.  Join us in this fight by making a donation to California RSOL.

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Congress Reschedules HR 515 Vote for February 1

Video of Hearing on C-SPAN – courtesy of Women Against Registry




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Any other outcome would have been shocking.

As always, a heartfelt thanks to all those who invested time, effort and resources in the fight against this abomination. Janice Bellucci, Paul from RTAG, and I am sure many others of whom I am not aware. Thank you.

Thanks also to WAR for making the video available.

Also a big shout out to Rep. Ann Wagner. She gave a flamboyant speech full of pathos (did she say ‘angel’? How many time was that word used in 30 minutes?) in support of the bill, but at least she spoke the truth.

At 26:15 she said, and I quote verbatim – “A 2010 Government Accountability Report showed that in a single year at least 4500 Registered Sex Offenders received US Passports to travel internationally. This is absolutely unacceptable.”

Now, there is no evidence that these 4500 individuals, or a single one (if that were relevant), used this travel document to sexually abuse a child in a foreign country. She does not claim this. There is no evidence that these 4500 individuals, or a single one (if that were relevant), even engaged in foreign travel. She does not claim this.

She states – on the record – that it is unacceptable for certain US Citizens to receive a, THE, document a citizen of this country is ENTITLED to receive, which unequivocally proves citizenship of the United States of America worldwide.

If it is unacceptable for a person to receive, in a lawful manner, the one document that proves their citizenship, then they must not be ‘real’ citizens.

THAT is what she said, and that is what this is all about. Thanks, Ann! If anything your honesty is refreshing.

Oh, dear! I would have to check the exact date but I believe my husband – errr, the dangerous sex predator I am married to – was one of those 4,500 who had the audacity to renew their passport that year (+/- one year). Yes, I can see where such brazen unlawful behavior must be punished. And not just him, but close to 1 million others. Sorry, guys.

Anyhoo, with that little blue book in hand we must have taken a dozen or so trips in the past few years. And each time he has managed not to jump any women and children while on vacation, because apparently that is what one does as soon as one crosses the border.

Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up.

I just received my renewed U.S. passport and the thought of commiting ANY crime in any foreign country certainly never once occurred to me!
I wonder what the next ass-hat lawmaker will propose – perhaps a bold tattoo across our foreheads? That might be the next “unique identifier” (purely administrative & regulatory, certainly not a punishment). ?

I think arm-bands are the next step. The tattoos come later at the camps with the ovens.

Arm bands, then encampments. There is already a group of people plotting that very idea. None of this will end until we file a class action discrimination suit on all the laws the state and fed. government pass that singles us out and strips out Constitutional rights. No one has the balls to do it. O have tried and tried to find an attorney to take it on. It is always the same, it takes too much time and resources. Every lawyer from criminal to civil rights is a bloviator and nothing more, with few exceptions (Janice). At least she is willing to help as best she can manage. It just makes me sick. I am soo tired of it all. Sad thing is, there is nowhere you canget away from it. Now we couldn’t leave the country if there was a better place.

To paraphrase Claude Raines’ character in Casablanca, “I am shocked, shocked, to find that registrants are traveling internationally like other Americans.”

Maybe then, if we are not real citizens, then we must declare ourselves a sovereign nation, forced to create such by being exiled from our own country within our own country’s borders in a virtual reservation. We have special constitutional opinions applied only to us, and no other citizens, as if we were foreigners.
It is a shame, because I really don’t want to be identified as a sex offender, (It has been 17 years since being convicted on the one count that landed me here, without re-offense. Isn’t that the length of time, when I am no more likely to commit a crime than the average citizen?) I don’t eve like the less objectionable label, registered citizen. We are lumped together in this artificial category. Our crimes and individual situations, motivations, backgrounds are unique, and if any of these politicians had the chutzpah to examine them, they would find no practical justification to classify us a special, homogeneous group. We have no common culture, different from that the main. We are unlike some organized gangs, involved in drug, labor and sex trafficking, who are the real problem. We organize only to fight these draconian laws. I am not a customer of sex traffickers, that is probably some of the politicians themselves.

While our campaign did not succeed we were successful in organizing which is the first step. We filled speaker paul ryan’s voicemail on multiple occasions. Now lets do the same with the president. – send emails, call, write letters. He has 10 days to sign this bill. If we spend as much time over the 10 days explaining what this bill actually is and actually does maybe he veto’s it for no other reason then to force debate.

He is/was a constitutional attorney, he can see the merits of the argument this is unconstitutional and may not want his name attached to such a bill that gets over turned.

Thank you Janice for all of your hard work but the fight is just beginning. I was wondering if the suit should be filed in multiple district courts, that way if circuits disagree maybe this is our crack in the door back to SCOTUS to finally see these are indeed punishments and not civil disabilities.

