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ID: Scams Targeting Registered Sex Offenders


The Idaho Central Sex Offender Registry, administered by the Idaho State Police, has been made aware of several attempted scams targeting registered sex offenders in at least one Idaho county and six Florida counties.

One scam involves a caller posing as a law enforcement officer who tells the sex offender that they have missing or out-of-date registration information. The caller then threatens that, in order to avoid arrest for failure to register, the registrant must bring a gift/money card to a specified location (other than the registration office).

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  1. Q

    Gee; I wonder where they’re getting the registrants phone numbers. These scams have been going on since our personal information was made public. So let’s see, not only do registrants get scammed, their property gets vandalized, they get assaulted, their children and family members are ostracized, as well as murdered, and anyone can increase the list of situations we are placed in because our personal information is made public; most of the situations are dangerous ones. This has to stop.

  2. kind of living

    if I got a call like that I would go ! with the sheriff in the back seat , that’s if I could get them to act, thugs sound like petty thief but could be a killer . with all of the things that are fact about how dangerous this registry truly is it seems that it would seem to be far enough to shut down the stupid registry the ML , and the IML , it all needs to be stopped or it can come back in spades . I had much more freedom when it was just for LE only , but there were problem’s with that as well , because over some of the LE were handing out flyers , and if you got in a jam you never got the same protection , even when it was cops handing out flyers to the “Nosie Hood Watch” that was creating the problem , its way over due time to scrap the registry

    • CR

      Even if the state registries are shut down or made non-public, we can still be targeted. All registrant data has already been copied from the official registries and published on many other sites.

      • totally against public registry

        TRUE! But I still would love to see the sex offender registry totally shut down for good

      • kind of living

        it would be hard for public ass mites to bother me if their was no state registry . I don’t think they could in less it was LE targeting me , and even then it would be slime , as far as public targeting us it would be much less because it would take real effort to find us , and they are too lazy for that , pretty funny driving upon some place an RC use to live , and find some old vet standing their with a 12 asking what they want lol

        • Tim Moore

          Yeah, if they got a right to know, they should work for it just like finding anyone else; and I shouldn’t have the obligation (under penalty of prison) to make the search easy for them by giving them my contact info at the police station.

  3. Facts should matter

    The irony is.. Megan’s Law is a scam to begin with!

  4. Bob

    Who’s at fault for this ? THE STATE OF IDA-HOE !!! They post peoples info on a website that does NOBODY ANY GOOD and these people are targeted ! !! I wouldnt be surprised if it was the STATE itself running the scam to extort ## from RSO’s !!!

  5. Eric Knight

    This is a NATIONWIDE scam. I would submit that every sex offender registry is being used for this purpose. Here is the account of the scam perpetuated in Waco, Texas:

    NOTE the last paragraph of this article:

    “Police said there will be little investigation on this incident due to scammers using a spoof phone number, which is usual in these types of scams. ”

    You would NEVER find such an AFFIRMATIVE STATEMENT saying that “WE DON”T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT SOLVING THE CRIME AGAINST YOUR ROBBER!!” if the victim were NOT a registered citizen. It’s almost as if they are BRAGGING that the cops are NOT going to investigate!! Sick.

  6. Guessit

    As a sex offender, i get phone call scams and emails. I do get excited when scammers get a hold of my phone number and email. Im very smart on knowing what and how scammers work. I useally get them so frustrated with me and i play mind games with them alot. Infact i do hunt down scammers threw tracing emails and phone numbers and anything i can find a scammer. I do have fun with them. You can have 2 phones and both scammers will talk to each other and 1 scammer tries to scam the other scammers. Also i do ask them for their id info plus social security numbers and a credit card info. Just to annoy them lol. It is entertainment.

  7. E

    After 20+ years on the registry in CO I got a scam call for the first time yesterday. Reported to LE where I register and they were actually interested. The detective called me back twice to get the actual message left and then called the scammer and talked to him. Said he would turn it over to their tech crimes team. That’s prob where it’ll end.

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