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General News

Foreign Minor Attempting to Meet a U.S. Sex Offender Intercepted by CBP officers at LAX

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers assigned to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) intercepted a 17-year-old male citizen of New Zealand on Monday who was traveling alone on a one-way ticket to visit a male family member in Michigan who has two felony convictions for sexual conduct with a person under 13. Full Article

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i’m not sure what was criminal here…

Yeah, I am trying to figure that out, too, it’s all innuendo, or rather propaganda.

So was this person turned away because he was a minor (NZ is also an 18+ country) or because he was connecting with an RC? Would they have let him through without hassle if the person wasn’t an RC?

I would presume it was because he was a minor who was here to a RC. If he had been 18, I doubt that they could have legally prevented him from entering based solely upon the fact that the person he was seeing was a RC.


So now they are going to forbid any family from another country to visit their loved one who is a RC?

Exactly. Totally out of hand.

Wow. This is what the huge criminal federal government thinks is an intelligent use of tax money. Does anyone doubt that they need to be shrunk to about 1/100th of their current size? What a bunch of morons.

To me, this is just shocking beyond belief. They think that a 17 year old who can travel by himself cannot be around a person who has done something bad in the past?!! Like a 17 year old is a little child too stupid to keep from being molested?! Unreal.

You should never, ever give anyone who works for government any benefit of the doubt. There are some legitimate reasons that some smart, decent people work in that cesspool, but not many. Probably a good 90% of them are awful “people”.

Sexual Offender means Sexual Predator- You didn’t know that?

Man,,, we really are hated people, in the United States.

Any RSO should never be trusted being in the presence of or even “close to”, “within range of 1000 feet” any person under the age of 18, irregardless of the underlying conviction.

I know the article mentioned the RSO had 2 Felony Convictions.

What if he had only a Misdemeanor Conviction and was sentenced to No Jail Time only Probation?
Would they still send the 17 year old back to New Zealand and possibly send the Feds out to interrogate the RSO?

They needed to protect the 17 year old of what “could” happen, because RSO’s simply can’t be trusted, and they have a staggering recidivism rate- right?

I guess I went through the article too quickly because I’m failing to see any criminal intent here…

Also, would the gentleman have been allowed in if he was seeing his ex-murderous family member or an ex-drug dealer perhaps?

Just remember, this is not punishment…it’s protection.

It’s possible this guy isn’t related and tricked this kid somehow. Says they met on line when he was 13.

It says the 17 year old was traveling to meet a family member.

“…whom he met on social media websites approximately four years ago…”

Read the whole article. It would seem that by “male family member” they did not mean the boys family, but a family which had a male member that is a RC. Very confusing, like most articles involving RC’s.

That is confusing as hell and poor wording if it’s meant in that way.

Anyway AOC in Michigan is 16 and someone can be sentenced to life in prison and charged as an adult at the age of 11 for murder

“But many state-level Republican politicians have led campaigns for adult trials and long prison sentences for juvenile offenders, using the slogan, ”adult crime, adult time.” Gov. John Engler of Michigan, a Republican, welcomed today’s verdict, saying that 11-year-olds were mature enough to understand the seriousness of firing a gun.”

Not sure if much has changed since I left but when I was there the crime stats were 1 in 6 people has a felony charge and 1 in 3 has a misdemeanor. It’s a pretty crime ridden state.

Before we get all bothered about the injustice to this 17-year-old who got sent back to NZ, lets accept some reality. (A) the CPB can reject anyone from entering the U.S. and does not need to give an explanation (B) He is a minor with only $26 in his pocket. In other words, he did not have financial resources to provide for himself; (C) He did not have a round-trip ticket, which shows the intent not to return to NZ. The fact that the man he was going to “visit” is a registrant was only the icing on the cake. I would not be surprised if the young man had been returned to NZ anyway. But it sure makes CPB look good if they brag about foiling a sex predator liaison, doesn’t it?

It’s seems to me that as the registry grows, more collateral damage will appear. Everday actions by others will be impeded because of this list. Actually, I hope it makes life miserable for everyone. Maybe then can something be done.

Very much this.

Look, I’m the first to scream foul when the government screws up but in this case, the reason the kid was flagged was for being a minor traveling alone – they are ALWAYS flagged. That’s the reason they looked into his travel more deeply. He could have been going to Disneyland, they still would have turned him away, because they are always going to refuse entry to someone traveling alone on a one way ticket with no money, unless they’re claiming asylum. That is the ONLY condition they’d let someone in that way.

