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PA: Sex offender registry changes need quick evaluation (Editorial)

Jennifer Storm, Pennsylvania’s victim advocate, said her office currently keeps more than 3,900 victims notified about the status of Megan’s Law sex registry offenders, including changes in their jobs or where they live. Understandably, she told the Associated Press, it’s a matter of safety and “piece of mind.” Full Article

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  1. AJ

    This Jennifer Storm is getting her 15 minutes of fame, isn’t she? Good luck, lady, as your supreme judicial body has already ruled, and put the legislature on notice. She really needs to understand facts, not hyperbole and scare tactics. Maybe that would give her that “piece (sic) of mind” she seeks…and she seems to be missing a piece or two!

  2. Arax

    Wow! Someone should ask this victim’s advocate, Jennifer Storm, if her list has done anything to help law enforcement catch a predator ever (off of her list) or has it done anything for the community other than causing hopelessness, homelessness, shame and destruction to the lives of the registrants! Victims should not run the legal system. We already have enough harsh laws that punish people for wrongdoing. We don’t need to continually add salt to the wound! Victims don’t need to know where registrants live and work. They need to move on with their lives- live and let live- so that they can also heal- heal and let heal!

  3. i can't wait to die

    I think someone is worried about their high paying cushy job

  4. anonymous in north CA

    Someone commented at that article “There has not been one case anywhere in the country where a registry has been used to solve a crime”. However that statement would be contested if you count the DNA collected from registrants that has solved many crimes. However they don’t need a registry system in order to collect DNA.

    • AlexO

      That would be no different than any DNA collected from a felon. I believe that’s mandatory for all felonies?

    • AJ

      @anon in NorCal
      Twas me who posted that. The (civil) registry didn’t solve the crime, the DNA collection done at booking as due to arrest for a criminal act did that. That a registry also mandates DNA collection is, in my opinion, simply a way to get DNA from people arrested/convicted long before DNA became the fingerprint it is today. I seriously doubt the first thing LE does when there’s a crime is only check registrant DNA; they check all DNA and it may end up being a registrant they find. (Heck, I’d love to see stats showing how often LE *did* check a registry to try to solve a crime…and see how often they came up empty!) That does not mean the registry solved the crime. Publishing who I am, where I work and/or volunteer, where I live, where I go to school, labeling my DL with “sex offender”, preventing me from going to a park or library, doesn’t solve, and hasn’t solved, a crime.

  5. David

    The article author’s bias is betrayed by his/her choice of words. An offender might “take advantage of the confusion caused by the court’s ruling”. Really?? An offender might not continue to register after the State’s Supreme Court rules that the retroactive requirement of the Registry is unconstitutional?! The nerve of those naughty offenders – exercising their rights and freedom! How dare they?! Boy, that PA legislature needs to jump on this issue and rewrite the State’s (and Federal) Constitution before things get out of hand!

    • Timmr

      It’s that well worn but unsubstantiated dog wistle which says that the registry is keeping all of us former offenders in line. Without it we will all be offending again. That’s the unfact this reporter is using to appeal to the reader’s fears.

  6. David

    (I remind my fellow registrants to leave comments in the “Comments” section of such articles. It is incumbent upon us to get the facts out to the public and, by doing so, help turn the tide of opinion against these unconstitutional registries.)

    • Left a member out

      You forgot Anthony Weiner in your comment on the webpage in question. He was a voting member to help pass the AWA. Your point here is spot on, make some noise with comments!

      John Walsh’s nightly program is brought to you by the firm of Foley, Hastert and Weiner, where they work for YOU!

    • Civil rights first

      I totally agree…

      Make sure to talk about facts and emperical evidence. Don’t fight and argue with the general public. State facts they can’t argue with facts and be nice about it…

      Catch more bees with honey than vinegar

      • David

        @ “Civil Rights First”, I certainly understand your point and in one-to-one interactions, that’s the approach I employ. But in the “Comments” sections of online articles, I like an fierce, “these-laws-are-unconstitutional-and-unconscionable” approach that will make people read and think. And if several – or many – of us are posting, I think it will get people thinking, “Geez, there are a lot of people opposed to this Registry stuff! Maybe it’s not all that I thought it was. Maybe I need to rethink this.”

        Anyway, just my humble (or not-so-humble) opinion.

  7. Nondescript

    They want to get the legislature involved to ensure that the registry is “beyond reproach” ? I think what they really mean is “ironclad”. They can only make something that is inhumane, conceived in hatred, built upon a foundation of falsehoods, with the intent to deceive, “beyond reproach” if it is viewed from the perspective of a psychopathic mindset.

    I’m really beginning to believe that these registry enthusiasts are either making an enormous amount of money off of the fear they generate, in need of a psychiatric evaluation , or both.

  8. It doesn't work

    Saving the world. Protecting humanity from registered sex offenders. Must be a very, very exhausting job Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30pm.

  9. kind of living

    well this article had great comments , I felt compelled to leave one , because I get so sick of people like this women that collect victim and put them in the mind set of staying victims rather than truly helping anyone

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