NE: Rethinking Nebraska’s sex offender registry

Do all the people on Nebraska’s Sex Offender Registry really need to be there? Do you think we should know the whereabouts of every sex offender in the state? Some people don’t think so.

Groundbreaking research at UNO found that most sex offenders do not reoffend. Research showed that putting every sex offender on a public website can lead to harassment and may contribute to conditions that make reoffending more likely. Full Article

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After reading these kinds of posts it is apparent to me that those kinds of people who support registries just don’t get it! Registries are illegal, since they are state continuums of punishment, and outright slavery and denationalization. Registries cannot be accepted in any form of any kind. That being said, there are legal alternatives, they don’t seem willing to consider.

1) They can increase punishments,
2) By increasing punishments they can enable persons to be monitored longer on parole
3) They can increase terms of supervised release
4) They should differentiate between crimes of actual violence and those that are statutory in the application of punishments
5) They could establish reasonable forms of treatment as alternatives to incarceration, not those that simply lead to violations for non offense related acts
6) They can still have their so called sex offender websites and conviction websites and public notification where appropriate to continue the process of isolation and discrimination without any personal involvement by persons convicted of sex crimes
7) Apply constitutional protections in the application of all laws

I was just reading a story out of South Carolina about a guy named Todd Kohlhepp, who was a registered RC from 1987 for kidnapping and dangerous crimes against children. It doesn’t reveal what the nature of the crimes were. Anyways he had a woman chained inside a large container on his property since August of this year. Her boyfriend is also missing and his car was found on the property. He has probably been killed since he and the girl went missing at the same time. After being found just yesterday the woman claimed there might be up to 4 burned bodies on the property. This guy Todd K had become a real estate agent and even had a deputy sheriff assisting him, man he was clearly a manipulative pathological liar and nut. He had to possess multiple personality imbalances triggered by isolation with his victims. Clearly, he is a serial offender.

In this case, you would think that offenses like kidnapping and dangerous crimes against children would indicate a propensity for violence, and abduction. Personally, while I am a fairly objective person, I would think these two types of offenses when combined lay the foundation for a sentence that would allow for long term supervision, as they are an indication of a total lack of control and recklessness. Even if it is not indicative of a his normal personality, the ability to kidnap demonstrates a schism in his personality. It takes a great deal of desperation to commit such an act. As a person I am and would be especially concerned about someone capable of abduction, make sense?

Well there was a surprise, the comments regarding the case weren’t the typical lock up all RCs or hate filled type, many of them were reflective of concern and investigative issues. I was very surprised by that. Like I’ve said, I an not a fan of crime, and would expect responsible lawful concern and supervision of anyone convicted of kidnapping or abduction. I’m not saying it’s worse or they should be demonized, but there are borders that are broken that need to be payed attention too. Even when a person is civilly committed I think they should be entitled to many of the same forms of care, entertainment, and yes conjugal visits, every person out here gets. There needs to be serious differences in treatment in regard to punishment and commitment. They are not the same, since one infers a choice of action and the other does not.

This needs to be said to every damn person in this site, how is it that the u.s. constitution has no authority over regulatory law in our case, but in all others it applies, including other areas if regulatory law. The fact is, we are being screwed over, totally, by a bunch of criminal scumbags. The fifth anpmendment applies to every form of law in this country, except for registries. It is the biggest crock of $&&+ I have ever seen.

Just to be clear, I would really like to hear the grand champion Janice Belushi explain how they can exempt the u.s constitution from the regulatory scheme of registries? All the rest of this nonsense is really beginning to piss me off. All of these legal arguments, etc are meaningless to me. Only one needs to be addressed, the regulatory law that the u.s. constitution does not apply to. Hell, even draft registries permit the use of the 5th amendment.

I’m growing really tired of all of the tragic crap going on in this site. Get out there and file lawsuits, picket, sit in front of a court, put videos out, do something, most of you can read and write. Go to your local news station, fight for your goddamn rights like everyone else. I’ve filed three lawsuits, costing me over a thousand dollars and months of effort, and I’m about to file another, how many have you guys filed.

What are you afraid, scared to get humiliated, beat up, maybe die? Look at what your letting them do to you. Damn shoot someone like everybody else does when they get pissed, enough is enough. Do something, or shut the hell up.

>I’ve filed three lawsuits, costing me over a thousand dollars and months of effort, and I’m about to file >another, how many have you guys filed.

Did the lawsuits you filed have anything to do with sex offender registration? Your next lawsuit in small claims court of course has nothing to do with sex offenders because the government can’t be sued there.

The government can be sued for money only in small claims court. Laws are not upheld or struck down there. Small Claims cannot ban a certain practice by government. The Supreme Court, on the other hand, can do that. As in when the best and most constitutional SCOTUS, not scrotus, of the Warren Court, struck down the unfair and unequal separation of Plessy v Ferguson, in Brown v Board of Education of Topeka. The Burger Court ( which was good too as well as the Vinson Court ) only struck down the Death Penalty, but did not ban it. Let’s not be ignorant here.

