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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: May You Live in Interesting Times

May you live in interesting times is a saying attributed to ancient China. Some have interpreted that saying as a curse, others as a blessing. Regardless of its negative or positive connotation, the saying applies today to the lives of almost a million Americans who are required to register as sex offenders as well as to their family members and supporters.

What else can explain why a powerful politician admits that he inappropriately touched several young men and is sentenced to only 15 months in prison and not required to register as a sex offender after hundreds of thousands of individuals have been sentenced to many years, sometimes decades, in prison and required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives?

What else can explain why Congress passed the International Megan’s Law that requires the addition of a “Scarlet letter” to the passports of hundreds of thousands of Americans based upon a myth that those convicted of a sex offense involving a minor will engage in child sex trafficking or child sex tourism while overseas?
What else can explain why an articulate spokesman for our movement is sued because he dared to criticize a group of private individuals who harassed registered citizens during government-sponsored compliance checks?
What else can explain why an intelligent spokesman for our movement reportedly violated conditions of his probation by sending hundreds of text messages to a minor?

What else can explain why a sheriff in Vermont hired a registered citizen despite the criticism of his peers and community?

What else can explain why a minister in Florida provided housing for registered citizens until that housing was closed by the government?

What else can explain why California Reform Sex Offender Laws continues to challenge laws that limit where registered citizens may visit and/or reside?

What else can explain why I have devoted my life to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registered citizens?

It’s time to face the facts. Good or bad, we live in interesting times. Let’s make this time in which we live even more interesting by continuing to shine the light of truth….through education, legislation and litigation.
We are and will continue to educate the public about the truth of registered citizens, including their low rate of re-offense. We are and will continue to oppose legislation that threatens the Constitution by denying registered citizens’ civil rights, including the right to good jobs and safe housing. We are and will continue to litigate by challenging laws including the International Megan’s Law, up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.
Yes, we live in interesting times. Together, we can make it a blessing, not a curse.

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Thank you Janice for all you’ve done you are our hero.

I agree. Janice, without you and others who are willing to take action, our lives would be a living hell. We’d all be wearing ankle bracelets, living outside of most cities due to residency and presence restrictions, and have our email addresses and website accounts registered. I consider it a privilege to stand with you and our little group in the California Assembly and Senate committees, waiting to give opinions on poisonous bills. FELLOW RCs, JANICE CAN’T STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS ALONE. At some bill hearings in Sacramento just a few of us RCs have shown up out of… Read more »

From the bottom of my heart, and that of my wife and two young boys, thank you.

Well stated! I’m in awestruck to think how Florida is treating registered citizens. It’s hateful and it’s honestly similar to the Jews of Nazi Germany. Germany created hatred by propaganda! They portrayed these people in a way where they where viewed as evil and less than human. It’s sad to say, but Florida and many other states are creating more harm than good.

Thank you for all that you do for us Janice.

Janice, Thank you so very much! I’m in Florida and on disability and will be donating a little bit as every little bit helps. I would love to see some other attorney’s across the nation start to stand up to these laws like you have been doing. Hopefully soon some others will and help almost a million people and growing every day. Even though i’m in Florida, your work has a great impact on the Nation although i wish Florida would someday wake up. Heck, i think Florida is the only state now where a convicted Felon can’t vote unless… Read more »

Thank you, Janice, and team, for all of your continuing efforts.

what else explains why mr. casomb vice chair waits w/ 3 grand while getting hammered at the hilton financial district hotel lobby bar on saturday nights? i hear its so he can perform something SICK called the TOBIN PILEDRIVER?? maybe this saturday we all go to the lobby bar and surprise him and ask why he is a hypocrite!

Credible source,

I’m not sure what the heck you are trying to say or imply?

Your right Janice we do live in interesting times, to say times are confusing is an understatement.
With Trump being the nominee, things will get a lot weirder.

We can also be supportive of each other.

Thank you Janice for your tireless dedication to the cause.

Thank you, Janice, for being that light that will never waver. I cannot thank you enough for you, your team, and this website. Thank you for giving hope despite the murky weather.

What else explains it? Gov’t use of an electronic database. Big bro got a brand new toy, plain and simple. What is the worst thing big bro could do with the new toy?

1. Indenture citizens to it.
2. Legally compel them to maintain the property.
3. Jail them if they refuse.
4. Use database to impose affirmative disability and restraint.
5. Provide a sense of political integrity/security.
6. Collect long term funding and proceeds.

My son viewed child porn taking place over the internet and actually recorded it. He was charged and pled guilty to production of child porn. He is awaiting sentencing. As soon as he is sentenced by federal court in Calif. the feds are taking him to Florida to charge him with conspiracy to produce. So he is being prosecuted a second time for the exact same acts he pled guilty to. Justice? I think not…. There is a witch hunt going on these days for anyone committing sex offenses. Everyone knows this but it is a political thing, so any… Read more »

Thank you Janice and your team! We will donate whenever we can.

Registered citizens are a class of people, in which Constitutional violations have been the most numerous and egregious. Beginning with the first accusations of a sex offense, it becomes nearly impossible to receive due process, to the point that most, who serve their time, and end up on the registry ,have never been convicted of their crime in a court of law, as guaranteed by our Constitution. There is no due process for them, for the most part!. Especially in the federal system, those accused of sexual crimes are pressured into accepting a plea agreement(not a deal; because there is… Read more »

I’m the president of a tech startup that has international customers. We also had additional funding lined up, but we had to travel to a South American country and grow our business from there. They give money, equity free to stimulate their economy, and we would use the funding for further runway to grow out business. When I say we, it’s me, my wife, and 2 adult children, who are all involved in our startup. Then I found out about the IML, and my heart sank. They did it to us again. My offense was nearly 25 years ago, and… Read more »

heres a great peice by sosen..The other thing that hasn’t been brought up yet is the fact that not only can they be sued, but they can be charged with a federal crime under Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights and Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law Under section 242 it lays out quite plainly who can be held accountable for the attempt to deprive a citizen of their rights. This would include individual legislators and city Council members etc. who pass laws with the intent to deprive a citizen of their… Read more »

Steveo you said it very well I am a Christian myself and I agreed about the Judgmentmenal attitude of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ I posted a comment similar to this about not wishing harm on Sharron Runner you can read it in the post where it talks about Sharon Runner not pursuing the bill because of health issues. I mentioned things about Christian ideals and to follow What Jesus said in the sermon of the mount about not wishing harm on people who curse us and mistreats us to show love to them even when they do… Read more »

T you said “they are blinded by what the media tells them they need to be educated so they can stand up and say these laws are not just”. Christians not only should stand up against these laws for RC sake, but for Christians, as we are NEXT on the hate list.

Thank you Janice for all your hard work and for caring

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