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PA: Sex offender resigns as fire chief in Pennsylvania town


SPARTANSBURG, Pa. — A registered sex offender who was recently re-elected as chief of a Pennsylvania town’s volunteer fire department has resigned.

The (Corry) Journal reports that Roger Gilbert Jr. quit the Spartansburg department Sunday, a day after the newspaper reported on his criminal background.

Gilbert tells the Journal that he will “no longer be affiliated with any organization that helps anyone.” He was in his second stint as chief after being elected by fellow firefighters.

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  1. Facts should matter

    he will “no longer be affiliated with any organization that helps anyone.”

    ^Because he knows that no amount of contrition will make them put their pitchforks and torches away. In this current hate mongering climate, he’ll probably will never feel wanted, accepted or welcome holding any job.

    I wouldn’t want to give back to a society that condones and advocates lifetime registry requirements, either.

    • Eric

      Unfortunately, society judges someone based on their worst day. We need to be a more forgiving society and allow people to move forward as a contributing member without haunting baggage.

      • Tim Moore

        Many are judged by their worst act; others get a pass because they have billions and hosted a reality TV show.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          Good point but it takes a narcissistic person to get things done in this day and age. So glad one of us got in.

        • Nemesis

          Paul, that name betrays you. You are nothing like humble. Narcissus fits you. That face in the pool looking back at you, that is your ghost.

  2. Agamemnon

    This is an absolute travesty. A man turns his life around and dedicates it to helping and serving others. Rather than touting this man as an example, he is ousted from his position.

    How does this man’s resignation better serve the community than him saving lives?

    • Harry

      Now, if this guy was a five time fallen-of-the-wagon druggie, the city would have a celebration for him.

  3. New Person

    This is saddening news.

    Situations like this is evidence that the registry is retributive as well as puts a registrant as a second class citizen.

    His peers chose him to be the fire chief. In a NE town, a registrant earned a lead role in a play, but the public shut down that play.

    Again, Colorado Judge Matsch’s opinion continues to ring true – the public is what makes the registry cruel and unusual punishment.

    • Paul 2 HB 631

      I do not look at it that way Look at all the people loosing their careers for being Politically incorrect or hitting on women at work. If stuff like this ends careers a history of sex abuse sure well too. This guy should accept the public would look at it this way. He wouldn’t have got a job as a cop or a lot of places. In my opinion someone with his record trying to get a job like that is dilutions of grander a guy that beat an old lady in a nursing home or getting caught fighting pit bulls would have got pushed out too. The people that know him are not part of the equation. This just brings more heat on us. There is a thing called being practical.

      • Dustin

        The fly in the ointment is that it was a volunteer position in a volunteer fire department, for which he was elected twice. If his initial volunteering and first election wasn’t newsworthy at the time, and (presumably) nothing concerning or related to past offenses has occurred, why is it such a big concern now?

        If it were me, I’d have issued a press release that the public was free to refuse emergency services provided by this VOLUNTEER fire department by mailing a notarized liability waiver available on line or at the department, and future dispatches would be limited to neighboring and surrounding areas for containment.

      • kind of living

        Practical ? So in your opinion he can have a job as long as it is a shit job ? because other people would have been pushed out for other reasons like Dog fighting , and beating old women , the thing is it was not one of those people voted in by his department and backed by the mayer , how dose that make us look bad ? just because people that knew him had the balls to try to stand with him rather than say he has dilutions of grander ? so we as RC’s should not step up and be the best they can be because you say this brings heat on us ? I am glad you are not in charge of what we can and cant do , what is practical about the registry ? it is in direct conflict with the constitution yet here it is , you sound like your happy with the whole drawing of lines between citizens that are simply living their life

        • steve

          Kind of: you took the words out of my mouth. Well said.

        • David Kennerly, Fully "Diluted Grander"

          So diluted that he is practically homeopathic.

