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FL: Sex Offender Homeless Camps in Miami-Dade County

[UPDATED LINKS 5/15/18] [ 5/13/18]

Ron Book, the chairman of the Homeless Trust joins Jim DeFede to debate the ongoing problem in Miami Dade County where sex offenders are living in homeless camps

Watch the video

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Ron Book sure is speaking too much nonsense and doesn’t bring himself to listen, and is being delusional about how these law protects children.

Best video ever!

Ron Book is “insane”.

Watch his body movements during the video.

Notice how many times he interrupts so the true facts are not heard.

Ron Book gets his way by intimidation!!!!!

Lets not forget that Richard Kanka and John Walsh too suffer from a false sense of entitlement! They’re all just bitter and arrogant people perpetually mad at the world, but they know how to stir up fear and hate into worrywart parent’s minds by playing the manipulation, deception and distortion con job well.

The world doesn’t owe you anything!

Excellent comment that I agree with 100%.

Best video I have ever seen thus far pertaining to this.
Jim has facts in front of him while Ron has nothing to show but a map. Great video making Ron look like an ignorant fool.

Really good video. Jim Defede did a great job.

Ron Book was about to have a break down at exactly 10:19-10:20 in the video. wow man!, This guy is insane!. lmao. He clearly has some serious personal issues.

Best debate I’ve ever heard he put Ron book in his place! You must watch this video.

With the celebrating comments on the FAC site for this post (He knows of FAC and probably reads through it) I won’t be surprised if Ron Book himself pops in there and calls us all monsters and threatens to get us all. lol This guy is some piece of work i tell ya. He probably has that map of his of the Miami registered citizens blown up and pasted on his master bedroom wall and sleeps with one eye open looking at it. Nothing will surprise me anymore with this guy. Completely insane!

He made up the term predator offenders ?? He was called on it by Jim, that the two were different, but insisted on combining sexual offender and sexual predator so he can include everyone into his madness??. What an a**hole!

“Society determined way long ago that if you commit a crime… a sexual[ly] deviant act… against a child, and you are convicted of it, we are treat you differently. Society determined that well before now.”

Societies of the past have also determined way long ago that public displays of torture (drawing and quartering) was ok, that killing people who don’t worship the same deity is fine, that owning other human beings was ok, that women shouldn’t vote, that confiscating the property of Americans that look Asian and putting them into interment camps during wartime was ok, that cigarettes and sugar were healthy and that burning fossil fuels wasn’t destroying the planet.

Human ignorance is nothing new.

Regarding the items listed above, we now know better.

Residency restrictions are ineffective.
Registries are ineffective.
Vengeance is ineffective.

What is really needed?
Compassion. Prevention. Education. Understanding. Support.

All of the above for victim and perpetrator alike.

People are capable of forgiving their abusers and becoming survivors rather than perpetual victims.
People are capable of learning from their mistakes, making better choices in the future.
One moment in life does not define a person’s future.

We are not our past.
We are not our worst mistakes.

, et al

That is a great reply Ron should see. Not saying he would consider it, but he should at least see it. I would like to hear his reply to it. I believe it would really possibly give some great insight into his mind (or lack thereof).

Well said Anonymous.

Nicely said Anonymous. Down to every word. This would of been sweet if said on that video and on the news.

I’m not sure what is Ron Book’s contact info, but someone mentioned in a post that he does reply back.

Having watched the video, my first guess is the response would be some superficially deflective cliché like “Are you really comparing the plight of Japanese-American internment during WWII to modern day sex offender registries?” or “Would you want these people moving in next to your children?” or “We’ve had experts in U.S. Courts, and they say [Unsubstantiated, Tangentially Related Vague Premise]…”

I would very much like to be proven wrong about that…

Book’s views on SO laws will likely go unchanged until they directly affect him, or someone close to him. The “Sex Offender” profile he’s created in his head is fictional, but it’s the mental model he uses when discussing it. He uses “Sex Offender” and “Predator” interchangeably. He imagines the Registry consists solely of people like the nanny that abused his daughter, and he can’t imagine them ever being, or having ever been, anything other than an abuser. He knows these laws don’t prevent abuse, having admitted as much. For him it’s purely about revenge.

So when people debate him, it’s always an uphill battle, because they aren’t using the same frame of reference. When Jim DeFede says “Sex Offender,” he’s not using the same term as when Ron Book says “Sex Offender.”

Until he can reconcile his emotional state and rebuild his internal “SO” profile, he’ll continue poisoning himself with his own hatred, and that poison will spread with every word he speaks and every piece of legislation he’s involved with.

It’s unfortunate, really.

Considering his skills as a lobbyist, if he could only find strength enough to forgive, he might make a strong advocate against registries. Unlikely though it is, I’d be a hypocrite if I gave up hope that one day he’ll see right and make better choices.

Mr. Book is a sad, confused, angry individual who has found a cause to vent his inner pain. He has disguised his misplaced hate for an imaginary enemy by going on a debate stage and preaching violence towards a populus he obviously knows nothing about, nor cares to educate himself towards.

I agree with everything you say except that I don’t think it’s an uphill battle. It’s an easy battle for someone like DeFede or anyone else with facts, an ability to engage in debate and the willingness to do so. Ron Book can be taken down, it just hasn’t been done yet. Why? Because of the “Great Silence” on the part of so many of us, and others, who have, thus far, been too easily intimidated by the bullies driving this witch hunt. I think that we will find that the emperor has no clothes. It’s now up to the little boy to courageously point it out. We saw something very encouraging with this debate: a local t.v. newsman willing to argue against the anti-pedophile juggernaut, which is what it is. Given its extreme rarity, that should give us a measure of satisfaction and hope.

