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Senate Passes Grassley’s Bill to Track Sex Offenders, Protect Rights of Victims

The U.S. Senate passed legislation championed by Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to keep communities informed of the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders and to expand and protect the rights of sex assault victims.  The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act Reauthorization passed the Senate by a vote of 89-0.  Full Article

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I must say, it is discouraging to see yet another bill pass through. I’m not even surprised anymore.

And not a single Democrat voted against it.


What is really discouraging is Grassley’s following statement regarding “Civil Confinement” in contrast to “CRIMINAL OFFENDERS after their release.

It adds a additional Authority to Judges at the Courts.

“We also added language to the bill, at the suggestion of the United States Judicial Conference, to clarify that courts can supervise sexual offenders after their release from CIVIL CONFINEMENT. Courts already do this in practice, just as they do with criminal offenders after their release, but this legislation clarifies judges’ authority to do so.”

Those who do not Forgive & Forget will not be Forgiven
As Yehovah lives so should we

People like Grassley is the main reason why the Christian church is in a mess.

Wow! Another law (and reauthorization of the old one) that all the legislators can preen themselves over. Of course, it will cost the taxpayers a mountain of money, keep lots of law enforcement,agents, and other people in their jobs and make registrants and their families suffer needlessly. All this and no mention of the research that says AWA and the public registry do not prevent crime. Congratulations Grassley!

“The Jessica Lunsford Program authorizes grants to state and local governments to help fund programs that verify the residences of registered sex offenders.” Great, I guess an iron gate around my house to prevent any intruders is an entertaining thought. Walsh labels registrants as criminals, wow! One who continues to inflict pain and trouble while violating thier constitution and civil rights is the biggest criminal of all.

Get that iron fence/gate! It does keep them out if you’re not on probation or parole. Just make sure your local zoning ordnance allows it.


If these Nanny Big Governments are not smart enough themselves to realize that their illegal Sex Offender Registries (SORs) are counterproductive, then we will all have to help them neutralize the SORs. They must exist only at the highest possible cost to America.

Actually, you do not have to cooperate with any compliance checks. And any gate that is locked is all that is needed to bar them from coming to your door, down not need to be six feet tall and made of iron. Or, leave the gate unlocked and simply post a sign barring entry under penalty of trespassing, and with that, they cannot enter and go to your door.

But if you don’t block them from entry, you still don’t have to cooperate, you don’t have to answer the door, if you do you don’t have to say anything at all, not even give your name. Or, you can stay something: Leave immediately or you will be subject to trespassing. Do not respond to anything they say, no matter how provocative. Just close the door.


All of the millions of people affected by the illegal Sex Offender Registries (SORs) need to send a constant, non-stop message that the SORs are unacceptable. Millions of people are at war with Nanny Big Government. Lock them out.

Sounds like a good way to get a bullet in the forehead in America.

Our government leadership head is in a un-flushed toilet. The respect for the United States on the scale of 0-10 is minus 10 and falling. There is nothing for them to crow or be proud about. This will come back and haunt them, in due time.

When will ZERO opposition be a trigger for review of the process? Any statistician on the planet will tell you that 100% uniformity of any process is statically impossible without some form of manipulation.

I’d call this a complete “joke” but every RC knows more punishment is on the horizon!

Anyone with a brain agrees with you. And it is a joke – these criminal legislators are the joke. They deserve all the disrespect and contempt that they get. Although I will say many of them are likely in a tight spot in that they know that the legislation is going to pass, their vote won’t actually matter, but it might keep them from being re-elected. And the good legislators have to stay elected in order to even have a chance of fighting stupidity like this.

Politicians continue to spend taxpayer money frivolously, registered citizens(American detainees) continue to be used as a scapegoat, voters continue to be duped into thinking the politicians are actually doing things to keep them safe. Welcome to an election year!

Interesting that the vast majority of us on the list are ourselves victims of being accused/caught of victimless “crimes” and yet…we are victimized again and again along with those who actually DID harm others.

Is America a fair land? No

Is America a forgiving land? No

Is America a land where those who have paid their debt to society get a second chance? NO

Is America a land of hypocrisy and injustice – YES

Does this actually add anything new to what’s already out there or are they just creating things to look good? How will this affect us RSO’S?

Go here to read all the confirmation bias, whining:

Lot of professional victim’s at that link. They use the predictable anecdotal victim’s stories to further their cause. One of the comments: “We need this to stay on the book forever.” The AWA is the most misguided, misdirected, arrogant, selfish, hateful and ill-conceived law ever penned. And of course they use fear to sell it and the “as a father or mother” nonsense to humanize themselves to pass dehumanizing laws.

If that didn’t make you throw up, then visit the press conference here:

There is no escape.

