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Instagram now bans registered sex offenders

[ 4/30/18]

On April 19, 2018, Facebook owned Instagram, revised it’s Terms of Use.

The new version replaces the prior version, which had been in place since 2013, can be found here:

Sadly, included in this months change is a ban on anyone registered as a sex offender. The restriction did not appear in the prior version.

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  1. Eric

    Sell drugs to children, fight dogs, smuggle weapons, rob stores and homes, gang member, cop killer no problem. Welcome. But look at some images on the internet and you are to wretched to be on Instaslime.

  2. Bruce Ferrell

    This shouldn’t be overly surprising… Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook actively bans registered citizens.

    And no, it’s not suppressing free speech.

    It’s just very vexing given that facebook has become the defacto public square.

    • New Person

      if one can prove how fb an ig are defacto public square, then it’s actually suppressing speech. key word is “public square”.

      • Bruce Ferrell

        Freedom of speech is simply the right to not be arrested for speaking.

        That means the government may not stop you from speaking.

        There is no suppression here, much as I wish it were not so.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      Exactly right. It has nothing to do with free speech.

      It should be illegal for any government to use Facebook or Instagram. They should not be allowed to use any mechanism that actively prevents U.S. citizens from using it. No American should question that.

    • Michael

      Considering the widespread privacy issues at Facebook, it’s a wonder why anyone would want an account on any website Mark Zuckerberg has his dick skinners all over. The guy is a scumbag. Anyone that believes that he didn’t steal an idea is a clown.


  3. FRegistryTerrorists

    Anyone who supports the Registries is an enemy to all decent Americans. Registry Terrorists must treated exactly as the criminals that they are. Wage war.

    • Roger

      The best way to fight for our freedom is to Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up together by subscribing to the Action Alerts, writing, calling, contributing what we can, and coming to events like the ACSOL conference in June to band together and find out more we can do. United we can do what is impossible to do alone, while avoiding all violence (that sets back our cause and instantly loses us slowly-and-hard-earned sympathy).

      • FRegistryTerrorists

        I don’t know, personally I favor economic warfare. I’m up for keeping Registry Terrorists (RTs) broke as hell. The U.S. is set up perfectly for that these days. It is easier than ever to work hard, stay wealthy, and grind RTs into the dirt. War can be waged at all levels and make chaos the norm.

        Are you really dreaming about “slowly-and-hard-earned sympathy”? F that. The Registries are a division of good and evil. Decent people will fall on the decent side, regardless of any “sympathy”. My allegiances are driven by right and wrong, not for whom I have sympathy.

        And lastly, I’m surprised and disappointed that there isn’t more violence. I feel if the RTs actually tried to have a similar Gun Offender Registry, people would really pay for that. They would find out who is actually dangerous and who isn’t. People who are listed on the SORs are really peaceful in general. The un-Americans should try to Register gang bangers. But they’ll never do that because at their core they are weak.

        • Tim Moore

          I don’t want no sympathy.
          Find out what it means to me
          Take care, TCB
          Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)
          A little respect (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)
          Whoa, babe (just a little bit)
          A little respect (just a little bit)
          I get tired (just a little bit)
          Keep on tryin’ (just a little bit)
          You’re runnin’ out of fools (just a little bit)
          And I ain’t lyin’ (just a little bit)
          (Re, re, re, re) when you come home
          (Re, re, re ,re) ‘spect
          Or you might walk in (respect, just a little bit)
          And find out I’m gone (just a little bit)
          I got to have (just a little bit)
          A little respect (just a little bit)”
          No sympathy, what we all need is a little respect. That is what we are lacking.

  4. totally against public registry

    As long as politicians are heralded for laws they pass, while in office, our world will not be a safe place for anyone, including citizens on the registry or children! These businesses are just trying to cover their backs so they really aren’t to blame alone…

  5. 290 air

    Big loss. Mark Zuckerberg is a kook who sells everybody’s personal information anyways. He’s far more a danger to society than any one of us.

  6. cool CA RC


  7. TS

    FB changed IG. Read this on how. It puts it all together as they make FB & IG mirror images of each other:

    I’m Sorry To Report Instagram Is Bad Now

    Instagram Stories ruined the one good place we had left.

    You cannot spread info about people when they are still allowed to read the stories about them.

  8. Tim Moore

    So they put a blanket ban on registrants, but not on ISIS members. I suppose they make a lot of money off terrorists, targeting ads for guns, explosives, survelience equipment and military armour. They make more money by banning us, because it is a PR boon for them. It’s a corporation without a soul, facebook is.

