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International “Sex Offender’ Registries Expand and Proliferate

The number of “sex offender” registries continues to expand and proliferate, according to a recently released federal government report. There are now 24 nations that have existing “sex offender” registries as well as an additional 16 nations that have considered or are considering the creation of “sex offender” registries.

The 24 nations that currently have registries are Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Maldives, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The 16 nations that have considered or are considering registries are Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Samoa, St. Lucia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe.

The federal government report was recently issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking (SMART).

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It’s just amazing that our irresponsible government is so proud of this wreckless legislation.

In Michigan unemployment is 60% for registered citizens. 75% of many big cities are uninhabitable for registered citizens for decades after a crime and virtually no way for a ex offender to say… I want to reform and live a good law abiding life. This absolute garbage legislation eliminates any prospect at rehabilitation or reintragating back into society most often for life.

Church’s are taking up collections to get rape kits tested from decades ago because a lack of funding but yet International Megan’s Law that costs millions will stop ex sex offenders from decades ago misdemeanors from traveling internationally because its common knowledge that sex offenders are so wealthy that they are always able to travel the globe.

Judges, law professors, ACLU and others read this site. These legislatures must be stopped! If sex offenders are really the most dangerous of all criminals why on earth wouldn’t a effort be made to rahabilitate them? Wouldn’t it save lives? Wouldn’t it save just one life? Why have mandated therapy that is successfully completed only to send the person to a society that banishes them from family, a home and job? To destabilize them for decades or life by compliance checks so neighbors see half a dozen cops surrounding the law abiding citizens house and place of work. Of course eliminating any chance of reintragation. Let’s be honest and call this what it is… it’s banishment, revenge and modern day torture.

Government is a ever expanding machine. It only stops or resets by revolution, either through violence or activism. Maybe people will realise the only form of government that’s good is no government. All it will ever be is a middle man that adds costs or a monster once it gets too big. Keep it in a beat down state or it’ll beat you done.

To David M

Yea that’s what it is, even successful treatment is meaningless. These guys fixed everything to be against us. I bet half of them are sex offenders. You have to realize something, most people who proclaim a fear or hatred usually have engaged or fantasize about that fear or hatred. That’s psychology 101. That’s why so many men tried or killed gays, because they had gay feelings and thoughts, just like John Wayne Gacy, and others like him, who killed to hide there homosexuality. Registries were never about protection, all the information was already available, this is about a fake moral stand, that get could benefit by, nothing more.

Hypocrisy of moral superiority here in America, one day that’s all going to change.

America exporting freedom, as usual.

Are you kidding here ? Chile, Cyprus, India, Kenya, Maldives, Malta, Nigeria.?

Allende, Turkish military rule, corruption and legalized sex abuse, Maldives for UK tourists and royalty, Malta is for poor tourists and Nigeria?? Are we serious??? Boku Haram Country where they marry 11 year old girls?

The 16 nations that have considered or are considering registries are Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Samoa, St. Lucia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates!!!!!!!! and Zimbabwe!!!!!!!! OK this must be the result of some US diplomatic bribery. Support the registry and we’ll send you free dried milk and spam(UAE and Israel excepted)The UAE and Zimbabwe are concerned about their citizens? They eat thier hearts for breakfast.

It’s odd, most of these countries have some of the worst human rights records in history, I guess a registry is nothing compared to what they have done or will do. Not only that, we help them abuse their own populations, lol. Look the bottom line is, there’s nothing to be ashamed as a sex offender, shit happens, just ask these countries, and these laws don’t do anything but put shame on them for the hypocrisy. Are u kidding me, India has a registry, damn the whole country should be on a registry. They marry 5 Year olds and the parents pay them too, these people have no shame or morals whatsoever, all of them that support registries. Damn, not even the Nazis used registries except for against Jews. It’s hard to find any morality left in the world, it’s only about money and power now, our laws are meaningless. I guess we just have to start laughing in their faces, cause that’s all the respect they get from me. Unbelievable!

You have to wonder how many of these counties that do have them and are considering them are in the position to receive some sort of aid from Uncle Sam, e.g. military, financial, intel, etc. From my count, I see many that are currently or could be.

You get the picture since the US fingers are in so many pies around the globe stirring the national security interests. It is not just exporting US ideas, but tying them into a line, much like a drug, that they country could not wean themselves off of should they need to.

France and Germany? I thought they didn’t go for this registry crap.

It’s like American junk food, it enters the country quietly, the people get dependant on it, they want more, it ends up trashing the culture and making the country ill, and then they can’t get rid of it.
But if it comes from American, it must be good!

At least Norway was spared, but everything there is expensive as hell and it takes 8 years to get nationalized.

Let’s not forget the logic in this registry. After all it’s been around since the 1940’s and before that they had the gangster registry. Let’s not forget the homosexual registry and when homosexuality was a felony. In today’s world being a transgender you are seen as a brave hero. My question is…. if this registry was such a great idea why did America and the rest of the world wait so long to let it spread? America should never be the country to copy in regards to laws. We did have the trail of tears, Japanese concentration camps, the homosexual registry, targeting the civilian population with nuclear weapons like the atomic bomb, slavery and of course torture.

I never gave the registry much thought because when I plead no contest they didn’t even have photographs of registered citizens let alone agreeing to a life sentence of poverty and despise. It wasn’t always that way… I worked and voluntereed at a homeless shelter for years until SORNA. That ended work for many of us especially the ones in states that lists employers. Mind you only six states thought listing employers was a good idea.

I’m Native American and I can’t legally goto language classes because it’s near restricted areas for me. I also can’t goto culture clssses or pow wow’s either for the same reason. The registry has not only banished me it stole my culture and identity. For a crime that happened fifteen years ago. Think about that if you like the registry. It also destroyed my children’s lives. I couldn’t send my children to college or help them out financially because of SORNA. Pre SORNA I averaged about $35,000 a year. After SORNA almost nothing. I never would have pled no contest if the agreement would have been… You can’t live in 75% of the big cities in the state I’m in or have a job because we will list the employer and send police to confirm employment and remind the boss that you are dangerous. Let alone have to pay to have my identity stolen by a corrupt system. Other countries don’t follow America it’s just wrong. Let people rehabilitate and become productive members of society. Let the families have a stable life with futures. Don’t let punishment rule people’s lives decades after the sentence. My max sentence was five years. I got six months but now it has somehow become a twenty five year sentence on the registry. That’s really life!!

This is only a 12 page read if you have the time to do so. It is interesting to see how the registry concept has grown since 1994. Not all of these countries have registries as they say, but more of criminal history, as noted in the introduction.

I really hope a Trump presidency shames and brings this country to its knees. Pathetic my country makes me pray for that! I heard of a movement begun for California to secede from the Union. I’m for that big time.

With Switzerland, Spain and some others considering registries soon we can say good bye to the 26 countries of Europe where we appear to be able to travel:

“The 16 nations that have considered or are considering registries are Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Samoa, St. Lucia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe.”

F! the US for doing such a horrible victimization upon its own citizens and then to spread the disease across the globe!

I am amazed at the depths of hysteria generated by and through the sex offender registry and that the sickness is being propagated around the globe. Mankind is the cruelest animal in the world!!

Could be the beginning of the NWO. It certainly appears that this specific population that is being tested and subjected to rights violations, cast into homelessness and unemployment, threatened, harassed; even murdered by a mere label and society surely isn’t shedding any tears or even blinking twice. However, these individuals have little thought to all of the control (done for the sake of children) is the platform to which each gradual and future step taken will tighten the hold which will involve them next. All I can say is pray….

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