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Living with 290

Living with 290: 8 years and how many left?

I decided to write this because I just graduated college. I have been fighting and fighting and fighting some more with this nonsense hanging over my head. I have been denied jobs because of my sex offender status, I have felt like killing myself, and I sometimes just feel hopeless.

I was convicted of a 289a1 or Penetration of a foreign object through force or fear. I was 20 at the time and I was at a party. I hooked up with this girl and the lines got blurred between what was consensual and not. Long story short, the cops called me in and the next day, like an idiot, I went in. When they told me what I was charged for, my mind went blank. I didn’t know what to see, so I blindly went with whatever they said. They used the testimony over the next couple of months.

I did 6 months in country and 3 years formal probation after that. And I registered as a 290 for the rest of my life. I have spent 2 whole years of my adult life not on this list and the rest has been under this umbrella. This was 2010.

After I got out, I was denied living back in my parent’s house for a few months, so I lived with my uncle for a few months. I tried going back to school, but it never felt the same. I took a few years off just to work and try to figure out what I wanted to do.

Three years went by. I completed probation without a hitch. I transferred to a 4-year university in the Bay Area and completed my degree in Geology. I swore to myself that even if I did nothing with my degree, I would still be proud of that slip of paper.

It has truly become my one fear that people will discover what I am. Immediately after getting out of probation, I wanted to commit suicide. Since then, I’ve flirted with just not waking up one morning or if I got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t care. I’ve got told off by Pastors, Managers, and Family Friends. And with this new law, I’m grateful for all the people who will be getting off the list, but I’m always saddened that I won’t be there.

I just graduated. I erroneously thought that 7 years had past and stated to apply in earnest for work. And it seems that damn near every recruiter used the registry as the easiest way to deny me. I was denied from a programming position, a lab technician position, even a part-time position. I am going to have to move back home to LA and leave my girlfriend, friends, and life that I tried to start up in the Bay Area.

I wish this had never happened to me. I know everyone here on this site feels this way, but I wish this would just stop. I am trying to work on expungement, which I feel is a long shot, but I have to take it. I want to leave this country so badly. It’s to the point where I just want to pack my bags and disappear in Europe past the 90 days.

I know what I did was wrong and there is not a day that goes by that I wish that I could take that back. I wish I could just move on with my life, but that doesn’t seem to be the case yet.

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Everybody who is in your position feels your pain. After working for two years, and earning huge profits, I was asked to resign last month when somebody I work with was advised about my history. My offense was 20 years ago, and I am not on the public website. At least not yet. But people still find out. People still know. And they will torpedo us every chance they get. My one suggestion: You’ll have to find a way to be self employed. It is not easy. You’ll have to work your ass off. You may fail. You mail fail… Read more »

well that’s how the cookie crumbles I have been working (warehouse) at this job for about 17 years on one day one of the co workers good friend of my and ask me if I was a register sex offender he say I know but later he say i will not say nothing to nobody he say you are a good worker and a good friend i did told him that my boss knew about my case thank God that i have a good boss i just want to say we will struggle but we can’t give up i’m no… Read more »

I disagree with one thing which is you did it to yourself. What you did was put yourself in a position to face court and possibly a prison sentence. Everything else (harassment, near loss of citizenship rights when you’re not incarcerated) was done by society and the government. If you couldn’t find a job and was homeless THAT is not your fault, since you want employment but people are biased against you. Ex felons have to stop saying I deserve this or the discrimination is justified due to a long ago act. After all, other crimes are NOT treated this… Read more »

I want to encourage you to not give up!!
Keep plugging away.
Congrats on finishing college! What an accomplishment.
Just dont give up.

1. Congratulations on your degree. 2. Do NOT move back to L.A. Southern California seems to be the most hostile to RCs when it comes to restrictions and its treatment during annual registrations. The Bay Area is the least restrictive; however, try not living in Santa Clara or Sonoma Counties. While not as bad, they’re the Bay Area’s version of OC. I’ve lived in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties and now live in Contra Costa County. There have never been any issues with harassment from authorities. (At least not for me personally). 3. Get your 1203.4. It might take… Read more »

@NPS – Everything you said. Except that a granted 1203.4 has no bearing on the registration requirement or notification on the web site. 289(a)(1) is always full address disclosure, and it is not a wobbler (if one wanted to reduce it under 17b due to county jail). But I am curious…. @Original Poster – why would you be excluded from relief under the new Tiered Registry Bill? Any PC 289 other than subsection (b) should be Tier 1, meaning 10 years. If your conviction is from 2010, you can petition off as soon as the law goes into effect in… Read more »

I did not say it relieves registration. I said it might remove him from the PUBLIC list. There have been registrants removed from the site after expungement. It makes a world of difference being a registrant and off the website than being a registrant with your picture and address for everyone to see.

