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CO: Owner of polygraphy firm would have to quit sex-offender management board or give up $1.9M contract under measure heading to Colorado governor

[ 5/9/18]

Members of the Colorado board that decides how the state’s sex offenders are managed no longer will be able to profit from multimillion-dollar state contracts related to their work with sex offenders under a law legislators passed Wednesday.

House Bill 1427 bars members of the Sex Offender Management Board from having direct financial benefits from the standards and guidelines adopted by that board. The legislation, which passed 27-8 in a final Senate vote, now goes to Gov. John Hickenlooper for consideration.

Legislators reacted in part to a report in The Denver Post on how professional polygrapher Jeff Jenks played an influential role last year as a member of the 25-person board in writing the rules for how often his profession administers polygraphs to sex offenders.

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I hate to state the obvious… but a much more egregious violation is occurring right here in California. Tom Tobin, a leader of the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB), also owns Sharper Future. Sharper Future is, by far, the *largest* sex offender “treatment” company in California. And Tom Tobin and Sharper Future have near exclusivity in its contracts with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

Don’t tell me there isn’t anything fishy going on here…

That’s why I contributed the link to this story.

I’ve always wondered how ACSOL seems to be on top of these RSO-related stories. :::hat tip to David K.:::

Allow me to tip my hat 100 times

Thank you and thanks, Roger. Since losing my career a few years ago due to being unable to travel outside of the U.S. (and, increasingly within the U.S.), I have become a full-time “sex offender” news junkie and pissed-off malcontent. It’s what I do now. I will make them pay.

As an honour to David, and as a show of solidarity with his disgruntledness, I suggest we get some of his R triangle buttons made and wear them to our next membership renewal. I have mine coming up soon. Can’t wait to pose with it on my shirt

So actually, sharper future is not the largest anymore. In 2017 when the new round of contracts came out they were actually other providers who got more contracts. We attack Tobin and Sharp future on a regular basis but forget there are actually bigger providers who are doing the exact same work sharper future is doing. They all do polygraph, they all take money, they all do exactly what the CDCR contracts tell them to do. If you don’t believe me, look up HOPE program, CPC, Open Door, and Anew. They all hold contracts and they all do the exact same work that we hate about sharper future. I have been a client for many many years now. Both in Northern California and central California. I have been in multiple providers programs. I can tell you from first-hand experience, they’re all the same. They are all run by new staff, they are all using polygraph, they are all the exact same model we hate about sharper future. Just sharing my 2 cents.

This is common knowledge to all of us that have been forced to endure this.

The Dallas area in Texas is similar.

The probation department has a “short list” of both Sex Offender Treatment Providers and Polygraph Examiners that they will allow you to use.

This is the definition of corruption. These select few know their livelihood depends on making the probation and parole officers happy, so when they want someone to fail a polygraph or get kicked out of treatment, guess what? It happens and the guy goes back to prison.

This breeds monopolies since new businesses can never form, and those that aren’t on the short list, or fall from it for being honest, go out of business.

It was challenged in Fort Worth back around 2008, and that was settled where that county temporarily allowed people to pick anyone. I don’t think that lasted long, and it certainly didn’t affect other counties.

If someone is licensed by the state for that service, then they should be allowed to be chosen. If there is a service that becomes a problem for never failing someone, then the government should go through proper due process to have their license revoked and not just bully them out of business.

Hey this is against the law. A state employee cannot make money off of a decision the make while in state employ. Here is the law for legislators I am still looking for the one for all public officials. I know it exist because me and my wife were discussing this very issue a while back on a different subject. So according to the following law many of the board members are members of the legislature I believe, I may be wrong but I think they are.

“Members of the legislature shall not be financially interested in any contract made by them in their official capacity or by any body or board of which they are members. Cal. Gov’t Code § 1090. What may or may not constitute a “financial interest” is defined at Cal. Gov’t Code § 1091.5.”