In NY we do not have a strong organization like this one sadly, but I know one attorney, Kathy Manley that has taken and fought (and even won) several sex offender issues. If you want her email is: and phone is: 518-434-1493. She maybe able to assist with filing the same challenges in NY and hopefully 1 of the courts will issue an injunction on this heinous bill

I actually spoke to Kathy Manley prior to this decision. She was the Attorney for Doe vs. O’Donnell 2011. The Appellant of this case lives in Fairfax County, however was convicted in NY. This situation almost exactly the same as mine.

Ditto on the NY situation. Conviction is from CA, moved to NY for less than a year, still registered in NY since returning to CA two years ago. In CA, I’m only visible by ZIP code, but NY placed me at Level 2 and makes everything available!

What did she say?

Push the president to consider what the passed legislation does.

Constitutional challenges if the bill is signed.

Lobbying for legislation that nullifies this legislation with more effective measures.

Submitting ideas for bills that redefine what classifies as a sex offense (want to really screw with the legal system push for definition changes) and make them non controversial. Better yet sneak language into other bills that amend, distort, weaken, and nullify this bill.

I’m really trying to hang on to the idea that things must get worse before they get better – hope this is the worst.

Letter and calls fell on blind and deaf politicians.

Donation sent this morning. More to follow as it becomes available. Let’s get this rolling!

Now can we say the registry is punishment????

No, noname, this is merely regulatory! ….and we only want you to ride in the back of the bus because its very safe there ….. and that gold Star of David on your clothes is only so you all can recognize other of your faith …. you see, it’s really for your safety and wellbeing, right?

I have been a registered citizen for over 5 years and for the first time I actually feel less than human because of this. My own government despises me so much that my identification must be labeled so that I can be marginalized and rejected by every human being on this planet. If and when this legislation is overturned it won’t make a difference to me. The psychological damage has been done; I have lost complete trust in my government to protect me and my civil rights.

Maybe that’s the feeling I have? In a way I haven’t been able to describe it. Only the fact that I DESPISE the United States, and I will try to get the **** out of here at whatever costs. Even if it means living in poverty in the wilderness of Brazil or Bolivia.

This was my plan, but now I don’t think I can get to the wilderness of Bolivia. I had researched Honduras, Belize, and Ecuador.

I have thought about it too. In fact I have even researched living on an island in international waters. Build one out of soda bottles like that nut in Mexico on youtube. I am overwhelmed at this point. I was just discussing with Janice about my parole conditions and getting help resolving that. Now I wonder what usebit would be. They would only do something worse. When they come to put me in a camp they will have to shoot me. Trust me, tgis is exactly how it started with the Nazis.

It’s taken you 5 years to feel this way?

What state do you live in that respects registered citizens? (don’t need to answer this, rhetorical)

Someone stated that there have been only 2 other times in recent history that a government has done this to their citizens, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia (under Stalin). We all know how much those governments hated those that they labeled…enough to exterminate them. It’s just very saddening that my government has that amount of hatred towards me.

$1000 donated. Anyone care to match me?

Nice work. I have two out of state college tuitions…so $50 for me.

all good

$500. Who’s got the other $450?

My question is, will this money be used to file a suit that will help everyone in all states? What organization will head this? I will donate $450 but I need more facts, it seems all we do in all states is fight new restrictions instead of the root of the problem, the registry and a real way to deregister that is fair. I do know as of yesterday America is not my country, they have placed us in a extremely difficult spot, yet they take our tax money, destroy our families, place so many restrictions upon us long after the fact and the debt has been paid in full. Then even when we manage to go by all the insane rules and survive they then add more and laugh in our face. I do not care who reads this quote, I am tired, I have done all that was asked, but you the lawmakers still took more, I HATE you America. I hope you will be destroyed just as you have destroyed me and my family.

I just donated. It wasn’t much, but it’s something. I plan to donate a little bit each month going forward.

But, I am also curious how the funds will be used. Are we just going to chase bad laws, or will something bigger be done with it? We need real change. As I live in MA, I’m hoping the money will be spent to help with national issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate all that Janice and company have done. I just hope we can make a true difference at the national level.

Women Against Registry is preparing two class action lawsuits on federal level.

Wow. Not ready for that much, but I could swing giving $1 for each new donor who gave $1 or more to CARSOL or TAG. I will have to cap it when I reach $100 (100 donations), though. Wish I could do more, have to get out of here and do some work already.

I’ll donate $50.00. I used to focus donations on the ACLU, but now I’m going to switch to RSOL. I would contribute more, but I have some big legal expenses at the moment.


I do not have a $1000, at this time, however, I did doubled my donation to CA RSOL and when I find, some more money I will send it either, to CA RSOL or its partners.

I just got out of prison two years ago and I am only now getting on my feet. I cannot donate $$$ at this time but I think I can in a few months. Thanks for your effort and your patience.