The only thing they’ve done wrong is here paint this as having ANYTHING AT ALL to do with SO’s. It’s not even remotely relevant. They were going to kick the kid back no matter what.

Any foreign person attempting to enter the USA will need to show proper documentation to justify a one way ticket. Otherwise the person will not be allowed to board the plane. Alternatively, a round trip ticket with proper visa provisions or exemptions from certain countries is required to board the plane.

Even further, any foreign person / permanent legal resident exiting the US with a round trip ticked will need to show the legal right to re-enter the US (i.e. a green card) before being allowed to enter the outbound plane. The same legal resident will need to present the green card on the return flight (equivalent to a one-way flight to the US) before being allowed to board the plane.

This has nothing to do with a person being a minor, and certainly not with the intended host of the traveler.

This 17 year old should have never been allowed on the plane. This article links to an official CBP statement. Why the statement about the RSO host? It is nothing short of bizarre.

If the parents gave permission for him to visit his relative the government has no business pulling this crap.

I really got questions about this New Zealand boy going to see a family members he met through social media four years ago.

First, this goes to the statistic that everybody espouses about sexual abuse allegations and incidences being perpetrated by those the people know versus those that the people do not know. Family members being the prime example of course. Customs and Border Patrol is worried about a family member, who is a large statistical point in the pool, of those who know their victims. They’re going off on that statistic right here and validate it as I see it in their thinking. They may not know that but that’s what they’ve done.

Second, the boy lives in New Zealand, halfway around the world from Michigan. If he did not know he had American relatives until he was 13, or maybe earlier, of course he may not meet them in person until later but on social media initially when he could have his own account.

Third, I don’t understand why Customs and Border Patrol would keep family members away from each other even if he only was traveling by himself and had $26 in his pocket? Did they not validate they were expecting him in Michigan? Customs and Border Patrol has the ability to reject anybody they want before they come into the country, unless this boy is on some sort of no entry list, why would you keep him away from other family members who are also expecting him, even if it includes one registered citizen? Even if he was on a one-way ticket, which he was, why would you keep him separated from his family?

There’s too much to this story that does not add up other than the quick positive publicity hit Customs and Border Patrol wants and maybe fed to Representative Smith for more money.

Yes, this is all pretty weird. We should try to get a hold of these people and get them to go on record for the lawsuits.

If the minor really is a relative, I think its stupid and a waste of time for the government to be getting involved unless they can prove its a lie in order to do something illegal. They’re claiming the 17 year old minor is some little innocent kid, yet how many months until said minor turns 18 and they then could care less about his safety? The man on the registry should have known better than to even get involved in such an incident and it only reflects on all of us. Even if its true the minor is a relative, he should have understood his situation and the fact the government has made him out to be public enemy #1 (worse than a murderer), so should have refused to meet the minor at the airport or have his name on anything linked to the minor coming to the US unless it was his child. Hell, when I met my wife who had kids before we had ours, i was very paranoid about my rights and didn’t want to set myself up to be accused of anything. I even told the police officer who did the checks to get his opinion. He told me to not be paranoid and that we were married, so I didn’t have anything to fear. Sadly, many people don’t find out they’re wrong until they get in trouble. Its not like they give you a sex offender book once you’re out of prison. Many things I thought I had to follow (based on what the news says), I later learned that I didn’t have to due to my conviction date. I pray he wasn’t up to no good because we have enough laws that target us as it is……………………….

A 17 year old in today’s world isn’t some half-wit clueless bowl of innocence. Teens today are connected through multiple means of knowledge, education and understanding. My 17 year old son as a California state lifeguard last summer had saved lives and sadly also experienced the loss of life (a 78 year old man died in my son’s arms). by comparison to when I was 17 years old the kid flies circles around me in maturity. The maturity of teens today are different than those of my day (the 70’s) but we treat them by the same standards. Odd how we’ll try a teen for murderer as an adult at the drop of a hat but don’t allow them much else…. meanwhile my 17 year old son had also saved 4 college girls caught in a riptide at the beach. That 17 yr old young man from New Zealand would of handled any problem confronted in his visit better than I may have at that age. Don’t sale today’s young people short!!!

