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Media focus should be on Really Dangerous People

[  5/8/18]

It seems like Sex cases always go viral. But an extremely high number of children die even more horrible deaths from other non-sex related criminal acts and you never even see a blip on the radar screen, and then something like what happened to Sierra Newbold happens and the radar screens light up like the 4th of July.

A friend of mine, let’s call him John for his own safety, related a story to me. He said that he had a vivid memory of an example of just this set of circumstances that happened to him and his family back in 2004, it was about six months before he was charged with his offense, he and his family were living in a rural area at the time.

His sister witnessed a horrible drunken driving accident that cost her some good friends and killed an entire family. They were all on their way home from the kids soccer game, the mom and dad and three kids were all in their mini-van out on the rural gravel roads leading to home. His sister wasn’t much further behind them because she was going over to visit, she was the soccer coach for their team. The family was going thru an intersection where they had the right of way, the corn was grown up way high so they never saw the big old 2 ton work truck coming that ran the stop sign and broadsided their mini-van. The driver of the truck was a three time DUI offender this was his fourth, he was knocked unconscious and in a coma for awhile but survived.

John’s sister got to the scene shortly after the accident, she had seen it happen from a half a mile or so back and called 911. The mom and one of the kids had been killed instantly. The dad was still barely alive but died before the ambulance arrived. The van was so mangled there was no way to get any of them out. So all she could do was hold the dads hand while he was alive thru the broken out drivers side window and watched helplessly as the other two kids gurgled blood as they were breathing their last breaths. John was sitting there choking back tears just remembering all his sister told him about it and the little article he read about it in the paper. He said that he couldn’t imagine what it was like for her to witness that and for their other extended familys’ and friends to go thru, and this incident wasn’t even mentioned on the TV, just in a local newspaper.

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It’s the American media’s perverse obsession with reporting everything about “sex” and “children”. If I had to guess, I imagine some of these people in the media are real ‘closet pedophiles’. There has to be some reason they get pleasure from writing so much about sex offenders, children etc. in a way that incites fear in people. Profit cannot be the only motive here. There are other topics to create fear from. They are knowingly and increasingly choosing to write about these ‘dangerous sex offenders’ instead of reporting matters that truly affect most citizens. Its disgusting really.

While I use the term “pedophile” here with very big quotes since it is completely misunderstood and misused with wild abandon by the press, the public and our rulers (since it really only means those who are attracted to pre-pubescents, not pubescents and adolescents thus placing the upper-end of this chronological spectrum as defined by psychologists at about age eleven) I am assured by credible research that, not only are far more people “pedophilic” to greater or lesser extents than is widely acknowledged but that, among those who have vigorously suppressed these feelings there brews a great deal of hatred and feelings of violence, often acted upon. I am quite sure that this is much of what we are witnessing, including in women who have enjoyed a historical physical intimacy and affection with kids that has been unavailable to men in our society. We do ourselves an injustice when we assume always that their interests are entirely in the pursuit of child welfare and that they are not motivated by jealous rage. Comprehensive analysis of those who hate and attack gays uniformly showed that most of them were secretly harboring homosexual feelings themselves. I hardly see how this could be any different and my experience tells me that it is not. What we’re witnessing is a classic example of mass hysteria fueled by deeply-buried impulses in combination with atavistic hatred.

Do you happen to have a reference to any credible research that attempted to measure or analyze the incidence or prevalence of chronophilias, whether disclosed or undisclosed, conscious or not, in society?

C.R. Okay, here’s what I have, so far:

Haters, in this case, of homosexuals, are likely to be hiding some of their own inclinations. There is quite a bit of research on the subject and these articles are based on one of the studies which have found this to be compelling:

“Homophobic? Maybe You’re Gay”

Attraction to kids as an underestimated and pervasive phenomenon goes back some ways and there is also good data, beginning with Kinsey. I am working on getting copies of other papers having talked to a noted scholar, whose excerpted recent work appears below, and which contains several of those references.

“It would not be surprising if brain-imaging studies were to reveal at least a subliminal sexual response when most ordinary parents stroke and hug their children—a response, in terms of brain activity that is the precursor to conscious arousal. Such findings would be in line with related findings from research into the prevalence of sexual attraction to children among “normal” adults (Becker-Blease et al. 2006; Briere and Runtz 1989; Hall et al 1995; Smiljanich and Briere 1996; Wurtele et al. 2014).”

Abstracts: All of the above-cited references can be found at this page:

Becker-Blease, K., Friend, D., & Freyd, J. J. (2006). Child sex abuse perpetrators among male university students. 22nd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Hollywood, CA, 4–7 November.

Briere, J., & Runtz, M. (1989). University males’ sexual interest in children: Predicting potential indices of ‘pedophilia’ in a nonforensic sample. Child Abuse and Neglect, 13(1), 65–75.

Hall, G. C. N., Hirschman, R., & Oliver, L. L. (1995). Sexual arousal and arousability to pedophilic stimuli in a community sample of normal men. Behavior Therapy, 26(4), 681–694.

K Smiljanich, J Briere – Violence and Victims, 1996 –
Self-reported sexual interest in children: Sex differences and psychosocial correlates in a university sample

Wurtele, S. K., Simons, D., & Moreno, T. (2014). Sexual interest in children among an online sample of men and women: Prevalence and correlates. Sex Abuse, 26(6), 546–568.
CrossRefGoogle Scholar

This is just for your amusement. “Dr.” Judith Reisman’s theory, not aging very gracefully (like Judith), never gonna be proven and will not affect us in any direct way (except it kinda already did some years ago) of the existence of, wait for it…. “Erototoxins!” Erototoxins released by pornography are, right now coursing through your veins and doing Heaven knows what to your… mind and body! (assuming you’ve viewed pornography at some point in your life). “Sex on the brain” from her paper on the subject “The Psychopharmacology of Pictorial Pornography Restructuring Brain, Mind & Memory & Subverting Freedom of Speech” What does “freedom of speech” have to do with anything? you might ask. Well, her recommendation to lawmakers would be that it must be curtailed in those so-affected by erototoxinogenic visual materials, of course. Eh hmm… “What’s more, people whose brains have been rotted by pornography are no longer expressing “free speech ” and, for their own good, shouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment.” This would all be absolutely laughable if this woman hadn’t cast a nation-wide spell on America over the last thirty years, testified before Congress several times and made countless appearances on radio talk shows. She destroyed Kinsey’s legacy by lying and making shit up, although mostly destroying his legacy with people who wouldn’t have known about him otherwise. I remember a friend telling me things he thought about Kinsey that I immediately realized had to have come from her having become “common wisdom” by way of the radio and probably FoxNews. Beyond erototoxins, she is also not our friend. Here she hops on board the “Pizzagate Titanic,” hopefully for her last ride into a less-sunny senescence. And here, in my last link before retiring, she’s on about “normalizing pedophilia.” (as if) Enjoy! Just remember, she’s LOSING!

Thank you, David, for taking the time to put that together for me. There is plenty there to keep me busy for a while.

Oh, and that Judith Reisman is plainly nuts! Sad to say I have met others like her. One was actually a therapist. Thanks for that too.

I can’t remember where, but I heard that repulsion and attraction are created in the same fold of the brain.

Like Joseph Goebbels once said that if you tell a big lie and keep repeating it enough times, people will start to believe it and the lie becomes the truth.

That was a good article and makes some very good points .

If a person is no longer required to be on the registry and wants to travel internationally, does that person still have to comply with the IML of giving a 21 day advance notification and also getting this crazy passport?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x