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FL: Sex Offender Fights Removal From Hospice

A Florida city’s sex-offender law faces scrutiny in litigation over whether a wheelchair-bound former doctor, convicted of patient abuse in the 1980s, should be forced out of a hospice due to its proximity to a school.

A Palm Beach County court petition filed Aug. 31 claims ____ ____, a hospice patient with end-stage Alzheimer’s disease, has been threatened with arrest if he does not move out of Heartland of Boynton Beach, a nursing home near a local preschool.

The City of Boynton Beach purportedly issued a notice to ____ and the hospice accusing them of violating an ordinance that prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,500 feet of a school, daycare center or playground.Full Article

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  1. David

    Unbelievable. We don’t even have the right to die in peace?? Has Florida surrendered its humanity? 😟
    (I guess registration extends beyond the “mortal coil”, never to be shuffled off.) 😟

    • LM

      No right to live in peace, much less die in peace, yet being on the registry is somehow considered a “second chance” according to law enforcement.

      Angry yet?

      • nomore

        It IS a second chance for THEM. lol

      • Timmr

        At first it might have been a more humane alternative to longer and longer prison sentences and locking people up for life, that is, when it was not public and without all the restrictions, and not applied retroactively, it did look like it allowed for a second chance in that way. But it turned out to be an ethically slimy way of putting people back under police control without due process. Now we have the longer prison terms plus the registry.

  2. j

    The good news is that Florida will be under water at some point. The bad news is that “they” will have to move somewhere.

    Given the sad state of constitutional affairs there, it might we wise to ban Flordians (or the ones who vote for these laws and elect officials that enact them) from entering other states without registering and then being subject to proximity laws ensuring they are not within 2,500 feet of US Citizens.

    Sound crazy? They are the same fears and exaggerations the current registry laws are founded upon.

    • Harry

      “…Florida will be under water at some point” This would be major world-wide environmental disaster, J. Just think of all the poisoning slime, that is running all the governmental bodies in Florida, pouring into the sea.

  3. nomore

    So now the hospice is violating a sex offender law? Wtf…

  4. Chris F

    Yet another good example out of Florida of how this “purely regulatory scheme” protects the public from nothing and treats another citizen and his family inhumanely.

    Threatening the Hospice legally for having him there is a new low though. I didn’t know Florida law extended punishments, I mean…regulations, to treatment facilities too.

  5. Doc Martin

    This poor guy with Alzheimers won’t even know the difference between a jail cell and a hospice room. Boynton Beach should be this year’s winner for the most heartless city award

    “His attorney, Cindy D’Agostino, wrote that she is confident she will be able to remove him from the Florida registry before he dies. A Florida statute allows some sex offenders to be removed from the registry 25 years after they have been “released from confinement, supervision, or sanction, whichever is later”

    Fat chance! Once you’re on the registry in Floriduh, you’re on it for life. And this man probably will stay on it long after he is dead.

  6. Harry

    For those whom would like to respond to these den of wolves, here are their contact info. We may want to put them on the wall of shame.

    • Harry

      I email this response to Mayor Steven B Grant.
      The City of Boynton Beach purportedly issued a notice to Ehrhart and the hospice accusing them of violating an ordinance that prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,500 feet of a school, daycare center or playground. I am shock of this City’s behavior. How can you attend church on Sunday morning an praising God and treat the ‘least of these’ like this? You have a man that cannot find his way around his room and worrying about him going some school and finding a kid to harm, were as, this kid will have a 95% more chance being done in by some teacher. You are all wolves in sheep’s clothing and you should spend eternity in outer darkness gashing your teeth. Shame on you and you are shameful to God.

    • O.A.L.

      Thx. Just sent off an email to the mayor. I hope they have people on staff that can read it to him. I didn’t put any big multi syllable words in the email.

  7. Lake County

    California and most states are no different. It’s almost impossible for a RC to find any kind of residential care facility that will accept anyone registered. Most states require that all residences of a care facility be notified of any RC living in the facility. And once notified, that care facility will face the real risk of their other patients being moved out by family members. So remember, don’t grow old.

    • O.A.L.

      I worked at Saratoga Retirement Community for many years before my offense. I was forced to leave by the state. But they still have a resident that was convicted of a major offense and they let him stay. Why? Because he had money! That is the one thing that trumps everything. You can do any thing if you have enough. I understand the Billionaire V.C. on the registry has his lawyer do his annual registration while he jets off to his private getaway and still continues his juvenile liaisons with impunity. Money!

  8. 72FLH

    plain and simple , this state should get ass hole of the month award , they would stand tall and chest out to get such an award ! and the winner of this award win’s a brand new 2×4 to their grill !, And  free dabs for life !

  9. stephen

    I keep saying we need our own town and support structure. These laws will never go away till the people that write them are harmed by them.

    • nomore

      I’ve thought of numerous ideas from islands to cargo ships and oil rigs and the cheapest I’ve come up with is land. You could buy hundreds of acres for as low as a couple hundred thousand. I’m partial to Alaska for many variables but other states have remote, cheap land. One of the problems with your idea is people haven’t learned that giving your power to make your own choices to someone else (government) is a fundamental mistake to their liberty. So it wouldn’t be too long before the same problems in society found their way to your town. Could we be truly live and let live or would we bring the same societal poisons that plague the US now. Buying that amount of land and dividing it up into 5 acre or more lots would be OK minus the organised government bs. There are still great quantities of land here where you don’t have to pay land tax for also. Either way, it takes currency!

  10. Renny

    The taxpayers of FL might take issue with a man who cannot wipe himself being sent to prison to die, the medical costs will be astronomical and I am confident his lawyer will ensure it stays in the media and that his care is monitored and then, when he ultimately dies, sue the state for poor care and neglect, drag them through the mud, and make it hurt, THEN ensure the media gets told how much it cost the taxpayers.

  11. Joe

    Well, this answers my question regarding whether these Florida cities were going to try to impose the post 2010 law on people who had been convicted prior to that date or to 2004? I also find it scary that Florida is abel to impose restrictions on person who were convicted before the Florida sex offenders OR predator laws were even passed. As best as I can tell, they could not restrict this man or even require him to register had he been convicted in Florida. Of course, if he is in a hospice for end stage Alzheimers, he will die long before this case could ever be resolved one way or another.

    • O.A.L.

      Let this person leave this world in peace and leave his oppressors behind. May he find happiness in his next adventure.

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