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OffenderWatch, Largest Sex Offender Registry Network in the U.S., Launches International Division (Press Release)

According to a report from the Ministry of Justice, the number of jailed registered sex offenders in England and Wales rose 82 percent from 2007–2017. As the number of sex offenders continues to rise, maintaining a unified and accurate sex offender registry is an important issue to many residents. The largest sex offender registry network in the United States, OffenderWatch, recently announced a new international division devoted to helping countries across the globe maintain a sex offender registry database that is easily shared between law enforcement agencies and can help inform the public. Press Release

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  1. Don’t tread on me

    They are not going to stop until they have killed us all. I think that with the behavior of politicians they are in direct conflict with the United States constitution. Maybe it’s time to declare war against a tyrannical government.

    • G4Change

      “Maybe it’s time to declare war against a tyrannical government.”

      I’ve been saying this for years. You’re lucky that this comment was even allowed to be posted on here. None of mine which have eluded to this ever have. In fact, I’ll be surprised if this reply is posted.

      • Roger

        “War” is an inappropriate word in this context, since our biggest challenge is public perception of registrants.

        Want to fight? Want to make a real, proven difference? Then sign up for our alerts and join in our fight! It won’t be easy or quick, but together we have and will make a difference.

        Join with us to make calls, write letters, and attend our events! ACSOL has made REAL change, helping to defeat 3 bad California bills this year and stopping many cities from enacting presence restrictions and residential restrictions. We are fighting IML. We are helping to change public perception.

  2. Agamemnon

    An 82% increase in people added to the registry. I wonder how many crimes suddenly became registerable offenses in that time.

    And while the number of people ADDED to the registry increased, how many people ALREADY on the registry commited sex crimes? It seems to me the 82% increase shows that agencies should focus their attention on where crimes COULD occur instead of looking at where crimes ALREADY occured.

  3. Facts should matter

    ““Without a data-sharing culture among law enforcement and a unified sex offender registry, the number of victims of sex abuse continues to rise,” Cormaci said”

    ^How do we combat outlandish falsehoods such as this? They used this intellectually dishonest, closing zinger that relies entirely on fear, paranoia and suspicion, not historical data on recidivism. Megan’s Law is the perfect delivery vehicle for exploiting unwarranted fear by utilizing psychological manipulation and deception.

    Is it any wonder they’re going global? Fear sells itself.

  4. wonderin

    Keeping themselves relevant. ho-hum

  5. totally against public registry

    “OffenderWatch, recently announced a new international division devoted to helping countries across the globe maintain a sex offender registry database that is easily shared between law enforcement agencies and can help inform the public.”

    Why? Because we do such a great job in our own country of “keeping our children safe”, so now we have to spread the poison every where else in the world?

    I really wish we had a warning system that let us know what these organizations are up to so that we can put a stop to them before they pop up in the media!

  6. Don’t tread on me

    Janice how is this ever going to go away! They are torturing us…

    • Janice Bellucci

      @Don’t tread on me – We are challenging and will continue to challenge methods used to punish people who are required to register. We do so through education, legislation and litigation. The information in this article is new and therefore we don’t have a plan today to stop this form of punishment, however, we will have a plan soon and will announce that plan on this website.

  7. Jack

    Take it to the supreme court that’s how. And just keep reading off the names of the people killed in court. This is a hit list.

  8. Tim Lawver

    As I have stated many times


    • Facts should matter

      Datebase = Money/Grants = Security Theater = Job Security

  9. R M

    “The purpose of the sex offender monitoring and alerting program is to bring efficiency realized in the United States to law enforcement agencies and departments all over the world.”

    This “efficiency” hasn’t stopped 95% of the NEW crimes from being committed.

    • Tired of this

      And how efficient can a system that has had no effect toward its stated goal be in the first place?

