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  1. Ron S.

    Has anyone here made an attempt at a pardon? Like many of us I have a 288a attempt (internet sting) from 2003. Had it expunged in 2004. Not eligible for COR as far as I can tell and have only a pardon as my path to removal from the registry. I’m workimg on the paperwork and gathering support letters and anything else I can think of to support my request. I just have no idea how likely any politician would be to get involved in a pardon for a sex crime. Anyone who has any feed back would be appreciated.

    • AnotherAnon

      California? 288a or 288(a)?

    • Mr. D

      @Ron – What state do you reside? I’m assuming California but would like to clarify.

      • Ron S.

        Ya sorry guys. California. Attempted lewd acts was the conviction.

    • Lake County

      No CA governor has ever given a registrant a pardon. If you’re in CA, don’t waste your time.

      • Ron S.

        I know it’s a long shot. Jerry brown has given out more pardons than anyone else and he is termed out so you never know. But definitely not holding my breath.

        • Lake County

          If you don’t have a COR, I wouldn’t waste your money. There is really no chance the governor will issue a pardon without the courts saying you’re rehabilitated. Spend your money on advocacy to change the registry, that will provide you with better hope.

    • Mot

      I have the same offense of attempted 288(a) from a sting; how were you able to get it expunged? Did you use an attorney and if so what was the cost. I was released in 2003 also and have nothing on me since then have worked a job and registered every year on time.

      • Ron S.


        You are eligible for the expungement. The way the law is written allows an attempt to be dismissed retroactively but not an actual commission of lewd acts. I did use an attorney. It cost me $1000 and it was a slam dunk deal with no court appearances or challenges from the DA or judge. It won’t get you off the registry but it’s a good thing to take care of just in case some one in the future decides to allow relief from registry for expunged cases.

        • Mot

          Will you pleas share the name of you lawyer; I am in So Calif

        • mot

          Please send me the name of the attorney who helped you; my lawyer said the 288(a) is a felony and cannot get expunged or reduced.

        • Ron s


          Sorry just saw your reply. I don’t know if I should post his name publicly. Email me at myfatalist80 at yahoo and I’ll send you the info bud. If you have an attempted lewd acts it’s eligible for the expungement. However it’s not a wobbler and cannot be reduced.

  2. Agamemnon

    There’s been a recent wave of “pedophilia is sexuality” chatter on social media, and of course people are up in arms about it.

    This is actually an underhanded tactic by ultra-conservatives to destroy support for the lbgtq+ movement by grouping them with pedophiles. ( ) It’s literally the same thing Nazis used to do by marking all “sexual deviants” with the pink triangle.

    This is not only threatens lbgtq+ communities, it’s dangerous for registrants as well because it propogates the stereotype that all 290s are unrepentant, unapologetic predators.

    People need to be informed of the true nature of this “movement” and how inaccurate it is.

    • AnotherAnon

      Paragraph 175 was a Nazi sex offender code. I highly recommend this documentary for anyone considering quietly riding the train to the Nazi showers.

    • fed up

      I just got off one of those media sites. Only one person in the comments talked sense. They just post Kill them. Pictures of bullets .guillotines and memes of hangings and shooting people in the head. Some were actually incouraging people to kill. The article was about preventing child sexual abuse. It was not promoting it.

    • Sunny

      I suspect this may be a result of a recent (May 2018) TEDx video in which a German psychologist presented a talk on pedophilia, arguing that it’s a natural sexual orientation. It caused controversy and TED has since taken it down. My understanding is that although she did make that statement, it was in the context of distinguishing attractions from behaviors and that she made it clear sexual abuse of children was always wrong. Nonetheless the media and anti-LGBT organizations ran with it:

      • fed up

        This was a2014 article posted on a Qanon site. Ill bet 99 percent of the people don’t read before they post. I was the scum of the earth for liking the idea of preventing crime and not just posting bullet memes and hate. My deepest respect for people who fight for the truth. People dont want to hear it and can get really ugly

  3. AnotherAnon

    The Real Point of Sex Offender Residency Restrictions
    By Jamie Spencer on January 17, 2008
    It’s refreshing when an elected politician speaks the truth, especially when they don’t mean to.

    There was a segment on McNeil Lehrer this evening titled “Housing Sex Offenders,” which chronicled the very real problems with various versions of Jessica’s Law that have sprung up around the country.

    The name “Jessica’s Law” started in Florida, based on the name of a victim, but is now the de facto name given by the media to various and sundry laws dealing with sex offenders.