“2. Do NOT move back to L.A. Southern California seems to be the most hostile to RCs when it comes to restrictions and its treatment during annual registrations”

This is not correct. I have been registering in SFV for 20 + years and never have had an issue with cops or registration (and never a home visit). LAPD is too busy handling real shit than to focus on us. OC or 909 that’s another story.

I think cities are generally better. More people, more anonymity, cops with other things to do. I live in San Francisco and I would not want to be on the Registry anywhere else.

Although I love the open spaces of the semi rural area I live, I have to agree in some sense, many move out here not because of the beauty of nature, but because they are intolerant and afraid of others.

Ditto. Registering in the SFV since 94. While not as easy as it used to be, and I’ve had a few home visits a week or two after renewal, knock on wood, I can’t say I’ve been harrassed by LE. To the OP, as someone else said, kudos for getting your degree, but you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you are a healthy, able bodied young man, remind yourself that there are literally millions of people who would trade places with you in a New York minute. The next time you drive past a hospital, imagine the… Read more »

I am 53 and have spent the majority of my adult life on the registry. 20 years on it this year. You will not have a career unless you become your own boss. Be prepared for disappointment, and get used to it. Every day will be a challenge. Do yourself a favor, every day overcome all the challenges and look for solutions. We all know what the challenges are. It is up to you and you alone because no help will be given to us. You can just see in the ruling in Florida that any checks and balances, that… Read more »

A man in our SO group got hired as an engineer. He revealed everything in the interview. So it is possible. Not everyone is drinking the cool-aide. Some are smarter than that.

Wow. Sorry to hear this. I had just finished school and acquired a professional license when I was arrested!! I eventually (22 years ago) plead to a Battery and did time in County. Somehow, I received Summary Probation. I eventually lost my license and went back to school (Graduate Degree). My charge was (especially with the new 2021 law) reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged. I’ve cleared background checks. Life hasn’t been perfect, but you could be in jail! Stay focused. I also suggest staying in the Bay Area!

If you successfully completed probation, then you automatically are granted 1203.4. No judge or DA can deny this. You can file this yourself and not pay for a lawyer. You will need the 1203.4 if you are going to apply for the CoR. The new tier doesn’t start until 2021, so you might be able to get off the registry, provided nothing in the CoR prevents you from getting off the registry. Just do research on it. I don’t know if your charge can qualify you for 17B felony reduction. That’s something you’ll have to research yourself. @ Original poster,… Read more »

I agree. 5 years in morano valley and not one visit. Only requirement was to register once a year. I also had a decent job working at a data center for a famous hospital.

Once you accept that leaving this earth doesn’t matter, it actually gets easier. You are by yourself, the “help” that is out there is basically a hug and pat on the back. I am self employed. Was a physical therapist, but now do personal training. I go by a single name and spend a lot of time running the hills with my dog. I haven’t isolated, but more like rejected this society. I recommend Buddhism. Find an overseas company that will hire you. Learn a new language, and you can have a good life. I figure a couple of more… Read more »

Hey ya’ll, Thanks for taking the time to comment on this. I am going to answer a few questions. -My crime was a 289 a1. On SB 384, I am a lifer. On the old bill, SB 421, I would’ve registered under tier 2. Example: (M) The person was convicted of violating subparagraph (B) or (C) of paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 289. For this SB 384 I referring to: (Q) The person was convicted of violating paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) or subdivision (d), (e), or (j) of Section 289. So as I am reading the bill,… Read more »

@ original poster 1. Make sure you truly are eligible for expungement. As you stated, as of 2017, your type of crime no longer qualifies. 2. If you do qualify, then 1203.4 is automatically guaranteed if you successfully completed probation. It cannot be denied as it’s law. I had an appellate specifically tell me that after a judge and DA wanted to deny me 1203.4. So my lawyer and I went back in again and stated it’s law that I be granted 1203.4. No judge or DA can deny it. You don’t need a lawyer if you meet the eligibility… Read more »

Well stated. I had a pc 243.4 (a) Felony Wobbler/Summary Probation. I filed the pc 17b on my own. The judge told me to come back in a year! Granted. I later just mailed in the pc 1203.4 via mail/never went to court! Granted! So, unless you try, you will never know. Plus, I imagine your tier can be affected depending (ie: sexual battery) if your plea is a felony or misdemeanor. The million dollar question I have is, what tier are you on if your offense is expunged? You can research this all online and it’s rather simple! Good… Read more »

Can someone please explain the 1203.4 to me? I hear this a lot and when I read it, it is pretty confusing to me.

