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State Supreme Court ruling sides with Fairfield child molester

FAIRFIELD — A Fairfield child molester’s victory Monday in the California Supreme Court will “further burden our overworked and under-resourced superior courts while adding little to the fair determination of (certain criminal) proceedings,” according to a lower court.

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  1. AlexO

    Sounds like he won’t be receiving any reparations for clearly having his rights violated. What a great system.

    • Timmmy

      He would need to go to another court for that. I suggest anyone who has a case for system abuse sue for an enormous amount of money so they agencies involved are unable to function for the projected life left for yourself due to the loss of funds, and demand to the court, the funds come directly from them, and not a treasury payment.

  2. David

    1. Excellent ruling!!
    2. But how bizarre that a lower court would so publicly criticize a ruling by the State’s Supreme Court!!

  3. mike r

    Ca is ripe for a real challenge to the registry..

  4. Lake County

    The definition of child pornography is so broad and subject to a persons interpretation, that the accused should always have the right to contest it.

    • Timmmy

      Several years ago a guy got a Fed child porn conviction for Manga cartoon magazines he was collection.

  5. T

    They got to stop it with using these epithets in the media of calling someone a “child molester” just because of what they’ve done, they’re human beings.

    • Arax

      I agree! It is a word that gets attention and brands people in a shameful way.

      • New Person

        Curious. If your case was dismissed, then should any negative descriptor exist? Could there be a case of libel for presenting false information b/c the case does not exists any longer?

        • Alexo

          Labels can and are used in short-hand to describe people, but are misused majority of the time.

          Legally there’s nothing there, but the action itself still occurred. But there is a difference between someone who did something once and someone who’s constantly has a compulsion to something. It’s like the word pedophile. In the media and general public it’s being used to describe anyone with an offense against any child, when in majority of cases there actually is no general attraction of this nature to minors. But there are real pedophiles out there. People who even admit that they have a real attraction to minors. But many of those people don’t actually follow through on their attraction. They’re still pedophiles, but non-offending.

        • David Kennerly, Thank you for not confusing me with John Wayne Gacy

          How many realize what the terms “hebephilia” or “ephebophilia” mean or that they really should be using one of those terms, in most legal instances, instead of “pedophilia?”

          It’s all been dumbed-down for mass consumption.

    • The Unforgiven

      It all elicits a response, a call to action, or a click to read more. It evokes shock and horror. I’m fascinated and repulsed by the media’s use, and overuse, of words to get someone to care just a little more. It’s even more disheartening when the words are used incorrectly, such as your example. In media, ever notice how violent celebrities seem to be? They are always ‘slamming’ or ‘blasting’ someone, and ‘breaking’ their silence. And of course, adjectives are used to abundance to describe accidents and fires. A hillside ‘deadly’ fire ‘rages out of control’…and so on. Last thing to go back on topic. Once I saw it here in print, I now see that the term ‘sex offender’ has a connotation that the person still continues the behavior. I also see that as wrong.

      • Timmmy

        Especially the use of the word “molester” which means “to bother,” not sexually abuse someone.

        • The Unforgiven

          Yes, exactly. good point. Molester, predator, pedophile..used day in, day out but how can every single person be those things? I think it’s ‘journalism’ 101 now. You don’t have to be accurate or factual. Just break the news first, use fancy words, and we’ll deal with the details later.

        • Nondescript

          Remember in 2003 the Florida Supreme Court ruled that ( Fox News) and other new outlets are under no obligation to inform the public of the truth about anything. They deliberately set out to distort the truth as a matter of course and there is no law, rule or regulation that says they can’t. The sole purpose of the mainstream news is to trigger our emotions to shape our belief system to suit a government/ corporate future agenda, and sell us bobbles and stuff we don’t need during the commercials. Period.

          Additionally, It’s why they need the conservative vs the liberal media to give us the illusion that they are at odds with each other. They don’t really care which side you choose, as long as it is one of them . The whole left / right paradigm is a farce.

        • kind of living

          Nondesript,,, you mean that main stream news is really being run by a shadow Gov’t ? hmmm , and selling an agenda to the sleeping mass’s ? noooo way man . if the news says it , its fact ! lol , and  truly it is funny that they have us out here going Raw Raw over our left right team is becoming more in our face than ever , like playing foot ball with only one goal at only one end of the field , if this thing were not causing so much harm to so many it would make a great comedy

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