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How ‘Pseudo-Science’ Turns Sex Offenders into Permanent Outlaws


A New York Appeals court has rejected the notion that risk prediction under the state’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) should have a scientific basis. According to the July 2017 decision in People v. Curry, courts must not only adhere to a risk assessment instrument (RAI) that has been repeatedly exposed as pseudo-scientific humbug, they may not even consider a scientifically validated instrument such as the Static-99.

It wasn’t the first time. For the 20 years since SORA was enacted, courts have used the RAI to classify individuals after they’ve completed their sentences for a designated “sex offense.” The classifications purport to show the person’s likelihood of committing another sex offense in the future.

Persons adjudicated as level 2 or 3 are thought to be very dangerous indeed, and must register with law enforcement for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Yeah Right

    I wonder if the lawyers for the sex offender were informed on how to obtain a favorable decision. Maybe it was a pseudo case. I think my lawyer was “controlled” by the state because he Lied to me the whole way & other red flags lead me to believe this. Disgusting.

    • Trish

      We don’t have an explosion of prison population because defense lawyers are making great strides to thwart the lies and bias, prejudice and corrupt criminal system, now do we ! Sorry ! Your A Hole lawyer is one of the sorry pieces of sheeeeet in collaboration with the self righteous, money grubbing moral hypocrites that ruin people’s lives by promoting fear and hate based laws !

    • kind of living

      @Yeah Right ,,,,, ,, its sad that much of the time the very people that you need the most , are controlled by the people that are trying to put you in prison , But you can see in this article , that these states really have know clue what their doing , and they don’t care when you walk in to the court , or when you walk out , they don’t care about anyones levels , only level they care about is the level of punishment/control they can get away worth , but all in all this was a good article and very informative about yet another strong hold of control freaks , and the stupid the idea that anyone can predict what one might do in the future ,

      • Tired of this

        @kind of living: off topic, but this has mildly bugged me for some time now: is there some reason you feel compelled to begin your responses with machine gunfire strings of commas, and separating all your lines of thought with commas? I might sound like a stickler here, but your messages sort of get lost (to me, at least) with your distracting misuse and overuse of commas.

        • kind of living ,,@ Tired of this

          @ Tired of this ,,,,, ,, then don’t let it bug you , But since we are Buds and all that happy horse crap , let me tell you a little something , I think its kind of silly for people like your self , to not have any thing better to do than tell other people about their sentence structure , not only is that rude , but it makes you look like your trying to start something you cant finish , get over your self , you don’t know me , and their might be a reason that I have to do things the way I do them , and that’s the “Key” the way I do it , do you walk up to people that you think talk funny and tell them about it ? hell no you don’t , and you know why you don’t ? because not only would that be rude , and you cant be seen as rude and petty because in am sure you perfect

  2. The Static-99R Is A Scam

    The scary thing is that this is what the “tiered” registry will do to many when it is enacted in California! Except here in California, Static-99R is covered-up with the name “SARATSO:”

    “(3) A tier three offender is subject to registration for life. A person is a tier three offender if any one of the following applies:


    “(D) The person’s risk level on the static risk assessment instrument for sex offenders (SARATSO), pursuant to Section 290.04, is well above average risk at the time of release on the index sex offense into the community, as defined in the Coding Rules for that instrument.”


    Unfortunately, no one has gone great lengths to argue the countless (and obvious) flaws to the Static-99R. No one except the few on this website.

  3. The Static-99R Is A Scam

    Also, the Static-99R itself is a risk assessment instrument (RAI). Though the article claims the Static-99 to be “scientifically validated,” much of the validation “studies” for the 99 and 99R cite Karl Hanson and/or his developer cohorts to substantiate validation — which is a clear conflict-of-interest. Also, the validation ‘study’ that sells the Static/SARATSO as a viable tool for California, written by Canadian Seung C. Lee (Karl Hanson’s student), only examines the Static-99R for a five-year term. Independent researchers have repeatedly been denied access to the Static-99 and 99R data to see whether Hanson et al. have been honest in their methodology.

    • It doesn’t work

      An “ex” offender can be judged to be extremely likely to reoffend by the s-99 and then live their entire life remorseful, a good productive citizen and vise versa?

    • Trish

      Of course it’s a scam ! How can the state be the Hero ! That means this instrument must be approved by the PURSECUTOR,,,,,,AH ! PROSECUTORS! If you go to a mental facility do you get a NUETRAL Doctor , they,,, State,,,, Gov whatever chooses ! Now how is the Heeeeell are you going home? This BS tool is unscientific and dumb ! But Heh ! We neeeed some starting point for the Guinea Pigs ! Who in the Heeeeell would agree that men’s lives should be based off this crap ! The people don’t care ! We pay the price for a quick easy lazy, unprofessional and unfair tool while others will eventually say oh ! Well ! Let’s try something else ! Who knows what that will be ! America is a bunch of lazy , cowards that Feeeeeed of others ! In psychological perspective, we the Guinea Pigs are the objects of scorn by the multitudes who have the same underlying conditions as we do, but the sex hysterical society needs scapegoats every so often to release the cultural pressures that imminate from pompous legalistic officials trying desperately to escape their own natures!

    • The Static-99R Is A Scam

      Someone brought this *published* scholarly paper to my attention. Unlike the unpublished paper co-authored by Karl Hanson and his student, Seung C. Lee, that is used by the California DOJ and CASOMB, this paper is published. Also, the author includes a professor from the University of Virginia. No quacks from Karl Hanson’s “Carleton University.” The paper mentions that the Static is derived from a limited sample, one that is not ethnically diverse:

      “Given the rapidly changing demographics of the United States—particularly the increase in people of Latino and Asian ethnicity (over 43% since 2000; U.S. Census Bureau, 2011)—it becomes increasingly important to examine the validity of assessment approaches across all the racial and ethnic groups with whom clinicians will use them. We found a measure developed primarily with European and Canadian offenders was a nonsignificant predictor of sexual recidivism among U.S. Latino offenders. While our current data do not provide a satisfactory explanation for apparently poor predictive accuracy of the Static-99 and Static-99R among Latino offenders, they do illustrate the need to cross-validate measures, and consider the role of race and ethnicity, before using those measures with groups that differ from development samples.”

      It’s been mentioned by someone else before, but I’m also going to guess that the paper by Karl Hanson and Seung C. Lee might have a lot of dishonest statistical manipulation. The fact that Hanson and Lee’s “study” only goes up to a five-year period is the first sign that CASOMB is trying to hide the Static’s many flaws.

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