Three men tried to kill a registered citizen, killed an old lady instead. Tell me again why PFML wants to expand the registry?

Parents For Megan’s Law wants the info of level 1 registrants in NY state to register for longer than 20 AND they publish level 1 info in violation of state law. Here is why this is a bad idea– three vigilante thugs killed an elderly woman and left 13 people homeless by starting a fire in an attempt to kill someone on the registry. None of these killers will be on PFML’s website. Full Article

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Blame this on the public officials who can care less, sue them for causing the hate that led to the arson and the woman’s death. They will hide behind their official immunity like the cowards they are. They use the law to commit crimes and then hide behind it. What can anyone say anymore, country isn’t to be given one iota of respect, like I’ve said, it’s become a disgusting place, where anything goes, including the so called rule of law that’s completely broken and meaningless. That’s just the way it is.

20 years for killing one person, could have killed many more. Yup, killing is better than being left alive to these hateful despicable people today. Then when they get out their completely free to live, and travel wherever they want, but pee in public or commit statutory sex acts and your ruined! Only in America, the land of hypocrisy.

Oh well, just more collateral damage for them to be proud of.

The registry should be discontinued because of the ease of mess-identification… If it saves just one life from death due to such a messed up mistake it’s worth getting rid of the blasted thing (registry)!

I am not against a measured course, but this is why California needs to lead, and not just adopt a tiered registry like New York. If getting rid of the registry is a long term process, then let us emulate Canada’s no public disclosure registry, and use instances like this as our reasons. Push to have as many exclusions from the Megan’s law website as we can get. That was a good thing California did, have the exclusions, as is PC 290.46 the non discrimination clause. California can lead again, and not just follow. A lifetime on a police only registry may be bad in some ways, but 10 or 20 years on a vigilante hit list looking over your shoulder to see if your neighbor is burning your house down is worse, isn’t it? At least first make it harder for people to access the information, make them again, like in the past, have to go to the police station, give their name and reasons they need to know the address of a registrant. That would put safety, law and order first over mere curiosity and vile intent. Megan’s law is creating lawlessness, contrary to its purpose to protect people. It doesn’t honor the victim in the least.

Proof the states registry incites violence harm injury loss of life discrimination bias segregation prejudice punishment double jeopardy and misinformation.
There are some in registry wrongful and falsely convicted.
People in the public sector don’t have address listing for the very same reasons noted above and in the article.
Families need to sue for BIG $$$$$$$
the states are liable knowingly what public listing can incite.
Get some…Get ALLOT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

If it saves one kid (and kills one old lady) it’s worth it!

Community notification is both bad for the RC and is bad for the public. Any community notification should come to a halt at once. There are more sick people not on a registry than there will ever be on a registry.

I’m wondering why we have holidays anymore. Halloween has been ruined by people who hate others to have fun, Thanksgiving for them is not inviting anyone so they don’t have to share, Christmas is a time to make feel people feel bad about themselves, and new years gives them satisfaction they can do it all again.

What has happened to this place? So afraid to live, so afraid of what people think, so afraid. I’m waiting for these people to say Jesus and God are sex offenders, lol. Well they created people according to them, and we all carry out God’s will don’t we, lol. You gotta love the so called christians and their political demagogues, they possess such hypocrisy and outright lawful prejudice.

Oh, but forgive them, theyre only people, yea right. Yea, they love the god that gave them the right to enslave, torture, and discriminate against anyone they want, and nothing has changed that view to them.

This is their pledge of allegiance, I pledge allegiance to the flag, that allows us the right to decide who is free and who isn’t. A divisive nation, under a fake god, divisible with injustice for everyone. We stand here today dedicated to the proposition, only we decide who and who is not American, we decide what nations have and dont have, we decide what is law and what isn’t at our discretion, what are you going to do about it?

We stand before you with our lies and you accept them willingly, with your hands out. Less than 1,000 of us and we rule 300 million of you morons. Your a joke. We can pass laws without you even knowing about it, in total secret, and you don’t care. We can steal billions without anyone having to sign for the money and you don’t care. If you think you can stop us, just try it. We will declare martial law and have you legally murdered, you idiots.

From the Corrupt Congress of the United States to all of you slaves out there.

To Timmr

What do you mean your not against a measured course. You mean you would permit a police only registry where cops get to determine who they will mess with? Police are no better with the info than the public. If dna, fingerprints, forensics, cameras everywhere, conviction websites, eyewitnesses, aren’t enough to prevent or solve crimes, then what is? Soon everyone ones dna will be able to be tracked through familial dna obtained by arrests and convictions. Within 20 years there won’t be anymore serial crimes because they will know who committed the first crime quickly.

Now if you want to talk about who should and should not get supervised release, I’m all all ears. But there is no debate about registries being allowed under any circumstances, they are illegal, and accomplish nothing. 😎

I think this is enough reason to just shut down the registry. It is proven dangerous to be on one.

I wonder how many years they would have received had the RC been the victim?

To DNA collection web

I’m all for DNA collection of every person in the u.s. I advocate it’s collection to prevent repeat and serial offenses. I’m all for the control of crime, but not through registries because they just don’t work. All of these so called concerned people say they care, but won’t permit the collection of DNA to prevent crime, why? I guess they like to let people be harmed by repeat offenders if all types.

It doesn’t prove you committed a crime, but it lets police know u were there or around a crime scene. Just saying!