    • Facts should matter

      Yeah, Walter White is welcome on Instagram and Facebook!

      Just think about this for a moment: the Internet is used to exploit our privacy, safety and security (and our families). Now it’s used to banish and discriminate against us. Wow, just… WOW.

      I don’t know how much longer I can live with the laser-focused hate and militant animosity. We go to bed, then get up only to read about some new restriction, requirement and guidelines (hoops of fire) for us to jump through just to stay out of prison.

      • CR

        “laser-focused hate and militant animosity”

        Really well said, FSM. I feel exactly the same way. It is just so incredibly depressing sometimes.

  9. Not Really

    Use of Website Information Is Authorized Only to Protect a Person at Risk

    A person is authorized to use information disclosed on this website only to protect a person at risk. Except to protect a person at risk or as authorized under any other law, use of any information disclosed on this website for purposes relating to any of the following is prohibited:

    Health insurance
    Education, scholarships or fellowships
    Housing or accommodations
    Benefits, privileges, or services provided by any business establishment

    Use of information on this website for purposes other than to protect a person at risk or for a prohibited purpose as described above, shall make the user liable for the actual damages caused, and any amount that may be determined by a jury or a court, not exceeding three times the amount of actual damages, and not less than $250, plus attorney’s fees, exemplary damages, or a civil penalty not exceeding $25,000. (Penal Code § 290.46, subd. (l).)

    • CR

      They aren’t using the CA registry site to determine who is a registered sex offender. They are using a federal site that has your internet identifier info. Yes, that info is collected by your state and sent to the feds. It is maintained by the feds for access by social media sites like FB.

      • D

        Only if your state is AWA compliant. Ca is not and we do not have to give out of internet identifiers.

        • Joe

          Persons convicted of a registerable sex crime after 1/1/2017 where the internet was deemed a material factor must provide internet identifiers.

      • Sam

        That would explain why they haven’t banned me, since my info is only on the local registry and not on the Fed one. I spent too much time getting my few thousand followers that would be some shit to just get banned

      • bob

        well NO one has my “internet identifier” (not a retro active thing here in CA) plus id never give up info regardless. ! To bad im in IG and im not deleting it ans I dont have a face pic of me on there anyways ! good lick lame IG ! Bite this…

  10. steve (@mike r)

    Basically they are taking the power away from the Supreme Court decision in Packingham and saying if you won’t do it we will.

    • steve

      ooops Not too Mike R

    • CR

      The Packingham decision applied to the government (state of Georgia, I think), not to FB itself. At this time, FB can legally deny anyone from using their platform.

      • smh

        Not in California they can’t. Regardless if the information is routed at the end to a different site, it is the information that cannot be used to discriminate for Housing, Employment and usage of business services. California law prohibits this. In California with protected classes, it’s not legal for someone to discriminate period, in those areas. I wish this would be challenged with FB. This illegal discrimination may spread somewhere else other than a FB subsidiary.

  11. Brian

    This is 100% unconditional, but who’s going to stop someone from joining, are they going to do a background check on all of their account holders, that is so unconstitutional, taking ones freedom of speech or press I would say.

    • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      They don’t need to do a background check when the Registrant is on the web. They correlate names and addresses of account holders or applicants with those on the web.

      • Brian

        @ David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life
        Yea how dumb of me to not think that one through lol, nothing can stop someone from creating a false name and new email with false names and stuff like that. I don’t have an Instagram or want one anyway, a lot of people think just because someone doesn’t have a Facebook account they are automatically a sexoffender, I actually know a few people who aren’t but don’t have Facebook, Twitter or any social accounts.

  12. Two states east

    It isn’t just registrants; it is ANYONE convicted of a sex offense !

    • Tim Moore

      Good distinction. Even those who get off the registry are still banned.

  13. NPS

    What hogwash. Not too long ago, I was “followed” by a pornographic profile. It was VERY graphic. There were even comments from pre-adolescent kids who were also followed by this same profile and vice versa. I flagged it and informed Instagram even telling them that kids were on the follow list of this profile. Instagram responded by saying that it did NOT violate its terms of service.

    Anyhow, I saw the new terms of services. I’ve since made my profile private. I really don’t like Instagram, anymore. It is very heavy on the adverts and business promotions.

  14. Robert Curtis

    A simple question to ask is how are they going to enforce and police it? To have it as a documented policy is to openly invite a law suite…Janice?

