Registrant Travel Action Group (RTAG) International Travel Matrix Update

The Travel Matrix is a list of nations along with information about how they handle entrance of visiting or moving registrants (Registered Sex Offenders) and their families. We compile this information from various sources including Travel Experience Reports submitted by users of this website. This list is kept as current and thorough as possible, but individual experiences may vary. This list is informational and in no way implies any guarantee. If you have information to contribute, please submit one or more Travel Experience Reports or contact us to share other information. Full Article

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You have Japan down twice once in Asia and once in Europe.

I am pretty sure that Mexico does not have a registry, although they are turning back anyone on our registry.

Thailand is a y/n on entry. Does anyone know what their criteria are., or is it just. On an individual revue of case.

Is the whole continent of Africa allowing people in OR no rc has attempted to travel there? I’m curious to know. I would love to go to Africa if there’s no restrictions. This pale white girl only needs to take with her a lot of sunblock

There is a lot of incorrect information presented in that table.

My attorney said that the government could void my current passport and not allow me to get a new one…surely this can’t be true.

First and foremost, Thank you for the hard detailed work I know you must have incurred in compiling this list..
However, i see errors with japan being listed in two different area and listed as Y and N in each.
Also, there is no Philippines listing. Why is that??
I know it will take time to enhance this list… Again, THanks for all that you have done!!

I have some questions, is the lawsuit against the IML still standing? and here is an interesting question if the IML is lifted what’s going to happen? will registrants be able to travel internationally again without being flagged and turned back, and will doing these notifications and sending out green notices to other countries ceased?, and will registrants be allowed to go to countries that they were flagged in if the IML is lifted?

I would suggest that you study the posts of this blog to answer your questions.

But nothing so far has been lifted, the injunction was rejected. So you’re basically f******

Hello I am in Florida and a Family member is a offender without a underage charge. We have never had a issue before even with the 21 day notice. It occurred to me that Florida’s update states if you are going to be going out of the country for more than 5 days you must give 21 days notice. So what happens if we give the 21 days notice but happen to leave 4 days before the designated trip. My thought is this would avoid any possible day of arrival issues yet still comply with the fact. I also am confused as some people including state officials say once you are out of the USA they could care less. Would it not be better to plan a trip to a friendly country and then decide to explore other places? I dont see how you could possibly know every place you want to visit when many countries are a train or plane ride away. Any thoughts? Some people have also suggested a denial to a country would be better to simply fly to a close local destination and land cross as its a entire different experience in many countries.

This is new for me and my Family but I took the time to read the passed IML and It says these notifications only go out to Offenders with a underage victim. I see nothing that allows them to notify if you dont meet that requirenment. I do believe it could have possible broader effects but I would like to know if anybody has been prevented from Entry and did not have a underage alleged Victim. I do see Florida has its own 21 day notification but it appears to be selective based on somebody making a judgment call that you are a high risk and then doing some kind of notification. I contacted a lawyer in some of the countries we have visited that you have listed as no go and he explained it often gets handled on a individual basis and non under age charges are often simply overlooked. This seems to be the issue as I believe some people are travelling all the time and others get singled out. It sure is not very consistent based on what I have read experienced and been shared with other people traveling. It appears one person who got bumped on a flight got in simply because the airline rescheduled the flight for the next day on a different flight number. Said had no problem going in but the usual coming back with the second checks.

I wish that there would have been a suit on the notifications with the green notices. The green notices are a back breaker with only speculation as basis.
Why was that not done?
Also what is the legal basis for the “with prejudice” ruling when according to the judge, the case was not yet ripe? So when it is ripe there is no redress?

I am currently in the Philippines now. I arrived here a couple of days ago for a funeral. My trip was planned short notice. My wife went to Manila to check with Bureau of Immigration before I arrived. There was no active blacklist against my name when she checked.

However when I arrived I was detained due to a new alert sent by the US Homeland a day before my arrival. This new alert resulted in Philippine Immigration preparing a new blacklist order against me before I arrived.

Both experience and luck were responsible for a successful fight against this new blacklist order. Because I possessed documents showing that I was cleared of prior blacklist orders, my wife and I were able to clear this new blacklist order. After nine hours of being detained, I was allowed to enter the country.

I do want to share some insight with folks here about how foreigners view these alerts and exclusions from the US government.

I can say first hand that Filipinos don’t like to do this to visitors. They are deeply troubled knowing that this creates a hardship for another Filipino that you have a relationship with or a family member who may be one of their own. And they are compassionate for you.

