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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Florida wants to reduce registration period to 3 days! by Florida Action Committee Senator Lauren Book (senate) and representative Fitzenhagen (House) have sponsored legislation that, among other things, would reduce the number of days that constitutes a permanent or temporary residence to THREE (3) days, instead of the current FIVE (5) days. Five days is bad enough, but three days would mean no more long weekends away with the family without having to take the extra day off to go IN PERSON to the DMV to change your address (and then again, to change it back)!… Read more »

If anyone wants to follow my case here’s a link and I’ve updated everything…
Check it out…sorry bout my mistake above….

181. Even so, I would still like to present some of Dr. Hanson’s own quotes from his written testimony in California’s Doe v. Harris case. “Contrary to the popular notion that sexual offenders remain at risk of re-offending through their lifespan, the longer offenders remain offence-free in the community, the less likely they are to re-offend sexually. Eventually, they are less likely to re-offend than a non-sexual offender is to commit an “out of the blue” sexual offence. My status (pre-trial) conference is set on my 14 anniversary of my offense. “After 10-14 years in the community without committing a… Read more »

I am an R.S.O. I am in my late 50s. I was convicted of 311.11(a) and have served my 90 days and 3 yrs probation. I was successfully employed in the healthcare industry, but no longer. I had a nice home in a nice area, but no longer. I travelled, met interesting people, and made friends all over the world, but no longer. I was never happy growing up in U.S. because my internal values never matched this society’s values. Now I am stuck here. I hear and read,” start a new life” , ” get involved”, “things will get… Read more »

“Coalinga State Hospital Patients Denied Appeal For Electronics By Judge”

And Big Brother continues his march ahead…HR 4760 ( has a slew (or perhaps “slough” would be more appropriate?) of mentions of “biometric” in it. (A routine search yielded 51 results.) Some of the lesser “news” sites (and Ron Paul) are saying it calls for a National ID. From what I read of it, it kind of does, kind of doesn’t. There’s nothing in the bill to prevent everyone present in the US from having to have a National ID card and, just like SSNs, such a beast would quickly catch on as the way to get anything done. What… Read more »

@AJ ,,,,, ,, good comment about being glad the terrorist didn’t win . that was a great finish !

Making a video of a young person violated in any way is wrong. Somehow, viewing it 20 yrs after it was made is considered just as bad.
Then how can videos of a woman being decapitated with a knife not looked on as just as horrible.Because this is what a son of a client showed my today. And if it is, then doesn’t anyone viewing it considered a danger to commit the very act they are viewing.
And why aren’t PUBLIC sites that show this kind of violence exclusively shut down.

Hello, does anyone have or know where to get a complete list of all of the USA’s congress members (both house and senate)? I’m looking for a list in excel format (preferably) so that I can mail merge letters to all of them. I would need their names and addresses.

Actually, I found one at:

This list will need some cleanup though to only get what I want. If anyone knows of a better list, I’d love to see it. Thanks.

Can someone explain to me why CP pos is Tier 2 in South Carolina (which is a SORNA state).

I thought CP was just Tier 1 with SORNA compliant states?

The Tiers and lengths of time in SORNA are floors/minima. A State could make everything Tier III and lifetime and be compliant. Were CP a Tier II and SC made it a Tier I, there (perhaps) would be a SORNA-compliance issue.

I know of at least one other SORNA-compliant State that only has two items that rank as Tier I, and CP is not one of them.

Folks – FYI, just completed my annual renewal this morning. Was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Nothing on the 21 day IML requirement, I asked him and he said these were last years forms but it was fine. He and I had already spoken last year about the requirement even though California is a non SORNA state. I asked him on his thoughts regarding the upcoming new tiered registry and he stated he was looking forward to it as 75% of his guys have been registering for 10 + years without any further issues and with them… Read more »

“You might be a sex offender if…”

The Cato Institute features Lenore Skenazy on February 8, 2018, 12:00 noon to 1:30 EST with details found here to follow it online if you are able to do that:

A side story, but a victory nonetheless: Florida’s ban on felons voting is unconstitutional, federal judge rules ( Of course murderers and RCs are still prohibited, but I wonder how long that can stand, given this ruling. I just finished watching “American Standoff”, about the Hammond ranchers in Burns, OR (another example of Government gone out of bounds), and there was a quote in there I found applicable to what seems to be going on with/for us: “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds… Read more »

Just got this good news from Mary Sue of Texas Voices: A VERY nice decision today out of an Illinois Court. It will be interesting to see how this fares as it moves further through the courts. I copied and pasted the below info sent in by our Illinois connection. Here’s a quick summary of yesterday’s decision: Opinions/AppellateCourt/2018/ 3rdDistrict/3150243.pdf People of IL v. Kyle J. Tetter Defendant, age 21 at the time, began a relationship with a girl who represented herself to be 18. The jury found that the defendant continued this relationship after learning the girl was 16… Read more »

