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California judge imposes prison term of 1,503 years(!?!) on father who repeatedly raped daughter

As reported in this local article, a state judge in California gave new meaning to the term “mass incarceration” by imposing a prison sentence on a rapist that will not be completed until the year 3519. … In addition to the prison sentence, Sarkisian said Lopez will have to register as a sex offender. Full Article


Rape, Incest And Retribution

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Seems fine to me.

I’m okay with that sentence as well. This is by far the most egregious act anyone can commit and it deserves a life sentence. Not only did this man rape his own daughter, be he did so after his friend raped her. That said, it’s more reason to abolish the registry. I’m certain neither one of them was on the registry. And this is no act of stranger danger either. More proof that the registry does nothing it claims as its intent: to stop sex crimes. Anyone who has been released from custody and completed their debts to society should not have to register. Ever. If they are truly a sexually violent predator as this man is, then a life sentence is appropriate. He’s in prison for life. Why bother with registration? He’ll never be released.

If you are okay with this sentence – which is for all intents and purposes a life sentence – what do you propose giving to someone who kills another? Longest sentence in Fresno County history (history!!) Has no one ever been murdered in Fresno County?

Life is for all intents and purposes the same sentence this guy got – for killing and setting on fire 16 people (nine children—some as young as two years old—four women and three men) in two different excursions.

If I can read about Fresno news, so can anyone on this planet. Including people who realize that the lives and deaths of their loved ones are worth a fraction of the mental anguish of an American. And who have no problem strapping on a dynamite belt.

While these sentences are supposed to ‘save the children’ they will have the exact opposite effect in the long run.

I agree. This shows how bad ass the judge can be, but I don’t see this helping the victim any more than a life sentance would or in preventing similar crimes. When judges start pandering to emotion by enacting impossible sentences, the state loses moral standing. People are going to expect bigger and more impossible retribution for select crimes, and it become a race as to how effectively the state can entertain the crowds.


“This is by far the most egregious act anyone can commit.” Oh really, like violently beating someone even to death, leaving someone disfigured, blind, paralyzed? Oh like mark walberg who beat a guy and left him blind, the fan favorite, get real, there are a lot of worse things that can be done to a person. Was it wrong, yea it was. Did it deserve the judges bias and prejudices, no. If she’s alive, she can get over it, apparently she survived it for years. Sick and tired of the pathetic I feel sorry for them crap, we’re all abused one way or another.

Yes. Really. Incest is the most revolting act anyone can commit. Not only did this man violate his daughter in the most vile way, he betrayed her trust, his duty as a father, and he failed to protect her. If you can’t see that, then I seriously question your ethics.


Go ask someone who is paralyzed, disfigured, burned, starved, by some violent person or a sadistic parent if incest is worse, bet they won’t say it is. Besides if incest was so bad, then a lot of southern states wouldn’t exist, let’s go to Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, and ask, lol. Hell, the united States was born of incest. If I were you I would consider your own ethics and think again. Here I will give you a choice, incest v child neglect, which includes being locked in a basement, starved, beaten, maybe boiled alive, your choice?

Incest is worse. Period. Precisely for the reasons I’ve already stated. Perhaps as a man, you just don’t get the bond between parent and child whereas for most women such as myself, it is innate.

As a man I condone neither, as a thinking, logical person, it is clear you have biases related to human conduct. Your thoughts and feelings have little to do with the bonds of parenthood, and you are precisely the kind of person who shouldn’t post your prejudices in this site. Perhaps you encountered this situation like many people in this site may have, I don’t know. But as a woman you have no room to claim your gender has a genetic trait over that of men in regard to such acts. Women may not commit incest as often as men but their controlling, dominant status in a family causes a great amount of harm to men, far more prevalent than incest. So just to be clear, a crime is a crime. What is worse and more damaging is an individual choice made by each person.

Fix this problem, where the reply is one letter long on my screen ^^^^

They have a place for those deemed a high risk of reoffending.
Its called civil commitement. anyone who went to prison and faked his m o till he maxed out and never tried to go to sex offender treatment will have the sheriff of the county of his conviction waiting to give him a ride back to the county jail where he will be their “guest” until all evaluations and his civil trial is over.

……And hence….california already has a mechanism for so called tier three…=…its SVP.
Everyone else is two or one.
The proposal best is really for those on listing beyond ten years need to be OFF state registry PERIOD. They’ve proven the state wrong on “high risk” or their lame Enron sham deceptive “likely”.
Automatically OFF.