$26 and a credit card will travel the world.
(before angel watch)

Oh boy! You guys are in denial! I guess it’s the kids fault! Sound familiar? He or she made you do it. Curtis, everyone is different. Remember, you guys keep complaining all registrants aren’t the same? We have laws in place to protect minors. We have a 2 time Felon meeting and underage minor with a one way ticket? Groomed? Manipulated? You guys need to wake up! If anyone read your comments, they would have concerns. Don’t break the law!

The report says it was his relative. I’m assuming he doesn’t have parents since they said he lived with a caregiver.

Maybe this guy in Michigan was the last family he has and the kid is terminally ill. We will never know because it wasn’t disclosed.

What we do know is he was going to visit a relative who is a registered citizen in Michigan and he was turned away because of this and that he had no money or a return ticket. (It’s super easy to end up as an RC in Michigan. There are more than 40k RC in Michigan last I had checked and 90% of them were classified as tier 3 because a felony is an automatic tier 3 without a hearing and there are only a 1or 2 crimes that aren’t a felony)

Learn to read! He met a family online (whom he never met before) and was going to meet a 2 time Convicted Felon. Great. This is an everyday occurrence. Every 17 year old travels Internationally with a one way ticket to visit a family he never met before! You guys seemed to blame it on the kid? It sounds like someone has been grooming him for a few years? Hmmm


Thanks for the insight that’s not published but you assumed without public corroboration.

Quit drinking the Kool-Aid of assumption.

Me, I blame it on the government. I don’t think that it’s any of their goddamned business.

“who was traveling alone on a one-way ticket to visit a male family member in Michigan”

I’m sorry but they state that he was a family member.
I’ve actually met family members randomly in a similar fashion that I had never met before. And their stories usually check out because we have the same stories about the same family members.

@ BigMac. I have not seen anyone blaming the kid.

They’re making a pressumption just to make us think that there’s something sexual going on just to prove of the sex trafficking that it’s happening with registrants being involved.

OMG! Sam, learn to read. Go READ the article again. You guys are truly thought provoking in your thoughts. I guess it’s ok for underage kids to travel clear across the world (obviously without permission) to meet a 2x Comvicted Offender he probably met on a chat room? How did the child buy the ticket? It sounds like he was groomed. I know of a lot of children who develop friendships with fully grown adults like this? This thinking is what brought you here! (Ie: whopper/Curtis)


You are reading into it without knowing it’s actually grooming from afar. The way the release is written you could think your theory is correct. However, you don’t know because it didn’t say.

Obviously, NZ let him fly solo at 17, so that’s on them with their permission.

Release says It was a male family member, implying they’re related, who has two felony convictions with person’s under 13.

The guy is 17 and unknown how close to 18.

Also says, It was A (emphasized) family he met online four years ago, which doesn’t say or imply whether they’re related or not or if it was in a chat room, but merely through a social media website.

There are several conclusions that could be drawn here, but your’s aren’t able to be verified. In the end, CBP gets the positive publicity here without further information shared, but enough to flex their muscle.

There was a recent case involving an illegal immigrant and the status of deportation for having sex with a 17 year-old, or something around that age. Since this was a federal matter, the federal judges relegated the age of consent would be 16 years of age for the nation. That would mean anyone under 16 is a minor.

In this case, on US soil, a minor is someone under 16 years of age. Also, as Whopper pointed out, NZ let the individual fly. They let him go because it was a family relative. On US soil, sex registrant description comes before family relative and carries significantly more weight, apparently.

Remember, the registry was supposed to be a regulatory item, not an on-going investigation. This only happens to those on the registry and no other subsets of convicts. So that’s also amiss here.

That’s a pretty big assumption there Mac.

It doesn’t say “anywhere at all” that he traveled clear across the world without permission, nor that he was “groomed” to meet a 2X Convicted Felon RSO, that he “he probably met in a chat room”.

Really, are you just trying to play the Devil’s Advocate here?


Big Mac is trying to play big government supporter and be one of the good sheeple. You know, them there SEX offenders don’t do anything that normal people do. We’ve always got to be watchin and gittin them there SEX offenders.

Big Mac:

Are you employed by big government? Do you believe all the lies they tell? Lying is their business.

Since you are huge fan of assuming, let’s assume this – his “caregiver”, let’s assume one of his aunts, knows the family members in Michigan and the aunt and 17 year old wanted him to visit. The aunt knows the 17 year old is more responsible than most 30 year olds.

That changes the story a little bit, doesn’t it? Now big government is doing nothing but interfering with families.

