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Slovakia: US and Slovakia agree to share sex offender information

An agreement has been signed in order to gain more information on the movement of convicted child sex offenders by Alan Bersin, the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs of the United States’ Department of Homeland Security and Dušana Višňovská, the Head of Office of the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. Full Article

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They are barking up the wrong tree and they know it.

Create a lie, make it bug, repeat it, and make millions off the government chasing false hopes while perpetually victimizing a group of fomer crminals. What a bunch of idiots. I guess they have to tell lies in order to make quotas and keep soending government dollars on mythical threats. Whew, as least we can be sure they wont be worried about minding the constitution. There are to many dollars at hand to tell the truth.

what a waste of time & $$ from the us lame govt. Like ther eis a MASSIVE Percentage of US RSO’s that wanna goto of all places SLAVAKIA ! im not a hater of that country but of the 800k rSO’s in the us here I doubt that .05% wanna go there or are from there. and you know the lame us govt probably wont let ANYONE immigrate from there to here.. again WASTE of TAXPAYER $ ! id never “VISIT” there on my life, Id rather live in TJ (well just kidding ill stay north of the border haha)

I’ve been to Slovakia and I have found it to be worthwhile. I had once hoped that I could obtain citizenship there. It is a central European country, a member of the EU and considered to be an advanced, high-income and free country. That it has decided to block American Registrants does not bode well for us.

Though this could be in contravention of the EU’s Declaration of Human Rights and so a problem for the Slovak Government….though probably not much.

i agree that a EU country and member of the Schengen Area taking such a step is bad for all of us that hoped that Europe at least would remain open.

Though this being within the Schengen Zone, I don’t know how anyone would know you were there.

But I also have enjoyed Slovakia and Bratislava.


‘Got yourself a big one there, did you, Uncle Sam? 🐟 Well, you just put it in the pail. No need to go puffin’ out your chest so much. 😂

By “monitor traveling child sex offenders and therefore provide more protection for children in these countries” don’t they actually just mean blanket denial and turning away regardless of if they are any threat?

It’s not ripe to challenge yet, but it’s been going on for years before it was even allowed by lawmakers.

I love the burden shifting. Let’s not allow our judges to fairly determine if someone is really a threat to children once during trial. Instead, let’s just declare everyone that’s committed a crime determined to be of a sexual nature to be a potential threat and leave it to every country to figure it out every time that person travels. Yep, cause those countries are going to spend time and money doing over and over what our own government wouldn’t do once.

It’s very clever of them. It purports to arm (foreign) governments with “information” they need to “protect their children.”

In reality, it was designed by Chris Smith EXPLICITLY (as in, he stated PUBLICLY that it was his aim) to prevent American Registrants from travelling.

Should this not be part of our legal argument using evidence of the stated intention of the bill’s architect?

They repeat “criminals” and “sex offender” in practically every sentence!

I thought Slovakia was part of those “Chechnya Countries” where it was relatively safe to travel to? Janice had also mentioned this.

Could someone please re-cap what the “Chechnya Countries” are?

According to anecdotes we have received, there are 26 European nations which are part of a coalition called Schengen that allow registered citizens to visit regardless of the notices they receive from the U.S. government. The list of nations is below. If anyone has been denied entry into any of those countries, please let us know.
• Austria
• Belgium
• Czech republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Italy
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Malta
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Liechtenstein

That is awesome thank you Janice. I’m always thinking of a plan B.

Good to know registrants can still travel in Europe. And hopefully Scotland (where there has been a lot of talk about seceding) will be added to the Schengen. I hate to sound bleak but I’m just afraid European ‘tolerance’ won’t last once the identifier is in place

Chechnya is still part of Russia, said to be semi-autonomous, but with pro-Russian puppet leaders.

Slovakia is much further West and just east of the Czech Republic with which it was formerly a single country, Czechoslovakia. They are now split into two separate nations.

It is now entirely independent and is very safe to travel to.