    • AJ

      @Robert Curtis:
      A simple question to ask is how are they going to enforce and police it?
      Just like they do with the parent entity (FB): they ping the USG’s hit list per 34 USC 20917 (

      As for a lawsuit, there’s none to be had. Any private business can refuse service to anyone as long as such refusal is not based on one’s belonging to a protected class.

  15. Facts should matter

    It’s curious the timing with the “revised” Instagram privacy policy and user agreement. I’m willing to wager that after Zuckerberg appeared before congress a few weeks back, his PR people most likely recommended this be done in order to cover their asses from any future negativity and/or attention via scandals or lawsuits.

    It’s preemptive damage control to protect their credibility, integrity and most of all, profitability..

    ^100% This.

  16. TR

    This is madness!

  17. Matt Duhamel

    This is such bullshit. I use Instagram to promote my film company. I’m getting really tired of being pushed to the edge of society. It’s near impossible to find “real” employment and now I can’t even promote my business.
    I wish I could leave this country.

  18. Double A

    I haven’t had social media in 6 years. Life is better without it. My girlfriend often urges me to fire up my accounts to reconnect with friends and share info. IG’s new policy and FB’s old policy kind of makes me want to start up my old accounts. At least we don’t catch a case if we do have profile.

    • CR

      @Double A, what does this mean? “At least we don’t catch a case if we do have profile.”

      If you are a registrant who happens to have a profile, FB will boot you off if they find out. That could happen if someone reports you.

  19. Henry

    This is the kind of propaganda that starts this kind of junk. I saw this on my news feed this morning:

    What will they do now, ban us from using the U.S. Postal system?

  20. dph

    YOU KNEW This Was Coming all! FB owns this, come on, common sense. More fear mongers in staff at InstaG.
    I NEVER signed up as we learned by FB’s added ruling.
    ROGER IS RIGHT! Our way out besides 2021 birthdate responding to your appropriate DA of County you Reside currently in, WE NEED to all do the all4consolaws move to go to SAC for fighting with Janice & Team and the board with Chance too. Our only other way out here is another law suit, they cost $ to file too.
    Good thing she had moved to SAC to FIGHT FOR US, as we show up, stand up and SPEAK UP against their fearful ignorant public outcries ID us ALL as one danger stranger not the individuals of the past we are!
    Thanks Roger, and all of you who do just that, we see the regulars up there AND those that speak here on comments too. Thanks Janice & Team for all that you all do for RC’s and their Families that still SUFFER.

  21. Counting the days

    I was going to comment, but have come to realize that accepting all that is happening is way easier than getting angry about it. Let them do whatever they want, When it gets too much, I will end it.

  22. Brian

    @Counting the days
    I will never quite fighting, I will never accept this bullshit, I don’t give in because that’s what they want, they want to trample all SO’s and take anything and everything they can away from US.

    • Counting the days

      You mistook me. I won’t give up on myself. The U.S. is a lost cause, though. I will go where I can live in peace. They can throw whatever they want at me. I will soon have this place in the rear view mirror. Until then, make all the laws they want. Come do a residency check every day. Make me come in daily to register. I just don’t care.

      • Brian

        Counting the days
        I gotcha, I did misunderstand what you meant my man, it’s just we have come to far to give up the fight now, it’s like everyone and their brother is involved in fighting this bs unconstitutional laws now, they keep making new laws and this and that, but they can only invent so many laws and we will fight them all..

    • Counting the days

      To me , this is not about a cause, or correcting a misjustice. It’ s not about anyone else. I really , truely care only about me, and my life. I will leave it to the crusaders to fight the good fight. As for me, I gave blood for this country on more than one occasion. I did my duty. It was a waste if my blood and effort. All this has taught me one valuable lesson. People care about you only as long as you have something they want or need. Well, I only need money, so I will get as much as I can, however I can, then be gone.

  23. Lovecraft

    The silver lining we can take away from this is its one more thing we can use in our inevitable showdown vs sorna that the registry=social death/banishment. We have a ton of things we can use already, but the more we have the harder it will be to defend.

  24. Guy Hamilton-Smith

    For whatever it is worth, this has been IG policy ever since FB took it over:

  25. cool CA RC

    It just that FB have big pocket to fight this.
    We just need to team up and fight this

    • Don't Fight Fb

      Don’t Fight Fb!! Fight the A Holes who keep making useless Feel good Laws! Who try and say to victims (We with you Poor souls) What is BS Ask the government or high courts or even the Cops How Many People Have Been saved By the Sex offender List!! Than Ask Them? Why Does the numbers Keep going up each day in all the states. Well To put it in a nut shell It called money And Fb don’t need our money! But the government of the states do!! And they know Sex pay’s it not about Protecting kids! It all about the money and making up feel good laws to make victims feel whole again. And to let The victim or victims FEEL power over the person who did Or didn’t do wrong to them.Which is Wrong!! If you did a bad act yes you should be in jail Not on the streets. why have a list of so called offenders for the people to see if you that dangerous!!! that the people need to know about you makes no sense to me! One it telling people it ok to do bad things cause you can still be out of prison or Jail! But you have to be on a list! Yippee Plus it telling people you got to live in fear !! It make no sense to me at all!