    The report focused on California sex offender residency restrictions. California’s fairly new law prohibits registered sex offenders from living within 2000 feet of parks, playgrounds, schools, etc. Sounds like a great idea but problems in this regard have been well documented.

    PBS showed a map of Los Angeles with all the prohibited living places in red. At first, it’s easy to tell that literally almost every place in Los Angeles is covered; and then the announcer let’s us know that the places that are ‘OK’ are almost all business and commercial.

    The point of this is not to make folks’ hearts bleed for sex offenders. But let’s acknowledge what the real point of these laws is. Or better yet, let’s hear from San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who when asked by the reporter the perfunctory ‘where are they supposed to go?’ replied:

    The real intent of Jessica’s Law is to put people that violate children and others in prison and keep them there.

    • Eric

      To bad there isn’t a registry for politicians who put people in prison for excessive amounts of time just to build their resume and social standing in their political circle.

  4. AnotherAnon

    It looks like I’ll be sleeping in my car, homeless, I guess. The 290 transient section sure seems impossible to comply with. Have to report places I eat? WTF! How is that relevant? Perhaps I need to rent a driveway or curb and have permission to sleep there, somewhere in the bay area or Sacramento. I’m thinking a gym membership for hygiene. Anyone have any tips?

    • AO

      @AnotherAnon – Are you currently on Parole supervision? If so, were you specifically mandated to do these things? In California, residency restrictions are only supposed to be applied to those still on parole, and only if you were specifically ordered to do so. If you’re no longer on supervision or are but are on probation instead of parole, then you should be able to live wherever you want.

      • AnotherAnon

        I should have been clearer. No, no prole or probation and no address listed. It’s a matter of $, fixed income and all that.

  5. Ruben Herrera

    Can registries for tier 1 & 2 drop from 10 to 5 maybe 7 (tier 1) and 20 to 10 (tier 2) in the state of CA?

    • AO

      @Ruben – At the moment, no. There’s currently only two ways to move between the tiers in CA. One is if your conviction was when you were a minor. And the other is if you’re tier 3 only based on your Static-99 score and not conviction code. Otherwise, you’re permanently stuck in whatever tier you’re placed for the full duration.

      • Ruben Herrera

        I hope it changes, slowly but surely, things are changing when it comes to the registry. Once I’m off probation I will begin appealing, my odds are not in my favor or anyone who has to register to be approved for early termination of the registry list. However, I am optimistic and persistent, I know that my mistake with getting involved with a young mother who was under 18, changed my life forever because of the consequences I face now due to my actions and the pain I caused my children and wife. I just pray and hope that I can put this behind me at some point in my life. Better yet any one person dealing with this.

  6. USA

    Question: I have noted Ca SB – 384 will go into affect in 2021. Yet, I didn’t see any information regarding how the law will affect expunged or reduced (PC 17 B) offenses? What if a offense is expunged? What if the offense (PC 243.4 a) is reduced to a misdemeanor? These can affect what Tier your in greatly!

    • AnotherAnon

      I believe the DOJ will assign tiers based on current information. If not, it will likely be challenged. There is a section in the new law that may address this. Search the code.

    • The Twilight ZONE aka The USA

      Can someone give me that name of an attorney in Los Angeles who would be up to date on this upcoming tier system?

      I am residing in California but my original issue is in Florida. My charge was 1 count of possession of CP with no jail time just probation which was completed with no problems. I was also given a non-adjudicated sentence. In addition this was 22 years ago and nothing during that period of time either.

      Currently I am not listed on the California website however, since FELONY CP possession is going to be absurdly bumped from level 1 to level 3 I would like to find out how the state of California is going to classify someone in my situation.

      Thanks and good luck to everyone (we certainly need it)!

  7. USA

    Thanks Anon. That makes sense. If your offense is reduced to a misdemeanor, it’s a misdemeanor. I’m just curious about how they will address expunged offenses. If you (when you get time) get a chance, please post the link. I was unable to locate the paragraph etc.

  8. j

    i recently did my yearly update & i asked the person that was taking my information if she heard anything about sb-384 pertaining to california, it was a yes & a no, but what she told me california would start in 2020, hmmmm??? she also mentioned not just myself but others would also receive a letter at the beginning of 2020 (but) it would take in between 6 months to a year to be cleared leaving/starting 2021 for relief, she also said everything would be cleared and wiped out, so when i say yes and no theres still things thats new to her and not sure of, so has any other person heard of this *janice or chase*?? yes i heard everything would start at the beginning of 2021 so im getting conflicting dates,, well pretty much the year.

