TX: A Residence Ban Forced This Family into Homelessness for Almost Two Years

Legislators who advocate restrictions on where those on sex offender registries can live often admit that their real purpose is to get registrants out of town altogether. One city has come closer than any other to making permanent exile a reality: Lewisville, Texas. Full Article

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When there are ten million of us we should all move to Texas and pass laws banning those people who supported registries from living there, lol. Hell, there might be some states where we could do that now! Yea, when there are enough of us, there’s gonna be some real shit going down, and to tell u the truth, there already are more than 10 million of us. LMAO

Here’s a truth they don’t want to hear. Yea, I’m a person who committed a sex offense, but believe me it wasn’t personal, you just happened to be there. I tried it, maybe I didn’t like it, maybe I did, but it was really impersonal. Just like when you humiliated me so many times, said you loved me, wouldn’t give me that job, beat me up and bullied me for any reason your kind can think of, robbed me from being me, parents treated us like garbage and the family, made me think you wanted to have sex, friends that betrayed me, you probably abandoned us, left us at a foster home, with people that abused us, people that didn’t care, so why should I care, you didn’t, teachers didn’t, no one did, you hated my intelligence and still do, you hate my looks, my color, my size, my abilities, and my honesty, you hate everything, you took away all of my rights, u broke all of my moral borders, u thought u could use and abuse me, I never had a choice, so that’s how it is, I didn’t create me, someone else did.

But now I have a choice, and I choose to hate you too, cause your all liars, you don’t care, only about yourselves as I’ve always known. Your stupid way of life, cheating, lying, stealing, you never had principles, your a vicious species, and your like me now, does it feel good, you are me, you always were, so kiss my @$$.

Yea, it was impersonal, you were just an object, just like I was an object to be used. The tragedy is you probably weren’t the people who really should have paid for the abuse, but those people were gone, too far away to be found. So to those who have been harmed who didn’t have anything to do with the issues of a person who committed a sex crime, im sorry, I wouldn’t wish it on them, but some do. But the same can be said of every person who commits a crime, but you say their better than me, and so you continue to humiliate me, use me, abuse me, so don’t ask for any mercy from me, it’s as impersonal as the registries, you are just an object, something to be scorned and abused at every opportunity. When you change, I will change but not until then. The corrupted learn from the corruptor’s, that’s how it is. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so don’t worry, when the time comes for you to pay, you will understand why.

Seems to be bit of an old story. State law only allows larger cities to have such restrictions. The State former Attorney General Greg Abbot put out an opinion letter stating they cannot do such things, and some legal organization threaten suit against such cites if they did not stop them.

If it saves one child, then it doesn’t matter how many other children are negatively impacted. Right?