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MA: Lawmakers consider shining light on secret sex offenders

Secret sex offenders could soon be forced out of the shadows in Massachusetts.

The state considers Level 1 sex offenders a low risk to re-offend so information about them is not available to the public, but a bill under consideration on Beacon Hill would allow people to find out if a specific person is a Level 1 offender or if a Level 1 offender lives at a particular address. Full Article

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  1. J

    Don’t fret though, secret murders and secret drug dealers will be overlooked! Home Invaders are fine too along with every other type of Violent offenders….

    • David

      Well thank goodness, J!
      I would be terrified if I found out that a convicted murderer lived next door to me! Or someone convicted of violent assault or convicted of repeat-offense drunk driving ….. I just wouldn’t know what to do! Remember, ignorance is bliss! Much better that I not be aware of those dangers.
      (Sarcasm intended – directed at the Bill’s author, not a J.)

      • J

        Lol, right on!!!!

      • Michael

        I don’t remember the actual statistic, but a person is more likely to be a victim of violent crime than a sex crime.


      • David Kennerly

        Well, I’ve had the peculiar experience of living next door to hundreds of murderers since the State of California decided to lock me up with them some years ago 🙂

    • Michael

      I blame the “values voter,” the “christian” right and the charlatans that pander for their votes. America is loaded with sexual prudes — mostly extreme social conservatives who wear their prudery like a badge of honor. They think of themselves as being exemplary role models. They explicitly endorse a moral standard, yet behave in violation of it. For that reason our teen pregnancy, abortion and STD rates are higher than countries considered more “permissive” than the United States. It’s the values voting hypocrite that pushes these laws. You could count how many have a (D) after their name without having to take off your shoes.

      I’m telling you, religion is the root of all evil and this shit is going to get worse before it gets better.


    • pgm111

      Based upon my preliminary analysis, I believe the public at large is more likely to be sexually assaulted by a police officer than by someone on the sex offender registry. My source for police sexual misbehavior statistics is non-other than the Cato Institute, the esteemed libertarian think tank located in Washington, DC. I would like to collaborate with anyone of you on reviewing the available data and deriving a more conclusive analysis. If we can persuasively demonstrate that the general public is safer in the company of registered sex offenders than police officers, we can use this knowledge to our great benefit. Please reply if you are interested in working on this little project with me. Janice can put us together. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. G4Change

    Yet another evil legislator trying to get headlines for herself by using the words “S.O.”. These people make me sick!!!
    ONE person who was a Level 1 screws up, and they try to throw the rest under the bus. Idiots!!!!

  3. Nicholas Maietta

    Let’s redefine sex offender to mean legislator. Legislators redefine words all the time to fit their agenda. Last night it was the redefined term for an unborn child to be a child created at conception, in a tax bill, paving the way to make all abortions at the federal level. So I propose the following: A sex offender is a person who holds a position with legislative powers who target registered persons for their own political gain. A sex predator is a person who holds any official position which targets registered persons for personal gain. I would also venture to redefine sexual gratification to mean repeated attempts to target registered persons over a period of time. This would cause anyone who targets registered persons to be considered sex offenders and sex predators. Now, to get them to sign it. Maybe label it the “Authorization to target sex preditors for harassment” and make it beefy and painful but then near the very end redefining sex offenders and sex predators to be them. Maybe they’ll sign that.

    /* wishful thinking…. */

    • KM

      Well technically, they do meet the definition of “sex offender predator” we can honestly call them that and it sounds awful.

  4. AJ

    “Secret” RCs? Umm, they’re not trying to hide or be sneaky…they’re trying to live as free humans. And technically, the information about them isn’t secret, it’s protected.
    Even though the state considers a Level 1 low risk, 5 Investigates discovered 65 percent of the 2,700 Level 1s have something in common with B______: they’ve been convicted of sex crimes against children.
    Okay, so what? How many have reoffended? Probably quite a low number…thus the reason they’re considered low risk in the first place! “5 Investigates” seems to want to take the angle that RC with an offense involving a child should never be a level 1. Another non-story being inflated into fear mongering.

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