      • Paul 2 chikity check

        The fact that someone volunteers for a position is moot. Besides we all should know that there is a high rate of sexual abusers that seek out positions in fire departments. This guy assuming there would not be ramifications from the public, outside the circle he was able to “influence” to vote him in, is a classic example of delusions of grander. I was being nice to say practical. The problem is people are confusing the constitutional and moral issues we have with the registry laws and the social consequences of our actions. Two separate issues. The crime this guy committed was at the same level as murder. Take a look at how society sees your employment options as a murderer, or better yet as someone who has been convicted of a much lesser offense of beating their wife, or arson. This guy should have accepted the median society has in place for offenses like his, somehow people think its only sex offenders that society puts this burden on, not true. This guy thinking he could stay in a position like this, regardless of his ability to influence people around him in order to get elected, is a delusional way of thinking, it just justifies the law makers passing unconstitutional laws like SORNA. So chikity check yourself before you wreck yourself. Mic Drop

        • Dustin

          @Paul 2

          Sounds like you’re saying that RCs shouldn’t stick up for themselves and meekly accept the second-class citizenship bestowed by an ignorant public, and that you’re comfortable with the status quo of current registry and RC issues. Curious how you would expect anything to change if we just smile and eat every s*** sandwich given to us, as you seem to suggest.

        • kind of living HR 645

          @ Paul 2 You already wrecked your self , your comparing his charge with murder when you truly don’t know the facts of his case? and arson below ? I cant even express in words for your dumbassary , Arson deaths in 2015 was somewhere around 3,280 , with a price tag of 14.3 Billion , what you need to do is worry about taking responsibility for your own actions rather than delegate what everyone else should be taking responsibility for . I don’t “think” he owes anyone any a damn thing weasel , all you do is go around and down RC’s and poo poo everyones effort in life , I already know you never did any real time , and your no Vet , no your just pushing people around on the internet , LOL , and where is your proof that a high rate of Sexual abusers seek out positions in the fire departments ? and how would they come up on lame shit like that , OH they must have been thinking of your HEROS the police ! talk about delusional , you think your on some stage and dropping your Mic , all the more reason that unconstitutional laws should only apply to those like your self that truly don’t stand for the constitution

        • New Person

          @ Paul 2

          I believe you didn’t comprehend that this was his second time being elected as a fire chief. There wasn’t delusions of grandeur if this is your second time around.

          These reactions and notifications are proof that the intent of statutory has now become retributive, such as your response. If he wasn’t on the registry, then there is no story here. No one is the wiser. Yet, people pushing the registry concern to the forefront are doing so for one reason – to bring that person down. That is being retributive as a public. This is what Colorado Judge Matsch identified as cruel and unusual punishment committed by the public, beyond the statute and its intent.

          1. A fire chief forced to re-sign due to his identity belonging to the registry.
          2. A lead actor in a play had the public boycott the play because he’s on the registry.
          3. A college pitcher scouted to be a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick and participate in the College World Series had to step down from playing and was passed over in a 40 round draft because a newspaper identified him as a registrant.
          4. In Hurricane seasons in Florida, any registrant cannot be allowed into their shelters in times of natural disasters.

          To use a more local example, NPS was fired once discovered she was on the registry and only because she was on the registry. She’s not even on ML’s to be seen.

          All these events happened. All these events point to the registry being the culprit from re-integrating with the society once again. Re-integration is what prevents recidivism for any crime. That’s a known study, also a recent article posted on ACSOL.

          Take Colorado’s Judge Matsch’s decision that it’s the public that makes it ‘cruel and unusual’ and combine it with these national events, then you it becomes inevitable that these national events become evidence to overturn the registry as it prevents re-integration.

        • @Paul2 chikity check

          @Paul2 chikity check

          Forget to take your skittles? You go by your other alias of Jim B on another website similar to this one? Appears you said the same thing there that you’re doing here on this topic verbatim! You going to provide sources of your info on how you know these truths you spout condescendingly? No, doubt it. Didn’t there. You just like to stir up trouble to get a rise regardless of which website you comment on.

          Mic drop

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          LOL I have but it seems Sandy is too scared to put my posts up she’s a cowered keeps deleting them and you’re pathetic lol Any way I think my post speak for them selves your trolling me on another site. The power of knowledge is a great thing.

