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Poland: Opened the register with the data of pedophiles

In Poland since January 1 officially opened the registry with the data of pedophiles. This was announced by the Ministry of justice of Poland. Full ArticleOnline Registry

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  1. Covered

    I wrote about this on December 19, on the Survey-International Travel After IML topic. No one has responded to it in two weeks, but maybe someone is interested in paying attention now. Here is a copy of the last mentioned entry on the aforementioned thread:

    “Something that I think is being missed on this thread is changes in sex offender laws in various countries. Often we make plans for travel based only upon whether registrants will be allowed into the country, but there should be other considerations. Consider this fact: Poland is part of the EU and Schengen. Registrants can go there, but did you know that the harshest sex offender laws of Europe may be found in Poland since 2010. It is law in Poland that a sexual assault against a child under age 15, or in the case of incest, or repeated crimes, can be forcibly castrated. It is the only European country that allows this. Some others, like France, Spain, and Czech Republic allow for voluntary castration, but in Poland it can be forced. EVEN IF ONE HAS COMPLETED THEIR SENTENCE. Let’s say that an applicable registrant goes to Poland on vacation and gets arrested for some non-sex related crime (say getting into a fistfight in a pub), could that registrant be in danger of having this law applied against them? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to find out. Poland also has two SORegistries. One with limited accessibility and another one that is public (child related offenses would be on the public). Do you know the reporting requirements in Poland? I don’t. Here is a link about the castration law.
    I think we need a full workup of sex offender laws to go along with the RTAG information and other information that we glean from registrants reporting their travels. Foreign sex offender laws are in flux, and we need to know the risks before making travel decisions.”

  2. Sam

    154 pages long with 5 per page. Their registry doesn’t look so bad. As far as I can tell it didn’t give an exact address, but then again I don’t read polish like it has a spot for it but it’s blank on all all the people I that could see.

    “A criminal who hurts children should face severe consequences. Not only a long sentence, but the loss of anonymity”

    So they are saying that their registry is a punishment modeled after the US.

    • kind of living

      @ Sam ,,,,, ,, Your just wrong , they are already handing out time like crazy , get real man , their is the plain as the nose on your face of what hurts a child , but to hear LE tell it you cant breath around a “child” with out doing some harm to them , BUT LE can pile drive a child into the side walk with no regard to that childs safety ! and they can put a child in prison , and what is a child ? in one state it is 16 ,or 17, under 14? 11 ? What? I have not seen prison do anything for anyone , as you can see by the highest prison pop , but you are still going to point the finger at some one ,right ? stick your registry , you need to go do some real time and then tell me , or one of your family members hurt by some freaked out thug bent on hurting you and your , because of a list your on , not a list everyone is on , but a list YOUR on , Go blow that smoke up some elses a$$ , I know you have never did any real time , because you would know how bad it already is , Better wake up or you will step in a trap you helped set , if you have not already , in CA level 4 the CO’s used thugs to start fights with the undesirables on those Little concrete yards , and when they reacted the CO in the tower would shoot the guy in the head with a rubber bullet , that’s death at that range ! and then the CO’s would pay off the Thugs in smokes and what not . just put your pointing fingers where they you have been keeping them , in your ears , turning more people into victims is your answer , my answer is stop chucking money at prisons and registrys , and put it in real treatment programs , and education , offing before , and after the fact , treatment , but life ? death in some prison ? killed by people that are justified because of some sick ass CO , with very little over site ,

      • Sam

        Where am i wrong?

        I looked at their registry and as far as i could tell with my lack of ability to read polish i couldnt find an address for the first 3 pages of people i had been able to view without punching in that captcha thing over and over.

        The quote i put was the words from the article i took as meaning that they are using the registry as punishment based on the US registry although the US claims that the registry isnt a punishment.

        Im not sure who you think youre talking to. Ive been shot over this damn registry already. Ive had my house set on fire. Ive been run off the road and my car flipped over. I know all about this damn registry.

        Before you think you know a damn thing about me or write some long ass diatribe saying i dont know anything about life on the registry because i quoted the fucking article you should think.

        What trap i helped set? Is this because i think that Richard Huckle was a realy fucked up person for confirming over 200 rapes through his own manual of how to take advantage of south east asian population and then producing and distribution of videos of him fucking 3 year olds?

        Seriously my last comment still confirming that other countries see it as a punishment and base their punishment off of our registry.

        Until some miracle happens i know im on that list for the rest of my life. And even moving out of the fucking country cant even get me off of it.

        Right now i am just waiting for them to revoke my passport and put me in a fucking camp for illegal immigrants. If it plays out that way i will end up with 15 years in prison in a third world country over this fucking shit because they want to reach outside of US borders and fuck everyone. Tell me again how this registry that i am on doesnt affect me.

        • kind of living

          @ Sam ,,,,, ,, wrong thread is all , “OR Life For Sex Offenders , so how many years did you do in prison ? do you know how easy it is to get a second charge when your on the radar ? so you must think the courts , and LE are fair ? or do you even care ? sorry bout the ass hole that ran you off the road , I my self have been ganged up on beat to shit ,pepper sprayed , and when the cops got their they beat the shit out of me , when I was just trying to protect my wife and truck , I paid fines for ever cause the cops said I resisted , hell no ! I did real prison time and a pro at dealing with screwed up CO’s , these cops knew who I was , my son has been sucker punched by some drug dealing thug i have long since forgot what it like to have a truck or car that aint all marked up ,or a home , i caught my time in 88, but if you have never did hard time before , you truly don’t know what its like to be abused ! but after I read your comment it sounds like you could find out , and hope you don’t find out , all the more reason not to blindly sling bull shit at people in the same boat as your self , willing to just say LIFE ! with out even thinking that maybe they got a shit deal ,that why i say you don’t know shit , and maybe you do know and you just don’t care , all you want is off this registry even if it mean slinging many of up over board of this already leaking boat , like each other or not we all need each other

        • Sam

          Your right, I didn’t end up doing years, I got stuck with a shit deal even though I proved to the judge and the prosecution that I didn’t know her actual age. (that doesn’t matter when you’re 19 and she’s underage though)

          The time I did spend I got put in supermax on my third day, living in a glass bubble with a camera, no mattress, no blanket and an hour of time outside the cell every 3 days for a shower.
          All because people had tried to step and I defended myself. I’m not fond of the 1 hour out of a cell every 3days.

