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Congressman Smith vs. the activists


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  1. Harry

    Excuse me, I thought this site is about RC issues? Other than Chris Smith is the father IML the article is completely off topic.

    • Moderator

      We reserve the right to publish any articles we find pertinent. Feel free to skip them if they are of no interest to you. ***Moderator***

      • TS

        Thanks for publishing this article. It gives an idea of who the person is on the other end of IML and efforts needed to unseat him.

        • Debbie

          That’s exactly what i was thinking when i read what this was about. Know your enemy, know other enemies of that enemy, what ticks him, weak points exposed. All of it is important to paint an entire picture and plan ahead.

          Glad you posted this.

  2. Jack

    Harry, that man is a grave threat to all RC’s. I for one am extremely glad Janice and her colleagues recognize that.

  3. T

    I’ve read in the article, and what he said in regarding IML on this article is interesting “Trafficking continues to be a passion of mine,” Smith said. He said since the International Megan’s Law passed, 160 convicted pedophiles have been turned away at the border in Thailand, where child prostitution and sex trafficking are common.

    • CR

      And quite likely none of them were traveling there to engage in either child prostitution or trafficking. He imputes criminal intent to every one of those people he calls “convicted pedophiles” with zero evidence to back up his claim.

      • T

        To CR, I don’t know if this is true news but I heard that an Oklahoma Republican politician pleaded guilty of being involved in child sex trafficking and he’s not a registrant, vs Chris Smith’s rhetorical claim of “convicted pedophiles” that are traveling with criminal intentions. Would this have a back firing effect on Chris Smith’s claim?

        • CR

          I think you are referring to former GOP state Senator Ralph Shortey. He is not registered yet, but I’m sure he will be. His case is in the pipeline. He is scheduled to plead on November 30th.

        • T

          To CR, I saw the article, it’s pretty interesting, and as far as Chris Smith, like you said and I would like to paraphrase that he imputes registrants as “convicted pedophiles” with zero evidence to back up his claim, which is all just straw figure fallacy in his rhetorical statement on his feelings about registrants in general and not just those that are convicted of crime involving a minor.

        • T

          oh and also Chris Smith’s statements are just statements he made to convince people to get the IML to pass, and statements are not evidence they’re just two different words of what they are. Chris Smith made his statement that was manipulative and effective enough that got the IML passed early last year without any real proof and no opposition able to speak out and what he did was malicious.

    • Harry

      “…Thailand, where child prostitution and sex trafficking are common.” It is common among the drug traffickers whom can travel there.

    • AJ

      It’d be interesting to get the data Rep. Smith used to make such a claim. If said as part of an official act, there may be a chance to FOIA it. I strongly suspect he’s misrepresenting the data. “Convicted pedophile” is, as we all know, a specific subset of RCs, and I am skeptical that 160 true pedophiles, carrying US passports, attempted to enter Thailand–or any country, for that matter. That 160 RCs were turned away due to AWC is a wholly different statement, and certainly not supporting his claims. In this case, I would trust DHS which, according to what someone else recently posted, found only a handful (8? 6?) over a span of years.

  4. mike r

    Ya, I wonder what skeletons this guy has in his closet. most likely he is or was involved in something to do with sex abuses in Thailand. More bogus stats too, pedophiles, ha, I bet they would have a hard time finding even one true pedophile that they stopped. The only reference made to any success of his other law to return children was of a mother who “abducted” her own child and fled to Brazil…99.9% or more of Megan’s law alerts are of parents taking their own kids…All these laws are bs, and though they sound well intended, they are completely irrational and worthless. Feel good legislation aimed at getting more votes…..They day of honor and respect for the constitution by these politicians is long over, they are corrupted and out for their own agendas which has nothing to do with facts or protecting the public. They are demagogues and oligarchs, and want to be lords and barons where only they have access to the kings court…

  5. mike r

    They are now attempting to usurp power over us and our extremely fundamental rights to access to the courts with their generous offer to let us petition for removal…What a joke….

  6. Sam

    This article seems very pro Smith. I hate how they throw the word pedophile around like its candy out of a parade float

    “His International Megan’s Law of 2016 helps protect children worldwide from pedophiles by notifying other countries when convicted sex offenders are traveling there.
    “Trafficking continues to be a passion of mine,” Smith said. He said since the International Megan’s Law passed, 160 convicted pedophiles have been turned away at the border in Thailand, where child prostitution and sex trafficking are common.”

  7. Peter

    Those who are traveling there to engage in such acts are most likely not in any registry whatsoever or have any type of record, probably financially wealthy and/or even have strong political connections.

    ” Trafficking continues to be a passion of mine,” Smith said.

    Passion can be a very dangerous thing with a slippery slope Mr. Smith. You fight monsters long enough, and careful you may become one.


    I wish you could sue Congressman for defamation the way he uses that word incorrectly

  9. Tired of this

    Know what would absolutely make my day? Someone in Chris Smith’s own immediate family becoming a so-called “convicted pedophile.” It would bring me immeasurable joy to see his own legislation hit close to home. Who knows, maybe he already has an unconvicted sex offender in his family, unbeknownst to him. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, since most sex offenders haven’t been caught yet. And I wonder what skeletons he himself has in his closet. He seems to protest a bit too much, if you catch my drift.

  10. AJ

    ”Trafficking continues to be a passion of mine,” Smith said.
    Perhaps this statement may someday ring true and differently…. (I wonder if the OK legislator said something similar? 🙂 )

    • Registry Rage

      Hitler had a “passion” for exterminating Jews as well.

      Smith is in for a surprise if he thinks Megan’s law will be his legacy.

  11. TS

    Here’s two for Rep Smith in his favorite country abroad:

    Americans arrested in Thailand for exposing themselves at religious temple

    Think of the children! Off with their heads at high noon!!! Dilly Dilly!!!

    • Sam

      I read this one today, i actually agree with what Thailand is doing with them. They desecrated a temple for followers on instagram. Their punishment was light. 150 USD each and getting deported.

      It seriously could have been a lot worse. Like being jailed for years or executed. Im pretty sure if it happened here they would have been charged under much stricter laws and the US embassy wouldnt be able to help them.

      • Sam

        Okay just looked at the ABC report, its the same case but reported completely different. When i read it in the paper today it said the men were given a fine and let out and are awaiting deportation.

      • TS


        You obviously missed the sarcasm here.

        1) Thailand is Rep Smith’s favorite country overseas for he meets with reps from there and notes how many RCs they have turned back who are undoubtedly heading there to do dubious acts of trafficking etc as he says without a shred of evidence of their intentions when traveling.

        2) Had they done this act here, they could be on the Registry for a lifetime in some states possibly and labeled as someone who hurt a child if the child was in the area when they had committed the act in their presence willfully or not.

        3) Obviously their own embassy could not have helped them in their own country.

        • CR

          TS, with respect to your number 3 above, just to clarify, when Sam said “Im pretty sure if it happened here they would have been charged under much stricter laws and the US embassy wouldnt be able to help them.”, the “here” he was referring to was not the US. He is in some other country, I think another Asian country.

  12. Sam

    I see, i referred to the embassy because i dont live in the United States anymore. The laws here on this kind of thing are a lot stricter and would probably be treated with caning and prison.

    The embassy here has no real power and to even talk to them takes at least a week. If its a drugs charge they have even less power as you face execution and they will expidite the hanging before the embassy could respond

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