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California Employers’ Fair Chance Hiring Toolkit

Root & Rebound is proud to announce the launch of the first-ever California Employers’ Fair Chance Hiring Toolkit, a critical resource for California employers, H.R. departments, corporate counsel, and business professionals on “Fair Chance” hiring! Full Article

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  1. Steri

    I hope other States start a program like this.

  2. pgm111

    In San Francisco the Fair Chance Ordinance is referred to as Ban The Box and for the most part it has been very positive. I live in SF and have been hired by Macy’s, UPS and Safeway in the last year. You should be aware that my date of conviction was June 2008, so I passed the seven year threshold in June 2015. That matters.

    In March this year, Bank of America did offer me a great job as a banker with a six figure income, however they did rescind their offer after performing the background check. That hurt but it may be due to the fact that large banks are federally, not state, chartered.

    My strong recommendation is that whenever you receive a job offer, you request that offer be in writing. If your date of conviction is more than seven years in the past DO NOT even mention your criminal conviction even if they ask. The Fair Chance Ordinance prohibits employers from looking back more than seven years.

    With the job offer in writing, employers will be very reluctant to game the system, so do get the offer in writing.

    • O.A.L.

      Congrats on getting on with your life, or something like it. More people with your info need to post here. I’m in Santa Clara county , or as we like to call it , the bay area conservative stronghold! I have 5 yrs left. But my situation has to do with state licensing , so I don’t see a future in my occupation (health care). But good for you and yours.

    • j

      As you know many of us that had once flourishing careers after completing probation etc. many many years ago have been subject to random firing and denial of application process since the information became available. It seems the initial reaction across the board was to flush registrants from the employment roles. That is more real than imagined in my opinion.

      The screening and decision making excluding us from hiring seems to be rather routine and appears to circumvent any law stating it is illegal to discriminate against us based on information disseminated by mgans flaw.

      If there are any more resources you could point us to in order to take advantage of this it would be appreciated. Did you have any help from EDD or do they even have any responsibility here? They should at least attempt to mitigate the unfettered damage done by the passage of these laws.

      I am among many that have simply given up ever attaining a real professional job not only due to the hardship of being hired, but tentative and reluctant to face shaming in the workplace unless the employer has bona-fide compliance. I just can’t see an employer having to work so hard to give a registrant a chance taking the risk of making his current staff uncomfortable or to hear how they are afraid to come to work etc..

      is there a forum within this web (or anywhere) site that deals with such resources? your help would be appreciated and may lead to a focused effort within this organization to help construct pathways toward securing meaningful employment with reasonable treatment of registrants along the way.

    • 4sensiblepolicies

      Don’t be so quick to assume that registrant status precludes you from working in banking pgm111. I applied for a banking job and carefully researched the requirements. Federal bonding requirement specifies only that you must not have convictions relating to finance or fraud (even a shoplifting conviction actually). I had a job offer rescinded from a major us bank after the background check, and quickly countered with a vague threat of an EEOC filing (due to time elapsed since conviction and that there was no correlation to the work being done and any threat to employees or the public – e.g. not working with minors)., I also carefully pointed out that there was nothing in my conviction that would prevent them from gaining federal approval for my position – and they gave me the job. This was only about a year ago. It was not six-figures, and only for a banking call center – but I got in. Turned out I hated banking, but that spring-boarded to a better job elsewhere. I even pay taxes now, despite the many who would rather see me homeless and broken. Keep fighting the ignorant fools with all your might.

  3. j

    toolkit,,, how about after a certain period of time be it 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years the person is done with registration! of course keeping in mind the he/she has not committed another sex offence, is this another cheap way to keep hopes up for people? yes it may work for some but as we all know each person has a very different case.

  4. Timmr

    I better get my butt in gear and get more customers so I can hire some registrants. Didn’t know there was still that tax break, that helped someone hire me so long time ago. Just need someone who knows marketing, not my strong point.

    • nomore

      I might be able to help you with that. 10 years in the sign industry. I’d be happy to give you advice when I get my site Addy and email set up. Should have that by the 10th. For anyone else reading this, we all have something to offer each other that’s guaranteed to be valuable to someone. It’s one of the reasons I want to start a forum for us, I hope I’ll see you all there, soon.

      • Timmr

        Exactly, and thanks. I know there is some skill every registrant has that another can use. I am talking also about giving compensation for that, not necessarily freebies. The more we empower each other, the better we will be able to stand up and speak out. It is simple economics, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, basic needs met first. Only a few are able to do the lawyer stuff, it’s just the nature of having a high degree of education, a disposable income and talent, and having a population that has enough free time and money to support them in their challenges to these laws. It also goes for public speaking. That is a skill that is better developed with thoughfullness and training.
        I will embrace a forum that helps us help ourselves. We shouldn’t have to wait to have some type of happiness, while the legal machine grinds away at the repression, which I understand takes time, not much we can do to change that. Already these commentaries are getting too many and too long for me to read through, since the group went national. There might be some specific information or communication with someone that might provide some specific help to me or someone else, that is lost in a mountain of words, some diatribes piled on simply repeats of points layed down over and over again, it is harder to find the gem stone you need to find at the moment, without a lot of digging.

  5. someone who cares

    I just ordered a copy. I like the idea of networking among each other. It would be nice to do a “Meet UP” for networking to see how we can secure jobs for each other. Heck, maybe, we can come up with a good idea to start our own company. We need people who have a business license and come up with a profitable business, hiring SOs only.

    • Timmr

      I would be interested in networking. I have a desire to try new things, and right now I feel stuck. We can turn around and create something profitable out of this miserable financial experience many of us share share.

    • nomore

      That’s exactly why I’m creating a forum for us. I’ll have the domain and email in a few days and the site up, hopefully, a few days later. I’ll even have a “private” option for people that want to send contact info to each other. I personally have tons of questions that can only be answered by people in our situation. I also have business experience and ideas for those that want to climb out of the financial hole many of us are in. I’ll post it when it’s ready. Hope to see everyone there.

  6. BSL

    Never give up! I have been working at a hospital for 25 years. High 5 figure income. Got Reg status 23 years ago. Clean record before and after. I was charged with minor ind. exp. 1 time for urinating. I have to Reg for life but still keep my job. started at 6 bucks hr. now over 40hr. About to retire with great package! Don’t give up! Things are getting better now. Thanks to people like Janice B. Keep your chin up. I’m one of the lucky ones. Except for the once a year humiliation (punishment) I have to go through. Looks like sooner than later now, I may fall off that list : ) Keep up the good work Janice and others!!!!

    • Harry

      I hope this will encourage someone, I was called out of the blue, by a former employer, to work for her 2 days, per week, “because she needed someone she can depend on”. This employer knows about my pass and most of the employees (mostly women) knows, as well. All the employees and costumers are excited that I am working there, again. The key advice I have for all RCs is to establish, build and protect your integrity base, as this is the key for success.

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