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NC: New law bans sex offenders from fairs

Friday, the Cabarrus County fair celebrates it’s opening night. The fair runs through September 17 featuring rides, fair foods, a petting zoo and exhibit hall.

But one thing you shouldn’t see this year: registered sex offenders. Full Article

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Quote: “But one thing you shouldn’t see this year: registered sex offenders”

I wonder how they will make the above statement ‘true’. Are they going to I.D. Check everyone at the fair, so they can claim there are no sex offenders?

What are they going to do about the predators who have clean records? Aren’t they capable of sexually assaulting or stealing a kid?

They are going to look for the middle aged white guy in a trench coat, following around females. I suppose they had a lot of that there, so they had to do something, Acht! Really?

Mother Jessica Wohltmann said she was surprised they were allowed into the fair before, but says the new law makes her feel safer.

So why does SHE feel safer ? No SO is going to go after her old bag ass….
“You have a false sense of security old lady” ! If 200 SO’s go, there still wont be anything happening ! just like on halloween night ! DUH ! Op.. BOOOOOOOOOO

Im on my WAY now to the fair there (so what its a few thousand miles away haha) Since im NOT registered in that state I doubt they will have my picture. I guess NC is one sorry lame state ! 😉 ooooohh so does the REGISTRATION copper have pics from everyone in every state ? what is it at now like 800k+ ? I can see him having a book of over 800 thousand pages LOL… fool

man these people are so out of touch with reality if they really believe there is a need for this ban…how in the hel…can anyone abduct or assault you or your child at a fairground like this..even if you are the idiot child neglecting worthless parents that don’t watch your own children you still have thousands of people and security everywhere there is no chance anyone would get away with anything close to any kind of assault or abduction….stupid people or just the people who run on the platform of protecting children

That’s because we now operate within an arena of virtue-signalling; it’s not nearly so important that you are minimizing a realistic threat so much as you are seen to be being moralistic by everyone else. It’s moral theatrics and public sanctimony which are also a form of entertainment.

This is much like Jesus’ admonitions against those who pray ostentatiously in full view of the marketplace.

Agree. This is moral theater in the same sense that the TSA shenanigans in our airports are ‘security theater”.

All 800 plus thousand of us should show up at the fair and watch the Barney Fifes stumble around trying to figure out what to do about it.

They’re missing a huge opportunity here. Can you imagine the revenue they’d make if they stuck an rso’s in a dunk cage? Americans could get some of their pent up rage/bloodlust satisfied too. Cause, you know, America has turned into one giant freak show of Justus.

That’d make one hell of a protest piece set up on Pennsylvania avenue.

It’s hard to imagine at a time when we’ve had so much success, as in all Janice’s victories and the recent 6th circuit , that we’re still seeing these type laws popping up! Well the showdown will begin as more and more lawsuits involve making a State show it’s data as to how much a RC law is protecting the public. They have the data but wont use it because it wont work for them!

years ago I work for the fair , only because I was hurting for the money , you all of course do what you want , I feel that this is an infringement of our rights , but fairs are nothing but crooks , and I will never for any reason give them one cent of my money ! the rides are never safe anyway , I can go to the store and buy a huge bag of corn dogs for the price of 3 corn dogs at the fair , oh and I bet around every corner their is a SO waiting for her nasty wishful thinking rude butt , I seem to remember when I worked royal American mid way , it was the cops that were the perv’s , they were every night jacking up young girls and guys feeling them up looking for “drugs” don’t you know , lol , and see them coming out from underneath the rides flowed shortly there after by some under age sweet tart of that night ,lol , and yes their was complaints , but nothing ever was done , ride jocks don’t always maintain their rides as they should on a dailey basis as their suppose to , just a big accident looking for a place to happen , I myself would much rather have a nice peaceful cook out at the river or lake , maybe do some camping ! rent a little boat , do some fishing and sight seeing ! even when my kids were little if you was to ask them if they wanted to go to the fair for a few hours ? or go camping for a day or two ? hands down they would go for the true love of the out doors , lol some kids would knock their folks off for the money to go to a bunch of noise and lights , and stand there in line for some unsafe ride that stinks arm pit to arm pit , and networking, taking selfies , lol todays world is in for a big surprise , folks better get use to the simple things in life and their kids off of these things that are sure to be for the rich only club , so our kids can see a much broader scope of life , that’s about togetherness as family and true friends , and not about who has the most or the most trendy “thing’s” kids are being sold down the river to ideas that fb is safe and not the product of the NSA ,

I thought by now that cities are understanding these laws don’t do anything! When will cities and states get a clue?

The only logical approach would be to attack these laws at the supreme court level… otherwise, you’ll chase fires for a really long time.

“The new law officially went into effect September 1 and applies ONLY TO offenders whose victims were under the age of 18 and to offenders who have been found to present a danger to minors”

If your offense involved rape or attempted rape (like Brock Turner) of an adult, you can get it. But if you tried to set up a liaison online with a pretending to be 16 year old cop, no way baby you get into our fair! At least here in Caroleeeena….yeee hah!

“But one thing you shouldn’t see this year: registered sex offenders”

DAM Jethro! Did you even read what you wrote? You’re the journalist. The law only applies to sex offenders whose “victims” were under 18! All other offenders can still come party at your fair

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