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AZ: Student arrested for indecent exposure in yearbook picture

A student at Red Mountain High School in Mesa is facing dozens of criminal charges for indecent exposure after a prank got published in the yearbook, according to the Mesa Police Department. Full Article


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If it saves one kid…

As per many comments on adults who expose themselves, this predator needs to be locked up for life. No sympathy here. He is a monster who can’t be cured. Wonder if he did it in front of your child. Next, this football player will dress up like a girl so he can visit all the Target restrooms. That about cover it?

Arizona has lifetime probation for sex offenders…

The yearbook staff and school officials had better be glad he was 18 when he did this or they could face charges of production and distribution of child pornography!

They should check the schools order list to see if anyone in Government ordered a copy after the word got out.

The case was dropped for lack of evidence…was the photograph not admissible in court?

There should have been some red tape before the photo ever got published in the yearbook, so it’s surprising that even got into the final product. I’m certain the photographer took more than one photo, the studio could have edited the photo in house, the yearbook staff (or yearbook publishing house) could have edited the photo and finally the school has to approve of the end product before it’s distributed.

Was the kid stupid? Sure, but where were the adults in this situation?

Most schools have a system in place to monitor all photos. There is/are student editors and an adult paid sponsor where the ultimate responsibility lies.

“At this time all parties involved no longer desire prosecution and the case will be closed,” said Steve Berry, a Mesa police spokesman.

Hmmm, if some of the team involved were minors, why should it matter if they “no longer desire prosecution”…minors can’t legally make those kinds of choices after all! Isn’t it the state’s duty under the law the protect them whether they desire it or not?!? Interesting how the standards/rules only apply sometimes, but then that’s been the case for a long time. Prosecutors who’ll argue a teen can’t legally consent to sex love to turn around and charge them as adults anytime it would boost their careers.

There have been several times that kids whom I did not know would come out of nowhere and try to be friend me. I assumed they were PD decoys and I would not respond to them. I stay away all kids and/or kid situations.

At least it was dropped.

i feel for the kid and don’t want to see him prosecuted but here is another example of the judicial system is playing the role of the legislatorsion by only enforcing laws at their discretion just thought I’d point that out.its good to hear that the da is using common sense but in reality they are not the legislators the judicial system is supposed to enforce laws not make them or enforce only the laws they want to when they want to
slippery slope here.

you know if it wasn’t for the media attention and the fact that they are afraid there would be public outrage this kid would be sitting in a jail cell still and having the book thrown at him.

How about slap five more years of age on the kid. Stick him in a college team shot and see what would have happened then. I’m glad he isn’t going to have that much of his life ruined, but what about all of those folks languishing on a registry for peeing on a roadside, streaking at a football game or hanging a BA out the window of a moving car. All the terms used to describe this kid (youthful, stupid, prank, my buddies dared me, etc.) would turn into some pretty different ones (pervert, freak, monster, pedophile) if he were just a bit older. I wonder how many would come racing to his aid then?

this doesn’t have anything to do with age they have put a lot younger kids on the registry for far less than. this is strictly about public image and the fear of the backlash from a number of different groups. like I said if it wasn’t for the media attention this kid would be up a stream without paddle and also like I said this is a blatent violation of the separation of power doctrine these prosecutors are supposed to enforce the laws not legislate it. how many of their own children or friend’s children or family members have they decided not to prosecute?

Good point Mike r,, prosecutors are supposed to Enforce the laws not Legislate , just do the dang job your payed to do , if they want to legislate they need to run for that office ,

And legislators are putting on prosecutor hats and thinking of ways to put more burdens on us for the same crime we thought we paid for already.

exactly the checks and balances no longer exists because of either incompetent or corrupted judges and now they are chipping away at the separation of powers doctrine this country is in serious trouble and to think about how many people have died to protect our Constitution and country will all be in vain.

just thinking aloud here but I never thought about how registration is also a double jeopardy issue since they are using our conviction as that we’ve already served are time for and using those convictions as a pretext to convict us of future crimes that we haven’t committed yet but have been found guilty of without any trial. violation of due process our speedy trial rights protection from double jeopardy clause the separation of powers doctrine as well as abuse of power under the color of law to deprive us of our constitutional rights without any reasonable justification which is a violation of federal laws

What exactly is the standard for lifetime registration in Cali? I mean, you have lifetime registration or you don’t have registration.

There is no actual standard, but discretionary for certain PC’s. One time, first event means lifetime? Get a low score on the state’s own Static 99, and it doesn’t matter. You get lifetime. It’s just feeling, not actual standard based upon metrics that the state actually imposes.

But how can this be double jeopardy if it’s not considered punishment?

the whole registration scheme is a government wide conspiracy to deprive us of our constitutional rights without any reasonable justification which they are using the color of law to abuse their powers. this is actually the biggest conspiracy to ever occur in the history of the United States
from every government officials at the state level all the way up to the highest level in the federal government.

The Dr Drew Show on HLN did a talk thing on this football kid a few days ago. Steve Terrill, associatted with the Black Lives Matter organization, attacked Derek Logue who represented our cause. Derek gets invited many times on Dr Drew when our subject comes up, and expects to be attacked. Well worth watching. It’s over at Shiitake Weekly Worthy Blogspot. Com.

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