    • AnotherAnon

      The AG has a FAQ:

      Beginning on January 1, 2021,
      the CA DOJ will designate tier levels for registrants.

      Beginning on July 1, 2021,
      registrants who meet the mandated minimum requirements may petition for
      termination in the superior court in the county in which they reside.

      Beginning on January 1, 2022,
      registrants will be displayed on the Megan’s Law Website pursuant to
      Penal Code section 290.46 as amended by SB 384.


      Maybe they will not wait until Jan 2021, hope so, but this FAQ contradicts that.

      • j

        yes anon i got all that language as well as what ao also mentioned, i was just throwing out was was passed to me, hopefully the info she gave to me- as well as others will get that letter the start of 2020, than by 2021, its done and over, language always changes, Janice/chase can hear whats going on, police may also hear some news but in the long run, still look forward to plan (a) 2021 *good luck to all*

        • Janice Bellucci

          California DOJ is tasked with issuing regulations that implement the Tiered Registry Law. Although the agency issued answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), the agency has not issued regulations. We expect the agency to issue proposed regulations which will allow the public to be heard via comments sent to the agency. The agency is then expected to issue final regulations which should provide details regarding what information will be required on a petition for removal, etc. Information regarding both the proposed regulations and the final regulations will be posted on this website as soon as it is available.

        • mike r

          yeah it is nice how the legislature can pass a law that is a blank check to whomever is supposed to write the check. Absolutely insane, Let’s see here is a law that is supposed to address this nonexistent problem now we pass it and here you have so many days ti fill in the blanks. Seems like democracy at it’s best. That’s a big NOT

    • AO

      @J – According to the current official bill, the new registry will not begin until 2021. They may send out notices the year prior, but nothing should take effect until 2021.

      • AnotherAnon

        Sending out notices is an interesting interpretation that could be possible. Let’s hope so.

    • Janice Bellucci

      @j – Please be very careful about “advice” from people who are not attorneys, including Registration Officers, as well as attorneys who make promises they cannot keep about the Tiered Registry. There are too many uncertainties right now regarding the Tiered Registry to make any such promises. Despite the uncertainties, you can use your time between now and 2021 to demonstrate that you are a law-abiding citizen and to volunteer your time doing appropriate activities. My favorite appropriate activity is Adopting a Highway where you will help the community by picking up trash and not be in the company of a minor. The most important factor is to remain compliant, including registering on time.

    • Harry

      This law pure junk.

  9. Steveo

    I have 2 questions I would appriciate some feedback on. The first is this:

    I am scheduled to leave the US for a trip to Eastern Europe with my wife September 4th. I live in a small county in Texas. I have put in 2 calls so far to the deputy in charge of the registration of former sex offenders such as myself. He has yet to call me back. This guy has me come in for just about everything, even when I sell a car. I’m wondering if since Texas is not SORNA compliant, if they have any sort of mechanism for someone who is traveling abroad. I am thinking of just mailing a certified letter, so I can say that I gave notice. Does anyone have any helpful thoughts on this?

    My second question relates to the benefits of living someplace that i don’t have to register. Since my past crime was aggravated sexual assault of a minor all states would have me register for life, however with some of my research I have found 2 situations that might work. The first is that Missouri passed a law saying that if someone committed thier crime before 1995, that they didn’t have to register. I haven’t read anything about people who move there from another state, but it seems like the same logic would apply. I committed my crime in 1992 and was given 10 years deferred adjudication in January of 1994, all before they changed the deal on me ex post facto…

    My second option is that Hawaii has a law that even people at my level can apply for relief from registering after 25 years. This coming January will have been 25 years after my trial. So, does trying to move there and go for that seem like a good option? Any thoughts or any other info, such as any place I might be able to get a Residency abroad would be appreciated.

