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FL: Why are sex offenders allowed online?

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL — More than 70,000 sex offenders live and work in the state of Florida. They are restricted by law as to where they can reside and where they can physically go. This includes being no closer than 1,000 feet to a playground, daycare or school.

What many may find surprising is that while sex offenders are restricted in many aspects of their lives, they have essentially free access to roam the Internet.

“I don’t think that’s right,” mother Jacqueline Josephs told CBS12. “It’s a shame and parents should know about it, I didn’t know about it.” Full Article

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Facebook, and Facebook-owned Instagram, do explicitly list in their Terms of Service that “…you will not use Facebook if you are convicted sex offender.”

This is true of Facebook, but I can’t find a prohibition of “registered sex offenders” specifically in the Instagram Terms of Use. Has anyone else seen this?

However, 12 and under are prohibited from both Facebook and Instagram. Looks like Facebook finds 13 to be the “social media age of consent.”

Instagram is owned by Facebook. What I do is create a fake name similar to my real name, create an anonymous email address to register an account, don’t post any photos of myself and carefully add only friends or family I know not to raise suspicion from the Facebook Nazi’s.

Thing is, I would like to use fb, if I used it at all, to keep up with real people like my famiy, friends, follow activists. Being anonymous would really kill that use.

In other words freedom of speech includes right to be anonymous and right to have a public presence. To practice a religion, to engage in political action beyond just commentary sometimes requires you tell people your real name.

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LMFAO. Next an RC will be forbidden to have a drivers license. We don’t want to have them driving around. They may commit another crime. Only in Floriduh.

Yeah, they’s ig’nant! ☺

here’s an idea…hey parents how about you do your job and parent your kids and stop trying to pass it off to the government and eroding our constitutional values and safeguards….these people are cowards and domestic terrorist who pose a much bigger threat to our country then isis ever will…killing our country from within with excessive government over each from currupt politicians….

Fact is: the bulk of persons listed as sex offenders were never “predators” and their crimes consisted of taking advantage of an illegal “opportunity” to engage in some type of sexual behavior.
The same is true of the many cops in the bay area of who took advantage of the opportunity
to engage in illegal sex with with an under age prostitute.

Hmm… no reports of registrants finding victims online, but this was at the bottom of the page:
Maybe they need to keep drunks off the road, and teach people to recognize what’s really in front of them.
Was there any comment section after the article?

No comments after the tv station article….typical

Ratings sweeps month garbage from a desperate TV station.

I had no idea Facebook was allowed to prohibit anyone from accessing what is a public site, that gets public money, and provides job listings and other public services. Boy, the freedom of speech can mean anything in today’s world, and the same goes for law. Everyone on the site is so fake anyways, plastering every form of expression by the minute, lol. They think they’re important because of that when most of them can’t actually read, or write an essay.

Who enforces this requirement, Facebook or cops. It’s not a federal or state law is it? Oh they check on you to make sure you’re not an RC. What if you use a fake name, etc. What about all of the unknown RC’s and unconvicted and foreigners using the site. Anyone who is stupid enough to post their children on those sites should be jailed for endangering the welfare of a child. I would never allow people I don’t know to see photos of my kids, never.

The guy who owns it, Zukerman had a lot of sex with minor aged girls when he was in jr and high school. Now he’s a person who supports discrimination? He’s got some nerve. Yea, and by the way his site shares all of its information with state and federal law corruption forces, listening and watching your every move. A site for wanna be Nazis that’s all. It also supports bullying, female prostitution, sex between teenagers, and oh yea, statutory sex connections. What a wonderful site to be on, lmao!

Facebook famously actually has their own police force. And they have a full time division dedicated to finding people convicted of sex crimes on their platform. They are a business, and as such, you can dictate who you want to do business with. The whole “We reserve the right to refuse service…” thing. Now, if they were to be regulated like a phone company, they couldn’t do this. But until then, they can legally prevent you from using their service. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If someone were to get victimized through contact on their site, they would easily be dragged into a lawsuit. This way, they cover their hindquarters across the board. Best to simply create a fake profile and use it to stay in touch with friends and family.