Donate your words. Write letters. Speak. They (words, and the ideas behind them) are the most valuable things we possess. Money just buys somebody else to speak for us. That’s all.

I stayed up late last night finishing an email to President Obama. It was to the point and heartfelt. He promised us many things in 2008, and among those was a country where everyone deserved a second chance. Where past transgressions did not negate a future successful life. He promised that we ALL had an opportunity for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. I asked him to consider his statements of the past. Upon waking this morning, I expected there to be headline news about this horrible event that took place. But neither my morning LA Times or the TV news had anything about it. I somehow expected the whole world to have changed, people to be in shock, but there is nothing evident. Yet, I feel so changed. My citizenship has been threatened, my rights have potentially been lost, and the Country that I love has been turned on end. And no one seems to know.
Who will be next? The Muslims? The Atheists? The Gays? Will it matter then?
We can, and we must fight this. No one is safe.

“The Country that you love” has always been this way. Slavery, Jim Crow laws, drug war, racism against immigrants, homophobia, panic about terror, panic about child molesters…. what you’re seeing is simply the next issue among many. It’s the dark underbelly of America that no one notices or cares about because we’re too busy talking about how awesome we are and worshiping the flag every chance we get. As the late George Carlin said, “this country was founded by slave owners who declared ‘All men are equal'”.

You really “love” this country? Money and material things will only carry your soul and spirit so far.

“Who will be next? The Muslims? The Atheists? The Gays?” Actually, Christians are next on the list and they are the ones that think is great for RCs, to be marked. I guess, I will get two marks on my passport.

@Harry- Considering every (nearly every?) US President has been a Christian, I highly doubt this will be the case.

They are Christians on the campaign, however, their deeds are of Satan, after being elected. Hatred towards Christians are second to RCs.

They are hypocrites on the campaign, not Christians. Just because they say they are doesn’t mean they are. You can always tell by their actions; actions speak louder than words.

I contacted my local news agencies. Of course it’s not in the news, not even a peep.

If they ran the story they’d Look sympathetic to sex offenders, that’s bad business.

Mark, your comment inspired to write a likely futile email to President Obama. I want to be able to say I have done everything I could at this stage of the fight. Next will come Janice and others. My first donation to CARSOL is coming tonight and I will stand by you as you take on this significant and historic cause for justice.

My letter to Obama:
In Re: H.R. 515 – International Megan’s Law
Dear President Obama,

I am begging you to veto HR 515, the International Megan’s Law that was cowardly voted upon with a suspension of the rules in the House and Senate. This marks the first time in American history that passports will be marked with ‘Unique Identifiers’ designed to inhibit the travel of law-abiding citizens who are authorized to hold passports. The only other two nations that have embraced this concept are Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. If you do sign this legislation, it is a sad day for America. You said you believed in second chances during your 2008 Presidential campaign.

This legislation is a blatant statement to certain law-abiding citizens that ‘you don’t matter’, ‘you don’t deserve rights’, ‘you are worthless’. We are talking about law-abiding citizens such as myself who committed an offense decades ago and have been struggled to become productive – despite a disturbingly significant segment of society that finds satisfaction in permanent punishment and marginalization. This legislation is added punishment with no evidence to support the assertion that persons on the registry travel to engage in ‘sex tourism’. There was no valid evidence offered, and nothing to indicate that registrants travel for such an intent any more than the general population.

HR 515 is anti-American, denying the basic human right to be able to travel to visit family, religious sites, or to earn a living. It hurts families by keeping them apart. The expressed intention of the legislation by the author is to restrict travel by registered citizens. If you do sign this bill, it will be a significant loss for our Constitution, a decline of national ideologies, and a threat to the very survival of our sense of justice and redemption. It makes me question where we are headed in this nation. Do American values and ideals even matter anymore? If you sign this, my pride in being an American will diminish significantly and that is something I say with great sadness. I urge you to think about this very seriously before sending us down this path.

One addition. Do Obama want this part of his legacy?

My email to the Simon Wiesenthal Center:

Please forward to the leaders of the Wiesenthal Center- URGENT

Well it’s time not to forget.

Hello I am writing to inform you of a bill that just passed (by suspension of the rules i.e. NO DEBATE) and is on it’s way to to the president to sign. HR 515 International Megan’s Law would require the state department to stamp a “unique identifier” on a certain segment of citizens PASSPORTS, sex offenders. There are only two other regimes that have done this in the history of the world Nazi Germany and communist Russia. As you know, with the Nazi’s it started with the mentally ill, homosexuals and then the Jews.. Where does it go from here in the US? Drunks? Drug users? Muslims? Jews? Who’s next to get stamped and labeled?

Citizens that have long paid their debt to society and are no longer a threat to anyone will now be a prisoner of their own country. Sound familiar.