Apparently the article fails to mention that he will be required to register for the rest of his life after his release.

“In addition to the prison sentence, Sarkisian said Lopez will have to register as a sex offender.”

Next to last paragraph. You were being sarcastic, I know, wonderin, but the fact that registration has to even be mentioned underscores the PUNITIVE aspect of the registry.

As you state Eric, anytime a judge issues a court order binding someone with the “New Registration” of the constantly increasing mental anguish caused by controls and restrictions they are indeed aware of the punishment factor in their sentence.

In addition to the prison sentence, Sarkisian said Lopez will have to register as a sex offender.
Oops: I stand corrected!
I’m glad to see he didn’t forget that. We all know how dangerous he could still be 1500 years from now.

I read your post as sarcasm and nearly spit up my coffee.

No doubt he WILL be required to register after his death.

We absolutely must protect the ghosts of children from the ghosts of their abusers.

20 years to Life would have been a sufficient sentence for this man.
As Doug Berman pointed out 1,500+ years is absurd.
An as Scott Greenfield pointed out “absurdly long or absurdly short, it gives rise to the public perception that this is all just a big game subject to the whims of feelings, outrageous on either end, and without any legitimate grounding in doctrine or purpose”.
60 days for raping your child is inferior and offensive but 1,5000 years for doing the same is distorted and inordinate.

Well wrote!

I never understood why they used to hang, draw and quarter criminals. Such a medieval concept. The first part did the job. Now if 100 years isn’t long enough and this guy isn’t a vampire, what’s the purpose of it? Just showing how we can go backwards. Maybe the judge does think the convicted is a vampire.

The difference between the sentences offered for the plea deals, and the final sentence; is that if he plead guilty, the sentences would’ve been served concurrently. So instead, they sentenced him to consecutive sentences. That’s how they come up with those outrageous number of years.

The same basic set of 2 or 3 charges were repeated for each alleged incident, over a 4 year period. If everything is collapsed into 1 set of concurrently served sentences; he’d only get 13 to 15 years.

That is what gets me about America today, a decade and a half in prison is considered a light sentence.

I’m not in any way condoning what this guy did. I feel like hurling just thinking about it. Guys like this and Garrido, etc. are the poster boys for the morons who love these registration laws. But, I just have to point out that if he had simply killed her while driving drunk, he would have gotten less time.
Seems like Judge Sarkisian is hoping for a few headlines followed by a promotion such as an appointment. Just sayin’.

Did anyone consider the mental state of this guy? The article states
that he left song lyrics for her. This guy had emotions invested. Maybe someone should have diagnosed him for pedophilia and treated him instead of punishing him. It sounds to me like there is something wrong in there; but instead of giving him a light sentence and treatment, just hang the poor bastard! The article didn’t even mention if he was evaluated and/or if he’s susceptible to treatment.

This guy was convicted of 184 (!) counts of forcible rape (or some such) of a person between 16 and 20 years old, over the the span of 4 years. Aside from the fact that I have a hard time with this scenario, please look up the definition of the word ‘pedophilia’. It is bad enough the general public does not understand this term.

I stand corrected, she was older than I understood at first look. But I think he had emotions invested & I think she had more to do with it then she’s admitting to.

What a strange story…. how do you forcibly (!) rape a 20, 19, 18 year old woman, and even a 17, 16 girl hundreds (hundreds!) of times over 4 years? One of the commenters on this story (claiming to be a CA prosecutor) said she did not speak English. Neither does half of the population of California. She had no family in the US? There is no shortage of police stations. Was she kept in a box or inside the home? Did she go to school?

I am sorry… but at some point I would – have to – expect such a person to ‘tell’ or say ‘no more’. Before 4 years and twice weekly forcible rapes go by. Okay, you can all yell at me now. It is like I expect a 17, 16, 15 year old student to decline to get involved with a teacher or a coach.

We are not talking about about a toddler here… we are talking about an adult or a person old enough to be treated like an adult by the system the ENTIRE time this was going on.