Yeah I do not know if any of these people are in the legislature or not I do not see Tobin on the board. Lot of vacancies and imagine that CDCR rep. / criminal defense Rep. I will have to dig more into it but I do not believe that any of these people are supposed to profit from their position other than a paycheck…

Did Tobin suddenly resign from CASOMB? Or did CASOMB once again dishonestly omit a fact from its representation? For over a decade, Tobin has been on CASOMB. I find it hard to believe that Tobin would suddenly resign, given his deep business interests between Sharper Future and CASOMB.

The CASOMB website long showed Tobin’s affiliation to Sharper Future until maybe two years ago, when his affiliation was mysteriously deleted (presumably so that the public is not aroused by the corruption).

I did some research on this a few months ago. Apparently the legislature required that all business affiliation be removed from the casomb website. I forgot what statute it was but I think it was the Senate rules committee directed that. Like I mentioned in another post, Tobin‘s been checked out for over a year. His company lost a lot of contracts and there are much bigger fish that we should all be focused on now. If we continue to focus on him and sharper future we will miss that they are now bigger companies doing, in my opinion, more shady work then sharper future ever did. We need to be on our toes and researching and discussing these other companies. I mentioned them another post so I don’t feel like mentioning them here. But I can list them if somebody wants them.

Deirdre D’Orazio, Ph.D???

I remember this tyrant, so-called ‘doctor,’ from that BBC documentary about Coalinga. WTF… CASOMB is a fraud. How the hell does someone as bad as D’Orazio get elevated to a position that helps advise our lawmakers? I’m not an SVP; but from watching the documentary, I could definitely feel their pain of having to undergo D’Orazio’s embellished reporting (and probably report writing too). In the documentary, D’Orazio exaggerated everything ‘wrong’ the ‘patients’ did. I don’t know how anyone can be properly treated with this woman at the helm.

No wonder CASOMB is in shambles. When Trump said ‘drain the swamp,’ I’m starting to think that that applies to CASOMB — with Tobin, DA O’Malley, all the CDCR crooks, and all these so-called doctors.

Yeah, D’Orazio is truly a piece of work. You guys might find this really funny but I recently found out that she is the chair of the ATSA ethics committee. Apparently think she’s too good for returning phone calls, emails or letters. Folks have been trying to contact her but she sits up in her ivory tower and gives less than informative and research presentations instead. She makes Tobin look like a saint when it comes to sleezy work.

Tobin’s been checked out for over a year. This whole time we have been focusing on him and his company we failed to see that they were other giant companies amassing state contracts doing the exact same cutthroat poor work that we faulted Tom and his empire for doing. Check out Hope. Check out CPC. Check out Open Door. Check out Anew. While we were all focused on Tobin these other players got big and are running the same sweatshops. Tobin is a thing of the past. We should really be worried about the Shannon’s, Leesl’s and Scott’s.

You know I wonder if I should contact these people and discuss possibly using someone from the board as a expert witness in my case. HMMMMMMM…..
How come people are not going to these meetings and lobbying these people? they have meetings every month it appears fora variety of subjects..
Hell the research subcommittee meeting might be where I need to be…Interesting Igor, wringing his hands and snickering…LMAO…

Excuse my ignorance but what exactly do they use the polygraphs for? I was on probation from 97 till 99 and they never made me do those. What other type of crime do they force people to undergo this garbage for when their on probation or parole?

They use them to scare registrants on parole and probation into obeying authority, and hoping they will confess to more crimes.

Thanks Tim, that is just not right, lie detectors aren’t always 100% so you could be telling the truth and it will come up showing you are lying and then you get charged. That’s bs in my opinion. Like I said they don’t do that to drug dealers and all those on probation or parole.

The polygraph is not science, which is one of the reasons why I do not believe *anything* that comes out of CASOMB. CASOMB is an egregious purveyor of junk sciences.

