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MO: Some say new Mo. law tracking sex offenders is unconstitutional

Keeping an eye on sex offenders for life, it’s a new law for Missouri and this now includes first-time offenders. But tonight, there’s a fight to challenge this. Some say it violates the constitution. Full Article

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“It also applies to offenders out of state too, who must return to Missouri or face another felony.”
Now you have to wear an ankle bracelet and can’t leave the state? If you don’t come back, you are a fugitive? No, no, this is not like a second punishment at all, at all.

I agree wholeheartedly. This 💩 has got to end.

Yes, it do need to stop, I have to wear one my ankle hearts,my ankle feet and my leg are swollen, I have blisters on my ankle I’m not getting any sleep,

How in the h*ll do they think they have a right to require me to return under “regulatory authority” such as registration? Who could even THINK such a thing is legal? So in essence MO says they have a right to determine where I live. Gotta be within the boundaries of MO, but not “too close” to this or that facility, park, church, etc. Wow, the idiocy of some of these legislators and governors. This will be an easy b*tch-slap to MO whenever it hits the Federal courts. “So let me get this straight, Mr. attorney representing Missouri. You feel you have a right to force someone to surrender their citizenship of another State? That you can force someone to live in Missouri and it’s non-punitive? Have you HEARD what SCOTUS said in Smith about freedom of movement?” Unbelievable….though sadly, not to some extent.

There is no way that can be enforced. Once you finish any probation/parole terms and leave the state you are no longer under the jurisdiction of said state.

Yeah. This is crazy. I have never lived in Missouri a day in my life and was only there for training and now being told I have to come live there the rest of my life. This has to be unlawful.

Registrants are beginning to be treated like livestock. A felony for not returning to your State of conviction even if decades have elapsed?

I recently read an article about Indonesia trying to pass a new law to microchip all their sex crime offenders.
These laws are becoming so outlandish, it makes me wonder if ALL of it is a pretext for microchipping the population . They will relieve their test group of all of the inconvenience of the registry requirements if they will agree to an imbedded tracking device.

“a new law to microchip all their sex crime offenders.” – This would have no real purpose.

Contrary to rumors, we do not yet have trackable microchips available as implants. There are human microchips available, but they only work the same as they do in pets. You need to be close to the microchip and use a microchip reader. They are only useful to prove identity. Despite what the movies portray, the reason we do not have implantable & trackable GPS microchips is battery power and antenna size. That is why all tracking devises must be charged often and are as large as ankle monitors are. The tracking devises used on wild animals are also large and designed to fall off once the batteries die. If microchip tracking was possible, we would be using it to track most wild animals 24/7 if they were endangered or a threat. I would imagine that most people required to wear a ankle monitor would prefer a small microchip implanted instead of the itchy and inconvenient ankle monitor that must be plugged in for 2+ hours a day at great cost. Once they invent a single low power microchip that can actually reach a satellite without an antenna sticking out, the first thing it will be used for is smaller and cheaper satellite phones that get no reception “dead zones”. And if such a devise was available for tracking and implanted, you would just need to apply some aluminum foil over the area to block the signal.

South Korea has GPS monitors that are wristwatch size, they do not want to embarrass the person wearing it.

Yes, those watch size monitors work off of cell towers just like the gps in you phone does. They consume a lot of power too (like a cell phone), but they would be a lot easier to wear.

Here is a link to the text of the law in question (I think.)

Unbelievable! Does this BS ever stop??? I’m only surprised that Florida wasn’t the first to propose such a law! (I’m certain that many lazy State-level legislator, feeling pressure to “make a name for themselves”, routinely troll news feeds to see what B.S.Bills other States are flinging against the wall and then renaming those Bills for their own use.)

Like I said, GPS microchips implanted under the skin for 24/7 monitoring is just science fiction at this point. Lawmakers can pass any feels good law they want that involves technology. But it’s not much use if that technology does not exist. I imagine that these lawmakers have been watching too much TV.