There is a couple of issues not considered. First off the father has a psychological influence over the young lady by years of grooming. There might be some mental illness involved as well as cultural pressures. It is easy for us to victimize the victim as to the why behind her allowing such activities… in a family dynamic and fear of the shame involved I understand her wishing to keep things quiet. If she is aware of the punitive nature of the sex offender registry and the harm it imposes on not just the criminal but on his family because of such many victims I can imaging refuse to come forward because of the registry and it’s harm to families as a whole so in that context the registry and these kind of public rulings actually encourage victims not to come forward opting to protect the family and the criminal behavior.

And after a second look, I believe she was probably mature and capable enough & probably just messing with this poor guy’s head for her own benefit.

To proud American

What’s there to be proud of, a nation of corruption clothed in deception?

Just being facetious!

I hate America. I’d rather live in Germany, which i’ve heard is very nice presently.

Victim blaming.

Sounds to me like the judge is a trump supporter, get those Mexicans. I’ve never seen the most vicious white or black serial rapist or murderer get this kind of sentence. Yea, they really hate the people that were here before them.

But on the more legal side, I thought you had to kill someone to get a death sentence? Didn’t the scrotus rule recently that rape didn’t warrant a death sentence?

It probably won’t matter anyways, the Cali dept. of Corrections will sick the inmates on this guy and he will likely be dead soon anyways.

This case is ridiculous, not because the daughter could have spoke out long ago, we will never understand her fears and reasons; it’s ridiculous because there is a statute that covers continuous sexual abuse of a minor, which totals 8 years–no I’m not convicted of it. It’s absurd to think one could receive an individual sentence for each event within the same crime. It’d be like receiving a separate sentence for each child porn picture found in a computer– I’m not convicted of that either.

but regardless of the absurdity of the sentence he had twice the opportunity to receive what has become the norm! Overall, I couldn’t imagine hurting my daughter in this manner, and because of his stupidity I believe he got what he deserves

I find it striking that so many of the posts express a judgement of what someone’s penalty should be. I know plenty of people who might kill you just for stepping on their shoes or pissing them off at the wrong time. I would have thought that many of you would have come to grips with the problems of humanity by now.

We live in a world guided by rules, these rules of equal and opposite effect have severe consequences on us as a species. For every act of kindness, likewise comes one of sadness. Another rule is one all of you should know, no 2 things can be identical, even acts against people. As we can all see from the media, every crime us different, in varying degrees of tragedy. This should no longer surprise or shock anyone, except those who desire to live in a fantasy world.

So everyone should understand these rules by now, they are plain to see. And as those rules require, as you restrict, so shall the desire to be free of them will become stronger. As you take away our freedoms, so yours will be reduced as well. These laws are irrefutable in respect to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As you can see, as we impose our powers overseas, and misuse our laws here, so too will other powers exercise their power, and will not listen to a nation demonstrating so much lawlessness. The right to know is a double edged sword, it informs the world of our problems, but also destroys our image. The boisterous and clamorous nature of America has been revealed, and now it will reap what it sows. You see, even the Bible uses the laws of TIME IS EXISTENCE.

I understand you completely, except the reference of the last sentence evades me. I think it is in the nature of humans to be judgemental despite having very little facts and place value on others’ acts without knowing the full story. It’s probably in our DNA. As registrants, we are judged continually, it amazes me that we can be so fast to put another offender in some sort of category and lay a sentence down. All I was saying is that anything above life in prison is absurd. Life in prison may be absurd. Didn’t Norway sentence that mass murderer to 20 years? Maybe they have a different world view that includes possibility of contrition and rehabilitation. It brings us back to the middle ages to think there is some magical punishment beyond life, that magically brings the cosmos back in balance.
But back to what you said, what goes around comes around. This country has got a lot of coming around to deal with. Nature seeks balance. Humans are subject to the laws of nature, whatever they think of their own favored place in the Universe.

To timmr

Yea, I agree, especially with the Norway analysis. Oh, the last line was a reference to the laws of Time, that have been utilized by religions around the world without giving the realm of TIME it’s due. TIME IS EXISTENCE is a book that covers all relevant topics of time and our beginnings. Check it out online, I think you will find it very interesting.

I will. The nature of time has been on my mind lately.

I want to know… if by chance this person lives a 1503 years he is free?
Why such an extreme number? Why not 110 years? I don’t understand my country… sigh…

Considering advances in genetics, an immortality drug may be found, but will they give it to this guy? Probably will, so he can suffer in a cage for a thousand years. For those wno need more retribution, take heart, he will probably be raped in prison for at least as long as he raped his daughter. So an eye for an eye will be served in four. But, I bet our legal system, let alone our country, will collapse long before the end of his sentence.