The polygraph is merely a glorified electrocardiogram as, like an electrocardiograph, it records heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing. What the polygraph scam artist doesn’t tell you is that the finger perspiration measurement is largely for show. The polygraph makes the absurd assumption that ‘abnormalities’ in heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing equate to deception. This is simply not true. If the premise behind the polygraph is true then, logically, it must also be true that anytime you’ve had abnormalities in heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing that you are also lying. Absurd!

This is also a reason why I am extremely skeptical of the media, as well as completely dismissive of junk TV shows such as Maury Povich and even Dr. Phil (who is not licensed to practice psychology BTW).

There are also many scientific studies (particularly the ones *without* authors that are in conflict of interest) that expose the polygraph as a scam. The fact that our government, including CASOMB, continues to peddle the polygraph as some kind of foolproof “scientific” instrument *SHOULD* disturb anyone who is concerned for our democracy. Here is a video from truTV’s Adam Conover who exposes the polygraph:

Best thing is just to stay calm and believe in yourself. They say they are given to help in therapy by keeping you from hiding things from the therapist and law enforcement. Actually, I knew of someone who passed all his polygraphs and ended up being convicted of lewd behavior with a child after his probation was up. They are not true. You have to be true to yourself.

and funny thing is Sharper FINGER lost the contract here in san diego !!

Did Sharper Future really lose its contract? I know that in another Sharper Future office that I was forced into, the “clinicians” and “doctors” were up to some very shady and questionable practices. ALL of them lied. Very deceptive. Surprised that there hasn’t been any mass lawsuits against any of Sharper Future’s so-called “doctors.”

Can you give more information without divulging your identity?

Yeah, sharper future isn’t in San Diego anymore. The Hope program took the contract. And they are no better than sharper future. I had to do treatment with them in the bay area. Really shady. And funny thing is, they just hired all of sharper future clinicians. So trust me, nothing changed :-/

Yes, they sure did. The Hope program run by Dr Shannon Smith got that contract. I think there was a protest or something in court I read about but ultimately Hope is now running that area. Just my two cents because I had to do some treatment with Hope, they make sharper future look really good. You can read between the lines on that one. The leadership there makes Tom Tobin look like a saint. Just saying!

It doesn’t matter if Tom Tobin is gone. The damage has been done.

Tom Tobin left a disastrous legacy starting with the Static 99, Static 99R, and SARATSO schemes. Tobin then used these questionable “risk” assessments to prop his Sharper Future business so that thousands of people—for the ONLY reason of having a “high” Static 99R score—are forced into more and longer “treatment,” resulting in more $$$$ for Tobin.

In the end, we’re left with the Static 99R—and/or any SARATSO replacement—having infected the tiered registry for many years to come.

Tom Tobin is literally the man responsible for junk science in the tiered registry law.

How about the fact that Sharper Future used unlicensed clinicians to administer so much of its therapy? Then at the containment meetings and in written reports, the licensed psychologists made it seem that those with licenses were the ones that gave the treatment. This seems like a very gross misrepresentation of Sharper Future’s scam services.

Hate to burst your bubble, but have you looked at all the other programs that hold state contracts and service Sex offenders? Every single one of them uses unlicensed clinicians and students. I have been the client at several of them. Hope, CPC, Anew, Open Door, all of them use unlicensed. Lets not knock Sharper future. It’s a business model used by just about everybody in that creepy profession.

Polygraphs are a great racket. With my PO and treatment providers, if your polygraph showed “deceptive” or even “inconclusive”, you had to keep taking more polygraphs until you got one that was “non-deceptive”. Not only that, there were additional restrictions and punishments that went with each “failure” . Each polygraph cost the offender $240. The polygraphers have a financial interest in your failures. I found them to be very unreliable. I “failed” most of them that I took, even when I was telling the truth. They way a polygrapher asks a question, his demeanor, his tone of voice, and even his facial expressions can effect they way you react. When my caretakers finally let me chose which polygrapher I used, I found one where I could pass almost every time.

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