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OK: Two dads pose as teenage girls online to lure ‘pedophiles.’ They caught one, Oklahoma cops say

[ – 5/31/18]

Russell Goodwin and Jeremy Thomas think of themselves as the Pedophile Patrol.

One local news station called them video vigilantes.

The two Oklahoma City dads have gained a modest Facebook following for their page, where they post videos of themselves confronting men they say are pedophiles. They call themselves “Oklahoma Pedophile Prevention.

They make their claims through similar tactics to those used by the show which ran on NBC from 2004 to 2007. They pose as teens and exchange either texts or social media messages with men around Oklahoma City they suspect to be sexual predators and arrange meetings with them, usually in public places.

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Two vigilantes aggressively seduce a stranger, then request that person get arrested for “predatory” behavior?

This article seems to want to hail these men as heroes endangering their lives for the common good, and God help us if it inspires anyone else to follow suit and take it to the next level.

How on Earth is it still legal in a ‘Free Country’ to create fake scenarios/personas to ensnare people that would otherwise have NEVER been in such scenerios? That is completely illogical and seems more like another human rights violations by the law.

How can he be charged with ” lewd or indecent acts with a child under 16″ when there was no child?

this isn’t a state I live in. but this could happen anywhere. I have a feeling it probably happens more than thought. its just that this one caught attention. however the police officer was right in saying that private citizens shouldn’t be going around like the wild west posse’ …..lets face it, do that to the wrong person, and things may turn out very badly…. I know where I live, protection permit allows conceal and carry, AND the right to protect myself from a perceived threat….can you say HIGH POWERED WEAPON????

There’s another band of “pedo hunters” in the UK who routinely entrap people online then ambush them in camera. I extend same hope I have for Chris Hansen to these sanctimonious American-based asshats: that the next person they seek to unnecessarily, publicly humiliate introduces them to his companions Messrs. Mossberg, Smith & Wesson.

A competent lawyer should be able to knock this out of the park and be able to sue the DA and cops for false arrest, particularly with regard for using the “chat transcripts” as the only evidence.

An interesting hobby. Gee, I’d so hate to see things backfire on these “heroic” dads.

These guy’s need other hobbies. Perhaps spending more time with their children? Please tell me their kids are either way older or are not teens yet. Who is more predatory now?

I’m considering following this model. Lets see what happens when my county DA finds out!!!

Yes, these two are over zealous morons that think they can save the world against evil by being vigilantes.
But come on, the other side of this is the moron that is being set up. One simple question by the caller can end this.” How old are you?” If they follow through knowing what they are doing is illegal, then they have no defense.
Obviously we have all made an error in judgement, or we would not be where we are. But I have no emphathy for someone that is making an overt effort to meet underage persons. Some will surely disagree with this, but it’s my thoughts on this subject.

You are trying to equate a vigilante operation to a (quasi-) legal, ostensibly highly-controlled law enforcement operation. There is no control over the transcripts of this “chat” including the veracity of the vigilantes. What if they added an act of violence or even death to the chat transcript, for instance? Could the vigilante victim then be put up on murder conspiracy charges?

No I am not. I am saying both are wrong. But don’t put yourself in the position of havibg a vigilante set you up for a fall. The authorities will scold them, but arrest you. We must face the fact that we are in a war. People that help law enforcement will be heralded, not prosecuted.

We are in a war. Most on the registry need to wake up and arm themselves (not necessarily with guns and ammo) and become proactive instead of reactive. We should do good in the community by being twice the citizen for good. Get to know your local leadership and let them get to know you. I was at another state capital (NV) asking a few questions. I spoke with the capital’s leading attorney (legal advisor) she escorted me into a back office for our meeting. She was taken back a bit when I informed her I was an RSO and had some questions. She was cordial and patient with me. By coming forward with my questions and addressing her with compete respect I left that young lady with a different image of a sex offender. One without horns! Be the change you wish to see…

As Robert says, we should “arm” ourselves by showing up, standing up, and speaking up. Together we have accomplished major things. Come to our conference to find out how!

I also agree that ILLEGALLY arming ourselves with guns is a very BAD IDEA. We have worked hard to build sympathy for our cause, and the fastest way to lose it would be for us to be found with piles of illegal guns.

DANGER WARNING: If any of us were foolish enough to let emotions push us over the edge to use guns for revenge against society, it would cause a backlash that would set us WAY back in our efforts. To deal with the pressures on us, we must communicate with other people–especially each other. For example, I HIGHLY recommend attending one of our Emotional Support Meetings (see the meeting schedule at the very top of this page). Let’s channel our stress into positive actions that are recommended by ACSOL and other advocacy groups.

We aren’t the first people group to be treated as sub-human. African Americans and Native Americans have been in a similar situation for centuries, but MLK didn’t advocate violence to gain civil rights. Registrants are newer to this experience, so we should learn from their methods and progress.

We are not like ethnic groups. We are more like death row prisoners. The punishments are extreme and inhumane, a call back to a more barbarous age, stocks and pillories and gallows, although technology has advaced to poison coctails and digital stocks, and yet the big thing is it doesn’t deter crime and therefore keep people from being victimized. It creates a whole new set of victims. One is physical death, the other social. It is institutionalized extermination.

Isn’t this just like the days of yore of trying to discover who’s a Communist? I wasn’t alive for those days, but it sure feels like it.

No one cares about actual facts. I was reading some of the old CASOMB reports. In a 2010 report, they stated that the government hasn’t done any research or started any research on recidivism. Well, that makes all the state’s decision not based upon a scienter, which includes the proposed tiered system. They do cite that 17 years was the max years of surveillance by Dr. Hanson’s research, but the state hasn’t done any research at all. That, in itself, is odd b/c California was one of the first states to implement a sex registry (after a Mob registry, which was then ruled unconstitutional). New Jersey had conducted a 21-year study, but CA hasn’t.

I believe CA is willfully avoiding the research. There should be no reason why there was not a research conducted long ago. But being willfully ignorant is what perpetuates the registry as it’s evolved from only police eyes to everyone’s eyes.

These guys are just following the examples set by Perverted Justice and other groups over the years…stupid is as stupid does!

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