  10. Sunny

    Watch Systems is basically a small software company registered as a LLC in Covington, Louisiana. They have a very strange promotional video that looks like it came from a low-budget sci-fi movie:

    It appears they employ a couple dozen people, the identities of whom are published on their website:

    The inherent bias in AI algorithms in attempting to predict criminal behavior, not to mention the glaring technical issues with just their website, creates many concerns that a technical error could result in someone’s arrest or improper risk assessment. A few years ago a computer “glitch” issued a warrant for my arrest because the computer miscalculated an unpaid fine of $25 from over a decade ago. Fortunately I was able to correct the issue by contacting the courthouse and providing copies of documents I had saved, in this case a receipt showing the fine was paid over a decade ago. I also recorded the phone call.

    Watch Systems claims to have 61% of US registrants in their database, and that their software actively updates the federal registry, notably without direct human oversight:

    Considering they have a clear financial stake and conflict of interest in increased registration and recidivism, technical glitches are the least of my concerns. Their promo video shows police using their mobile app to do compliance checks at registrant homes. Are the fates of hundreds of thousands of US citizens really subject to a questionable software company that has maybe a dozen or so employees? Is there any oversight to this program? Could public disclosure laws such as the Freedom of Information Act be used to shed some light on how this company and their software operates?

  11. Chester M

    I can imagine a dystopian future where the entire lower class, 59% of Americans, are “registered offenders” They will essentially have no rights, unable to vote, subject to being incarcerated indefinitely at any moment without a hearing for nearly any reason. All this would take is a continued logical progression of the current sex offender laws. When rich Americans get sick of poor Americans being dirty and begging they will make it a crime to beg, be dirty, not pay your rent on time. The punishment for these crimes will a fine and of course, you will become a registered offender for life. Since being a registered offender isn’t a punishment, it completely constitutional.

  12. Brian

    When is this idiocy going to end? I want to leave this country so bad I can taste it. Oh… I forgot they wont let me!!

    • Get out!

      Go to Europe. You can get a job there, live a free and comfortable life. After a time, you can even apply for citizenship.

  13. 290 air

    The government does’t want us to go to other countries for fear we may abuse children, yet they abuse immigrant children every day that come across the border by ripping them away from their parents and placing them in prison camps for children where they can be abused by older children. Bit ironic.

  14. Debo

    This is a for profit company and I can guarantee you that secure gov data is being accessed by unauthorized persons and that state laws are being violated by the way this information is collected, stored, and decimated. We need to stop this in its tracks and should be a top priority They are collecting personal information on IP dresses and internet activity and putting it on the system. I can guarantee that the people profiting this are contributing to the political end of things to push for more reg laws and to keep unconstitutional laws in place. They are moving into other registries also. This will be an unstoppable force just like the courts, jail and Leo industries are. Soon they will find a way to tap into phone gps and track that info also. Nazis All the while a 3% recidivism rate justifies this?

  15. Sunny

    Debo, sadly you are correct. Their Technology page, under the Architecture tab, states that their software directly makes changes to state and federal registry databases.

    They continue to develop additional “Supplementary Products” to further track our movements and actions in real time, such as the mobile app for compliance checks in the field, as well as the “Safe Virtual Neighborhood,” which “will allow parents to enroll their children’s phones, email and gaming devices into the system to receive a notification provided by law enforcement if a registered offender texts, emails or plays games with their children.”

  16. Richard

    Just checking to see if anyone has visited Germany, Austria, or The Netherlands recently? Thanks for the info.

    • TS


      Check over in the IML survey thread here for info you seek on those countries.

      • Richard

        Thanks @TS, I’ll take a look at it. I am finishing school in a year and I’m just doing some wishing and hoping for the future.

    • Mike G


      I was in all 3 about 2 months ago, no problems at all, but go to the IML survey page for more info.

  17. Darrin

    So I take it.. .for those who love to travel over sees and experance different cultures has better forget it. Now that we will be “automatically” in a WORLD WIDE data base so we can instantly be sent back Home to the USA…..No one told me that I will FOREVER forfeit my rights and or be held hostage in my own country because I had to register.! I was only told that all you had to do was register ONCE yearly and that’s it, no worries. As the days and years go by I find that rope around my neck gets tighter and tighter. All i need is a tree or would i have to pay for that???

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