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          PA Docket sheets and Background checks Mic Drop

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          New Person
          “These reactions and notifications are proof that the intent of statutory has now become retributive, such as your response.” Stop abusing your thesaurus its goofy. I am not seeking reward from anyone and especially not from people that can’t comprehend what the reality of ones place in public is., they are not capable of rewarding someone with superior knowledge of the subject now are they? I aim to negate the disease within bring it to light. Besides your pal the want be Chief didn’t get his way and said he will no longer help anyone Shows what kind of person he is and what his motives were which intern gets back to my point of why people like him seek out positions like Chief in the first place. But you’re not man enough to admit that is reality. I’m done playing with the light weight soy boys for now I have Reg laws to fight no time for your SJW snowflakery

        • kind of living HR 645

          @ Paul 2 ,,,,, ,, I hope you have to do some real prison time , see how full of yourself you are then , It’s plain to see you have had the luxury of maintaining your freedom , and most likely are not even listed and had to deal with real life issue’s of finding work you enjoy , its also easy to see you have never broke your ass on real labor , hell no you think your above all that , hell you could not even feed your self if it was not for stores hell you surly cant grow anything because plants die around you feeling your stink , I am still waiting for your proof that “high rates” alleged sexual abusers “seek out” jobs in the fire department , you just said we all should know well I don’t know anything about that farce that’s just shit you made up “politician” along with your petty “self-satisfied” attitude , just like you don’t know what its like to do real hard time years ago and have lucky little narcissist like yourself jump in front of the line and really think your are better , Oh and they know who I am when they get my checks and with my family’s

        • Paul 2 chikity check

          I have been on reg for over 13yrs Lost jobs and customers Did over 3yrs in prisons from this don’t tell me. I didn’t go to PC like you I stayed in gen pop and went toe to toe with the towel up if anyone had a problem. So come see me bird.

  4. Lake County

    Can someone explain to me what is “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse”? The word “involuntary” makes no sense to me.

    • AlexO

      I’m curious as well. Maybe he was heavily intoxicated?

    • AJ

      @Lake County:
      “Involuntary” is from the victim’s, not offender’s, perspective.

      • AlexO

        Wow, that’s an interesting legal definition and not at all how it reads. I mean, isn’t all statutory rape technically “involuntary” from a legal perspective since they can’t legally consent?

    • Tim Moore

      “Under Pennsylvania law, it is IDSI if the alleged offender:

      Prevents the other person from resisting, by force or threats of force.
      Has IDSI with a person who is unconscious or unaware that the sexual intercourse is occurring.
      Gives drugs or alcohol to someone so they can have IDSI with that person without them resisting.
      Has IDSI with a person who has a mental disability that makes them incapable of consent.
      Has IDSI with someone who is less than 16 years old or four or more years younger, and they are not married to each other.
      IDSI is a felony of the first degree, the most serious of crimes, and is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.”
      Probably the last one on the above list, but could be the second, 4 year old didn’t know what was being done to him. Ugg.

    • David Kennerly, Bull-Splatter Analyst

      Maybe “it” just “fell in.” I say this because, when I was in prison, two cellies were sent to the hole because one was caught performing oral sex on the other. The former later claimed to other inmates that his cellie’s “member” simply fell into his mouth while they were wrestling. Statistically, there is always that possibility, remote though it must certainly be.

      • AJ

        And they were wrestling nude why? Reminds me of a story a Chicago firefighter/EMT buddy told me years ago of a guy who had a Morton Salt round lodged in his posterior. His story was he was doing the dishes, slipped, and there you go. He was never able to answer why 1) he was washing dishes naked and 2) what the salt round was doing on the floor. It’s stunning how many freak accidents “just happen.”

        • CR

          I do my entire morning routine naked during the warm months. I do sometimes wear an apron to guard against bacon fat splatter burns while cooking my breakfast. But I am definitely going to make sure there are no Morton Salt rounds in my kitchen. I’m probably safe since I’m not even sure what those are.

        • David Kennerly, Bull-Splatter Analyst

          AJ: Well, maybe they were wrestling nude in the style of ancient Greek athletes, despite many of these classical practices having fallen into obvious disfavor.

        • Sam

          @CR hahahahaha…. Hahaha. Yeah bacon grease burns are no joke. Careful of coffee spills too😂

        • AJ

          Salt round = the huge container (~4″ diameter) Morton Salt comes in. You know, the one with the nearly-impossible-to-open metal spout.

        • CR

          Salt round = the huge container (~4″ diameter) Morton Salt comes in. You know, the one with the nearly-impossible-to-open metal spout.

          Wait, what? Oh my! I am familiar with those, but when I read your original post I thought surely that could not be what you were talking about, because … well, I had no idea … you know, that it could get in there …

          Poor guy.

