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CA: California Program to Help Homeless Vets Excludes Sex Offenders

[ –  3/31/18]

It sounds like a great program. Homeless military veterans who have been sleeping in their cars and risking arrest for violating a new law making it illegal to sleep in your vehicle in a residential area overnight, can now park their vehicles in the VA parking lot and get a good night’s sleep and access to bathrooms.

According to California Radio Station WMOT, “Last month, a non-profit group called Safe Parking L.A. partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer 10 parking stalls for vets to spend the night in their cars. The number could expand if there’s enough demand. A security guard and a portable bathroom with a hand washing station are available on site from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., seven days a week.” Another non-profit group, Village for Vets, had teamed up with Meals on Wheels to bring brown bags of nighttime snacks and breakfast food to the cars.

What better way to help those who have served our country and are down on their luck! Except the new program excludes sex offenders. Other crimes are not checked for – in fact, the individual featured in the WMOT story had served prison time – but sex offenders are.

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I am really at a loss for words, but I’ll try. Just what is the mind set of these policy makers? do they think the 105,000 people who have been labeled with SO are totally without impulse control, that they have no driving factor in life but to appease an insatiable deviant sexual drive, even though that doesn’t seem to be happening across the state? So drug dealers and robbers and burglars won’t have any temptations sleeping in a small community, but the SO will be totally unable to control themselves an will naturally start assaulting others in the sleeping… Read more »

@ Eric: Precisely. The Registrants will probably be the quiet, respectful, mind-their-own-business, tolerant neighbors we all would like! No all-night loud music parties. No drunken screaming matches in the middle of the street or screechimg hotrod tires. Etc.

This causes harm to registrants. All these good criminal justice policies that exclude so’s are part of the harm caused to registrants

Again, more specified evidence piling up to show how the registry is indeed a punitive measure against sex offenders.

As terrible as these policies are, they only bolster future challenges to the registry.

Excellent observation.

More proof the term sexual oriented offender serves the purpose to bar or ban. The same can be stated for the purpose of the electronic list. The people developed it for the purpose of barring, otherwise known are imposing affirmative disability.

Mr. Roberts & SCOTUS and Congress are professional liars. We follow our leadership.

Man i just hit them up with all my stats. I think ACSOL should have a section devoted strictly to stats. Here is what I sent them and would be a good starting point for the section. Hello, my name is Michael and I just had to respond to your exclusion of veterans that have been convicted of a sexual offense from taking advantage of any of your programs. I find it very disgusting that you are willing to help all other criminal offenders but refuse to help those that need it the most. The fact that you exclude those… Read more »

Great compilation, Mike R here and on the website!

So, the military vet, who is an RC whether from their time in uniform or after, is looked down upon yet was willing to die for the freedom that is willingly taken away from them? Hog wash. As a military vet, I say this is baloney (being tactful here) and additional maltreatment by the VA towards vets in general and especially those who have either been accused of a sex crime or even convicted of one, either in service or afterward. They have continued to stand the vet in behavioral determination after their time in service when it is not… Read more »

There are constantly laws being proposed or passed at state and federal levels that grant government benefits or protections to eligible persons based on some identified status, class, or characteristic. It seems that in so many cases, “sex offenders” are specifically excluded. Has anyone kept a list? When I get some time, I will try to google this site to find as many of them as I can. Former sex offenders are continually being either excluded from government benefits or protections, even those that are made available to other classes of criminal offenders, or targeted with new criminal penalties or… Read more »

Wow this is utter madness!

This action now ventures into the realm that the registry is criminal in nature, thus punishment. The evaluation of excluding registrants in CA proves this is no longer a statutory scheme for police surveillance, but a tool for retribution. I stumbled upon this idea of criminal in nature when being on the registry was on a background check and was the sole reason for being denied employment. This means the registry is actively looked upon as a criminal liability when it shouldn’t have any bearing on employment. For this instance, vets being vetted if they’re on the registry, which shouldn’t… Read more »

Sad but true. But… not all hope is lost, I found myself living in a shopping center parking lot after I was released for PC288.4 (I should’ve checked her ID). I wasn’t from the state, just visiting… I exhausted all my money between bailing out, and paying for my investigators and attorney. My family and friends didn’t understand, and I found myself alone, penniless. All the homeless shelters in the area rejected SOs, HUD homes even rejected my Veteran status because in SO’s on Lifetime Registration are banned. But I kept searching, and I was blessed to have the found… Read more »

Here is an update and email from this guy.

Thank you for this most resourceful list of references and data. I truly am now more informed. We do this screen because we have children parking with their parents on the lot. We do not exclude any previous sex offender. We do the screen just for notification purposes for our community.

Per FAC’s website update:

*** UPDATE FROM MEMBER: I just got off the phone with The person in charge of the safe parking at the VA. He told me that rso ARE allowed to park there but there is a screening process but they are not stop from parking there!***

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