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FL: Miami-Dade Commissioners Want Cops to Arrest Homeless Sex Offenders on Sight

For 12 years, Miami-Dade’s registered sex offenders have been barred from living within 2,500 feet of any school, playground, or daycare. They’re effectively homeless by law, and today hundreds live in squalor in makeshift “tent cities” under bridges, near trailer parks, and on roadsides. After New Times reported on a camp near Hialeah, county officials called these encampments inhumane and unsanitary and promised a solution.

That solution, though, apparently isn’t to amend the law or to find transitional housing. Two commissioners now want to simply put the offenders back in jail. Full Article

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  1. The Unforgiven

    Still not “punishment”?

  2. Lovecraft

    Hell would be too nice of a place for these politicians. That being said, go ahead and pass this law. Then it will be damned if you do, damned if you dont and it certainly wont be found consitutional. Iit should embloden very nicely any lawsuit challenging the registry as a whole.

  3. Jack

    So you just go to jail with no chance of ever getting out. If the death penalty for sex offenses had been deemed constitutional we’d have ourselves a good old fashioned holocaust going wouldn’t you say?

    • Gralphr

      Exactly, and people have the never to say this isn’t comparable in any way to what the Jews faced in Nazi Germany. People claim the Jews unlike sex offenders didn’t break the law, but fail to see that being a JEW was breaking the law and deemed worthy of punishment! Crimes are in the eyes of the beholder!

      • David Kennerly, Untermensch With An Attitude

        Not only that, but homosexuality was a crime, too and they were also put in death camps.

        • steve

          Anyone THEY deemed less than human were put in a camp. Sounds very familiar.

  4. ReadyToFight

    This is Definitely a Human Rights issue.

  5. stephen

    This New law will help trash the registry.


    WOW, so this was their goals after all Put ALL sex offender behind bars.

  7. Jack

    You’re right about that. We should just let the law pass to give us more ammunition to take this thing out entirely. The bigger they are the harder they fall after all.

  8. Joe123

    That is the email for the district that Commissioner Esteban Bovo works for. It is taken from their website.

    I suggest demanding a Mental Health Evaluation for the commissioner, seeing as he is suggesting that Homeless US citizens are arrested, citizens who are banned by law for a past crime committed and which time has been served for in full.

    A commissioner that is trying to commit Tyranny in this way is unfit to be serving the public. To try to pass a law this inhume, Un-American and Un-Constitutional should require his immediate resignation.

    I will email these words to the above email and I strongly suggest you email them with your thoughts as well about this Cruel and Inhumane punishment, this Banishment.

    • Bobby

      His colleague and also a Miami Dade Commissioner: Jose ” Pepe ” Diaz , who asked for his name to be put on this ridiculous law, was arrested for DUI about 2 years ago and still a commissioner. He is the worst of that bunch. Wanted every single RSO in Florida with a monitor bracelet for life among many other ridiculous suggestions. They are all corrupted.

  9. Jack

    Sounds like that guy and Sharon Runner would get along swimmingly.

  10. Nicholas Maietta

    Fight or flight. Do or die.

    If a cop tries to arrest… FIGHT BACK. They are trying to kill you. DEFEND YOURSELF. There is no hope for the people of Florida…..

    Or flee to a far away State and register there… they cant send US Marshalls after you if you are legally registered elsewhere.

    Grow some balls. This is WAR.

  11. kind of living

    things like this piss me off so bad , it really drives me so hard that its really hard to stay positive , why don’t they cut that state off of all funding of any kind , and drag that state out in the sea and make them fend for own sorry ass’s , sell it to Cuba , RC’s that can get out of that sorry excuse for a state should GET OUT ! even if it means walking out , a boat up the coast ! catch a ride ! I would say hitch hike but that’s against the law too . its things like this that make me think that these demons are trying to push RC’s to far in hopes of one or two go off the deep end , getting people killed just so the powers that be can slam us all down ! I don’t as a norm talk about presidents but its long over do that trump stand up against this kind of unconstitutional moves done by states , or the at least these weak watered down courts , COWARDS !!!!! !! !! I was born and raised in CA , but the law makers even here are trying to make it hard to live as an RC , if it was not for Janice here in CA we would be just as bad off as state like these , and to me its telling me witch way the wind is trying to blow , but I would haul ass out of Flora-scud , WHATS NEXT ? WHATS NEXT ? WHATS NEXT ? I can tell you what is not going to happen , and that is that these commissioners or the really bad LE are not going to be put on trial for crimes against humanity

  12. mike r

    what a racket. so now make them homeless then arrest them for being homeless.

  13. T

    It seems that various sex offender registry laws that are passed maliciously have gone out of control, especially in Florida. These commissioner maniacs have really lost their minds on what they are doing and they need to be stopped and replaced with better ones.

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