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NY: Lawmakers Brainstorm Sex Offender Legislation Reform

More than a dozen local lawmakers and law enforcers gathered at Yorktown Town Hall last week at a roundtable organized by state Sen. Terrence Murphy in an effort to update and strengthen legislation that will keep communities safe from sexual predators. Currently, he said, there are more than 1,200 registered sex offenders living in Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties. Full Article

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Here are a list fear base sound bites, which is, contrary to evidence, that came of this meeting…
“ticking time bombs.”
“…we know a good percentage of them are going to repeat somehow,” Morrissey said. “I don’t want them repeating offenses in our community.’ ”
“It’s a very similar type of issue [to narcotics] because of the recidivism [of sex offenders],” Grace said.
“dangerous situation.”
“Get these sex offenders back in jail where they belong,” Noble said.
“It’s horrible to think that a convicted sex offender is going to return to his home and live anywhere near his victim, but then we have to come up with a better plan,” Krauss said.

Fear reporting at its worst.

Contact information is case others want to join me in a education mission to this dude. NEW YORK STATE SENATOR
Albany Office
LOB 817
Albany , NY 12247
Phone: 518-455-3111
Fax: 518-426-6977

Email Address:

Reading the headline, I was heartened to see that NY was perhaps waking up and trying to apply common reason to things. Silly me. What a bunch of backwards, fearful, fear-mongering people! I had planned to cut and paste a few stupid quotes from the article, but it’s rife with them. These people are so far out of touch, THEY are the dangerous ones.

Giving up on picking apart the lies and misconceptions in the “article” (more like yellow journalism than truth), I want to look at one in particular. Let’s think back what SCOTUS said in Smith about public shaming and it being nonexistent, then contrast that with what the chucklehead known as Chief of Police for Yorktown thinks:

“Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble suggested that all convicted sex offenders be required to identify themselves on their social media profiles of their sex offender status. He said probation or parole officers routinely confirm the residence of offenders, but wondered if their social media presence is being as closely monitored. If they fail to identify themselves online, Noble said, it should be a felony offense.”

Nope, no shaming there, SCOTUS. Nor in having it emblazoned on one’s driver license, which is typically the only form of identification many have. Sadly, my local sheriff was recently on the news with similar myopic ideas, including requiring signs in the yard, special license plates, and “some other ideas I have.” Do these people only function with the reptilian portion of their brains? Do they even think of the collateral effects these would have on friends and family members who cohabit and/or use the vehicles? What if I live in a high-rise? What if I drive a fleet vehicle? And we trust these people with weapons?!? Sheesh!

Chief Noble doesn’t stop there, either: “’Get these sex offenders back in jail where they belong,’ Noble said.” Umm, hate to tell you Chief, but criminal justice is not 100% retribution and retaliation, it’s also restitution and rehabilitation. Try to recall the latter two now and then, would you please?

And did it happen to occur to any of them WHY the guy was living in his car? You people and your ilk are the direct cause of this. YOU are why you cannot track him, because YOU made him indigent. Wow, what complete morons.


P.S. I’m sorry for my vitriolic tone, I usually try to stay a little more even-keeled about these things. But this stuff is so far out there, I couldn’t resist.

No apology necessary. Sometimes a vitriolic tone is the correct one to take.

This is one of the most credulous pieces of (reporting) I’ve read in a while.

Amen brother.

It sounds like your local sheriff, it just another neo nazi. As far as I’m concerned those people don’t deserve to live.

As always, The blind leading the blind and closing the barn door after the cows have run away.

Morons like this will pass laws that will then have to be fought with costly lawsuits. Stupidity in America continues.. It’s an epidemic.

The individuals in this article are absolutely clueless, what morons! I didn’t see them mention one instance where an ex sex offender reoffended Imbeciles.

I am not overly disturbed by this article because we know this attitude is out there and prevalent. That meeting was simply a bitch session of small town villagers, nothing more. The good news is that momentum has shifted against this line of irrational fear based reasoning. The state laws will prevail over anything some local sheriff might have to say, and if they do attempt to pass any local ordinance, it will be swiftly rejected in court. Let’s not panic over what some small-minded morons think. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize: substantial modification of the current registration scheme.

Where do I begin?

“Get these sex offenders back in jail where they belong”

So the fact that they’ve already paid their debts and served their time means nothing to them? They must not believe in the legal system. In that case, what are they doing in positions of authority?

“because of the recidivism”

Oh, you mean the 2.5 to 5 percent recidivism rate, which can be easily looked up in numerous studies, a rate in fact lower than that of other former offenders? Pray tell, sheriff, how many registrants in your community are reoffending? Can you give us the facts?

The fear mongering is strong with these registry terrorists. Let’s call these power-hungry people what they are.

When the Meeting was over and they got back in their cars, the first thing they needed to do was put on their seat belt to avoid being killed by drunk drivers.

Just because there are 1200 registrants living in those areas doesn’t mean they are “sex predators”, when maybe these lawmakers are the problem which is why they are passing tough laws.

This is the biggest load of lies. I have been looking at buying a house in Somers. A retirement community. The ‘town’ all 500 yards of it is a nothing place but all these liars are only interested in one thing. THE VALUE OF THE REAL ESTATE. There have been NO crimes there. My guess is that Laura Ahearne is behind this as she’s trying hard to branch out her private police force business into these counties.

