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Sheriff’s sex offender sweep of Camarillo and County find all in compliance

On Saturday, May 21st, 2016, Sheriff’s detectives conducted compliance checks at the residences of eighty (80) registered sex offenders throughout the city and county areas of Camarillo. The compliance checks were part of the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE / ELEAS) Grant. Full Article

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Im sure there was nothing else going on in the community other than checking up on people.

The article said, “The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting similar sweeps on an ongoing basis, to verify registered sex offenders are living at their reported residences and in compliance with any PROBATION or PAROLE terms….” They did not check all RSO in Ventura County, just the parolees and those on probation. How can the public be safe with the lying fox, Sheriff, watching the hen house.

I was out of town and they knocked on my door. Since no one was home the decided to knock on my neighbors doors and ask about me. I thought that was inconsiderate considering I don’t have to have my address posted on the meagans law website.

I believe this tactic isn’t all that uncommon. If nobody answers the door…the next best thing is to go knock on a neighbors door and start asking questions about you. As much as I hate the idea of speaking to law enforcement, same goes for my wife…I have asked my wife to answer the door if/when they show up. Terrified that if nobody answers the door that they will start knocking on the doors of my neighbor. I know some will do this and I would rather not fall victim to this.

The local police did that to me three years ago: I wasn’t home, so they went next door to my neighbors AND asked them to phone me at work! WTF!! After my neighbor said “Hi David”, the officer took the phone and asked me to come home so they could complete their compliance check. Fortunately, I’m on very good terms with my neighbors and they never said a word, like it never happened. But that’s really F*’d up that LE does that crap!

@David: Please say that you didn’t leave your job and go home. What a crock of crap!!!! I would have told that cop to go pound sand and then hung up!

David, it is possible you have grounds for a lawsuit over that. Police are barred under 290 from pushing out the info about you to neighbors, as you seem to be indicating they did, except for the specified extreme cases.

Further, the police carry cell phones nowadays, in addition to the car radio, and they already have your phone number on the registration, there was no need to go to a neighbor to see if they could make the call even if it were an emergency, which it was not.

And, that was clear harassment, and combined with contacting the neighbor, clearly illegal harassment. They cannot use compliance checks as a means of harassing you. In fact, as I have said in other threads, in my reading of 290, it might very well make compliance checks illegal.

@anon…. I saw a place for phone # on the reg form last time I regged, I dont think that is something that is REQUIRED (unless they wanna PAY for your phone service to call you) that is why people have unlisted #’s and pay…. (thats imho.. if I pay the bill and dont want you to have my private # I PAY for then you can screw off)….now I know this is the future and I SPECIFICALLY got a UK Phone # for them to call….. (it costs me NOTHING haha)(well i got it for their form) but I dont think you hav eto give them anything more than a address I think that is all they HAVE TO HAVE… last yr when I regged I DIDNT deny them a # for a phone (cause I was on parole then) and they could get it from the PO.. but now that parole is over they cant CALL a po for it (Ive changed it the minute i was off parole)(and obtained a UK # that will cost them a hefty fee to call haha)

While it is only my opinion, i don’t believe that these ‘compliance checks’ are legal. Unless the local police have been notified by the state that you failed to register, they have no probable cause to investigate, and none of the registry laws require you to update your info with any local law enforcement. Therefore, you are not breaking ANY law by ignoring them.
They are conducting a ‘knock & talk’, which does not require you to answer any questions or to even answer the door. The right to ignore a ‘knock & talk’ has been upheld in numerous court decisions. Any action they take because they are frustrated could be considered harassment, which is specifically prohibited under most registry laws. (using registry info to harass)

I see it as similar to law enforcement stopping drivers simply to check if they have updated their licenses. That was made illegal. They have to have some evidence of wrong doing, before they detain you. They are using the high rate of re-offense as a reason to do compliance checks on registrants and detain us for information. It is a totally bogus reason, but I guess no one has successfully challenged it.

It’s a classic case of tyranny-by-the-majority. If they don’t like you, and the idea of you disgusts them (or makes them jealous, as we’ve come to recognize as a major contributor to anti-gay animus) then they get to rationalize anything they do to you and to find the means to make your life miserable through a cynical manipulation of the law in the complete absence of judicial checks against their power. Both the spirit and the letter of the Constitution are violated through these subversions when there is absolutely no price to be paid for having done so.

What needs to be challenged is the merits in which SCOTUS has decided that there is a “government interest” in registration laws. These merits have never been challenged only accepted as truth from the legislating spin doctors.

I don’t know how legal or illegal it is, but when I took my plea, part of the closing speech from the judge to me was: “submit your person and property to search and seizure at any time of the day or night by any probation officer or other peace officer with or without a warrant, probable cause or reasonable suspicion.”

It pretty much says I have no rights over being searched.

ch: yea that is ONLY why you are on probation/parole and your 4th adm is waived after you are off prob/parole you have full 4th adm back and do NOT have to submit to ANY KIND OF ANY SEARCH AT ALL (unless someone has a warrant for you/your prop)

The judge can SAY whatever he wants. Ho doesn’t make law. He can’t override the law.
The Constitution trumps the judge. Only on probation would those rules be applicable.

yes there needs to be a class action lawsuit against the government and the individuals creating these laws for deprivation of rights under color of law. the false assumptions that these people have absolute immunity doesn’t apply if they are not acting in good faith and are misrepresting information that they know or should have known that is universally untrue and which they are blatantly presenting with reckless disregard for the truth. hit em where it hurts by sueing them for monetary damages.

Chris Smith from New Jersey and the chief puppet in the IML scam should be first in line

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