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Laguna Beach school visitors will have names checked against national sex offender database

Beginning next month, visitors to any of Laguna Beach’s four public schools will need to provide identification to be checked against a nationwide sex offender database. Full Article

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just never ends does it– down the road in Seal Beach, put one fire out only for a new blaze to begin; is the a sex offender scale some where… when one law is stricken the sex offender demons must balance the world again

Even if the registry is abolished, they will just require full police background checks on everyone which will just cost the school more money. The technology is certainly there for instant background checks, like what BeenVerified does. I sure don’t understand why they are spending all this money to pay a service for information that’s already free on Megan’s list. Once the school buys the equipment, I bet the provider will keep increasing these yearly access fees like all subscription software providers do. It’s not like the kids could use this money for school supplies or educational field trips. Maybe they will take the money from the superintendent’s salary?….hahaha.

My B.S. detector just went haywire.
Nationwide, Raptor has identified and alerted officials to more than 50,000 sex offenders attempting to enter schools and issued over 250,000 custody alerts, according to the company’s website.

Me thinks this self-promotional statement deserves some honest fact checking.
1) How many times did they count the same person over again?
2) How many people had legitimate business at the school and were permitted to enter?
3) How many had absolutely no reason to be on school premises? Yet pulled out their identification not knowing they would be refused entry?
4) How many were honestly not aware they needed permission to participate in their child’s well being?

Meanwhile, back in Albany, NY A woman had an honest to goodness conniption fit when she fiound out that a registrant father was allowed on school grounds to have breakfast with his daughter. The response was eerily similar to the Fontana School District response. You can bet the local state senator is already sharpening their pencil.

Dated 01/30/17:

“You can bet the local state senator is already sharpening their pencil.”

You mean dusting off their keyboard?

I believe the reason fear works is for the same reason people go out and actually spend money to watch horror movies. They can’t get enough. The more realistic it is, the better. This never was about public safety.

By the way, your B.S. meter is working just fine. It didn’t go haywire, it just hit it’s limit, that’s all.

I’ve always said this, i.e. that entertainment value is very much a motivation for sex offender hysteria. The mistake many of us make is in assuming good-faith on the part of the hysterics who hate us so much.

The reality is far more complex and their motives far less virtuous. Long overdue is the point where we should challenge the simplistic and self-serving narrative of our enemies.

By the same analogy, one can read the licence plates of all the vehicles that pass by a school in a given week. With access to the right database, one can access the shocking number of those plates belonging to registrants. That’s conceivable. Registrants can still own and drive a car. Of course, it also would not tell you if these registrants are passing the scool with nefarious purpose or just going to work. That could seed another panic and people will want more of this misleading information. And so has anyone wondered why they don’t have money for a good, healthy school lunches for the kids.

Did you know that registered citizens can own and operate a city transit bus? As of Sunday, i’ll have 2 of them. I already have 1. That’ll freak everyone out.

(Even if my purpose is to convert to an RV)

You could own an ice cream truck too. However you cannot charge for rides in your transit bus without a Limo or Cab license. And insurance is expensive if you use it for passengers. I think the required minimum in CA is 1.5 million in liability insurance. And if you drive that bus into most airports, they will confiscate your vehicle without the special yearly permit displayed. Buses, Limos and Cabs require a separate permit for each airport you enter. Passengers or not.

I know a registrant that drives one for a city.

While I was on parole, I was shackled with a GPS monitoring device around my ankle. At first I was under High-control or active monitoring which meant each time I drove past a school or park it triggered a proximity alert directly to my parole officer. A quick run to the store would take me past two schools and a park triggering six alerts on a round trip. There were alternative routes, but I wanted my monies worth.
Hypothetically, the GPS monitoring company could boast their value and create wide spread panic by advertising the thousands of alerts triggered by blokes like me traveling near “child safety zones”.

Just like the over 80% will re-offend, it was pulled out of the as.

Yet another reason to home school your kids!

What about all the teachers bangin the students? When I lived in Fresno, it seemed like once a week a teacher was arrested for it.

Just go to Google Search or Google News and type in “Teacher arrested”. Search the same for “Cop Arrested” Boom there ya go. Now you have a hell of a lot more to worry about you f*ing sheople. Time to get a grip on REALITY. It’s not the ones on the list you gotta worry about. It’s the ones NOT on the list. Especially the ones who put themselves close to kids. Morons!

All those little red dots on the maps don’t really matter, they’ve already been convicted and unlikely to ever commit a sex crime in the future. As far as I’m concerned and with empirical evidence to back up my statements, nearly all of them will never ever commit a sex crime (future tense).

Don’t even get me started on the DUI, Drug dealers, gangs, arson, murders. They all kill and harm and main children all the time, but those people are not on lists to be checked. If i was a politician, i would certainly climb the ladder with FEAR of ALL dangerous criminals, not just boogieman.

Oooh, i’m angry! /*shakes fist in the air*/

Isn’t this yet another example of singling out a group (of convicts) that we all can point to Bill of Attainder. No other set of ex-convicts or former convicts are put through this process.

There is no way I can leave my neighborhood without passing a school, daycare center or a park. So am I suppose to stay in my house and not going anywhere?

This is a disturbing article! What if your registerable and not on the Megan’s Website (non disclosable)? What if your a drug dealer/prostitute/drug user/gang banger/recently released murderer or wife beater? This is a lawsuit!!

That is the first thing I thought. Either schools have been given access to the law-enforcement only portion of the list or they are only checking the public database thus missing about 33k out of 100+k California registrants.

My local school district in South central PA just recently put this system into all of the entire district schools. I find it highly irresponsible of the school board to pass/approve the purchase of this ridiculous system (to say the least). They are increasing property taxes every year due to the school budget; however, they can find the money to install this worthless system. Furthermore; and even more idiotic is that they perform this ‘security check’ upon entering the school; and if ‘ok’, is granted permission to enter……HOWEVER, their is NO security screening by metal detectors, etc.

So….I can not get approved to enter due to this ‘system’; however, the person behind me (who isn’t listed on Megan’s Law) BUT IS CARRYING A GUN may enter the school and start shooting up the place.

SO…… in the “Real World”……. which scenario is (and does) happen from time to time????? Oh yea, so much for this Raptor system protecting the students from the teachers and coaches who I am always reading about in the news having ‘encounters’ with students.

Raptor System (aka: the biggest Scam out there). Maybe I could go to the school boards and ‘Sell them an Ocean Front Property in Nevada’ …… since they are ‘dumb enough’ to fall for the Raptor Scam.

How our schools could save money: There’s a new bill that has been introduced SB695 that calls for the Tiering of the Sex Registry. Only 4 states require lifetime registration-California is one. Tiering would enable law enforcement to use the registry more effectively to identify higher risk offenders and to focus on those who most need to be monitored. This is in accord with the “Risk Principle” which states that those at higher risk should receive greater attention. There is little or no benefit from continuing to invest resources to monitor those who are at a low risk to reoffend. Tiering would also achieve considerable fiscal savings by discontinuing the monitoring of those thousands of registrants who pose a negligible threat to community safety after 10 or 10 years. (CASOMB )

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