        • AJ

          Oh yes. He also told of someone who claimed he was facing the wrong way in the outfield and got a baseball stuck. Again, what has he doing naked and turned away from the play? (Not to mention the travel speed of the ball.) It’s kind of like Fusilli Jerry: “Million to one shot, doc!” (

    • kind of living HR 645

      @ Paul 2 ,,,,, ,, got news for you sissy , I never seen a PC sell , I did 7 years on a 9 because some fool stabbed me on a lel3 yard , but they had to land a helicopter on the yard so they could fly his punk ass out to a head trauma center , and they sow me up like a piece of meat , and stuck me in the lvl 4 where they striped me down and 4 goon squad beat me down every day for about a week , after the first time I could not even see my eyes where so swollen , I lost all of my good time , and managed to some back after filling a 602 that took me a year to get the stupid form , I had no close for over a year and could only have a blanket every so often at night , I am so happy to here you went toe to toe and all that tough talk , all I can say about that is , that if you talked on the inside like you do on hear it would only stands to reason that you would be in a fight every hour or so right , running that flapper don’t mean crap to me , I can tell your book smart , It seems you missed one of the books that talks about how stupid it is to open the door to violence with another RC on here while the whole time everyone else dose not advocate violence seems you cant keep your lid , All the more reason to “Think ” your just one more fake with more faces than Sybil , you know I am done with this

      • Paul 2 chikity check

        I can see why the CO s beat you down for a week and some how kept your good time you squealed and went to PC lol Bet you were one of those tweekers dropping slips and holding pockets and tradin ass for honeybuns lol Shut your trap before I call your mommy and tell her you’re acting up again and to shut your internet back off in the basement Bird

  5. TS

    What is wrong with the media in Pennsylvania? This is the second time in less than 12 months that someone is trying to do something good with their life afterward in a helpful situation of the citizenry only to be exposed and brought down. Is it sweeps week again already?

    • AJ

      It’s the media “exposing the truth” of RCs lurking in every corner–even the fire chief!–waiting to pounce when the timing is right (or the fire isn’t too much of a distraction). Easy fear-mongering fodder.

  6. Q

    Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse? What is that? A new politically correct term for checking to see if a child’s diaper need changing? It’s very wrong for the community (likely only one or a few people) to define this man’s entire past, present and future on a single act. People shouldn’t do this to their fellow man; it does show their ignorance, most likely about many things. Life isn’t like a stone, fixed and unyielding, it’s fluid, like water, or the wind, always moving, always changing.

    • Dustin

      They don’t even know what the act was, only the title of the statute he violated. Nor his sentence – if convicted in 2001 it was obviously not the 20 year max. Guessing the reporter didn’t state the sentence because it might imply the actual act was not as serious as the the title of the statute suggests.

  7. mike r

    Man all this infighting among fellow reg doesn’t help anyone. You got to look at both sides of this. It is a really hard pill to swallow that someone raped a little 4 year old girl (if that is truly the case). I am no saint but raping a prepubescent child is equivalent to murder in my books, and in many others as well. I feel empathy for the dude but come on, raping a prepubescent child is totally taboo and is actually a mental disorder. whether or not someone with such a condition can be healed, or at least suppress their monster is another story. I know a lot of people would say the same thing about me and my attempted offense against a willing teenage girl constitutes a mental disorder but the science is in (and all the psychs that I have talked to all agree, unless for some reason they are lying to me) that it is not abnormal to be attracted to a sexually mature young female even though it is illegal and frownd upon in our society but actual pedophilia is a real diagnosed disease. If all his fellow colleagues voted him in and they all have confidence that the dude can be in the position than it is a hard call. I find it kind of hard to believe that the guy raped a 4 year old girl and is even walking the streets in less then 20 years, but I guess it could happen. Like I said this is a hard pill to swallow even for someone like me who has been through the ringer but especially for the general public. The science is also in that this guy is less likely to commit another sexual offense (so the science says after 17 years even high risk offenders are less likely than the general public to re-offend) than the general population according to the governments own sources but it is still hard to accept. Just saying you all need to stop beating each other up over this BS and just look at both sides and agree to disagree if that’s the case and not make yourself or others out to be better or worse than you or your situation. Actual pedophilia is a medical disease (according to the psychiatric society) and requires treatment at the very least, how long and to what extent I couldn’t tell you as I am not a professional psych.. But whatever go at it if it makes you feel better>LMAO……