To Jo

That makes no sense, what about contact with burglars, murderers, assaulters, terrorists, arsonists, child abusers, adult abusers, racists, druggies, online bullies, online fraud predators, couldn’t they be liable for a lawsuit for connections with them too? I’m sure they check the registries for them too right, lol. The registries that don’t exist. And I’m sure they refuse to allow them on the site? Facebook is a joke anyways, a bunch of unimportant freaks living in their fantasy they are important. That whole argument is lame, period. A simple disclaimer, use at your own risk removes all liability. It’s just a way for them to be able to discriminate legally, who u kidding?

I see no prohibition against identity thieves or any other former offender in their tos.. The prohibition against criminal activity is enough to protect them. The prohibition against cso’s is there only to make fb look safe for kids. That’s all. Therefore teens can be targeted by corporations selling junk to them at an early age.

the whole FB thing is useless its just there to TRY to protect FB from a predator using their system to find someone….. I personally hate the layout etc of FB, I am a RSO and I AM ON FACEBOOK (Take that lame zuckerburg…. replace Z with a F) haha, anyways so yea sounds like im hypocritical, NO I have a FB account (FAKE NAME FAKE PIC for one reason… when going to a 3rd party site… USE Your FB to log in) youll see this on news websites sometimes etc…. But as far as FB goes I may lookup someone but I dont even use it. Personally IDC about social media FB,Insta etc…

just my 2 cents…

If your a PUBLIC STORE like walmart you cnat say WHO can come in and out your doors (Imagine walmart banning RSO’s) we wouldnt stop going there to buy things (cept in protest)… I happen to be gay and still goto Chic Fil-Ayeeee (haha no pun intended lol)… 😉

Damn, I thought Florida was gonna be wiped out by a hurricane, oh well have to wait for the next one I guess? Maybe it will be a monster tsunami, and that piece of crap state will be gone forever!

That is why I will never be on facebook. I have a phone number.

That mother should be arrested for child endangerment and neglect. Clearly, allowing a child to go online unattended is a horrible idea. The Child has the ability to: view/watch pornography, search for books titles like the anarchist cook book, break copyrights law by downloading illegal music and streaming videos on unauthorized web pages, and also has the ability to communicate with anyone outside the U.S jurisdiction, those persons who can access the internet. These are just a few things that can be accomplished with the click of a button.

Better yet, that parent can be charged with the manufacturing and distribution of child pornography should the child be savvy enough to know how to use the computer’s web cam, photo editing software, posting the photo somewhere to a friend, et al and then get caught. It was in their house this all took place, where the parent is on the lease as the responsible leasing party.

Where are the charges against the parents in this cases where these things happen? “Uh, we cannot monitor all the time what they are doing on the computer or phone, so we have to trust them when we are not around or able to monitor them.” Really?! So your lack of parenting should constitute an issue for the rest of the world?! I suppose we should remove cars from the road too because you did not teach your child to look both ways before crossing the street in moving traffic and it is the car owner’s fault?!

This is bullshit. Nobody is surprised by this. What someone did wrong and who they are going forward, are completely different.

It’s not a shame and nobody has a right to know that information.

A person’s privacy supersedes any parent’s privilege to know their neighbors.

That this news comes out of Florida immediately knocks it down about a million pegs on the “reasonable and logical” scale…

Maybe this kind of evil shouldn’t occupy space on this website. It’s a distraction that takes attention away from the goal of eliminating the registry.

Where’s the headline, “Why are convicted DUI drivers allowed behind steering wheels?” They could point out that DUI drivers have an extremely high (proven!!!) recidivism rate leading to many injuries and deaths. 😠

Why are children allowed online?
If the net is so dangerous to minors, like drinking, smoking, gun use and driving, then why are not minors age-restricted from web access until they are 18 or 21?

Is this really a war the American people want to start?

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