OC RC – here is what I know about the 1203.4 expungement. Anyone who went to jail and received probation can get an expungement. Some offenses, even if a misdemeanor, are excluded though and a Certificate of rehabilitation would have to be requested. Some of the offenses that don’t qualify are PC 286(c), PC 288, etc, etc. Just google exceptions to PC 1203.4 for a complete list. Some felonies are even eligible for a reduction to a misdemeanor prior to getting it expunged. Those are the felonies that are considered Wobblers, meaning they can be charged as either a felony… Read more »

I just got out of prison and am a 290 in the Bay Area. Wow, am I overwhelmed and discouraged. I am only just getting started, getting organized, before I look for work. I’m so lucky to have parents who were willing to take me in until I can get on my feet. I’d be homeless without them, and I doubt I’d be able to make it work then. I served 8 years for assaulting a woman while high. Now I have 3 years parole. I deserved prison time for what I did (although less than the eight years if… Read more »

Keep writing, Sub. When I am overwhelmed and discouraged I write. Then things get easier to deal with.

Original Poster – Thank you for posting this. I know that there isn’t anything that anyone can write that may make you feel better or provide clarity. But nonetheless, allow me to share some words. Surround yourself with others that support you and want to see you succeed. They are out there. Meet with others in person who are or have been in similar situations that can share with you their success and challenges. It helps to know we are not alone. I have worked my way up to high leadership positions in two different entities, and now going through… Read more »

I’ve been seriously considering refusing to register on my next annual, and spending the rest of my days in prison. As a protest and as me just giving up. Latley prison sounds a lot better since it already seems like I’m in one, at least its more honest. I was 19 almost 20 when my offense took place. I am now 41 and I’m really at the point where I can’t play the game anymore. My offense was sexual battery felony btw. Did a year and a half in state prison. I was successful and worked many years in the… Read more »

While it does soumd like you need time to get in a better spiritual mindset and need a break, I do not think prison should be the first choice. You may not know it now, but your son and wife could, and probably will need you at some point. At least in keeping yourself out of jail you have options. Once Stuck again in the system, you lose all control and nothing you do on the inside will change anything. It could be this is the low point and you are due for a rebound. I would suggest hunkering down,… Read more »

Thank you Chris f for the words. It’s really easy to get stuck in your own point of view stuck in your own head and listening to how someone else views the situation is always good. I just feel like I have two evils to choose from. One being the punishment and debilitating registry and the other being the punishment of prison. Part of me feels like a coward for giving up on trying to live in the world with all the odds stacked against me. Part of me feels like I would be making a stand by saying I’m… Read more »

Trust me Johns, staying out of prison and fighting is best for you and your family even though right now it doesnt seem like it. Our enemy wont see you going to jail as anything more than them being right that you are a threat. I know its a lame saying, but making lemonade when dealt lemons actually works. I may have been unable to go to parks and my 5 year old sons school, but he wont remember that. He will remember the playground I built for him in our backyard and time I spent with him on it,… Read more »

Sons need fathers who are interactive with them, not ones who are seen behind bulletproof glass or via a video monitor and never get the opportunity to experience life with them. Unless your wife makes it difficult for you to be with him, suck it up and make memories for you and him because it will be good for you both. Listen to what @Chris F says, he is spot on. My old man check out on me and bro so there is a large part missing that you can ensure is not the same and will be looked back… Read more »

Jon I just want encourage you to hang in there brother know. I know that this situation sucks and it is painful and it feels like a prison of its own but you will have moments with your son. Every time you are with him think back to how you couldn’t be around him while you were incarcerated. You doing the right thing is why there have been so many successful challenges to this registry . The number one reason people reoffend is by failing to register so let’s not give them any more ammunition let’s not let them know… Read more »

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