I am sure that the Legislature is working as we speak to close the dangerous loophole that this man would “exploit” by living out his term.

Why are people blaming the judge in this instance? Did you all actually read the article? This guy had a hundred and something counts against him, and he HE TURNED DOWN A PLEA DEAL OF 13 YEARS to take it to trial. I mean, why would you do that, especially with these types of charges? No juror is going to by sympathetic.

The judge didn’t convict him, jurors did. Then, by law, the judge had to apply all the years with all those counts the jurors found him guilty on. It’s not like the judge can give him any sentence he pleases, he has guidelines he has to follow. I mean, sure, the judge can give him the low range for each charge, but then it would be 1000 years instead of 1500, doesn’t make a difference.

Let’s take the lesser number of 2 multiply it by weeks then by 5


So she let herself get raped at least 520 times before she said anything?!

Whether she “said anything” is irrelevant.

Even if she had said they “made love” 520 times, the portion of it where she was under 18 is still a sex crime, and in some states even after she was legal age, still a crime, albeit a mutual crime criminal/criminal as opposed to victim/criminal.

He had a chance for a plea, he refused. If he was truly innocent, don’t take the plea, but if any part of his body entered any part of her body and she was a minor, and they offer him a plea with less than 20 years, he probably should have taken the deal. He HAD to understand the culture in America the past five years… he had to know that he would never stand a shot with a jury in America, never. He’s not a Clinton or a Bush, he is not above the law like they are.

That’s right Renny , he ” had to know these last five years”……
that he’s non-white and he has no money for a private attorney….
He knew that or should have been aware especially these past five years.

Maybe the guy really was crazy. Sounds like it. Maybe the daughter, also. Judge, too for that matter, a millenial and a half sentence. And, the system itself, it’s crazy. I feel sorry for the all in that case.
The legal system won’t cure this insanity. There has to be something else in place before it gets to this level.

To Timmr

Yea, there was something in place alright, lust and control, and jealousy.

A little off topic but I would like to ask you a couple of questions, and will give you time to consider it before answering. You said in an earlier post that the nature of time was on your mind. Here are the questions, why is time eternal and why do we exist in the realm of time?

At the risk of contributing to a line of enquiry which is deeply off-topic, here is an excellent YouTube lecture by physicist Sean Carroll on the subject of time. I don’t know if it will address Timmr’s ponderings upon the nature of time but it is fascinating, nonetheless.

Thx, but no thx, Mr. Carroll’s contributions to the definitions of time, while somewhat interesting are more fantasy than realistic.

I would say that they are the antithesis of fantasy. Fantasy is when your conceptions of time, or any other aspect of reality, are uninformed by science.

To D. Kennedy,

Well, I guess that means no one should pay any attention to Mr. Carroll, since the majority of his conclusions would fail the scientific method, lol.

Thank you. I enjoyed watching it. But, humans rack the balls in the begining, and do the splitting of the pool balls, so why take them out of the picture after the rack is split, and say the balls can’t go back together. Also, I have seen chickens eat their broken eggs and, yes, the contents are re-constituted in the chicken back into an egg.

Entropy increases over time UNLESS someone comes along to decrease it in a very particular instance such as racking the billiard balls or when another organized state of matter such as a chicken reorganizes other matter as an egg. This would then be a ‘non-isolated system’ in which entropy can decrease. This is not violative of the principle of entropy, since entropy anticipates and incorporates it into this schema. Nevertheless, the universe, as a whole, is continuously becoming less organized as entropy increases.

Entropy increases simply because there are many more ways to be high entropy than to be low entropy. Entropy also explains why time has a direction; the arrow of time.

O’Carroll: “The fact that you are born, and then you live, and then you die, always in that order, that’s because entropy is increasing.”

I have read one if his books and found it to be, ummm fantastical. Mr. Carroll, you can’t turn an omelet back into an egg, oh really, doesn’t an omelet contain the DNA of an egg, lol. Entropy is merely the pseudo intelligent attempting to say poop turns into less poop as time goes by. There is no randomness involved.

