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Sex offender housing and mobility – New research

A new study looks at the residential patterns of registered sex offenders 15 years after arrest. Full Article

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Yay! More scientific evidence! A 15 year review of housing reveals “collateral consequences still exits after 15 years.”

There’s gonna be a huge scientific-based backlash at the SCOTUS level… if it ever gets there.

Sadly these sorts of reports don’t make it to the papers in my area.

I literally use an anonymous name, and do so [far] legally, when ever there are articles in the papers about released SVPs in our area and I comment.

The responses usually almost always discuss all RSO generally. I also always identify as always liberal, because I am one and belong to that minority camp as well, in a community of conservatives. I always have them refer to the studies that show how low the recidivism rate of RSO is. They still contest it; no doubt cognitive dissonance on their behalf.

They insist that the subject of article should move in with me, not knowing that one like Fraisure Smith is a former cell mate of mine.

This is why I thought it was so important to produce a film on ex-felons and registered sex offenders and housing issues:

We need to bring this HUGE problem forward…As I produce and finish editing this film for an April 5th release at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, I’m also unable to find housing! I email everyday, call, text…and denials for rental housing continue. I waste money on applications and continue to see BANS on registered sex offenders. From what I can tell, at least here in Utah, there are becoming a little more understanding of people with older felonies, but RSO’s are not allowed and are an automatic denial. This is bull crap.

I’ve offered this to others and it’s open to most anyone. If the person isn’t a trouble maker or on probation/parole.

You can come here. You’ll have to help provide a living space but after that’s built there’s no rent. I would appreciate it if people would ask questions before they dismiss it and ask over at my site so I’m not writing a book on these peoples site. Also it’s content for my site that I can point others to in the future.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Matt, we met in Oakland this year. I very much appreciate your work. I hope you can find something soon.

I chose the path of RV life until I find land and begin to homestead. Due to the cost of RV’s and how bad they are built (always needing costly repairs), i decided to buy a city transit bus and convert that into a custom RV instead.

I’ll be traveling around the country interviewing people on an upcoming podcast program yet to be announced. I am turning a “homeless” situation into a goldmine of opportunities.

I have seen busses turned into “tiny houses” and they are quite nice. It would be nice to have a blog on alternative living arrangements, sustainability and jobs. I helped my daughter and boyfriend get a tiny house. It is hard for everyone, particularly if you are just starting out, registrant or not. They were renting a dump with rotten floor joists for twice what they are paying me back now for their tiny house, and conseqently they are helping their folks out, instead of some stingy landlord. Which gives me the idea that maybe a few of us can get together and microfund enterprises from registrants like is done in some third world countries. Registrants are essentially a third world population within a first world country. We have to develop survival skills and more, a community to supply the resources needed for complete human life. It would be ideal to abolish this registry, then it would be easier for us all to re-habilitate, re-habitat-e or find a home and sustaining environment, but in the mean time we can develop those skills now for our benefit under current conditions with innovation. It could be a marriage of cooperative and capitalistic philosophies for the elevation of registrants and families.

Sounds like a wonderful idea. Who’s going to do it? Don’t take this the wrong way because I honestly think it’s a good idea but it’s just talk. People talk too much, way more than they do anything. I can’t get people complaining of being homeless or almost homeless to accept a place to stay nor can I get them to participate on a website so they can network their way out of problems. It’s the nature of many people to gripe and wallow which is why others do things themselves instead of asking for help.

After I build the cabin I’m sure they’ll come then. After all the work is done. 🙂

It’s ok either way but it would be nice to have some help.

Like you said it’s OK. It’s an idea. I don’t know how to make it work yet. I was looking for other ideas on how to make it work. Simple. I will have to try something else.
I will try your site. This one is depressing me. Keep hearing people wishing life imprisonment and life registration on others. I can get that listening to the local news, if that is their hope and change.
Merry Christmas all. Bah!

Stay positive Timmr! We are beginning to see a turn in our fortunes. It is not yet a reversal but we are approaching a critical tipping point, I do believe.

Key to our resilience is not allowing others to define us. That’s pretty difficult, obviously, when we ARE actually being defined by government who has devoted a website for looking up our definitions. Our obligation is to continue fighting these slurs.

No doubt many are unsure and uneasy with how ACSOL might align itself with this proposed registry overhaul. I am, too. I would point out to Janice, and assuming that there has not been an agreement with CASOMB or legislators to which we are not privileged, that an endorsement by this organization can hardly be critical to either the success or failure of the proposal. I would urge ACSOL to withhold its support for the bill in its present, or substantially unaltered, form. I’m not sure why ACSOL’s endorsement is necessary or even desirable. Perhaps I’m missing something.

As for some of the more distasteful and truculent voices here, keep in mind, many of us have only one thing in common: having a criminal conviction for some kind of sex charge. We should expect some very different, and sometimes appalling, voices to emerge from that category.

You have an answer on the site under ‘Activisism’.

Come over to my site (if you haven’t already) and we can talk about it. I have an idea that might help. You can even use my site as a place to gather. I’ll be glad to help you with your site as well.

Come over and make a post.

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