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SLO YMCA trying to keep out sex offenders

The San Luis Obispo County YMCA is attempting to prevent sex offenders from accessing its gym. [KSBY] Starting in 2017, the YMCA will conduct background checks on all members and applicants. The local YMCA will use the National Sex Offender Registry to check for offenders who could be working out at the gym. Full Article

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“The “Y” is serious about protecting kids and families, Grant said.”

Then cut off access to your SWIMMING POOL for children! The risks and likelihood of death from an accidental drowning far outweigh and exceed any threat from someone on “da list.”

2017 already looks like a repeat of (if not worse than) 2016 in terms of ramping up the fear-mongering rhetoric!

Ah yes! When I was a lad taking swimming lessons at the YMCA, I came within a few seconds of possible death because the pool had a sharp drop-off. Fortunately, as I thrashed around underwater unable to get to the surface, someone finally dove into the water and rescued me. Later I was told it looked like a kid playing underwater.

I once read an article with a huge amount of comments from men like myself who wondered why, as young boys at the Y, we all had to swim naked?
I don’t recall any explanation.

I’m not ready to say that yet. I have some hope for 2017. There have been quite a few successes in 2016 in the courts. I am a typical RSO, keep my head down, go to work, pay my bills and don’t cause waves. But…. I am getting so sick of all this shit. I have been out of Prison for 14 years on Jan 3rd. Last year when I attempted to travel to visit my finance I was denied entry into Thailand because of IML even though I had been there 2 times prior. This is when I first learned about AWA also. Enough. We have to band together and get more RSO’s to band together to fight these BS laws and policies.
I read case law all the time looking for anything that will help.
I was recently reading a case while it is about racial discrimination it is the discrimination part I am interested in and am looking for a way to tie it into ex felons. I personally have a letter from the State reinstating all my civil rights except the right to own a gun and that I have to register.
The Case of United States v. Guest. 383 U.S. 745 is about Title II of the Civil Rights Act (Public Accommodations).
42 U.S.C. §2000a (a)All persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, as defined in this section, without discrimination on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.
While it doesn’t say EX-Felons it does say at the beginning “ALL” persons
As in United States V. Guest the African Americans were suing 6 people for conspiring to discriminate against them.. maybe that is the approach we should take.. instead of fighting the laws… lets start suing the people that support these laws or propose these laws as conspiring to discriminate.
Appellees, six private individuals, were indicted under 18 U.S.C. § 241 for conspiring to deprive Negro citizens in the vicinity of Athens, Georgia, of the free exercise and enjoyment of rights secured to them by the Constitution and laws of the United States, viz., the right to use state facilities without discrimination on the basis of race, the right freely to engage in interstate travel, and the right to equal enjoyment of privately owned places of public accommodation, now guaranteed by Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

If you are not on the public registry, will you still show up under this background check? I live in Washington State and not publically listed. However, when I took my kid to Children’s Hospital for treatment, I was flagged at the check in for my kids appointment. This is one f*****g screwed up country.

Did they not let your child go to his or her appointment because of your status? Or just deny you entry? I’d tell them if I don’t go in, then my child doesn’t either. Period. To deny a parent entry to attend their child’s medical treatment is disgusting and loathsome. The sick twisted wackos that come up with some of these ideas are the people society should really be worried about.

Medical service providers and their employees can and do get away with a lot of LL acts upon kids. A friend of mine said, “that her child was taken to this female NP office, whom only specialize in children medicine, for a sports physical and the NP had him undress for very long time and did not provide covering garment and there were mirrors in the room, the child was uncomfortable so my friend told the kid to get dress and took him out of the office and cancelled the appointment”.

You were flagged at a Children’s Hospital? This is out of control. I agree with “civil rights first”…we need to ban together and not be afraid to stand up. I’m NOT your typical RSO…I’m a filmmaker and public speaker and former TV personality currently making waves. I off federal probation this April and ready to make even more noise. I’ve produced a documentary film, NOT FOR RENT! that talks about ex-felons (and in one case in the film, a RSO) that are unable to find rental housing. I’m not sure if people know but most apartment and condo complexes have automatic denials for people on the registry even though HUD says is must be a case-by-case decision for ALL applicants.

Contact me if you want to discuss RSO laws, issues, etc:

Ironically it was a YMCA staff person who was molesting children, NOT a registered citizen:

Here is another example of a YMCA employee molesting kids:

The problem is NOT RCs hurting kids. The problem is YMCA employees hurting kids.

This is really too bad. For those who are homeless, going to the gym is how they clean up/shower etc.

