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Four middle school kids facing CP charges. Another example of how giving your kids “Smart” phones can be really dumb.

Minors have been having sex for let’s see, um thousands of years, and now we will ruin your life if you ever possess any physical evidence (pics, videos) of it.

Whenever I get a compliance visit…I always wonder how many of them are unregistered sex offenders (like how many of them had sex with somebody under the age of 18 when lets say they were 18 or 19).
Also wonder how many of them have teenagers with smart phones with CP on them.

For those that want a one-stop-shop for studies against the registry:

I’m not sure how long it’s been around. I just found it. Tons of articles and well organized.

It’s done by Emily Horowitz, the author of “Protecting Our Kids? How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us”.

Here are the topics:

Constitutional Issues (e.g. Cruel and unusual punishment, banishment) (46 articles)
Public Shaming (48 articles)
Promotes Homelessness & Unemployment (Effects of Residency Restrictions) (58 articles)
Ruins Lives of Family Members (15 articles)
Doesn’t Prevent Recidivism (59 articles)
Doesn’t Prevent Non-Stranger Sex Offenses (10 articles)
Doesn’t Prevent Sex-Offenses by Non-Repeat Offenders (15 articles)
Gives False Sense of Security, Foments Fear (24 articles)
Takes Resources from Programs to Prevent Sexual Abuse (20 articles)
Vigilantism (7 articles)
Unjust to Juveniles (35 articles)
Commentary: Collateral Consequences (20 articles)
Commentary: Policies Based on Fear/Politics/Emotion not Evidence (49 articles)
Registry Reduces New Sex Offenses (6 articles)
Offenders Less Likely to Re-Offend (1 article)
Notification Helpful (3 articles)
Registry Prevents Re-Arrests (2 articles)
Community Benefits (6 articles)
Rates of Sexual Assault/Abuse Decreases with Registry/Notification (2 articles)

Thank you, Chris. That’s a great resource.

Thanks! I read her book about a year ago and it’s very well written and informative. I think I got it off Amazon.

So…..I’m in Riverside county.
I read that Janice was going to post the contact info needed for making phone calls and sending emails in support of sb421…?

ReadyToFight, it’s very easy to do it yourself. Just visit and fill in the blanks.

@TG Thanks!

Does anybody know if there is any pending action/ injunction against mugshots dot com for continuing to illegally host California mugshots?

Question on @Quora: Can a cop place someone on the sex offender registry in the U.S., even if that person has not b…

This would vary by state, since the states control who they put on the registry and what the process is to do that.

In Texas, a judge has to do it, but I can see where you would be put on it before trial. It could be as a condition for being out of jail while awaiting trial, and you either register, or go sit in jail and not register until your trial.

As long as they can still get away with claiming the registry is regulatory for protecting the public, they will get away with applying it without due process. It could still be challenged, of course.

Every time I try and email the Assembly, it says the site is “unreachable” 😡

This should probably go under June comments but…it’s June and the clock is on for the WAR lawsuit to be filed. Excited to see what they argue.

I am on parole and recently discovered that my STATIC-99 risk assessment has me listed in a higher risk category because it erroneously states my victim wasn’t related to me. How (or who) can I go about filing a 602 appeal form with to amend this issue.

This has become all the more imperative because my housing restrictions were increased due to this error, as well the fact that the pending tiered registry bill may affect which tier I am placed in.

I am still so confused about IML.
Is it considered to be implemented?
Is it being enforced? by who?
Has anyone been charged for violating it? Convicted?
I am traveling to Europe in 23 days. Presumably I can find a 21 day notice form on line somewhere.
Can I fill it in online? If not, who do I send it to? ICE? DOJ? My local sheriff here in California?
Thanks to whoever knows this stuff and can help me.

You go to your local police dept and they have the form to fill out. Some will fill it out for you. I took my airplane ticket and itinerary. Go quickly before 21 days is past.