          And you’re right, I didn’t get any abuse while I was in. All of it happened on the outside. The although my family hadn’t been affected by it because my family was the one causing it. Most of my cousins are proud members of the Klan who wouldn’t take claim to a “chink babyraper” as family and his is why I don’t talk to my dads side of the family. The people you grow up with turn real quick when they think it could look bad on them.

          It’s not as easy when you get out and you have family trying to murder you.

          I do know how easy it is to catch another case, I know what it’s like to get pulled over everyday and get my door knocked in for no reason and having my car and home torn apart because they had a suspicion even after I was off paper. They even tried to give me another charge because I didn’t go to summer classes while attending college.

          I don’t like LE or agree with their actions.


          I think the Richard Huckles of the world should never see the light of day, because in that case you’re talking an active predator making an effort to go out of his way to other countries seeking out little kids in poor families posing as someone trying to help.

          I wasn’t trying to sling bullshit

          My stance on the whole life in prison thing is that I’m not talking about the people in the same boat. Some people deserve to be gone for what they’ve done, but everything should be a case by case basis.

          In the same way a drug dealer who sells heroin shouldn’t see the light of day because they are knowingly selling shit that will kill you.

          If someone legitimately fucked up they should get a second chance. But if that person continually fucks up in the exact same way after the first time then that isnt just fucking up that’s going out of your way to do it.

          I agree that we are all stuck in this boat and we need each other whether we like each other or not. I just believe that some people in this world are beyond fucked up.

        • kind of living

          @ Sam ,,,,, ,, well you let me know when and how to figure out when the court / CPS / LEO is on the level when it comes to RC’s , because I would love to barrow that judging tool , not everything is even close to your 200 time baby killer , he is very rare indeed , but that’s not what they are talking about in OR ! that needs to be fought tooth and nail ! they keep us under there thump as it is, and its hard as hell to understand all of the rules that keep racking up higher and higher , as you well know . I don’t see how you slinging around all these words around that will only further trigger witch hunters that come to this site , it seems kind of slimy to me that you would use such a case as that freak to address a matter as the state of Oregon , when you your self claims to being an RC and know the dirt of the very system that will be putting RC’s away for life , that’s the trap your willing to risk unleashing not just other RC’s but on your self . I we don’t have to like each other , but if we do need to end this registry , so we (ALL) can the same freedom to leave our past behind , and be where we want to be , have a real chance at healing from our wounds , I don’t have anything to do with my blood kin except my uncle on my mothers side , because he believed in me , other than that I have a wife and son and his wife and they stand with me , so I am in some ways a very lucky RC , all the same I have to keep them safe , they have been homeless with me , they have ate out of the same dumpsters that I have ,and my wife watched me go to jail for protecting my self ,as well as seen me beat down by the cops , my family are Just as hated as I am , and the last thing we need is palm palm waving for LE and there misguided get tough on RC laws , on this site , they are already killing us in prison , among other things while doing TIME PUNISMENT ,,, PAPER if you make it out , just to have every new law “regulation” that comes along , that is life , screw LE , funny I never met one cop when I was doing time , not one prosecutor , not one judge , well hell they must walk on water

        • Tom

          If you are using the Megan’s list in the US as an example and calling it “Punishment”, please tell that to the US Supreme Court. If it IS “punishment” then it is unconstitutional in the US and we would like to use you as an expert witness.

      • Gwen

        I find myself utterly shocked that here in the US we have laws and specially SO Laws that will continually say that a child who is under the age of 18 (a minor) are unable to defend themselves, give consent or make logical decisions because they are minors. And because they are minors they are open to becoming a victim. And then society turns around (in the US anyway) has 20% of the 800K+ registrants placed on our SO registry when they were a minor. Not to mention all the other minor children (under 18) that have been charged as adults and placed in our US jails and prisons, for crimes other than sex offenses. As a parent today I’m totally more frightened and worried that my children may do something stupid and end up fighting our justice system more than I ever worried about them being a victim of any crime. Citizens and especially parents need to wake up and realize that more laws only make more law breakers. And it very well could be anyone’s child who will next be charged with a crime.

  3. Jack

    This can’t be legal under the EU’s right to be forgotten. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time that the Polish Prime Minister has defied them.

  4. R M

    Dear Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, ALL people have committed sins. ALL people are HUMANS. Do not degrade your country as the U.S. has with outrageous and meaningless registries. They don’t work in the U.S. or any country. At the very MOST, have a registry ONLY accessible to law enforcement as any public registry will be a waste of your tax payers money and will only create FEAR in the minds of your citizens who will become vigilantes against the registrants, hurting their families who did nothing. Again, I remind you, PEOPLE, ALL PEOPLE, ARE HUMAN and deserve to be treated as such.

  5. Renny

    I think Poland is trending towards identifying their sex offenders with color-coded triangles, and then when that does not work, maybe set up a campground for all their sex offenders. Why not also give them a free train ride to the free campground and free showers?

    • kind of living

      @ Renny ,,,,, ,, I think your right , lets stay away from the train rides here in the ole USof A ,

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