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NJ: Rape victim pushes for stronger child protection

It took 14 years for Jackie Anselmo to go public with her nightmare. Set off by a discovery on social media in the spring, the 28-year-old Lakewood resident decided she had held her trauma in long enough.

At age 14, a 24-year-old relative raped her and sexually abused her over a period of years, Anselmo said. He was convicted of aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child.

The Asbury Park Press usually does not name victims of sexual assaults, but Anselmo allowed her name and photo to be used in this story.

In 2013, she became concerned when she learned from New Jersey’s State Parole Board that her assailant had been released from prison after serving seven years of an 18-year sentence.

“I was told he’s not going to be around children,” she said.

Later, after being tipped by a friend, she saw Facebook photos of him around children at amusement parks and family parties. And then, recently, she was made aware that he and his wife had a child of their own.

“I was freaking out,” she said.

So Anselmo started a campaign. She wrote letters to local lawmakers, contacted experts on Megan’s Law, explained in the video at the top of the story, and launched a Facebook page about the issue. Her goal: to tighten oversight of convicted sex offenders in society. Full Article

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That is terrible for what happen, but what if this was orchestrated and presented as propaganda to push for more laws?

You are intuitive. The NGOs are the real power behind the oppressive laws in this country. They are set up by the elite, made to look like grass roots organizations and fronted by ” victims” and “concerned citizens” who are just employees for a paycheck. Then the media plays their role at pushing the propaganda. I question the veracity of any story that comes out about a victim wanting more laws aimed to restrict and discipline an entire group of citizens with a menagerie of convictions that oft times bear no relation to each other. I would be particularly skeptical of any story involving this Ahearn person, who was probably involved in crafting the Adam Walsh Act.

[Ahearn said Parents for Megan’s Law supports the appointment of a “safe person” to “be present when that offender has to be around children — for example, a family function or a child’s recital at a public school.”]

Seems like there is a new push for ex offenders to be chaperoned .
Safe people? Sure.

Yeah, safe person. Huh. And just who will those chaperones be? Let’s see, if the guy’s new wife isn’t to be trusted to protect her children, who is? Ahh, she means one of Parents for Megan’s Law Citizen Stazi with permanant access into every registrant’s home, correspondence and constant companion whenever they go. Let’s see, how much money will she need to wiggle out of the government to employ these chaparones?

Mommy? Daddy?


Who is that person over there? Why are they always here in the house?

It is just the government watching over us making sure we don’t step out of line. Don’t worry, pretty soon you won’t even notice them. They will be like a lamp in the corner of the room.

But why are they here?

Because we wanted to have you in our family. The government thinks they need to rule the house and everything that goes on in the house.

I don’t like that. That is creepy. Make them go away!!

(In your best Rod Serling voice with a lit cigarette) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the child grows up in an unnatural childhood, fearing people and not knowing who to trust or not in the latest episode of the Government Zone

now that’s a fact ! even if its funny in that voice

Hmm, the requirement to let agents of the government abide in your domicile, (scratching my head) now what dang country was that that fit a war o’er that same thing?
That’s a good, nooone remembers. They all just entered the Twilight Zone

Sad, but true. We’ve gone from “land of the free” to “land of the afraid.” Please, Daddy Government, save me from _________ (too many things to list).

*sigh* oh boy, here we go. It is so curious, that right after a national attention win with Packinham and social media, this comes out. Coincidence that she mentions Facebook and that her attacker is on Facebook with children at a amusement park and at family parties. Sure does seem like it’s orchestrated for something planned.

She was a victim of grooming. She needs to get her own treatment to help her get past this ordeal.

If the guy has served his time, and gone through therapy, then he deserves another chance at being a productive citizen just like any other criminal that gets out. I am sure his new wife is aware of his past, and it is highly unlikely he would abuse his own kids.

Why is she not naming him, or did she? I can’t pull up the article.

“I hope I can make a difference,” she said. “I hope I can help some kids. Ultimately that’s what this is about. It’s not about my story. It’s about the reality of the world we live in.”

Be careful pushing for these changes. You’re far more likely to hurt a lot more kids than help them. The current laws already greatly hinder many families ability to lead normal lives.

Let’s not overlook a key data point in this story: she knew her abuser. Just like the statistics keep saying happens overwhelmingly, it was a family member, not somebody within 500′ of a school, park, or library, who did this. As Chris F says, she was groomed. The Facebook angle is a non-starter; she could just as easily have seen the pictures at a family reunion slide show. For those born after about 1980,I don’t mean this kind of slide (, but this kind ( 😉

Obviously NJ didn’t see FB as being the conduit for exploitation NC does. Man, I’m having a tough time deciding which state has to worst concept of RCs and “protective” laws: FL, MO, or NC? Or is there another one someone wishes to offer up?

“The idea . . . is these offenders that procreate after conviction shouldn’t have (unsupervised) custody of these kids,” Anselmo said.

Next thing she’s going to want to stop sex offenders from having children. I don’t care if she was raped at this point she and all others like her are taking their victim status too far. I am absolutely disgusted by her and most people in America. This is NOT how civilized countries treat their citizens. Enough!

The Victimist Vigilantes and their government facilitators have been shaking the S.O. parental rights tree for a while now but seem to have had limited success in eroding those previously fundamental rights. It’s certainly the next, predictable, step in extending the sex offender outrage franchise but their timing comes as the appetite for unquestioned support for any new laws that put Registrants at some materially greater disadvantage and at a further remove from society is beginning to be met with a growing dyspepsia if not yet violent projectile vomiting.

Laura Ahearn has certainly emerged as one of the busiest of socially entrepreneurial bees but appears to have little capacity to engage in thoughtful argument which is, as it has always been, a hallmark of the campaigns of hysteria.

Which is to say: we’re advancing, we’re influencing, we’re persuading and we’re beginning to win. Let’s keep it up.

this women starts out a victim , and in that time is groomed to stay a victim , staying a victim is a choice , unlike year after year being forced as an RC to be a victim by witch hunters and victims that refuse to move along , we as RC’s don’t have the choice to just move on in our life , am I wrong in this thinking ? or are we not aloud to be victims ? right along with our family , I feel so energy drained sometimes that maybe I do have it back AS# words ,but I think David Kinderly has it right so lets fight back and have each others back , thanks for even reading my ramblings

Well yes, I have heard of the politicians who groom the crime victims by shuffling them off to the State house before they have time to grieve and process what has happened to them, to speak before the legislature, the members of which do not have time to gauge the long term or counter productive effects of what they sign in a state of emotion, to pass a law to benefit the image of the sponsor.
Such people who benefit off victims of crime, predator is probably not the right word. They don’t even have to groom the victim because the victim is already in a weakened state and can’t resist. That’s maybe not a predator but a vulture, although they both may use kind words and project empathy to get their victim.

It takes a license to drive a car, but any ass hat can have kids.

I can understand her concern, considering that 68% of abusers are family members. However, what does she expect government to do? Pay people to live with a sex offender and his family? How would supervised custody of kids work when the sex offender lives in the home with his kids and their mother?


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