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Asperger’s, autism, and sex offenders

… Then he talked about his son’s diagnosis: Asperger’s Syndrome, a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum. As a young child, Nick flapped his arms and jumped a lot. At three, he barely spoke. As an adult, he still cannot tie his shoes, making it all the more impressive that he has achieved so much.

Then the dad added one more item to his son’s resume: Nick is a convicted felon, a sex offender on the registry. He was found guilty of possession of child porn. Full Article

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“The Alabama judge shrugged, saying, “You have autism? I’m bald. It’s just something we live with.””


“The Alabama judge shrugged, saying, ‘You have autism? I’m bald. It’s just something we live with.'”

That judge is EVIL. He is pure scum who doesn’t belong on the bench. One day he will have to stand before God. He will. What a pile of garbage!

Yea! This judge is likely an elder in a church. Unless he repents, God will vomit him to the outer darkness where worms do not die.

Meanwhile, the Judge is looking at getting hair plugs to treat his baldness while this poor gentleman has to live with a condition he cannot do anything about except to live with through treatment in hopes of a better life.

Never said the legal system would accept science…..

Be nice if someone found this particular AL judge, I cannot seem to find him, so a petition can be started to remove him from the bench or suspended without pay due to his discriminatory remarks…..Aspergers is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As someone on the autism spectrum myself, I’m glad to see this being discussed, and kudos to Nick for having the courage to speak publicly about it. I don’t know if I’d be able to.

It’s hard enough having always been so “behind” my peers and unable to relate to them/be accepted by them/be understood by them, but being a registrant on top of it (something people are even less understanding of), I’ve been so very close to losing my will to live many times. Even now, a full decade after my release, I have far more dark days than not. AS is a condition that is still not well understood by the public at large, especially by the legal system, as evidenced in this article by Mr. “You have autism? I’m bald,” who I think should be removed from the bench. Dismissing something so out-of-hand that should’ve been given very serious consideration shows how ill-qualified he is to impartially decide peoples’ fates. I guess he has a degree in psychology and knows exactly of what he speaks, huh?

In my own case, which was federal (as I’m assuming Nick’s was), it took a doctor from a well-known university hired by my defense to sway the judge even an inch. There really isn’t much room in a one-size-fits-all, retributive legal system for careful consideration of defendants’ individual conditions which could be contributing factors that should be taken into account. That judge’s flippant attitude perfectly illustrates this.

Same boat with AS diagnosis. I simply cannot function without privacy and never did like unwanted attention. Was bullied in school and ridiculed by teachers. Now I’m cyber-bullied online and bad-mouthed online with zero outlook and denied hope for a better tomorrow. Judge sent a letter to the state DA stating I wasn’t a credible safety threat with my condition, but they wouldn’t have stating it was a “mental abnormality” and I had to continue registering.

When children have Autism, the world bends over backwards to help and understand, but as an adult, you’re deemed damaged goods, creepy and expendable.

United States of Hypocrisy.

I have a 25 yr old AS daughter and a registrant son (not AS) and live in California. I’m seeking AS registrants in California to add to our national sub-committee.

I understand your desire for privacy due to both AS and the registry. If you would consider contacting Brian Kelmer of ARC, he can provide my contact.
They are working hard for all the AS men in the US.

I plan to attend the lobbying training in Sacranento this month and I would like to be the voice for AS men in California.

Thank you

Thank you for this info. I feel as though I’m at my wits’ end and no longer feel human. Megan’s Law is not ONLY punishment, it’s torture and terrorism. It’s an unnecessary evil that will not combat or thwart anything, much less prevent the same thing that the Kankas’ went through. I’m tired of being made a spectacle out of and bad mouthed.

Dear Tired of This,

I and the 2 dozen other US family members of AS registrants feel for you.

We are grouping together via ARC sub committee and would like to lobby in Jan in California and in DC in March about the injustice of disabled AS registrants. Please see Brian’s blog posted below or reply back here. Are you in California ?

We don’t have any AS registrants as of yet from California and hope to hear their voices.

Hello to the registrants who have disclosed they have AS.

There is a sub-committee forming to battle the injustices to AS people who were convicted across the US for sex offenses, some of whom were developmentally ages 12 or older.

The lead is a parent of a convicted AS young man.

He is seeking more AS people or their families for his project. His name is Brian Kelmar and his story is here:

Although we are just in the early stages, our initial goals are to reach out to parents going through similar situations like Larry and his son for support and advice. Our end goal is to grow our group to be an effective national and state voice to make changes in the legislature and the judicial process for our sons who have gone through this and those who will. Just from anecdotal, what many of us thought ours was an isolated incident, is starting to be a rapidly growing problem for children with disabilities and involved in the criminal justice system.

I am reaching out to all of you for sharing ideas, reaching out to others in this situation, so that we can grow in numbers for people to hear our voice to make a difference and make a change.

Please pass on our information on to other parents going through this. I would be interested in discussing this further with you on how we can learn and or combine forces?

Brian Kelmar

Hello, Brian Kelmar, my son is in the same boat. He was recently diagnosed, but it doesnt matter to these people. He has no choice but to take a plea. 4 therapists later, 2 court ordered, and since the girl is threatening to go to the newspaper against the judge, my son has no options. I am on board with helping you, if you need help. I am working on a project in my state of NY to bring reform. With covid, it is making it that much harder. Please let me know, if you can use my help.
Thank you, Liz

I am a member of the above said subcommittee fighting the injustices to our children with IDD, Autism and Aspergers. My son has IDD and is completely reliant on his father and I to care for him and yet he is a registered sex offender. I also thought I was all alone. That something like this could never happen to any other family. Unfortunately, there many of us. Please join us and share your story so we can grow strong and make a change.

Hi there, I have been researching autism and asperger’s sex offenders as my family has also been torn apart by what has happened to us My son who is an adult has always felt “different” and I have always thought he had mild learning difficulties, always behind at school, got bullied, had only 2 friends and has gone through life feeling he doesn’t fit in.

He cut his wrists a few weeks ago and was seen in hospital by a Liaison Psychiatrist who asked questions about his life etc, relationships and employment. He stated he had never been in a relationship but liked a “neighbour” and said he asked her out 2 years ago – in actual fact this was only 9 months ago, as he has no concept of time. The neighbour in question is currently 17 which would have meant she was 15 when he asked her out (again it was 9 months ago) so she would have been 16. The psychiatrist then contacted social services and the police who then came to our home and arrested my son and kept him in a cell for 3 days before appearing in court and being charged with a sexual offence!!! We are in this position because he said it was 2 years and not 9 month as he has no concept of time. He is currently going through the tests for autism but he may also be put on the sex offenders register for something he admitted wrongly. I am totally numb at the moment as we have had to leave our home as she was a neighbour until this goes to court later this year. I am a law abiding citizen and none of my family have ever been in trouble with the police. I explained to the police officers who came to arrest him that he needs help in understanding things and has no concept of time, dates etc and this was even before we knew what he was arrested for as he is an adult.

I’m so upset that this sort of thing can actually happen and taken out of our hands. I am trying to get him assessed privately, it is really expensive but if it helps us get out of this nightmare, I will do anything.

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