There are no “Slovakian countries” plural. Perhaps you’re thinking of the Balkans (most of which once comprised Yugoslavia before its breakup) or even the Baltics which are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia?

Oh, maybe you’re confused by the new name of the Czech Republic which is Czechia. It does sound a lot like Chechnya.

Hey no it was “Schengen” that I was referring to.

And so now due to IML we have vigilantes at the State department going around, stirring up hornet nestss and creating agreements.

” The Department of Homeland Security is making it a priority to get as much information as possible on the travel of these criminals, and this agreement is one step further in the combat against sexual crimes committed against children”

My case has been dismissed. Technically, there is no crime committed. So now I’m called a criminal, present tense? Can I sue for libel?

While dismissal can provide some relief to a person that has been convicted…it doesn’t wipe a person’s slate clean. The courts, law enforcement, the government will always know of the conviction and they are allowed to discriminate against you (applying for a government job, state license, etc) because of it. Although it might no longer show up on most background checks…the crime was committed and will never be 100% forgiven or forgotten. I don’t expect to ever be treated as I was before my conviction, it’s not right that we are singled out and punished and/or persecuted by our own government long after we have done our time. The SO registry goes far beyond “administrative” as all registrants can attest to. There is no DUI registry preventing alcoholics from buying alcohol, driving cars, going to bars. There is no murder registry prevent convicted murderers from buying knives, axes, baseball bats, or going to watch a slasher movie. There is no animal abuser registry preventing those convicted of going to pet store, petting zoo, or hanging out at a dog park.

That’s been my argument ever since every single personal detail about me went public. Why isn’t every criminal on a public watch list? Why can’t I find out if the kid next door is a registered drug dealer so I can tell my kids to stay away from him or if the guy down the street is a registered drunk driver so I can tell my kids don’t ride your bike or play in the street in the path of his car? Oh yeah, then there’s that woman that passes out fliers in the neighborhood offering maid services. Can I find out if she’s registered for petty theft before I let her in my house? Could we not go on and on…..? And why not? After all, it’s to keep our communities safe, right?

You can create registries (and some states have) with other kinds of offenses but the effect wouldn’t be the same as the stigma attached to a ‘sex offense against a child.’ Teens selling a little weed or heroin on the side to support their habit are offenses so common nowadays that it would be useless to have those offenders listed on a public registry. And it wouldn’t come back to haunt them later in their adult life i.e. employers can identify with someone who got in trouble in their youth when they drove home intoxicated from a party one night. But being labeled a sex offender is still unexceptable

The DHS is a far reaching problem, for us and the rest of the nation. They’re busy taking power over all of the alphabet agencies under omnibus bills. Remember when Obama gave a speech about a national police force that was either equal to or more powerful than the military? That’s what they’re doing. I’m not laying it just at his feet because it takes sometimes decades to lay the groundwork. He’s just the front man that spoke about it. They’ve been working for decades to outshine Nazi Germany! Don’t believe me? Check who we’re propping up in the Ukraine (read how those guys were envious of our surveillance program). Check Angela Merkel’s history (five eyes Angela or Hitlers youth merkel).. Look up George Soros’s Nazi snitch video. He talks about turning in Jews to save himself. Check out the new NATO Nazi building. The Nazis never stopped fighting. DHS if not created by Markus Wolf was surely inspired by the Stasi. Here’s another little Stasi Nazi loving on the DHS.

You’re starting to get way off into the Alex Jones One world order conspiracy garbage. Next thing you know you’ll start bringing up the Bilderbergs and Trilateral Commission. Pres Obama was talking about expanding volunteer organizations like the Peace Corp and USA Freedom Corps, a post 9-11 program to increase the number of trained diplomats to staff U.S. embassies overseas. Some zero politician twisted the president’s comments concerning national service to mean something else.

Funny…most countries are European countries, who are known to be a lot less prude than the US.

When I think of Slovakia I think of the movie Hostel
The country really got a bad rap because of it

It also gets a bad rap in the 2004 movie Euro Trip. As very poor and ghetto like.

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