  26. alienated

    Sometimes there are decent laws to protect people. Are we all now sex traffickers? You know even Higher courts believe this to be unconstitutional. What is Instagram the new World Order? This is total BS!! We let these corporations become way to powerful and now they are running our lives. First of all, show me the proof that this will in anyway stop any type of sex offense and or protect anyone. Second off all of us who do use Instagram and have been active for years, we are now going to mysteriously disappear? BS, now anyone who knows us ( Instagram and obviously Facebook next) will be like Huh? OH I see they are sex offenders! So now we get further exposer because we were kicked off for What again? They have no clue of our crimes, just one big paint stroke. We should sue these jack offs for defamation and alienation. What are we suppose to just start writing daily letters to our friends. Facebook and Instagram are for sharing our lives with our family and friends. This decision totally lacks merit and will hurt a lot of people due to being again pushed out. Yeah we read you clear Instagram you want us living under a Friken rock and not able to speak or even have friends . Well I got something for them F U Aholes.

  27. Sunny

    I wonder if this matter would be ripe for a lawsuit since CA Penal Code 290.46(l)(2) prohibits the use of the Megan’s Law website for purposes related to “Benefits, privileges, or services provided by any business establishment.”* Facebook / Instagram is based in California and thus is subject to California law. There is a “Report a Convicted Sex Offender” form on Facebook** which asks for documentation, such as “a listing in a national sex offender registry, a court document, or an online news article.” I do not know if Facebook conducts its own independent cross-referencing to find registrants in its user database or if they rely solely on third party reports using the above-mentioned form. I suspect that in either case, the vast majority of suspensions result from information gleaned directly from the Megan’s Law website, which would be illegal pursuant to PC 290.46(l)(2) and make Facebook liable for a tremendous amount of damages, which the statute expressly provides for.

    I am a resident of California and my Facebook always gets deleted after 3-6 months. I am considering litigation against Facebook. I could care less about the social media aspect of Facebook, although I know it’s important to many people. It’s more the fact that Facebook is now so ubiquitous, by not having a profile, you are excluded from so many aspects of life, such as college courses, job opportunities, the ability to access third party websites that use Facebook as the only means to login, and so on.

    There is already a pending lawsuit against Facebook which alleges illegal age discrimination due to targeted job ads.*** Where California law now offers protection for registrants, it seems this would likewise be a form of discrimination. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, some believe Facebook will become a regulated public utility anyway.****

    I would be interested in anyone’s thoughts related to PC 290.46(l)(2) and how it may apply to Facebook / Instagram. Such litigation could set a useful precedent by warning other businesses (“any business establishment”) that they are prohibited from using the registry to deny “benefits, privileges, or services.”

    *CA Penal Code 290.46(l)(2)

    **Facebook – Report a Convicted Sex Offender

    ***Facebook ads targeting younger workers discriminate against older workers, lawsuit alleges

    ****Facebook is destined to become a regulated public utility

  28. David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

    KEEP THE FOCUS on the right target! The target should be the REGISTRY, not the myriad secondary injustices that are enabled by the Registry such as FaceBook and Instagram bans. If you get rid of the Registry, you get rid of all of the rest of that awfulness. Ask yourself how you can contribute to ACSOL, NARSOL and any other individuals or groups fighting the Registry or act on your own intiative and put all of your sense of outrage into that struggle. Focused, directed, consistent action and outrage; that’s what it takes. Let’s not dissipate our energies. When we have successfully coalesced into an organization that can bring many thousands of people together in protest, say, at the U.S. Capitol, then we might want to think about suing Facebook.

    • Brian

      @David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      That’s a very good point, never thought of it, why battle the small stuff.

      • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

        Well, small stuff can be plenty important but, in this case, it’s not the government and the government is what we need to attack.

        • Roger

          LET’S STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT! @David, I would suggest that the core problem driving government and corporate hysteria of registrants is negative perception of sex offenders. Politicians want votes, so mirroring what their constituents are feeling gets them elected. The courts alone won’t save us because politicians benefitting from anti-registrant feelings of the public will keep making new laws to run around those the courts throw out. Think endless Whack-A-Mole.