It is hilarious that big government evidently thinks it is genius of them to “determine” that he is “traveling with $26” and they need to tell the stupid sheeple that. BFD. Means less than nothing. They need to mind their own damn business. It is trivial for a person to get additional money anywhere in the world. A person can have a million dollars available to them at the click of a mouse.

Also, a 17 year old is old enough. Did you know that we allow people that age to operate machines on roads that are shared with innocent people where they could (and do) very, very easily murder someone who is innocent? I’m sorry but we’ll have to accept the fact that 17 year olds must be trusted enough to interact with adults.

Stop eating up any drivel that big government feeds you. They lie. They misrepresent. They distort. Especially when it comes to their “SEX offender” witch hunt and trying to tell you how much you need them to “protect” people and give them more money. You should always start from a belief that they are lying until you confirm, without doubt, that they are not.

BigMac doth protest too much. Perhaps this incident hits a little too close to home?

Wow, how did get into discussing the government? Then you guys blamed the kid (underage)? I guess if we assume he can drive, it’s ok? Then, it’s the caregivers mistake? Ohhh boy. This thinking is the reason your here! Defensive! Blaming!

As I read it, the fact he was traveling to see someone on the registry is irrelevant. He would have been turned away anyway: underage, no means, one way ticket: border patrol would have sent him back anyway. Sounds like Chris Smith’s Brigade grasping at any straw to make them look relevant.

Nothing to see here.

The Registry fact is irrelevant.

However, if I have a family member that lives in another country and we want to visit, then I don’t want any of my big governments to dream that is any of their damn business. F these crazy people who think it is acceptable to meddle in my life. They are nothing but enemies.

What would make this situation okay with Nanny Big Government? That the person is not visiting a Registered person, had a round trip ticket, and has $500 in his pocket?!! That is pure big government stupidity. These employees need to get real jobs where they could do something useful.

BIG Mac:

Take it easy. I’m not attacking anyone … as long as they oppose the Registries 100%. Nothing else is acceptable.

Having said that, it is completely evident from your writing that you are not so smart. Big deal. I work and do business with a lot of people who are much more intelligent and talented than I am. You just have to know how to do the best with what you have. It is always a good idea to listen a lot more than you talk and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Cut people slack and don’t always assume they are attacking you.

Anyway, this post of yours is crazy. You asked how we got into discussing the government. What?!! You can’t be serious.

You also said people “blamed the kid”. What?!! Blamed the kid for what?! No one did anything wrong except for big government.

You completely missed the point about “children” driving.

No matter, I’m not sure you can get most of this. It’s fine. Just stop believing big government lies. Get on the moral side of this war.

NPS, my misdemeanor was expunged with summary probation. Non child related. You seem very defensive? Was your issue close to you? Sound familiar? Your super defensive. I’m simply stating facts! Best of luck and change your mindset! People seem angry by this!

Ah…I knew it was USA in disguise. I recognized the accusatory tones in all his responses and the lack of critical think, reading, and writing skills.

Yes, yes, we all know about your massage parlor, summary probation, non-child related, misdemeanor expunged record blah blah blah. That’s what you say to everyone who disagrees with you right after you make erroneous assumptions about their situations.

No one is defensive here expect you.

@ Big Mack ,,,,, ,, I have seen many comments on here in the past that sound just like you , just a different name , I think your the same person , that thinks your better than anyone else , and your the one that needs to change your mind set , ,, “My misdemeanor was expunged “with summary probation ,you seem very defensive ? Ha Ha Ha ! Gee I wish we could all be Super Heros like you DB , your just not happy lest your stepping on some ones pecker . my misdemeanor ! my misdemeanor ! my misdemeanor ! lol , that’s all you truly care about , I say that because when your not stepping on some ones pecker , your begging for some one to give you info about your Misdemeanor . what was it you went buy , USA or something like that ? lol , I think it was NPS some time ago gave me heads up about your trouble making self , its ether that or your just trolling

Big Mac, are you still a registrant?

Amongst other registrants, you seem to think you’re different. Amongst non-registrants, you’re actually lumped into the whole same boat. Cry all you want, but you’re still deemed a monster. Many posters have received expungement, but use that information as a reference. You use that information as an advertisement. Does it matter, though? You’re still a registrant. That’s the only reason why you are posting on here.