I just noticed that this story is from a year ago and it still has not happened. I also noticed one of the commenters on that site also pointed out that the technology doesn’t exist. The newspaper that printed this story is known as a tabloid type newspaper. Pretty soon they’ll be promoting chips that can read your thoughts or control your mind. If you thought a 17 yr old looked “hot” the microchip could give you a strong electrical shock. I’m sure politicians would vote for that if they thought it was possible. If someone would write some fake news stories claiming a microchip like this was invented, perhaps we could make some idiot politician write a Bill to require this non-invented (thought reading) chip to be implanted in all types of offenders.

“I’m sure politicians would vote for that if they thought it was possible.” Maybe not Lake. There many politician with illegal unclean thoughts.

I think there was a Well Known Guy that wanted not only on the ankle but in the butt and if the rso goes too far it will blow up.

I cannot see the state having the ability to force someone to come back to MO for lifetime supervision if you have completed your terms initially. You are allowed to move anywhere you can once your finished your terms. The state knows that.

The atty already said the key words : retroactively and ex-posto-facto which are unconstitutional as we all know. The courts will see it that way. MO is just trying to see what they can get away with legally and this probably won’t pass the test.

These laws are so “byzantine” they may actually help our cause. This just shows how bizarre state legislatures can get and proves why we need judicial intervention. Courts often defer to legislatures, but these draconian laws make it so they can’t.

Judges have accepted roles as clerks. They have been convinced legislatures make laws w/o questioning those laws. Then legislatures make manditory minimum laws because judges supposedly can’t be trusted to be harsh enough. What exactly is left for judges to do? Just the paperwork? In my state of Michigan you have a cop making most laws and he clearly doesn’t have a law degree or a grasp of the constitution or bill of rights. Nor does he care. He doesn’t believe in science or statistics because he knows better. Sadly judges seem willing to relinquish power to him rather than say… You sir are wrong.

it’s all about the Money and power to play god. I can’t type what I feel needs to be done to these law makers and their families.
But remember this, when you become Terminally ill, NO laws will matter anymore.

If you are a resident of Missouri or have been told you HAVE TO RETURN to Missouri due to the new Lifetime Probation – Lifetime Parole law please let me know a.s.a.p.

Vicki Henry

I was convicted of a sex crime and i was acused of somthing that I did not do but didn’t have money to go to trial and was done wrong and lied to from my lawyer i thought i was texing a pip for a prostitute of age but i was texing a stlouis county police officer in a sting operation and that were tryed 3 times for me to see a under age prostute and I would not go so on the forth try the officer did not say her age he said it was the same lady as last time me not remembering last week he said she was going to be 15 so I was thinking she was going to be of age went to hotel room go busted and year and half latter got class b felony 120 in prison and 5 years probation now I life in Texas and they say i have to go on lifetime probation with lifetme GPS and have to move back to Missouri before August 28 2018 I don’t have much money to fight this is there any pro bono lawyers out there that can help me call me at 636-575-7790

A neighbor over in Clark County, Wisconsin was over heard saying he got revenge!!…. on a person for getting him in trouble with police , so he and his friend planned out a huge plan to take away that persons job, family, friends, family, and everything including that persons home and pets by implanting the person with a electric harassment sex offender tracker implant with mind reading or listening like a dog “acoustic cat” type military listener spy animal!..capabilities! They hired a friend to act in the shoes of a police or doctor and implanted without no real anything, no judged or juried arrest or anything now calling that certain hated person a real sex offender when in fact they are not and never have had any type of actual case or even a report of a sex offence! Now they stalk that person, track also and break in their home , threaten them and t keep telling them to leave their family and even break in their work place to see if they are doing their job right! They even said they went deliberately all the way back to do a investigation when they were 6-9 year old and total background check with no cop involved and threatened friends to that that person did stuff back then also, and they are holding it on them constantly using it like a you say you did this or we will put you away excetra and they have your land and home now and you will leave your job also! Legal or not!?
And they ignore the implant electric harassment stuff …nice hey>?
This is frightening stuff and they let this happen read all about this other stuff and OMG! it’s terrible@

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