    • kind of living HR 645

      @ Mike r ,,,,, ,, Hard pill to swallow , you bet it is , its hard to step away from such alleged crime and illness , but the time and place to have dealt with this would have been 20 years ago . and not by people reading cop smut in an article 20 years after the so called fact , RC’s don’t need to be judged twice , if everyone cared so much about the children why is all these citizens after they get done with their time get put in a fake ass hospital with fake ass programs some for years , when they waist all that time punishing for how ever many years before the big swallow this pill and get in your next cell program for life calling it treatment , don’t seem LE types care about anything , because if they did they would have all of their up and coming officers checked out in the same manner RC’s are checked out , being that so many police officers are killing and yes raping our youngsters , seems that good cops would be pushing that fellow officers be tested to much closer and intense . I mean if there is any truth to the treatment programs it seems that the same doctors that rubber stamp risk level on RC’s , could surly make an iron clad test for LE , and make those doctors stand by their program according to each and every officers performance in the line of duty . I mean if it just saves one and all , every cop should have to undergo the mind reading test , where is the outrage of how these officers of Justus treat people and their kids , in stead they worry about people that are just trying to move on and live a good clean life , This guy the fireman I have no idea what he truly did all I seen was 4 yrs old , then I went hold the phone and read the rest of the article , the alleged crime did not fit the years , here in CA anyway he would have been just been getting out of prison , at least from what I have learn from all the alleged sex offends I have met in the years I was doing time , many things just don’t fit , but as an RC and a human refuse to judge an RC’s that already walked into the court of slanted Justus , finger pointing lops make me sick and are part of the problem , and I say if you have been punished by the court “you know the people?” then this is where it should end , there was already a registry in CA when I fell , of course I had know idea of that when I took a plea but that was well over 30 years now , and every wall I could have ran into upon getting out I hit full force right along with whats left of my family , so if anyone is looking for a judge I am not your guy , what I understand is that I am not rooting for anyone’s teem , I want to see these laws brought down , the main thing I see is that its getting worse for all of us , I know I banged on about some positive ways to maybe a great co op , but its clear that cant happen , but at least I was thinking of ways that I could best help by investing in our self’s creating at least a few good jobs and better some peoples living situation , but I am just a dumb ass dreamer that wanted be a real functioning part of this movement doing what I do best , I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed , only that I can grow anything and feed many with good ole organic vegies and know how to raise live stock , cannabus , the real money shaker , medical Oils , hash , , will allow for more building , I have seen many start out just a little op and now they look like a dang resort , but some how this has become a bad idea , just one more wall , you see i never even seen it coming because i felt we are just people that had each others back , i see a boat that we are all in , and people are looking at who needs to go over board , singling out what ever group and justifying it in the same manner as the people that started these unconstitutional jackboot laws leveled at its own people , now even people that i could have been doing time with where we had each others back are now acting like brown shirts , this is the reason we will all lose in the end right alone with our familys , none of us came here to be further blamed pointed at or told what our “intentions” are , besides I have a daughter out of state and she is deaf and she was being messed with by bangers that were breaking in her house and a state case work got involved , and they put Her in the hospital on some nut ward , and the doctor is trying to place her in a home , so their is the battle that needs to be fought , they said it was 90 hour hold for doing nothing wrong . she don’t need to be placed any damn where , she just needs rent she can afford in a different county rather than the crap hole she is living , i talked to her land lord a while ago and he said she was not a problem ever , he said the bangers are hard on the ladys that don’t buy their dope or put out , he said he changed her locks 4 times , and one time when she was out these ass holes took all of the meat she had in the freezer and put it in the microwave and set it on high , her fire alarm went off , the landlord said he went to see what was up and seen that the door was busted open , and he cant see why they would want to send her to a state home , i will of course try to stay up on whats going on here , but i am done talking , everyone seen what i have to say and what I “think” for a few years now , i got my familys back that’s about all i can do anymore ,

    • CR

      mike r, it’s one thing to know what offense someone is charged with, but another thing to know what he actually did.

      In any case, kind of living is right about RC’s not needing to be judged twice.

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