“The fact you are born, and then you live, and then you die, always in that order, that’s because entropy is increasing”. Wow, that’s brilliant analysis, If you were say ten years old. If you are saying that as a baby we are a perfect glob of beauty and then as we live and age and die we are the victim of entropy or disorder, then I would suppose you are claiming the ruling law that states, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” is subject to disorder or entropy. We live and die because that is an indisputable law. My dear man, I would suggest Mr. Carroll develop more sound foundations of logic before running off at the mouth. It would be my pleasure to humiliate him in a debate, since it would take very little effort to demonstrate his lack of understanding. Sounding smart and being smart are two different states in the Realm of TIME.

Oh, I would pay to see that debate! Perhaps if you were to first jot down some of your thoughts and, you know, publish them in something like the Physical Review or Physics Letters you could get a bit of pre-debate buzz going.

Thank you for bringing some much-needed clarity to the topic and disabusing me of the obvious fakery of such a man as Sean Carroll whose work at Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago, University of California Santa Barbara and Caltech reveals nothing so much as a culture of pseudoscientific naiveté which now plagues the physical sciences. Drop them a line, perhaps. They need to know.

To D. Kennerly

Sorry for the misspelling of your name, it keeps changing to Kennedy, automated garbage. Anyways, yea he’s got credentials but he lacks a lot of understanding. You have to understand, the world of academia is fraught with jealousy and politics like any other industry. It fights to maintain its control even when overcome by facts. This issue is loaded with the potential for the complete destruction of all major religions and philosophies, so it’s unlikely it would be given credibility by those who are making a living and controlling society through their credentials and societal structures. A sad but true reality.

There is a book named TIME IS EXISTENCE that provides all of the meaningful answers of our origins and the nature and mechanics of TIME but it is all but ignored. Even those who have read it don’t comment because of its powerful effects. It truly opens your eyes to the effects of time.

I would really appreciate someone to read it and at least comment to validate it or invalidate it. It’s just over one hundred pages, but it’s packed with info. Ive come to realize that when confronted with truth, most people remain silent, or change the subject, as those who promote these registries do, that’s another sad reality, but nevertheless it’s a truism. If there are any questions you may have related to TIME feel free to ask, you can test the waters so to speak. Thx for showing some interest, even if some was sarcasm? Lol

To D. Kennedy

The whole notion of entropy has become diluted to mean nothing more than if left alone and motionless, energy will be lost. Well if course it will. Movement creates energy, doesn’t it. Using these obsolete terms does little to advance science to the public, who despite using science all day long, are nearly ignorant to its application, lol. Entropy does not define the alleged arrow of time. There are rules in the Realm of TIME. One is everything moves in one direction, and occurs only once in any particular event. No two things that occur are ever identical. You only think there are different directions because on this planet we have a north magnetic state. Without it, like in space, there is only one direction every movement takes, forward. Walking backwards, going sideways, at angles, are merely changes in forward movements. Nothing can go backwards in reality. Please don’t ever refer to Mr. C to me, he is about as educated as a flea to me. He doesn’t understand the connections all laws have and use in the Realm of Time. There is only one dominant power, TIME. And everything within it is ordered, disorder does not exist. Every action is planned, conceived, even death. We exist in a world where organic matter is limited, and it too falls within the rules of TIME. Meaning, if it requires a certain amount of organic matter it will create the circumstances under which it will be taken. The power of TIME is irrefutable and eternal. Nothing can exist outside of the Realm of TIME, since everything that can or will ever exist is composed of the properties of TIME. Irrefutable, indisputable, and scientifically valid and reliable. Now if someone like Me.C would dare to attempt to contradict these laws, I would be happy to make him look like a total academic failure. Alpha, me, Einstein, Newton=Amen, lol. You do know that every form of science and knowledge apply and use the laws of the Realm of Time? Yea, logic can be extremely powerful, that’s why so many ignorant people are in charge, they can’t handle the truth, lol. I don’t expect a reply, because no one can touch these laws, no one.

All I am saying is that humans are part of the energy transfer and reorganizing of matter into a more chaotic state. Everything we build comes about by the destruction of something else. This illusion that we are ordering the world that is in disarray, is just that, and illusion. It is like people believing in the registry as regulation. One sided, ignoring the consequences. I doubt also that the Universe is a closed system.

To Timmr,

Well, disorder results in order, that’s the reality, even when we don’t understand why. Chaos as you put it is controlled as well, it has limits of authority. And it can only last so long before order is restored in some way. We don’t always destroy, we build to reflect our current understanding, often times it’s not essential, but emotionally required. Emotion can override logic quite often, as we can see by this site, lol.