Please visit CALIFORNIA RSOL and read the following post by Janice Bellucci, a civil rights attorney who has taken up the cause to fight this injustice. You will also find many facts about politicians flat out lying to pass their unconstitutional agendas, it is shocking.

This law is the start to policy that could become very dangerous for ALL americans. I ask you, as fellow americans to come out against any policy that takes away liberties from ALL law abiding citizens and labels them as outcasts.

It’s time to “NOT FORGET”

Thank you

A law abiding registered citizen

It is easy to ask us to throw money at a lawsuit, but all the other things this movement shuns, like public protests and demonstrations, are needed just as badly. It was good we had online petitions and emails and calls, but it would have been great if we held public rallies to get the message out there.

I personally have little faith that a Chief John “Price Club” Roberts-led Supreme Court would rule against Int’l Megan’s FLAW. SCOTUS is far from infallible. Dred Scott, Buck v Bell, Korematsu v US, Plessy v Ferguson, Smith v. Doe, and most recently, Citizens United v. FEC (that’s the Roberts decision that states money is speech). I have great doubts a Roberts-run SCOTUS will rule favorably for us, especially the “International” version of the very law he championed. Stranger things have happened I suppose but I wouldn’t bet on it. If you think the courts is the way to go, you better hope the bill DOES NOT go to Roberts court.

One more thing– This bill didn’t pass in a “mere six weeks.” It languished for about eight years. This movement raised a stink years ago over the “passports limited to a year” and thankfully that provision was removed. What made this year different was the Senate finally moved on the bill. The House moved on it last year, and this movement worked on it some and neglected the Senate version. The version that passed was the SENATE version of the bill, the version this movement neglected. The Senate scratched the ENTIRE House bill, replaced it with their bill, and sent it back to the House!

I don’t know if it was because we were lulled to sleep because IML failed to complete the pass more times than Peyton Manning in a Super Bowl, or because we were busy with other things on a smaller scale, or maybe the fact after all these years, we lack a DC presence. Whatever the case, we need to devise a better way of addressing these bills BEFORE they become law. Lawsuits are far more costly than stopping a bill.

We definitely need to get a DC presence. What do we need to do to get this going, outside of raising funds, of course?

It seems like we also need some sort of dedicated PR person.

The problem with public perception seems to start with the labeling and terminology. The terms all indicate danger, incorrigibility, inhumanity. Outside of the people who have this label themselves, very few people understand who exactly is on the registry – these are not “the worst of the worst.” As long as this misperception continues, the fight for justice and rights will be hampered.

We also need to rally sympathetic people – lawyers, judges, social workers, relatives, reporters, criminal justice advocates, whoever – who are not on the registry – like the incredible Janice – to spearhead this cause. I don’t know how to do this, but this could be another focus. Get all these people on the same mailing list or something?

I have been reading these threads about international travel and IML for a couple of years. Until the last few months with the outreach from TAG, most of the people were concerned only with the question “does this apply to me?” not “what should we do about this.” What struck me, though, is that the people who could afford to travel to Argentina, say, did not use their time and money to outreach and organize a group before then. To be fair, I have never traveled as an RC to another country, or do not have the money to do so now, and therefore I was guilty of thinking someone else is taking care of this. That was not a good assumption.

Hi Derek, I backed you up on

I assume that, once again, there is no notication – TO RCs – of exactly what will be required of us. As usual, we will be expected to somehow intuitively know what we are supposed to do, who we are to notify before we travel, etc. Or we’ll have criminal charges thrown at us through no fault of our own. It’s yet another “trap” for people who have already done their time and repaid their debt to society.
*Very angry* *Very frustrated*

Terrible headline and more fuel for HR515 supporters:

(NOTE: HR515 would have done nothing to prevent this.)

But he is not on the registry, and HR 515 would never have averted his crime. Tends to add credence to what we are all saying that the majority of these crimes are not being committed by those on the registry.

Did you read the comments?

Tammie Cooper Ferguson- Sexual exploitation is supply and demand. The more these guys seek after it, the more children and women are trafficked, raped and enslaved to meet their demands. Good job HSI!!

April White- Well said. The demand by whom? Your fathers, husbands, sons and friends mostly. Do you think you don’t know one? Well think again! Right!

ME- Chris Campbell- Let’s just bear in mind that NOT ALL Sex Offenders are Pedophiles that go after children. In fact, SOME Sex Offenders were only convicted of urinating in public. Or perhaps, even if they were 19 and they met someone who was 16 WHO LIED ABOUT THEIR AGE.

Like · Reply · Just now

How about we all try to draw distinction between Pedophiles and Sex Offenders generally?

I detect a little bit of outcry, about what this guy did, based upon the comments.

I think that this article would merit an appropriate response from some of the excellent writers on this Blog.


I have $500 on it. Who else?? No donation is too small.