Thank you for fixing the link! I tried to edit mine but it was too late. The Good News: This majority opinion contains many of the recent tide-changing precedents by courts across the nation as reference. It shows what happens when judges look at the true facts and information. Definitely worth reading. Where it falls short: It fails to directly call out the false recidivism from Smith V Doe that has infected most cases and laws passed since 2003. It does look at this particular individuals chances of recidivism, but without addressing the false claims laws are based on it… Read more »

Wow, another nice result (so far) out of IL. I agree, Chris F, the majority did a really good job of itemizing and addressing the claims that swirl around every case–on both sides. They even tossed in Pepitone for good measure, cast it in the best light for the State, and still found for the citizen. Nice. I also like how they addressed individualized risk, even though they didn’t outright say it’s a concern. The concept is well-threaded into their words and analysis. To me, this case indicates that Snyder is starting to have the effects (I believe) SCOTUS wants:… Read more »

I haven’t read the case yet, but if the decision was based on the 8th amendment, that is a rare and exciting occurrence. It will be good to watch this case as it progresses through the courts.

A very good ruling out of Illinois. The court declared the Illinois Sorna laws to be unconstitutional in his situation because the law was cruel and excessive punishment. It further stated that the Illinois Sorna law is punishment. Their rationale was in large part based on all of the restrictions on movement and general freedoms. This thinking could be directed at the AWA as well as the IML. I read the decision pretty quickly but I really liked their rationale.

For those interested, the latest court filings for the massive (135 plaintiffs) ID RC case is available at (expiring Feb 7, 2018). The two documents are the State’s Motion to Dismiss (tossing up almost the exact same arguments mike r got from the CAAG…), and the RCs’ Motion in Opposition. I’ve only skimmed the State’s doc, as it’s the tired arguments we’ve all heard. The RCs’ doc is a bit better, though not the most compelling arguments I’ve ever read. It, too, mirrors mike r’s Complaint, so it will be interesting to see how things go in ID (also… Read more »


Thanks for this. Please refresh here, are they doing this like Millard in CO through “As Applied” individually with 135 individuals?

Yes, it’s an as-applied challenge. And “only” 134 plaintiffs, pardon my typo. I’ve put the amended Complaint online for convenience: (exp. 2/7/2018).

Thank you @AJ. 134 in ID will make things interesting for “as applied” in that quantity.

AJ, I can’t download it. It gives the error: The requested URL /download/JXzYRC/0531519474adc7731d1929eaf4dbccbe/Plaintiff-response-to-Motion-ID.pdf was not found on this server.

Is it working right now for others? I tried both one at a time and the zip option. Same error.

Not working for me either. I get the same error, Chris F.

Sorry about that! There was apparently some problem with the website, as I got the same error (it was having issues yesterday, too). I’ve uploaded all three documents and tested them for download, with success. Here’s the link: (Exp. 2/8/18)

I really don’t like that case AJ. There are to many plaintiffs, to vague and not specific to the individuals as applied, doesn’t provide enough empirical evidence (or any real evidence hardly except for a couple of quotes). The case actually is very troublesome, it’s like that Minnesota case with civil confinement-to many plaintiffs, and not specific as applied challenges with enough evidence. None of these suits are going to win on an class action, a facial challenge, or with such a broad range of offenders. If any do I will be truly surprised. The only way class actions or… Read more »

This is going to get interesting since we are both in the Ninth. It’s almost the exact same timing as my case as well. I hope if there is some kind of split here the Ninth doesn’t try to just consolidate the two cases together when the two come before them. I’m going to have to make sure to be prepared and maybe even mention somewhere during my case that my case is substantially and factually different than the Idaho case.

The only way I could see a facial challenge working is if it focuses on Substantive Due Process and Bill of Attainder. Those are true of everyone on the registry since there is not a way to be evaluated and excluded from the registry, or appeal the placement on the registry, and the length is arbitrary and not adjusted by a judge. It is a Bill Of Attainder for all because of how it singles out one named politically unpopular group that can’t change its status, and the comments by legislators point to wanting to stick it to offenders and… Read more »

Nobody said anything about facial or class-action suits going on. 134 is a large amount of plaintiffs, but if many of them are similarly situated, it doesn’t harm the case. In fact, were they not similarly situated, it would make the case exceedingly complex. I’m not overly impressed with some of the arguments, but we’ll see what happens. It sure beats any suit I have pending (read: none).