Philippine Immigration officials view this entire situation as a problem that you have with your own government. They see the alert sent on you as communication that the US government does not want you to travel here.

I had the opportunity to speak directly with the overall Chief of Security regarding the alert sent by the US. I asked about what the alert means to them, if it means that I am a potential threat or what. He stated that “The alert is not viewed so much as you being a potential threat as much as it communicates that your government does not want you to travel here.” “And if your government does not want you here then we feel we must oblige this request.”

He then asked me if US Homeland or airport security in the US tried to stop me for traveling before I left my country. He seemed surprised when I told him this was not a practice in the US and no one has ever attempted to stop me from traveling. I said that I read public statements by US Homeland that these alerts are not intended to stop a US citizen from traveling but rather to inform a foreign country of a person’s past conviction of a certain crime. And it is up to the country to determine if the person is allowed to enter or not.

The Security Chief explained to me that his country has very different procedures and views. If someone is perceived to be a threat abroad then that person would not be allowed to leave the country in the first place. He said that his country would know its own citizens best in making such a determination. He also said that such a determination would be very rare and normally require that a person have an active or unresolved criminal case. Citizens with old cases that are resolved would not be subject to any such sanctions.

I was also questioned by three different senior security officials during the day why the US Homeland keeps sending alerts on me to them for the very same conviction. They had printed the US Homeland alerts out and compared each one. Each alert sent from the US had exactly the same conviction information. Each official questioned me separately why the US Homeland did not consider my case to be closed since it was an old case and determined by court documents to be resolved already.

I told them I didn’t really have a good answer for the actions of my government but gave an answer that they could understand. I told them I believed that these alerts are generated more from the source of corruption in my government than any meaningful law enforcement purpose. Some bureaucrats have found a way to receive government money and credit for themselves for sending these alerts without caring or being responsible for the consequences of their actions. I felt from my side that there seemed to be little regard for the effectiveness of this program despite the severe problems and burdens caused to family members and foreign immigration officials trying to resolve the headaches and heartaches that results from these alerts.

The US Homeland says they want to prevent future crimes but actually end up doing something completely unrelated to any criminal activity.

My wife was present and spoke up saying that the only crime that US Homeland prevented with the first alert on me was the crime of her husband wanting to spend Christmas and New Years with her and his family here in Philippines and for that he was deported. The second alert sent by Homeland prevented the crime of her husband trying to enter the country for celebration of her college degree graduation ceremony and wedding anniversary and for that he was deported again. And now this third alert sent by US Homeland seeks to prevent her husband from attending a family funeral here and spending time with her.

During the shift I counted as many as seventeen Filipinos working very hard to resolve this situation for us getting the new blacklist order cancelled so that I could be with my family here. After nine hours, the Chief gathered his staff and acknowledged supervisors in helping resolve this problem. He also stated to me in front of everyone that he had possibly risked his reputation in the decision to allow me entry and hoped that it was not a mistake on his part. My wife was already taking the floor, she asked to speak again to address his concern…. I was shaking my head in response but never had the chance to say a word.

Good morning,

I am a RSO from Washington State (20 yrs ago) and haven;t been ob probation/supervision for 10+ years. My wife and I are planning a visit to Jamaica for our Honeymoon. The matrix says I will be fine and I find little to no data suggestion I will be turned away. Does anybody have any advice or input? Thank you in advance,

Hi does anyone know whether RTAG is still active? Last update from Paul R. was November 2016 on the site. Thanks.

Does anyone think that actually caring your conviction, release, and other pertinent data (phsycology reports, etc.) could possibly help in entry to places like Thailand , Phillipines, Japan. Countries that don’t lick American politician shoes. I would appreciate responses. It seems as though informing these countries of the actual circumstances could sway opinion. Not everyone is as moronic as our own government.

@John Behan- Don’t recall anyone posting info on Turks & Caicos. However, it used to be integrated with the UK and the UK is definitely off limits. T&C would likely be similar to Cayman Islands and Cayman is a no-go. I imagine the BVI are also a no-go. (These islands could likely share the same UK immigration / criminal databases).

In that Caribbean area, St Martin/Sint Maartin should be OK and your best bet (part of EU).

Good luck!

“Guardian Angel Mexican Travel Report”

“2 months ago, Registrant Travel Action Group, Inc (RTAG) put on retainer a Mexican Immigration lawyer and an American/Mexican lawyer to wriite a report examining Mexican authorities application and enforcement of the Gaurdian Angel program.
Working with Matt Ameika ( )
and Luis Fernandez of Mexico City, we present the attached report”

Does anyone know the status of this?