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VT: Years later, sex offender registry lacks addresses

Vermont families are unable to find out whether a high-risk sex offender lives in their neighborhood, years after the public sex offender registry was directed to include those details.  Full Article

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Sen. Alice Nitka, D-Windsor, is concerned that posting inaccurate addresses could lead to harassment or even violence against innocent people. “The big problem is the wrong address puts people in terrible danger,” Nitka said.

… so, what she is saying is that posting the correct address puts guilty (current / present tense(!)) people, and their families / children, in terrible danger – but expectedly, purposely and deservedly so.

Such statements by State level elected officials are GOLD. Pure GOLD.


I concur, you Speak Truth!

Senator Alice Nitka D-Windsor Is Revealing & Confirming A Fact & A Reality that it is Legal & Permissible for all Governments of The United States Of The American’s to discrimination Against a small set & Minority Citizens & Their Families in placing Their Lives in Terrible Violent Danger at The Hands of the Majority!

I Brand & Call these “Deed’s” as nothing less than A “Coliseum Justice” A “Counterfeit Justice” for the Masses to Consume & make a Forum of their Daily Bread.

I Speak Truth

I call Heaven & Earth to bear witness in The Court of The Most High Creator Who formed light & created darkness.

As Yahovah Lives, so should we

I’m perplexed here. What does the Sen. mean by “innocent”? A person that is no longer under custody should receive the same freedoms as his/her neighbor. Transpose that to say someone in California whose conviction has been dismissed and they are, in the eyes of the law based upon conviction, now innocent.

Then again, California did amend its laws to still state that those who received the 1203.4 are not innocent still. That really is alarming when put under those parallel parameters.

I LOVE when politicians make these statements, it’s admitting they know there’s a problem and they know the registry puts people at risk! More and more ammo to get the registry abolished…keep it up!

Most child victims are abused by someone they know and trust. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network [] and National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse confirm this.

The results of a three-state study of reported rape survivors under age 12 revealed the following about offenders:

96% were known to their victims
50% were acquaintances or friends
20% were fathers
16% were relatives
4% were strangers

Knowing the address of an offender who is not within the child’s circle is not going to protect a child from a child abuser. In order to ensure that a child is safe, we need to make everyone in that child’s circle register — parents, siblings and other family members, the trusted neighbor, friend, teacher and church member.


Key passage that needs to be emphasized to all people everywhere – because it applies to all states:

Karen Tronsgard-Scott, executive director of the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, would rather Vermont not have an online sex offender registry at all, because she says the money could be used for better purposes.
“There is huge public desire for a sex offender registry, but it’s a false solution,” Tronsgard-Scott said in a telephone interview. Tronsgard-Scott said that there is no evidence that sex offender registries make communities safer.
Tronsgard-Scott added that posting people’s addresses would only make them “social pariahs” in a community when they may need treatment and support.
“Think of how much money we’re spending on a sex offender registry,” she said. “And we’re not doing it well.”

Wow…..just wow.
I would find this hilarious if I wasn’t absolutely disgusted and ashamed of people like this Sen Alice that find it within reason to paint a bullseye on a registrant and their kids.

Sen. Alice Nitka, D-Windsor, is concerned that posting inaccurate addresses could lead to harassment or even violence against innocent people

She just basically told on herself and spilled the beans. They actually WANT our houses to get shot through, burned down and have us get culled, THEN the public can then sit back and laugh while saying: “good riddance, one down or they had it coming..”

The ineptitude and glib arrogance surrounding Megan’s Law is beyond disgusting and has turned me into a full-blown misanthropist (especially against mothers who think they reserve the right to circumvent my privacy, safety and security).

We are really seen as property. Prisoners, probation and parole are really property also.

We don’t have the same rights as free people nor do we have the same safety allowances or concerns when making laws. All of us can be arrested for failure to register at whim. My weight flexuates daily and I just can’t afford nor am I able to report when I drop or gain a few pounds. Could we get charged for failure to register by not updating weight? What about a few pounds?

This story illustrates they realize they endanger our families. They just don’t care. Time is not a registered citizens friend. Every year it gets harder to survive and to reintragate into society. I have been on the registry for over fifteen years and I face more restrictions now then when I was on probation.

I reserve the right to feel and be safe in my own home just like educators believe children should feel safe at school so they can learn.

Let’s be very clear: this is NOT and will NEVER be a ‘free country’, or any version of, as long as we have Sex offender registries with restrictions post-sentence. End of story.

Sen. Alice Nitka worries that posting an inaccurate address could cause potential harassment or harm to an innocent person living at that address.
Well Senator, what about potential harassment and harm to a registrant (who has served their time) or their spouse and children living at an accurate address?
Is that OK with you?
Think before you issue statements that make you look like a fool.

I encourage ALL of you to write her a nice respectful note. Encourage her to keep ALL her constituents safe.

Not that it probably matters much, but email sent…

Here is an ancillary story. This is about a person who lived at a house that is the location of a previous tenant who was required to register.

Sex offender registry mix-up puts wrong house on map (

Key phrase: “My worry is that somebody might want to come by and hurt me,” (homeowner Ray Crawford said, before adding, “They can’t tell the difference between blue-eyed Ray and blue-eyed Ray, same name, same last initial.”

As a final insult, they did not include the current homeowners picture, but they DID include a reproduction of the registrant’s CURRENT address along with his picture, so I guess the news reporter wants to make sure that someone will go out and hurt him, BASED upon what the “wronged” homeowner fears.

When I sent a letter to the author of the post (of the KDVR story regarding mistaken address for RSO in Denver), he responded back and is very interested in interviewing registrants in the Denver metro area, or anywhere in Colorado, particularly those registrants whose lives have been significantly altered, including their families. Not sure how to post this request, but staff can email me for more details. Thanks.

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