Great comments, but here’s the backstory on the article itself. Please watch the video that is attached to the article. It took great courage for Jeromy, a registered citizen, to appear on this television news show as himself with no disguise or blurring. That is his wife sitting next to him. She had agreed to be on the broadcast too. It happened like this (And I hope myself and others may have the courage to do this spur of the moment kind of thing too) :

Jeromy had phoned one of our leaders of Nebraskans Unafraid at our advertised number. He said he was at the police station doing his registration, and there was a reporter in there who was looking to do a TV story on sex offenders. How’s that for coincidence ???

Anyway, to make a story short, Jeromy talked to the reporter, and what you’re watching is the result !

way to go rick hit hard anyway you can….be sure you include the following…

This court has jurisdiction because of the sex offender registration contractual agreement, that I was and am forced into through coercion and under duress with threat of  imprisonment against my own volition, between the state of California and myself.

Statement of the case;

The defendants are knowingly and willfully misrepresenting the facts and empirical evidence with blatent disregard for the truth, with malice, and not in good faith with statements of facts that they know or should have known are universally untrue in order to deprive me of my constitutional rights under color of law…

your right everyone should be filing suit especially since our civil rights leaders are refusing to do so in any meaningful way…sadddd…

It’s a private site, not for guests. As for content, resources etc.. That’s up to the users to provide. You’re allowed to post threads for news, personal questions and requests for mods and admins to pass contact info between people for networking purposes or post about the weather if that makes you happy, it’s up to the user. It mainly works just like any other forum once joining to post. I’ll work on the landing page information. It’ll be an explanation of what the site is for to replace the current wall of text. There is an explanation once you join and read the new user stuff at the top.

I totally agree with you the government and the states had too much laws they don’t care about anybody but themselves let alone anybody’s rights I live in the state of Nebraska we get harassed repeatedly anytime you questioning the lawn Forssman you get harassed every one needs to come together and fight back and do not stop if I had money I would flood the state and any law-enforcement agency that is involved with nothing but lawsuits and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to put it on here but I’ll do it anyway hope I don’t get in trouble for S. if anybody can give me advice’s and so I can help here is my email address

I find it appalling that people that are dubbed as a “sex offender” is put on a registry anyways. At least for someone who “offends” for the first time without publicly stating the circumstances surrounding that particular Accusation. In my case, I am in a rare position. And that is there are 2 Florida Statutes that disagree with one another about whether or not I should be on the registry in the first place. So I will pose my question to everyone here just like I have posed it to others in my community who are willing to listen and talk about it in a decent and rational manner. And the question is this: ” Since there are 2 Statutes that disagree with one another, then how on earth can either one of them be lawfully upheld and executed?” In case your wondering the Florida Statute Chapters are 400 and 800. One says No i don’t have to register, the other says Yes I do have to register. However when I went to court in 2016 for clarification, the presiding judge didn’t know how to handle it and simply ended it all with the final verdict of ” UNDEFINED” or “UNDETERMINED”. So you see, the judge didn’t even know how to proceed with an answer. I now am looking into moving away from here just as soon as I can, and have been advised to keep away from the Bible Belt States. Anymore the courts are looking to make an example out of anyone they can get their hands on. There is no system, just a long line of corrupt people making way too many important choices that they have no right making to start with. With that being said, I wish someone could or would come down and see for themselves how corrupt this place has become. And furthermore, I wish someone would join me in an uprising of the unconstitutional acts they are doing and practicing. I know its unconstitutional to place someone on the registry, yet they do it anyways and its down right black mail, threatening, and its done under every definition of duress you could possibly find. When someone pleads guilty to something, its not because they believe it or are guilty, its because the courts threaten you with more penalties and make you feel you have no other recourse or alternatives, and therefore someone like me years ago that has no idea whats going on will of course submit to this and sign off on this mess. They force you into submission, and you don’t realize it at the time. And its just getting worse. Not to mention it puts a huge black spot on you or anyone else looking for employment, because at this point, employment isn’t even an option anymore if you look at it and think about it from realistic views and standpoints. Its just unreal and very unjust to do to someone. So now, someone like me has decided that its time to say enough is enough. To end this on a funny note however. I did talk to law enforcement and several legal agencies in the state of PA. After giving them a quick over view they laughed and told me if I move there i can live where i want, but would still have to register. So whats funny here is even though they thought it funny FL even continued to prosecute me and thought it was just so stupid, they still wanted me to register once there on a regular basis. Thought that might spark interest here. Anyways, Thank you for allowing me to post here and hope you all have a great day.

I have been banned from my former church and shunned by members of the city of Omaha. I am not allowed to attend my grand kids high school programs. I am a mistomaener list not a felon. But everyone thinks I should be locked up or shot.