With the passage of HR515, it very easy to see why this Country is in such a mess. We have NO leadership, at all. Those whom are elected are purely self serving and are there for the money and power. The original value of, this once, find Nation is torn apart and toss away. However, we (RCs/family/friends and partners) have the truth and the 800 plus whom have participated in the challenge against AB 201, HR 515, and other attacks on us are honing our sites so we can become better teachers, communicators and warriors. The anti-RC pendants only have lies and hatred for their foundations and it is rotting, with time. One should not forget that Vietnam defected The United States with gorilla warfare, US defected England with gorilla warfare. Gorilla warfare is defecting the enemy one at a time. This what we have to do, defeat our enemies one at a time with the truth when we write and speak. We are stronger today than yesterday. The main thing we need to remember is DO NO QUIT!

Do the people making these decisions know the difficulty of letting go of personal punishment without the insult to injury of a “unique identifier” to fuel the corrosive thread of shame?

I feel so defeated right now. I feel angry and hurt and confused. Will Citizens ever be given the benefit of the doubt? Will the actual facts ever make it to the surface?

I have the support of AA, my therapist, family and the help of medication, but how does one truly accept that society will always (at least it seems like) consider Citizens as less than and administer perpetual punishment?

I am so grateful to Janice and all her team for “storming the castle”. I just hope that something bigger than me and us, can handle all this nonsense sooner rather than later.

I need hope. I need to be ok with me. I need to not let society define and continue to punish me for what I did. I did my time, completed the hoops of Parole, a lie detector test, ankle monitor, residency and presence restrictions, while being subjected to mandatory therapy.

I just want to be. Not better than or less than.

I work in law and when I see injustices like the passing of HR 515, I question whether or not I believe that America is truly the land of the free. Definitely, home of the brave. Citizens and their family members must brave the ignorant and stigmatic minds of those that assume and speculate.

I will honor my feelings and try to get into acceptance. But gosh darn it, I’m feeling less than optimistic.

God bless you all, Citizens, family of, and supporters.

Friend of RSOL ,

I couldn’t agree more we need a DC presence. I am a wife , business owner , criminal justice degree holder and not on this registry. I can and will go to DC and fight on everyone’s behalf. I think everyone needs to keep faith at this moment and keep donating what you can. I’m sure Janice and team will instruct everyone how to proceed when they come up for air. It’s not time to give up.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, HH – It’s hard not to get completely disheartened by this. I donated and will help wherever possible.

We need more presence everywhere especially Facebook.

Janice and the RSOL staff were there to fight when they came to harm my child by taking me out of parks and beaches. I saved my son’s life twice because I was there to do so but the Orange County DA tried to take that away from me but who stood up to help me fight back? Not a church, not any parent’s rights group but it was California RSOL with Janice leading the charge! Lets gather ourselves and charge forward into the fray once more. IF you or a loved one are on the registry you are no longer a civilian, you are a soldier and a patriot. Show up, Stand up and Speak up!

“God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers”

God grants to us all our part. He is the provider of the seed and the Lord of the Harvest. So as we are faithful to do and/or give (no matter how little or great), He is faithful to bless that which is done. If its only from sending a letter, making a phone call or donating $5 to California RSOL instead of having a Starbucks coffee one morning a week… God will bless that seed sown. So everyone doing and giving matters even if its small. My child’s safety and our freedoms may depend on it.

My brother received an email back from his Represenative today, after the bill had been voted on of course, and touting all the wonderful benefits HR515 would provide. This was the response he sent back (shared with permission):

Thank you for your letter. We appreciate your response, but would have appreciated it more if you’d actually read ours. Based on your words, we can only assume that you did not, in fact, read our concerns with this legislation.

We find it horrific that our representative has so proudly added our great country to join the ranks of Nazi Germany and Russia, the only two other nations who’ve added “unique identifiers” to citizenship papers of their less desirables.

Worse still, that our representatives did so without raising a single question before passing such slippery-slope, totalitarian legislation.

We would have hoped the man we voted for would have wondered how many registered sex offenders actually travel abroad for the purpose of sex trafficking?

Considering our national re-offense rate is 5% or less for sex crimes, the answer, extrapolated, would be few, if any.

He could have asked if this historic legislation that has now put us on the same list as Nazi Germany and Russia, would actually do what it is intended to do?

Facts and experts and three decades of data all emphatically say no.

In the appendix to the report used to headline HR515, the State Department noted that there was no evidence that any sex offender listed as having applied for and received a passport had traveled in order to commit a sex crime, and that it already has the authority to deny passports to people convicted of sex tourism involving minors and those whose probation or parole terms forbid them from traveling.

Human trafficking in all its forms (not just sex trafficking) is horrific. This bill you are so proud of will do nothing to curb its spread. Instead, we now have another $12,000,000 applied to the national debt each year, while US Citizens—many of whom were added to the sex offender rosters when they themselves were children—are put in harm’s way for nothing more than going abroad for work or to visit family.