BUT many thanks you idiots for this because now I know I’ll spend my money elsewhere and tell the realtors that I heard the value of real estate is falling rapidly to an influx of planned project for new jails to replace Rikers Island.
Anyone here with guts should send that to them.
One more thing.. sex offenders cannot be on social media in NYS. The E-Stop law forbids this and the penalty is severe but it sounds scary for liars to say any old crap that they think will work.

I smell Laura Ahearne here

“sex offenders cannot be on social media in NYS” All I can say is stay tuned to SCOTUS and the Packingham case, due in a month or two. Many SCOTUS watchers and legal scholars foresee an 8-0 (pre-Gorsuch) decision striking down NC’s similar law.


In other words- we need more money allocated to our police departments because our community donations are drying up.

What these fools don’t know. A special place in the ether awaits their souls once they are through serving their masters in this life.

Stories like this don’t even provoke my ire anymore.

Stay strong.

Orson Welles must be looking down and wishing he was born 100 years later than he was. He fooled the country about invading monsters for what, a few days with his radio creation, before people caught on The War of The Worlds was a hoax. This sex offender scare has been going on now for more than two decades, and still people aren’t seeing the joke. High recidivism rates, the value of knowing where the monsters are, still as fresh as they were in 1994 and still as false. Twenty years of evidence showing the contrary and the public still hasn’t caught on. Now that’s a really a well done con job.

The only con job to top that one is the irrational belief in a God. There is no evidence at all for that either and yet here we are still fighting wars over the best one or praying to it win the lottery ALL with not one shred of evidence and even counter to logic. Surely only a child’s mind can be fooled into such a ridiculous belief and yet if you will read it is clearly printed on all the money! Separation of church and state my ass!

So considering that this BS has been going on for over 2000 years I really am not surprised that the government and others continue to scare/manipulate people about the “sex offender threat” just as they do with the “punishment threat” of eternal damnation in hell.

Logic, reason, and truth do not always prevail over ignorance, prejudice, and fear unfortunately. Fortunately just as with more waking up to the real understanding that God is an illusion so to are those who reject the facts about sex offenders…I just hope that it happens sooner rather than later!

Knowledge and education of the facts are the best weapon in our arsenal in this fight for justice and truth!

You can’t find justice or truth in the natural world. You can disect matter down to the so called god particle and where is the physical unsubjective verification of justice? Where do rights reside in a person’s physical anatomy? Those are also concepts we make up. They are important, though, because people think they are important. Humans by nature construct stories. Let’s hope it is stories that don’t serve to divide and cause conflict or with our technical ability to destroy what is in our way, we are all done for as a species.

Odd… the Constitution was based on a specific religion. A religion that knowing all men were born sinners such that the forefathers made sure there were checks and balances to not trust men. No man is perfect, but at least the Constitution has been shown to uphold wrongs when it was misused.

The US is one of the most youngest nations and usually most just. So apparently, that Constitution thing does work. Let’s face it. The SCOTUS behaved like man b/c it used false data and did not collect a mass of other data for comparison to paint certain criminals monsters for life. People do that. People also do good such as Dr. Ira and Tara Ellman, who discovered that the info the SCOTUS used was false and unsubstantiated by experts.

But in truth, not only was one extreme data used, but no other pieces of data were considered in the matter. That’s exactly like what happened with Korematsu v US. Pieces of info was withheld to paint the internment camps Constitutional. Similarly, here, Justice Roberts selected one extreme point and used that to tell the defense attorney and public that only monsters need be contained and we people, are angelic, will never cross a threshold to make a regulatory scheme punitive.

You go to any church and they will usually share the same theme… forgiveness is love. love is growth. There are many stories, events, and parables that revolve around forgiveness.

It’s pretty ironic for a registrant to blame an ideology when it was man who created these unyielding laws on registrants. People think we’re monsters b/c that how the SCOTUS defined all of us. The SCOTUS is made up of a group of men and women. By transitive property, we’re monsters b/c of men and women.

It’s also sad to blame Christianity. If you did your misdeed in a different country, a part of your limb might be cut off or you could be put to death. Instead, people like Janice and Chance have the capacity to right a wrong. The Peckingham case is going to be reviewed by the SCOTUS b/c a man was praising God.

Why not first help by painting us as humans. That will go a longer way to disproving this wretched punishment non-punishment. This is why Janice wants us to stand up and speak up… to let others know we’re still human.

May peace be with you.

@New Person
Well said, and thank you for saying it. And it just occurred to me where perhaps your handle originates… 😉

Agreed, and in line with a book I’m reading regarding atheism. Morality, rights and justice, however one defines them, are wholly human creations. They do not exist in science, which is as Det. Joe Friday (allegedly. see: said: “just the facts ma’am.”


The forefathers were many times Christians in name only.

Ignorance breeds monsters to fill up the vacancies of the soul that are unoccupied by the verities of knowledge. —Horace Mann

Interesting idea… move as many RSOs into an area as possible driving the property values down. Buy up the devalued properties, move the RSOs to the next town and then resell the now accurately valued properties at a profit using the profits to fight the laws or build housing for our homeless SOs… …. use there stupid laws against them…. Just a silly thought but dang that would be hilarious. Its only a passing thought meant primarily anecdotely

Yes, I proposed this very idea here previously.

I am sorry but I do not think that the words “Brainstorm” and “Lawmakers” should every be used in the same sentence and they are mutually exclusive.

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