Another stupid bill passed with millions of dollars wasted. I find a little humor in this bill. Its obvious Chuck Grassey is either stupid or nieve. First of all when Jessica Lunsford was murdered the cops went to her father Mark to ask questions. They seized his lap top and what did they find on his lap top? Images of child pornography. But they did not arrest him because the cops felt he suffered enough. Then Jessicas brother Joshua was charged with two felony counts of sexual abuse on a 14 year old girl. Now here comes daddy Mark with an army of lawyers to fight to keep his son off the sex offender registry. He pushed it for others but fought to keep his son off it which he suceeded. Now we have Adam Walsh and the AWA. It is such a shame that this little boy was murdered by a man named Otis Toole. But Otis Toole admitted that he murdered Adam but did not sexually abuse him. After multiple polygraph tests he passed every one. But daddy John Walsh had to take it out on a group of people. The sex offenders. Because of his bad parenting he came after us with a vengeance. Now if you go on You Tube and look up John Walsh dates young girl you will see an interview he did where he is bragging about screwing a 16 year old and even admitting he could get into a lot of trouble. So John Walsh himself is a multiple sex offender. So the ones who pushed for the AWA was John Walsh, Mark Lunsford, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Dennis Haslet, Robert Menendez, and the list goes on. ALL SEX OFFENDERS!!!! So if Chuck Grassey wants to pass stupid laws maybe he should first clean up his own back yard!!!

Amazing information. Wow how ironic. It seems Walsh has taken on a roll to simply appease his guilt. Interesting.

Excellent comment Robert.. Excellent..!
I’ve always said these enron-tactics will surface to light on the two face phonies sham.

I was close friends, in high school, with Chuck Grassley’s chief advisor. They inhabit a planet of opportunity, ostentatious religiosity, virtue-signalling, and extreme provincialism.

My friend wrote me an email a few years back and was excited to reconnect after three decades. Well, he must have gotten caught up on Megan’s Law website, too, because, suddenly, my emails fell into a black, unresponsive hole. And when I read what Grassley is saying about sex offenders and pedophiles, it all makes sense, as if that were a surprise.

It’s a fear of contamination, especially social contamination, a killer of careers and reputations.

Chuck Grassey thinks if, you are not a Southern Baptist in good standing with him, they are in sin and going to hell. The little he knows, he has one foot in there, because of his self-righteousness and his dirty closet.

This kind of information should be sent to Dianne Feinstein, since she was one of the promoters. On the side note, It seems that the agenda is set either a person is a victim or he is a offender. It void the really that many offenders are victims of sex abuse.

Look at the bright side. First, the more expensive this gets, the more scrutiny the entire registration scheme will get. And keeping the samples for 20 years should lower false convictions.

I see where Obama is calling Trump ignorant about world affairs. Of course Obama is also ignorant on the sex offender issue but all politicians repeat the big lie, so that makes it true. The ability to repeat over and over that SO’s are so dangerous with high recidivism rates are why we need to raise and spend money on PR campaign so that sometime a reporter might ask some of the hate mongers some questions about their sources. Would it not be great if some talk show host asked John Walsh if he was a hypocrite after he has had a relationship with an underage girl.

Obama is ignorant about world affairs and ALL domestic affairs, just look at the mess he cause.

No I don’t see

Walsh admits. WALSH: you know, women can be an addiction, and you have to deal with it. KING: So you understand men who have that problem? WALSH: Oh,I had it for years and didn’t think I had it.EXPERTS SEX ADDICTION: Behaviors associated with sexual addiction include Multiple affairs extra-marital affairs)Multiple or anonymous sexual partners and or onenight stands Consistent use of pornography Unsafe sex Phone or computer sex cybersex Prostitution or use of prostitutes Sexual harassment Molestation rape

It really makes me laugh when all of these senators can use the name of John Walsh when he has admitted to having sex with a minor himself talk about a double standard but that is our great politicians chalk up another victory to our enabling senators I am sure that John Walsh thanks each and every one of you.

This monster Walsh has been making a career off of his dead kid for years causing untold misery to other children by ruining the lives of parents all over the country. Quite the way to “honor” his memory right!

There is a special place for scum like this and it’s called Washington D.C.

Not only did John Walsh admit to underage sex, he did it in a joking matter. It would be nice to see Walsh prosecuted but he knows statue of limitations is on his side. At least I wish the victim would come forward like they did with Cosby

Between passports being stamped and these new laws, or a continuance of the old ones, coupled with lifetime registration, do you know how to say Sieg Heil? Perhaps the Congress should change their name to the Reichstag? But remember, we have nothing to complain about as the Registration List is an “Administrative Function” not a punishment… just as the Supreme Court, they said so.

Friends, I must say it is more than discouraging to me to see Congresss continue to supress, oppress, segregate and discriminate against it’s own citizens. Of course, they know we are a captive audience. That is to say most of us can’t vote or . As for John Walsh, anyone ever thought maybe we should sue him directly? Or beyond that, how about if we strike back? For example, if thousands of calls came into the FBI about John Walsh being a self admitted sex offender and insisting on his arrest and prosecution. Or how about if we actually marched on Washington? There are 800,000 of us, plus affected family and friends, not to mention the family and friends of those still incarcerated. Imagine 1.5 million people in peaceful demonstrations in Washington for as long as it takes to force change. I know I would be willing to sit for weeks. I would even be willing to go without food. Problem is we complain about these things, but motivating the majority if registered citizens to stand up for themselves is next to impossible. For good reason, they will endure more ridicule and injustice, maybe even further incarceration. Guess what? We will suffer ten fold what we would for standing up by doing nothing instead! If IML and SORNA and so on aren’t enough proof of that, I don’t know what is. Choosing to do nothing, is as much an action as fighting back.

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