Congratulations, Sir. Never has such willful ignorance of empirical facts come with such pride.

Wow! That is a great letter. Thank you for sending it to your Congressman and thank you for sharing with us. It could make a great template for others to follow.

I’ve always wondered if it’s ever a good time to flee.

Legislators Hate to have their own home address published for all to see, I say give them back a taste of their own medicine. I would also think judges wouldn’t want their addresses known. Some police officers use PO boxes to avoid it.

This is completely legal – Go to – a man in Washington DC made a registry of all the people who run the registry there and they sued him, he won. The court said it was protected free speech.

That’s awesome!

How about a website for politicians or others in positions of power (including judges) that introduce, support, vote for legislation that strips American’s (particulary SO’s…but not limited to) of their rights. Rights that should be guaranteed/protected by the constitution.

It’s really sad that few citizens realize the potential implications of stripping one group based on some criteria. You know…like how the Nazi’s did. Feed the hate of that group at every chance you get and stripping them of their rights gets easier and easier. Bottom line…our own government is playing on peoples fears (often thanks to misinformation and ignorance) for their own political/financial gain. The fear they perpetuate (through laws or thoughtless babble) fosters and feeds hate which has and continues to snowball out of control. History always repeats itself. So many parallels to what US law makers are doing to SOs with what Nazi Germany did to the Jews and few see/get it.

First they came… Martin Niemoller

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

In former USSR it was a line in the passport- Jew. It means no college, no job ,no housing and etc. Sign this bill the President will sign against family because human being are working and making money for vacation with all family. Family does not want to go with one main member and starting falling down. Somebody have to understand it in the democratic country ,where family values supposed to be priority.

The more I think about this, the more convinced I am that we are entering the realm where we can definitively argue that we are second class citizens. We most definitely, at this point, do not have the same rights as other citizens when it comes to procedural due process within the legislative and judicial branches of our government. We are a social class who is punished each year, more than the last, with new “regulatory” schemes.

People, I think we can begin to make our case to other governments with regard to asylum. And, from there try to gain citizenship with other nations. I say make travel arrangements, report it to the U.S. Government and when you are held once you step off the plane – file for asylum immediately and fight to stay. There is nothing left for our class of citizen in the United States except more punishment, and possibly a gas chamber.

Here’s another idea – possibly farfetched – but my feeling is we need to entertain all options.

Again, I don’t know how to do this, but maybe we could brainstorm how to contact the Koch brothers – the billionaires with something like $80 billion between them.

They have begun taking up criminal justice causes, and they are ideological libertarians, which means they are more resistant to emotional appeals for separating out RCs as a special class, different from others with criminal convictions.

Does anyone have the ability to get through to the Kochs? Maybe someone who is a Libertarian or who writes for the Libertarian press, like the Reason reporter?

Normally, I disagree with much the Kochs stand for, but on this issue, they might be good people to contact. Seems like we need major financing here. They would be able to underwrite both a lobbyist and a PR person.

I take that back about the Kochs. The latest New Yorker has an article about them and their efforts to “rebrand” themselves. They are partnering with the ACLU and other criminal justice reform groups, but they have also been financing the placement of pro-registry conservative judges on various courts.

Soros, however, may be a better possibility, but he mainly awards grants to non-profits. It’s a long shot, but it still could work.

I am trying to assemble a list of possibly sympathetic people.

I am currently reading a book called Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson – very inspirational.

This book was promoted in Starbucks. Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, seems interested in Criminal Justice, but is mainly focused on mass incarceration and racial issues (also important). Seeming to support RCs wouldn’t be good for business.

However, Schultz is also Jewish and may recognize the danger of special passport identifiers.

Seems to me that building awareness anywhere and everywhere is needed. People don’t understand the complexity and injustice of SO laws at all.

They’re not actually re-branding themselves, they have always (most of the time) been quite consistent on issues of individual liberty. While they are not entirely libertarian, they are substantially so, and were largely responsible for the very libertarian Cato Institute as well as the even more libertarian Reason Foundation and Reason Magazine (both of these organizations have been HIGHLY critical of America’s sex offender laws and policies).

Now, to confuse matters and to shade them in ways falling far short of what could be considered libertarian and, thus, to my mind (as a libertarian) objectionable, they often hand piles of money to conservative politicians and the GOP who cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered ‘libertarian’.

Nevertheless, they have always been critical of the erosion of individual liberty even if their money did not always hew closely to that principle.

This effort will benefit most from individuals who, regardless of their tendencies towards either the left or the right, exhibit strong anti-authoritarian convictions.

It is for this reason that I find the distinctions between authoritarians and anti-authoritarians to be the most salient characteristic of a person’s politics, not ‘right vs. left’.

Another term for libertarian is “classical liberal”. That is what liberalism used to mean before centralized authoritarians coopted it to describe themselves and which confused the hell out of everyone for several generations.