This article posits several layers to be dissected, but you seemed to have a fixation on one layer only. And then you personally call out one poster? It’s quite possible your fixation has an underlying agenda on a poster than the actual article. I guess you’re “triggered” and it shows.

I’ve heard about the corruption of CBP officers and that they are getting away with professional misconduct, and breaking away from their protocols.

Wow! You guys all seem to blame everything on the government? I guess everyone is on the registry because it’s someone else’s fault? It’s the kids fault! The CBP must be dishonest, because you heard rumors! The kid is 17 and he must be capable of making level headed decisions, even though he is underage? I guess getting on an International flight and flying half way across the world is ok? It’s everyone’s fault but the 2 time convicted offender? I guess everyone gets on chat rooms, makes friends with underage boys and asks them to take International flights to visit them? I’m sure the boy knew what the grown man had been convicted of? Yeah. It’s everyones fault! It’s the boys fault, governments fault, corrupt CBP, caregivers fault! It’s everyones fault! The Registered citizen is just an innocent bystander. Yeah! I guess it’s ok for Registered Citizens to meet underage boys online. Sure. Groom? Manipulate? You guys are disturbing!

Big Mac:

Stop with the babble that you were fed in “therapy”. The only thing I’m saying is don’t read an obvious propaganda piece from Nanny Big Government (NBG) and automatically assume that it is true and especially don’t feed into their ridiculous hysteria. NBG will never stop telling you how much you need them and how great a job they are doing “protecting” you. Start with the assumption that anything that they say is a lie. Then look into the facts for yourself.

But if you really are such a big fan of NBG and you believe that all people who are listed on their Registries deserve to be treated “specially”, then maybe you belong on a Registry Terrorist web site instead of here? Perhaps you belong with the people who love NBG, get off on harassing other people, and need to pay a LOT more taxes for their NBGs. People who love NBG need to pay them.

Wow! I’ve read many of the responses and it’s disturbing! Nobody seems to address the facts! Furthermore, everyone seems to avoid wanting to take accountability. If anything, people seem almost angry? This underage young man met a 2 time Convicted pedophile online! Chat room? Ad? Who knows. I do know they met online. How many grown men meet underage boys online and invite them to come visit their country thousands of miles away? Underage! No supervision! A one way ticket? This is disturbing. Yet, from what I’ve read, it’s the boys fault, caregivers fault and etc etc etc! I guess your all on the registry because it’s someone else’s fault! It’s the governments fault! New Person doesn’t make any sense? Kind of living sounds like a child on a playground. Nursery rhymes? Robert Curtis seems to think if underage children can drive, it’s okay? No one seems to look at the big picture. The Government just saved an underage child with a one way ticket from visiting a grown man who is a sex offender!

Many of you share these characteristics: does any of this hit home? Hmmmm

In most cases, the pedophile turns out to be someone known to the child through school or another activity, such as a neighbor, teacher, coach, member of the clergy, music instructor, or babysitter. Family members like mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, stepparents, and so on may also be sexual predators.

Other characteristics include:

Often the pedophile is male and over 30 years of age.
Single or with few friends in his age group.
Some have mental illness, such as a mood or personality disorder.
If married, the relationship is more “companion” based with no sexual relations in the early stages.
They are often vague about time gaps in employment which may indicate a loss in employment for questionable reasons or possible past incarceration.
They often talk or treat children like adults.
They are often fascinated with children and child activities appearing to prefer those activities to adult oriented activities.
They will often refer to children in pure or angelic terms using descriptive words like innocent, heavenly, divine, pure, and other words that describe children but seem inappropriate and exaggerated.


Don’t be stupid. There aren’t enough facts in the government propaganda piece to truly understand what was going on. And unless you are a complete idiot, you know for sure that big government has twisted every single, tiny fact into the most favorable thing for them possible. So, just don’t be so gullible and immediately believe their nonsense.

The scenario I gave is easily as plausible as the one that big government wants you to eat up. Perhaps the 17 year old’s caregiver is his aunt and she knows the whole family in Michigan. She and the 17 year old talk with them on Facebook. They all want the 17 year old to visit the family. But then big government steps in to “save” a “child”! Yeah! Send more money to big government! They need to get bigger!

I’m sorry but if a person is old enough to operate a car on a public road, the person is old enough to make decisions about SEX. Not debatable by anyone with a brain. I’m too tired to look it up right now but I’m fairly sure that a 17 year old can consent to SEX in pretty much every state in America. I think you need to look up the age in Michigan. Kind of makes big government look like the idiots that they are.