          Think of today’s untrue stereotypes of illegal immigrants, Muslims, and one’s opposing political party. Think of the hateful historical (and current) stereotypes used to dehumanize Native Americans, blacks, the Irish, Japanese, Germans, and many others that were actually believed by a huge percentage of the population.

          That’s why we need to Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up, just as African Americans and Native Americans have done to win civil rights. They would have gotten nowhere if they had just written letters from the safety of home. As a result, over time they showed the public that they were human, no different than anyone else.

          One of the best ways to battle stereotypes is to SHOW UP to our state and local legislative offices–dressed professionally and acting courteously–and SPEAK OUT against bad proposed laws.

          So, Californians, I challenge you to show up to our Capitol Building on May 9 to fight AB 2839. Only about 20 people showed up for the last bill.

          20 out of 103,000 + family and supporters! That’s all that showed up BEFORE!


    • Tim Moore

      Get your point, but not exactly. Facebook bans convicted sex offenders, not registrants. As far as coalescing, bravo. That is what is needed, but who is going to facilitate it? We need a community organizer, or community organizing think tank with rank a file registrants. People need some support, too. There are several barriers to people getting involved, many real, some imagined, but it makes sense to come up with a plan to facilitate registrants getting involved, instead of just trying to shame the by saying “why aren’t you getting involved”. I think there needs to be local outreach, somehow. NARSOL, ACSOL, they are groups of experts way over there, saying do this, do that. I am not sure many registrants know of them, or feel a part of them, because they are having to deal with their own crap, alone. Maybe an actual membership organization where registrants can vote on policies would make registrants feel more involved and powerful. If one doesn’t trust registrants to make the right choices collectively, what’s the point. ACSOL, NARSOL then are just more nannys watching over us. I really don’t know.

  29. ashtoreth

    A friend of mine who is a sex offender made facebook and instagram as well as 2 other people i know. They used unregistered phone numbers that the registery does not know about like an extra phone line and even new email accounts as well as uses fake names and everything else. They still have facebook and instagram now over 5 years. Everyone who they have on their friends list knows about the sex offence charges and ok with it. The only way to come to find out if you find that your accounts been deleted is because someone else like an ex spouse hates you then reports to facebook and instagram about your accounts. Other than that yeah like everyone on here says it unfair that these company’s can wipe away freedom of speech which facebook and instagram is a form of speech right. It just sucks. Next thing is even having an email prob will ban sex offenders too. Who knows what this world is made of anymore.

    • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      Yeah, I’ve been on there for years but used the address for my other unit. The address and the name together is undoubtedly asking to get booted-off. Also, don’t give them your middle name. If your name is overly unique, e.g. Shazam O’Drainpipe, then you might want to change it.

    • CR

      “A friend of mine who is a sex offender made facebook and instagram as well as 2 other people i know. They used unregistered phone numbers that the registery does not know about like an extra phone line and even new email accounts as well as uses fake names and everything else.”


      In Texas, failure to disclose to the registering authority all of your telephone numbers, or your internet identifiers (email addresses and/or screen names) used to access social media or picture sharing sites, is a felony offense for a registrant. I’m surprised there are any states where this is not the case.

    • Sunny

      The irony of the Facebook / Instagram ban is that it makes registrants harder to track and does just the opposite of the intent. I have made at least 40 or more Facebook accounts using pseudonyms over the years, with 3 or 4 of them currently active (I’m a resident of California and I am not on probation or parole, however I am required to register).

      I suspect I’m not the only registrant or person in general to make a new profile under a pseudonym after being banned. Considering law enforcement increasingly relies on Facebook to track potential criminal activity, you’d think they would encourage registrants to use the platform. In light of the NSA abuses and now Cambridge Analytica, there is no bigger “registry” than Facebook.

  30. bob

    well in CA the ‘internet’ identifier was I believe anyone convicted after xx month in 2017. so if your before that you dont have to give them CRAP for email etc…

    Also in CA as long as your not on parole/prob (unless u wanna make a hassle and get a parole radio etc… do not give them a phone number period it is NOT REQUIRED, just a address/work and that is IT ! Ive got multiple cars, #2 is NOT in my name its in a business name, so NOT registered to me, technically NOT OWNED by me (im not the only one on the business fictitious name) Plus the last option is it has to be REGULARLY driven by you well if you got another car ans use that more its open to interpretation ! so there CA go screw yourself !!

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