David Kennerly,

Do you think the Kochs would be sympathetic to our cause? That’s really the bottom line for me. I would think ideological libertarians would be natural allies.

I was concerned in reading the New Yorker article that the Kochs were also responsible for funding the campaigns of decidedly anti-libertarian judges who favor harsh sentences and the SO registry. I’m not sure where that fits into their agenda, except that perhaps they are not as hard on corporate malfeasance.

Is there some way to actually solicit their financial support? It seems like we need some serious backing.

Out of all the areas of government overreach in criminal justice, SO laws seem the most egregious, and I would think any libertarian worth his/her salt would be frightened by them. They correspond very closely to invasions of privacy, mass surveillance, tracking, and other issues of concern to libertarians.

“Do you think the Kochs would be sympathetic to our cause?”

Well, they might well be privately sympathetic, but as individuals, they would probably not be publicly so, at least in the near term.

As to whether we could attract their funding: this would require work and perseverance but it might be done.

Ed Crane is someone I’ve met (but do not know) and is a co-founder of Cato, along with Charles and David Koch (whom I have never met and almost certainly never will).

Of the three, I believe only David Koch is still on the Board of Directors along with three other individuals from Koch Industries.

There was a rift between the Koch’s and other members of Cato’s board several years ago, especially with Ed Crane who then retired from the board. It was a high-visibility, and acrimonious, battle.

David Koch is also on the board of the Reason Foundation. I know some of those people, such as Bob Poole, slightly better but still not very well. My business partner knows Bob and several others with both Cato and Reason quite well.

The best way to get support from the Kochs is probably through Cato and Reason and by creating as a compelling a message as we can. RSOL is probably the best candidate for advancing that mission.

The problem we have to overcome is our radioactivity 🙂

I think that will come with time and lots of effort.

David Kennerly,

This is such a perfect storm of public hysteria, politician cravenness, media hype, vigilantism, and government overreach I can’t even comprehend it.

Seriously, how do we get rid of the radioactivity? We’ve got to have a multi-pronged approach.

There’s got to be a way. PR, media, late-night comedy “news shows.” Documentaries. Foreign commentators. Human rights groups. Somebody’s got to help. I think the first line of business is someone to do PR.

Otherwise, we have to write off the entire legislative and executive branches of government.

Another billionaire who might be interested: George Soros (on the opposite side of the political spectrum from the Kochs), who has also been taking up criminal justice causes. He is Jewish and may understand the significance of a “marked passport.”

Although the Kochs are mostly interested in positive PR for their own purposes, and are keen on protecting themselves from criminal conviction, they are donating money to a number of unusual causes. The only problem with bringing in billionaires is that they would want a lot of control. But you never know. They might actually care about runaway government in case it would affect them eventually.

It feels like all the odds are stacked against us. But we need to keep fighting as long as we have the ability.

I wrote a letter to the President as well. How can this be considered constitutional in the least? It strips so many people of their basic rights, and if this is not punishment, what is? The right to travel after you served your time and are off parole/ probation should be granted to everyone in this country! There has to be a lawsuit and a class action suit forthcoming. We are being treated as 2nd class citizens, no doubt.

We as class of people, can we sue Chris Smith for lying to Congress?

Probably not. They are typically given immunity on the floor when they speak – even if they blatantly lie

Fight Back, I found this in Democratic…

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 > § 1001

§ 1001. Statements or entries generally

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully—

(1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact;

(2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or

(3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry;

shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.


(c) With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to—

(1) administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or

(2) any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.

You raise an interesting point – Maybe you can email Janice – She after all is an attorney and I am not even a full citizen in the eyes of our government based on these actions
Fill it out – we need 100,000 people but who knows … we can def try

Hmmm it was showing 6 signers before and AFTER I signed and verified my email. Not sure how often the stats get updated.

Just 38? We can do better than that…we NEED to do better than that.

It was one signature, now it’s two.

Just voted as #4 but another also voted & now it’s 5

and now its 5. If we don’t try we don’t know. I’d even suggest making several accounts to sign it but I don’t know how the system checks

Now there are 35 signed and verified on this White House petition. People, please grow this number!

If Obama signs this, how long do you think it will be until we see a bunch of new legislation at the state level adding identifiers to our driver’s licenses and car license places or requiring signs posted at our residences. After all, if the Feds can do it…

That’s if there is no lawsuit or if the lawsuit that challenges IML fails.

Even though this seems completely unconstitutional and creates a 2nd class citizen, I wonder if this really has much effect on most of us since most Registered Citizens don’t have the money for travel. Since we are not wanted here, I do wish they’d just let us move out of this country. I made a small PayPal donation. All I could afford. I’m glad some of you had the ability to donate more.

