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CT: 5 arrested after potential sex offender sting in Guilford



Five men were arrested during a sting in Guilford this weekend that was searching for potential sex offenders.

Between Friday and Sunday, the Guilford Police Department and the Veterans 4 Child Rescue Foundation conducted a regional/multi-jurisdictional joint/parallel sting known as “Not in my Town” initiative.

The focus of the sting was to arrest “potential sex offenders” after investigators had “arranged sexual liaisons” with fictional children. The fictional children reached out to the possible suspect through various social media applications over the internet.

“They came to a home with the understanding that they were going to meet a woman and her stepdaughter and the woman was providing this daughter for them. So this is some next level perversion,” said Guilford Police Chief Jeffrey Hutchinson.

But there was never a woman or a teen.

“The reason we’re doing this is multi-fold. Obviously, we want to raise awareness for parents, educators, anyone that’s in contact with children to make sure they understand the dangers of the internet, parents need to understand what their children are doing,” Hutchinson said.

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  1. Agamemnon

    How is this not entrapment?

    • New Person

      Wait… So isn’t the person peddling the teen daughter guilty of sex trafficking? That means the Guilford Police Department and the Veterans 4 Child Rescue Foundation should also be under arrest for sex trafficking if these men were arrested for potential crime with a fictional teen character. The Guilford Police Department and the Veterans 4 Child Rescue Foundation willingly peddled their daughter to people. How are they not arrested for this act of peddling their teen daughter for sex?!!!!

      • American Detained in America

        Yes, they are guilty of that, but it still continues. There was a big thing a year or two ago about similar stings in Florida where they went as far as actively trying to talk men into meeting a woman with her daughter. It’s disgusting and I soooo look forward to a time when all of these internet entrapment cases are finally seen for what they really are!


      Entrapment is the act of the government forcing you to commit a crime you wouldn’t of committed. Providing the bait and someone grabbing is it not entrapment. If someone messaged you, sent you pictures unsolicited, kept messaging you as you said no stop, and finally said “if you don’t come ill kill your wife” – thats entrapment. Pretending to be an underage girl and having a person voluntarily come, not entrapment.

      Not saying i agree with the tacit – but not entrapment

      • New Person

        Peddling a teen into sex is an offense. Who care if it is fictional b/c apparently someone was charged of a crime for going to see that fictional teen as well.

        It is fact that the org and PD peddled a fictional teen into sex. Peddling a teen into sex is sex trafficking. That is a crime.

  2. Repeat or first timers?

    Were they already registered is a big question.

    • NPS

      The key word is “Potential”, so I am guessing these men did not have any priors and aren’t current RCs.

      • American Detained in America

        More evidence that RC’s are not the problem…

      • David

        What the Hell is this?: “The fictional children reached out to the possible suspect through various social media applications over the internet.” (from 3rd paraghraph of article) And this is NOT some kind of entrapment??? 😡

    • Q

      @Repeat or first timers? If they weren’t already registered they soon will be.

  3. jo

    “The fictional children reached out”

    Let’s apply this same formula to some other crimes…

    “We set up shop at a local bar and plied men with alcohol, then encouraged them to get in their cars and drive, then waited down the street and arrested them for drunk driving.”

    • @jo

      The underage looking overage male law enforcement officer sat in her high school class, made eyes at her, replied to her messages, and made her feel special to where the female teacher then performed oral copulation favors because of such feelings yet she knew better being in a position of trust as an educator.

    • Tuna

      There was actually a case similar to this in Danville,CA IIRC, a few years back.

    • Tim Moore

      There is a lot of missing information here. I really doubt a teen or pre teen would “reach out” to have sex with some older man, not a very realistic situation. I can’t see how this would actually prevent real victims. Besides, it is the legislature’s job to create the environment to prevent crime, through laws, not trickery. Impersonating someone on order to faciltate a crime, isn’t that immoral if not illegal? For us unchristened peons, it least.


        Immoral yes – Illegal no. Police can use lies and deception to get people to confession/commit crimes.

        • Tim Moore

          Yeah, I suppose they can and do pretend to sell drugs or weapons to catch someone, so this is probably no different.

  4. Tim Moore

    Hey, who better to know how to run child sex trafficking rings than police officers?

  5. Facts should matter

    They need to stop saying “our children” because it implies “protect children at all costs” elitism, exclusivity and entitlement.

    Even the NCMEC uses that fear mongering moniker “our children.” Like they are the first and last word in child safety which is total BS.

    • New Person

      How are they protecting children when they are peddling children in this sting?

      Two wrongs don’t make a right, unless you’re the one in charge, I suppose.

  6. Joe123

    These practices have to be illegal, and if it’s not then it will need to be after a lawsuit. How do we allow people to be arrested for fictional situations?

    • New Person

      If it is illegal for a person to hook up with a fictional teen in this case, then it should be illegal for the person(s)/entity for peddling that fictional teen.

      From the article:
      “They came to a home with the understanding that they were going to meet a woman and her stepdaughter and the woman was providing this daughter for them. So this is some next level perversion,” said Guilford Police Chief Jeffrey Hutchinson.

      The woman was providing this daughter for them. That is directly from the Guilford Police Chief’s mouth, except this woman is the Police Department.

      It’s kinda like the Federal Gov’t in charge of a child porn website to catch people. How isn’t the Feds guilty of dissemination of child porn?

      • TS

        The CT premise is the same premise used on drug deals to draw in dealers and users for example (or stolen goods for another). It’s too successful to be done away with. Courts allow it despite the disdain from people. I am not in agreement with it but just saying don’t count on it going away.

        Side note – Feds peddling what they did is abhorrent and just so beneath the basic human decency standard.

  7. Counting the days

    I just called up their police dept. and asked for email. They said use the general info form. They then asked what was my need for email, so I told them. They suddenly got ” un helpful “. I then told them instead of setting up people, they should spend more time improving community / police relations. They hung up on me.

    • David

      👍 Good for you, “Counting”!! Standing up to those lying, self-righteous 👮=🤡 clowns!! 👍

  8. JesusH

    Is there any defense for these guys? I was caught up in a sting as well and my lawyer said these cases are slam dunks for the police so it would be best if I went for the best plea I could get.

    I didn’t want to spend what money my family had to defend myself on the small chance I might get off so I plead no contest. I was able to keep my job and so far so good (the mental toll of being on the registry is getting to me though).

    I feel there has to be some way to defend yourself though.

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