And no, the universal model is not an entirely closed system, but it is isolated to protect itself from potential threats. We’re just one universal system that has been preceded by others, you know the saying, history repeats itself? Well it is a paradigm that is followed within the Realm of TIME. But not identically, nor of the same quantity or quality.

Consider, a baby within a womb will become a human, complete with ideas, thoughts, feelings, instincts, already present within them to exist prior to any external stimuli. Upon receiving external stimulus they will respond accordingly to the genetic traits within them, with some exceptions to circumstances.

Likewise, it is with our species, there are those who think this way, and those that think that way, and variations of them within the extremes. It is like a receding hairline that can’t figure out how far it wants to recede or remain the same, lol. It’s truly confusing, but that’s life. And a part of its disordered order. As we can see with this attempt to cause chaos to the constitution.

Well, I don’t know. What I was thinking about time was more personal. Am I always there in a place in the past committing the same crime or is that alterable and I have several alternative presents, ones where I did the right thing? How would I know if anything had changed? And the future, is it fluid and alterable by my present actions, or is it always static? Does it look back and control somehow what I do now?

Sounds like you could use some Heisenberg Principle, String Theory and the Many Universes theory.

But seriously, the past is the past. Move past it.

To D. kennerly

Seriously, the past is the past, move past it. That’s an odd thing to say, the past affects every movement you make in the present. If you could move past it, you wouldnt be in this site, it’s all about the past. The Heisenberg principle, string theory, and many universes theory deal with theoretical probabilities, of which they can be summed up as pseudo intelligence.

I remember in the past having premonitions about present events. I am thinking that is just because I am dyslexic, but who can prove one way or the other. If and when I die time may end and sorry, that means all of you disappear, too.
Going back to this case, do you think this incest offender is going to say ‘damn, I feel so bad now, knowing my ghost is going to experience around 14 centuries of being on the books. That’s some mean system that can fool with your ghost. 184. Wow. What was I thinking? I knew I should have stopped somewhere around five and received life.’
Come on.

To Timmr

Im not sure what you mean by having premonitions, but certainly our minds deal with anticipatory fears in many ways, dreams, thoughts, and premonitions. The mind is very wary of danger in certain circumstances and uses information and experiences to make judgments. For instance, a thought that continues in the mind will create stresses to the body and mind, ultimately it must be satiated. That is why thought is so powerful, it can become reality rather quickly. No act of any kind is not preceded by thought. Even insane actions are impulses of limited thought and mechanics. Don’t worry about reincarnation, in the Realm of Time you will live only once, and precisely as Newton’s laws posit you will return to a state of inertia, relative inaction or death. This is to prevent the reoccurrence of events in their entirety, and to insure Change.☺

The mind changes and evolves, and so too what are called memories, that seems to be the conclusion of research into the brain. You can remember thinking something was going to happen, but it is possible to switched things around and make the past fit whatever you want.

Certainly, the mind can be forced and manipulated into accepting things that never occurred or happened differently. The human mind is a very imperfect machine.

It does not require any forcing. It is a natural part of our brain aging and adapting to the present. It is not a machine, but an organ interacting and changing in response to stimulus.

Well in that regard I can only say, “that while the past, present, and future are reflections of thought and action, an individual persons actions only apply in the present, self actuation occurs only once, reincarnation is not a redemptive possibility.”

Answers to questions posed. Time is eternal because it has no oppositional force. Time is composed of transitional information, matter, and energy. Everything that exists or can exist is composed of those four elements. Thus, it is immovable, locked in a closed time loop that no outside force can effect. TIME has always existed, nothingness is only a theoretical application within its construct.

We exist in the realm of TIME or Transitional information, matter and energy because every single action or thought is composed of itself. Nothing can exist without its power, not even beliefs in deities. A clock, house, person, historical or future event is fully controlled by the laws of TIME. Everything you desire consists of TIME. For further info see TIME IS EXISTENCE.

To Timmr

“It does not require any forcing,”? Everything is the product of force, even memories, lol. “It is an organ interacting and changing in response to stimulus”. That’s what machines do to.

Everyone only has one life. No one can serve a sentence longer than their life. Sentences like this one only serve to prove just how ignorant (defendant having to register as a sex offender?) and vindictive judges in America can be.

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