I haven’t seen anyone “blame the kid”. How is he to be blamed? He did nothing wrong. What is the most likely is that the only one who did anything wrong is big government.

As long as big government has SEX Offender Registries – F them and every single piece of “dirt” that supports them.

I am cracking up USA1 or 2 or is it Big Mac, or something that sounds apple pie . I am sure you are spoofing the average American, hence the identifying handles. That is why I am laughing at your posts instead of getting upset. You know, this is just classic mockery. You have listed probably every myth about registrants in this post. Quite an accomplishment. It is an act, like Steven Cobert playing a right wing news anchor. Good show, my man, Applause.

I have to agree with Double Whopper with cheese somewhat I believe we need to call this out as it is because frauds that keep doing this shit is how they justify the shit they put on the rest of us and people we know. It’s not hard to figure out an RC shouldn’t be talking to underage strangers online or in person period.

No, we don’t know the specifics of this so we just need to leave it alone. The only thing that we should learn from it is that big government is doing this crap and that we should not trust their propaganda to give us the facts.

As far as talking to underage strangers, I have to disagree with you about that. In fact, I would say that RCs should do whatever normal people do.

Further, because the Registries exist and only because they exist, I do think RCs should go out of their way to do anything that anyone that supports the Registries would like for them not to do. Of course that includes talking to underage strangers. Personally, I am around random children all of the time for a couple of reasons – 1) It’s normal, and 2) the Registries exist.

People who support the Registries are harassing terrorists who cannot mind their own business and who are trying to control my family’s lives. In return, I’m going to do the same to them. They are enemies. They will continue to pay.

Will Allen You out of control bro
Control is the magic word bro. We can only control our actions and I would say the best way to help someones family is to the opposite of what this guy did and defiantly let my anger at the corrupt government or my idea that somehow I am better then other RCs and I can talk to random children online or on the street when I normally bump into them. I have seen alcoholics with this problem ” I have this under control, I can have a drinky poo anytime I want, its normal” never works out for them in the long run. Most likely if your own way to CONTROL yourself worked then you wouldn’t be a person that broke the law in the first place. So take the majorities word for it that make up the over 90% that do not reoffend, Remove yourself when your around minors because you’re putting yourself and your family at risk plain and simple. As far as the reg is concerned we will break it down pice by pice but f trades like the guy talking to 13 yr olds online are f ing it up for all of us Get it?

Paul 2:

Sorry, my man. What I did was minor, didn’t involve children, and was well over a couple of decades ago. So the only thing that is acceptable is that I am going to live my life like any other 100% normal person. Anyone that interferes with that has been paying for it.

I am very successful today and I am going to use that success and complete control to keep making the lives of people who support the Registries worse every year. They are getting poorer. Their lives are getting worse. Since they won’t stop TRYING to harass me, I’m going to help that continue.

Anything that Registries Terrorists want is the wrong thing. The opposite should be done.

Wow, you guys clearly must have a loose screw. No one has addressed any facts. One of you demands that a 17 year old must be capable of making judgements regarding SEX! Unfortunately, who said anything about sex? I guess we know where his mind is. The others state the registry is evil with propaganda and it sounds like it’s pretty typical for grown men to chat with underage children from other countries. I’m really glad Will Allen shared his views. Tim Moore doesn’t want to face the fact that he has issues as well. You have all exposed yourself. We have a grown man grooming a young boy! You defended the man. As noted, you can’t rationalize with irrational people!


Son, you aren’t too bright. But there is nothing wrong with that at all. As I said before, I know a LOT of people who are smarter than I am. I listen to them. I am smarter because I recognize it.

You said, “who said anything about sex?” Really?! Did you miss that big government’s whole make believe “problem” here is because 1 person in the Michigan family is listed on their SEX Offender Registry? Do you think that is related to SEX or because of a speeding ticket?

You said, “We have a grown man grooming a young boy!” Really?! For what exactly? Can’t be SEX because you said that no one said anything about SEX.

Hey, what is the age of consent in Michigan anyway? I thought this potential victim was 17.

I have think that since your “arguments” are so ridiculous and irrational that you might actually be a cop that works for big government. You seem to “think” just like they do and of course I mean – not so much.

DUH. Why don’t you just stop? Is this how you landed on the registry? Learn to take a deep breath and control your bad behavior! Your completely out of control! Get help

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