I wonder why they are focusing on just this Y, its a universal thing to all Ys in the US to have their members background checks… Same with the Jewish centers (similar to the Y) and places of worship (that has child care).. I think the background check is BS

I am sure the Y management considered this move carefully. They picked this Y because restrictions may work here without much resistance. Once the restrictions are in place and no big suits, it will spread. It is sad there are anti Americans in charge of the Y. It use to stand for something, perhaps in some areas it still does. I agree with others, it is their own staff and non registered members to worry about.

Christian organization like YMCA and Salvation Army and many Churches will answer God according to Matthew 25 and Isiah 58 and the response from Him will be something like “casted into the outer darkness and gashing of teeth”.

Time for me to dig out and dust off my FAKE ID, I think that will cover it !! Yep… access again !!

Guess the Y Will have to step up and put a tattoo on my forehead !

Funny how the most simple things will OUTSMART Someone !!

When I WAS on parole I put a sensor at the entrance to my property ! a $12 dollar device ! I knew when they were here everytime !! Funny thing was about 12 so called wanna be cops (actually REAL Cops sheriff and marshal) all passed right by it and didnt notice ! Guess that goes to show you they only need a GED, that doesnt make you smart !!!

Think outside the box !!!!!!!!!

Doesn’t seem to matter to the Y officials that there may be former murderers, thieves, philanderers, etc. attending the Y. They seem to be going after the last group society says it’s OK to discriminate against.
I tore up my public library card when they began prohibiting offenders from going to the library, now I also won’t be going to the Y.
This witch-hunt mentality “in the name of saving the children” has got to end.

Our outrage does no good, however valid. The question is, what will we be able to do about this? Publicly shame this ymca maybe?

I was flagged also,about this time last year,at Lucille Pacard childrens hospital in Palo Alto. My niece was there for an unknown illness, we didn’t know what was wrong with her, and we were all worried at the time. It turned out she just had diabetes. You should have seen the shit eating grin on the rent-a-cops face,when he told me right in front of my whole family, I couldn’t go in because I was a sex offender, he was probably thinking ha-ha, I CAPTURED one of those sneaky fuckers. This was way beyond humiliating, but I will not let these bastards get me down, I’m going to live my life on my terms not theirs!

Unfortunately you are not the first registrant to report that they were denied entry into a hospital. Did you ultimately enter the hospital to visit your niece?

The security guard implicitly harassed you and your family in the way he conducted himself without discretion, especially since the family was there on such urgent business with extremely heightened emotions. He broke the law on face value and also under the color of authority.

The most you could really hope for is an apology to your family for having been dragged into the fray in such a manner. the letter of apology should be demanded by your family from Packard, hopefully with a request to institute necessary sensitivity training to keep registrants and family members from being mistreated.

A challenge to these policies is in order because they are essentially blanket restrictions and have no assessment of threat on any specific individual. Discreet screening and a temporary clearance should be issued in almost every case and a process for obtaining that is well within the rights of registrants.
They are being denied services and social status without specific cause and without due process.

You were essentially treated as a type of fugitive from justice in what amounts to ex post facto punishment by a civilian tribunal. That is only one small aspect of the many distortions turned into harmful, shaming, shameful and draconian policies.

No Janice, I didn’t get to, I had to wait outside. This is just one more example, of how the registry adds insult to injury, not punitive my ass!

J, an apology to my family would have been nice, but none was offered, nor did we ask for one. The thing that pissed me off was, did they really think, that I had come to their hospital to harm some poor sick little kid? Who thinks this shit up! These clowns, actually believe the horse shit that’s been fed to them by the media, law enforcement, and the a-holes up in Sacramento! We need to somehow get the message out, that there’s plenty of evidence out there that what they believe to be true,simply isn’t! I want to add this, while I was waiting outside, two women (administration types) approached me and said, if it were my son or daughter or someone directly related to me I would be allowed to go in with an escort I’m not even going to post, what my reply to them was!

No, I don’t think the hospital staff really believe you are going to harm some sick little kid. They know there are too many cameras, doctors, nurses, orderlies, security personel, visiting parents and the rest of the staff around for someone to just come in and commit a crime. The only ones who would be likeliest to be able to get private access to the kids to be able to do something illegal would be doctors mostly, and to a lesser extent the staff themselves. No, what they take delight in is holding their noses against the guys like you and me with the big stinking albatross hanging around our necks, that society put there. Talk about dog whistles! Like with those in the stocks of 200 years ago, everyone in the whole village would feel slighted if they didn’t get to throw rotten eggs at the most dispised, and they compete for who can throw the painful object our way. Group recreation. I suppose we give them something to make their hollow lives seem a little less morally bankrupt.

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