Watching Mr. Book, I’m surprised this man is the most powerful lobbyist in FL. He’s less than impressive, at least when forced to speak extemporaneously. He may be good at regurgitating a client’s spiel, but anything else seems a tough talk for him.

I also wonder if his severe hatred for all things RC is not so much about closeted personal/sexual issues, but about not forgiving himself for “letting” the abuse of his daughter happen…in his home, by someone he invited. Perhaps a little guilt for being an absentee parent?

That is certainly my thought, too. I should mention that my “repressed desire” theory is not something that I think explains all of our detractors although one can never be sure with people who also possess other factors, like Book and his own possible parental irresponsibility. I’m not surprised by his lack of sophistication in terms of presentation and quality of thought, though. This is actually pretty typical of most of the obsessive busybodies. They’re not terribly articulate or informed.

He may know exactly what he is doing. The distraught father, stumbling with his words against the smooth talking journalist may win him points with his base, who fall for such insincerity. Their reactions (his supporters) would be useful to know. Who are his supporters? Where may we see their reactions to this debate?

Right. He makes up for his unsophistication with self-righteous anger. That always counts for much more among the masses. For that matter, it’s an advantage. We need to get better at expressing our own anger publicly. That’s the only thing which most people will understand. He really let the “punishment” cat out of the bag with his remarks on life sentences, didn’t he? How can the courts reconcile these statements, coming from the architect of residency restrictions in Florida, with the stated non-punitive goal of those laws? He may one day regret not being just a tad smoother with his presentation.

That’s what I am thinking. He wouldn’t be anything without those masses.

@AJ, was the woman who abused his daughter an RC prior to taking the job? I mean, all this crusading for how to treat RC’s after the fact amounts to less than zero in prevention beforehand.


That is what most of us think. The absentee father’s guilt escalated through out the years. Nothing more.

We have always heard the Book’s side of that story. It would be interesting to hear the Nanny’s side of the story. Like with many cases, there are probably details to the story that are not being told and maybe some that have been exaggerated.

I think you are over analysing him, I just think his main motivation is power and influence.

That and he’s a mean bastard.

He likes to be referred as the “most powerful” and having influence over Florida politics. That’s his herald. It drives both fear and prompts dependency on him from politicians or government officials. He has that influence because he has given so much money away. That’s how he came to power. Giving money away. 500 bucs here and 1000 bucs there for decades.

His motivation is power in order to control. Always has been.

He comes across as one of those people who everyone knows, but nobody truly likes. But, since he knows everyone, nobody dares speak up, lest his power come down on them. The quintessential Emperor and his clothing…

A mean dude who enjoys power and influence whilst having a guilt complex for having a nanny in the house who took advantage of his daughter when he couldn’t protect her and personally takes it out on a segment of society.

I have this baaaaad feeling that he’s hiding something or he is guilty of something . I don’t know what it is but it seems he’s in denial.

Just going to put this out there given the times of the day: What was the immigration status, etc of the nanny? Did he possibly sponsor the nanny? Did he know the nanny from a family friend, etc? Was the nanny a family friend? What is the nanny’s history, etc? This is South FLA after all. This is not an immigration politics post, but details that need to be considered, but may never be known.

When you open the lens on him, his attitude and actions, you have to think what about then, possibly, could have eased what Lauren went through that he potentially feels guilty about.

So this video debate can be used as evidence that it is the public that is making the registry “cruel and unusual punishment”?

Book intimates all offenders are predators; all offenders should be locked up for life. That’s the blanket endorsement. That’s what 2003 Smith v Doe has developed in their naivety that the registry isn’t punishment.

This guy thinking is Faaaaaarrrrr wrong!!! He thinks making people. Not living 2500 feet from a school or daycare will Protect a child!! He is a fool!! Hell if someone wanted too they could just drive up to a kid And take the kid !!Those Useless Zone Laws DON”T protect any child At all! It really Does make it more easy if someone want to take a child to harm her or him Why? Cause once the Child is passed 2500 feet the teacher’s can’t see them any more to protect the child. So this guy thinking is All fucked up All Zone laws are IS to (MAKE) Parents THINK Their child is safe! ( Which is a lie!! ) Cause 98% of sex abuse is by a family member or someone close too the family! I don’t condone that older people take pride in molesting a child But on the other hand when a child ask for teaching about their parts and what it is for then later down the road you label as a sex offender Just cause you told the child about sex! Now you have to be declared a Sex offender of teaching your child or Maybe some other child who have no clue in live! That Fool Person Who made this Bullshit law need to be voted out

Another thing about safety zones….I imagine Mr Book lives where rc’s cannot be his neighbor or probably even live in the neighborhood due to restrictions. What about the kids in other neighborhoods that rc’s can live in? Are those kids deemed not good enough or expendable based on income, status, or just being unlucky enough to live next to an rc? The safety zone ordinance aside from schools seems to apply arbitrarly at best and certainly doesnt keep rc’s from coming into contact with minors in everyday life. (restaurants, malls, shopping centers etc) Why not keep going? Just make it a felony to be within 2500 feet of any minor that way all the kids are covered. Its sad, even though I kid it seems like the lawmakers are almost at the point of attempting something ultra crazy like that.

I remember reading a number of months ago that some Hollywood actress had been donating to Planned Parenthood in the name of (or on behalf of) Mike Pence. It would be rather humorous if something similar happened with Mr. Book–especially if his email address was used for the donation, resulting in his receiving a thank you email. Just sayin’…


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