For me, the passport thing and Green Notices mean that it’s harder to emigrate. It’s not really related to recreational travel. If this registration thing got unbearably insane, I had all kinds of plans to find some place in the middle of nowhere and just have a totally boring, uneventful life, reading, calling friends and relatives on the phone, and just surviving by selling trinkets or something – even if it meant living in a high-crime, dangerous country and existing at the poverty level. That option doesn’t seem totally impossible, but it’s a whole lot harder now. Years ago, a friend suggested trying to find an asylum country. That seems totally farfetched, but there was that woman who was taken in by Canada when she was faced with 30 years in prison in the U.S. for a sex offense. Snowden is in Russia and Julian Assange has been hanging out in the Ecuadorian Embassy for quite a while now, but they’re better off because they’re not RCs…. a floating island in international waters suggested by somebody on here sounds pretty good.

Yes, I have yearned for many years for such an asylum. The reality for those with a sex offense conviction is, however, that unless we are fabulously wealthy or fantastically industrious, our best bet is to stay in the U.S. and fight this out.

I know of no safe havens for us (and I’ve looked). Iceland might offer some hope but it’s not at all clear that they do and the obstacle course is much like the others.

Many of the 3rd World countries are surprisingly picky about whom they allow in as residents.

Here is the video of Chris Smith spewing his BS. Please add your comments on his youtube page.

The best letter to write to the President would be to simply send him the text of his Prayer Breakfast speech this morning, in which he talks about how we should not treat our fellow Americans counter the the Constitution because of fear.

Cuba once said they would take any American that wanted to live there, the question is, would it be any better there. For Now Look for the Areas with the Most RSO’s and move there.

Yes it would be better there. I would even consider it.
I’ve seen several new potential threads, including this question.

None of us are going to get ahead in the United States, so what’s the point?

Looks like they would take care of your health, which would be a concern for me as I get on in years.

Cuban’s life expectancy is the same as ours, there health care system is excellent. If your a doctor or a taxi cab driver or a tv personality everyone makes a similar wage. You can buy an apartment in the downtown in a beautiful old building, that needs some repair but for $200 you own it until you die. I don’t know if its better but it does sound interesting. I believe if you have the ability you should be able to succeed here but we are certainly limited by background checks in what we can do.

I signed it, received the email, and did the email link/confirmation thing. It should have gone from 38 to 39. Still shows 38. Maybe there is some sort of delay on the counter.

Something I wrote to one of my political candidates:
The reason We the People send our representatives to the capital is to hold government accountable to the people not so gov’t will regulate and hold the people accountable to gov’t.. Laws are a form of pressure placed on society for them to behaving in a certain way. When the herd has a couple of out of line bulls going the “WRONG (to them)” direction the gov’t murders or imprisons them. The whole BLM thing with controlling land is a fine example of the people NOT being in control. Article I section 8 (2nd from last paragraph) US Constitution states individual states are in control of All lands within it’s boarders NOT the Federal Gov’t. We need to fix that. Control needs to be brought back to local gov’t not held by the FEDs and their law enforcement agencies their to enforcing their agenda and not the peoples. Law enforcement should not be above the people nor the law. Law enforcement were once meant to serve the people not big companies and gov’t. The murder of a good standing, hard working father and husband rancher in Oregon should be in the forefront of debates, but no media wishes to touch that hot potato nor are the candidates talking about it. That alone concerns me and screams volumes! I like your passion for what is just and right. I had the honor to see some of that at the meeting in Villa Park. I like your no non-sense approach. California and America needs your kind of spice to bring things around for the good of us all.

For those registrants and families…This war that we are in patriots make mo mistake it crosses many boundries…defining that truth is our greatest challenge. Join us on the ground, in the communities and fight. We together WILL make a difference. Show up, Stand up and speak up! You might say of yourself …well, I’m just one person what can I do? We all have something to offer in this war no matter how small that may be friend you do matter!

The governor of Virginia today in restoring voting rights to 200,000 felons: “People have served their time and done their probation,” Mr. McAuliffe said. “I want you back in society. I want you feeling good about yourself. I want you voting, getting a job, paying taxes.” That would be a good quote for any politician to use when voting against the registry.

Nationally, an estimated 5.85 million Americans are denied the right to vote because of felony convictions, according to The Sentencing Project. Only two states, Maine and Vermont, have no voting restrictions on felons; Virginia is among four – the others are Kentucky, Florida and Iowa – that have the harshest restrictions.

You know, maybe this is where the registry and all its restrictions began. If you can take away a right, in this case free speech, voting for issues and candidates that are meaningful to you, then why not take away other rights simply because of a conviction for which you had served your time? Why can’t felons vote? The reasoning behind it is a vacuous as the reasoning that registrants can’t live 2000 feet from a park. It is not reasoning but fear that is based on a misconception of reality. States with felons who vote are not less safe. Communities with no residency restrictions are not less safe.

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