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Simi Valley Formally Notifies Registrants of Repealed Halloween Ordinance

The City of Simi Valley has formally notified registrants in that city that they are no longer required to post a sign on the front door of their home on Halloween and are allowed to decorate their homes as well as answer their door to children. According to the letter dated October 18, these changes are the result of a decision made on October 16 by the Simi Valley City Council to repeal its Halloween ordinance which was adopted in 2012.

The Simi Valley letter did not make reference to the two federal lawsuits filed in 2012 and 2017 which challenged the city’s Halloween ordinance. However, the City agreed to send the letters to registrants in a settlement agreement reached with a registrant and his family who live in Simi Valley. Another provision in that agreement requires the Simi Valley City Police Department to create and distribute internally a memo regarding the City Council’s decision to repeal the Halloween ordinance.

“We commend the City of Simi Valley for honoring this year’s settlement agreement,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “We will monitor the actions of the Simi Valley Police Department this year and in the future to ensure that their actions are also consistent with that agreement.”

According to a plaintiff in the 2017 lawsuit, two Simi Valley police officers handed him a flier last month and told him that he must comply with the requirements of the city’s Halloween ordinance. Two city officials later told the media that compliance with the ordinance was voluntary, however, the language of the flier did not include a statement that compliance was voluntary. In addition, the City of Simi Valley formally agreed in a 2013 settlement agreement, after being sued in federal court, that the city would not enforce its Halloween ordinance.

Letter to Registrants (pdf)

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  1. jo

    Nice work!

  2. C



    Janice, you are an absolute saint. I don’t live in Simi, but since I’m there often and live just over the hill in the SFV, this hits close to home. I’m happy that my RC brethren are getting some relief.

  3. Stay outraged

    I’m still waiting for them to notify us and admit they were wrong about everything.

  4. Not sure

    Yes, Janice is indeed a saint. Along with Chance and everyone who works tirelessly for the RSOL cause.

  5. It doesn’t work

    ThankYouThankYouThankYou!!!! Let them tell some other group of felons that they can do this or that and they can’t go here or there AFTER Their Sentence Has Been Satisfied. Grrrr

  6. FRegistryTerrorists

    Congratulations, wonderful work. I would like to read the letter. Did ACSOL write the letter? The criminal regime surely couldn’t be trusted to write it.

    The letter should not have told the Registered people what they could do. It should have said something simply along the lines that the criminal regime would treat them as the citizens that they are and not apply special harassment to them.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      ACSOL, thank you for posting the letter (hope I didn’t miss seeing that link before!). It is very hard for me to believe that the criminal regime wrote the letter since it was succinct, factual, and did not contain any snide comments or lies about public safety and such. I’m very skeptical that such a letter is within their capabilities.

      People need to stay vigilant because this criminal regime will be committing their next crimes soon enough.

  7. Cool CA RC

    Maybe you can post a copy here or direct where we can see it.

    • Janice Bellucci

      There is link to copy of letter above just under article. Link is blue.

  8. Matt

    Don’t worry folks, your kids are safe, as long as those nasty, horrific, Tier 3’s are kicked in the teeth on a daily basis for the rest of their lives, Halloween can go on.

    • kind of living

      @ Matt ,,,,, ,, ,, it really sucks bro , hell I don’t feel safe even thinking about going out on Halloween , and it my favorite time of year , so I guess I will sit home and watch movies , good luck to everyone and have the best Halloween you can create for you and yours , a bunch of Chinese food sounds great

  9. SBC

    Thanks you Janice. They can’t throw rocks at my door now (symbolic memories of my past). I always turned off my lights and tuned out when Halloween came around. It was a silly insult to me.

  10. Trying to Understand

    Now if we can get this for Los Angeles County, that would be even better.

  11. Time to Fight

    I just got a call from my local police station stating unless I’m on parole or its stated in my probation terms then they will not be enforcing their Halloween ordinance. He said specifically this was due to the recent ruling in Simi. Everyone should call their specific station to see how they will enforce if they do have Halloween ordinances. Thank you Janice as your efforts have trickled down to all cities.

    • Janice Bellucci

      @Time to Fight – Thank you for the good news! Glad to learn that your city educated itself without the need to be sued in federal court.

    • TS

      They won’t enforce it now for how long until another administration comes in whether it is elected or otherwise, e.g. hired, then they will try to enforce it. They should just repeal it and be done with it, not selectively not enforce it. It is elected official laziness.

  12. Alienated

    This is Great News!

    I for one am so tired of the production of fear and hysteria for something that has never even happened.
    There is not literally one case of child abduction or child rape during Halloween it is a manufactured fear that is only to fuel the Hate and fear.
    There are several articles that challenge the nonsense.

    Educate not Hate

    Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone.

  13. Edie

    I understand that the rules still apply to those on parole. Perhaps the next step is to revise the CDCR law so that only those with crimes/alleged crimes against children must comply . As an example, young college men who were convicted following a drunken, non-underage he said-she said incident pose a threat to children???

    • SBC

      Edie,are you at some higher scale than everyone else?

      • Edie

        No, I’m not. It was a poor choice of words on my part. My apologies. NOBODY should be subjected to these draconian rules.

  14. A. Corn

    This Letter to the Editor of the Simi Valley Acorn is a classic…. sadly there is no way to comment.


  15. Counting the days

    When the city not having you post a sign saying you are a monster is considered a victory, consider the war lost.

    • AJ

      @Counting the days:
      If not a victory, what would you call it? A loss? Neutral? To think overturning a law that burdens RCs is anything but a victory is beyond me and, frankly, myopic. Forcing the Government to retreat in any manner is, to me, a victory. Today it’s a sign; tomorrow it’s safety zones; the day after that it’s residency restrictions. Wars are won through battles large and small. The sign win was a small battle in the greater war.
      Again, what would you call it when that happens (generically, not this law per se)?

      • jo

        Or a more simple way to put it: The govt FORCING you to put up a sign is a loss, FORCING them to abolish that law is a victory

  16. Counting the days

    So giving a person doing a life sentence an extra pack of smokes makes him happy, but doesn’t cost anyone else a thing, and he’s still doing life.
    Sorry, but I have lost too much to consider anything short of total system destruction a victory. I don’t wag my tail for scraps from the table that were going to go in the garbage anyway!

    • AJ

      Poor analogy, since someone in prison has demonstrably fewer rights than someone who is not incarcerated. Last I checked, access to cigarettes is not a right, regardless upon which side of the razor wire one is standing. It’s a privilege granted, not a right retained. I’ll take the regaining of my rights, tyvm.

      I am quite sure there would be a very long line of people in prison who would be willing to trade places with any of us. Heck, who on here who has been in prison would opt for being in prison and not registered over being out and registered? For the most part, even the best prison is worse than the worst freedom.

      How about this…since it’s not a win or gain in any way, why don’t you voluntarily put a sign on your door, lock yourself in your home, and keep the lights off? If it’s nothing worthwhile, there’s no loss or harm to you in doing so, right?

      • Counting the days

        They took off my original comment, but it had to do with you having self intercourse.

        • AJ

          @Counting the days:
          And your statement says volumes about you..especially since you felt it warranted a second go-round after it was initially rejected. Anger issues, perhaps?

          But to the point…if it’s not a gain, then what is it? The only other options are neutral or loss.

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