    • AJ

      I am thinking of just mailing a certified letter, so I can say that I gave notice. Does anyone have any helpful thoughts on this?
      You should absolutely send it in via certified mail. Be sure to make and keep copies for proof and possible need (most likely during secondary inspection upon your return). A helpful trick is to go to the PO and get a Certified form, then include, “Sent via Certified Mail #xxxxxxxx” as a header. This helps tie the letter to the proof of mailing. Personally, I like to make a video of myself during the whole mailing process. I show the letter and envelope, then film placing it in the envelope, sealing it, and dropping it in the mail. That may be overkill, but dealing with a Government that wants to trip you up whenever and however it can, it’s wise, IMO.
      I haven’t read anything about people who move there from another state, but it seems like the same logic would apply.
      If a court follows the Constitution, you *should* be okay, but may have to sue to achieve it. I’ve posted extensive thoughts on this elsewhere, so won’t regurgitate it here. Instead, refer to:
      (Personally, if cost isn’t an issue I’d head for HI!)
      Enjoy your trip, and please file a post-trip report on here with any travails and difficulties (or lack thereof) you encounter.

    • j

      most states are following one another with that 20/25 year rule for registration, which after a person completes that numbered requirement that individual wouldn’t need to register anymore, i wouldn’t see a problem moving wherever you decide to move to,, and about mailing that certified letter, yes its soooo easy to mail and send but at the same time it can also be a ooops!! *didn’t get that letter* its much-much better to go inside the station-have them sign-get a photo copy and keep it with you will passing immigration -just in case, they say non sonra states dont need to give notification, but i also heard Europe allows registrants in, always ask questions beforehand-better safe than sorry.

      • AJ

        yes its soooo easy to mail and send but at the same time it can also be a ooops!! *didn’t get that letter*
        They can deny it all they wish, but even a basic First Class letter is considered delivered unless it’s returned. Having USPS Certification and proof of delivery voids any “didn’t get that letter” action. That said, yes, going in and handing it to someone–AS WELL–would be prudent.
        they say non sonra states dont need to give notification
        “They” who? Also, saying “non sorna states dont need to give notification” is a dangerous statement to make–and could get a fellow RC in hot water. Although the States themselves have no obligation to comply with SORNA (see: 10th Amendment), a RC has no such ability to disregard notification. Travel notification is an obligation every single RC in the country must do, regardless their particular jurisdiction’s compliance or non-compliance with SORNA. What the jurisdiction does with one’s paperwork after submission is for the State and the Feds to hash out. A RC absolutely must notify the jurisdiction; the citizen is under no obligation to ensure the Feds get it.

        • mike r

          Yep, as long as you are on any state’s registry you are subject to IML. Dam AJ, been over two months now for a decision. That is quite a while for something that should of just been rubber stamped if there was nothing there.

    • Sunny

      Having lived in Maine and now California, when I intend to leave the country I just email my local law enforcement office and the state registry. I’ve even emailed the federal SMART office before. The vast majority of the time they never respond. Only once they asked me for my destination points when I went to the Caribbean on a cruise last year, which is interesting in itself because so many islands are individual nations. I have not had any problems with my passport or otherwise, although Royal Caribbean made me write a letter stating why I would not pose a risk to anyone onboard and then allowed me to go on the cruise (with my family) on the condition that I not enter the children’s daycare.

  10. B Wat.

    @ Ron S.
    It’s true Uncle Jerry has granted more pardons than anyone else but not a single one to a Registered citizen. I applied for a Traditional Pardon in December 2015 with the help of a Lawyer here in San Jose named Jerome P. Mullins. He’s kind of expensive ( $10,000 ) but helped me put together a comprehensive petition packet to file with Office of the Governor, Legal Affairs Secretary, in Sacramento. I’m hoping, like you since he’ll be termed out after this year and went ahead and signed SB-384, he just might find in the goodness of his heart, to grant us a pardon. Anyway it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic. Good luck!

    • Ron S.

      B Wat

      Thanks for the encouraging words. I’m happy to hear that others are applying for relief via pardon. I sincerely hope your petition is granted. Keep us posted when you have news. Thanks again

  11. NANCNC

    I found this site through random query based on what I’m experiencing. I remind myself to count my blessings Finace and I have been experiencing stalking, harassment, intimidation,Vandalism of our vehicle, being shunned by community. In addition I experienced at least 3 attempts at entrapment, notification of employer/s and employees and general dissemination of what they believe to be the time when our relationship began (over a decade and 3 kids later). No arrest no charges no convictions. Even if sensible laws are passed even if the registry is done away with. This may be their recourse. I live in a community full of Law Enforcement. 😔

  12. USA

    I’m still having difficulty locating expungement info via SB – 384, but your Anon makes sense. I have a PC 243.4 a reduced to a misdemeanor/then expunged. I imagine the Tiers are based upon your final plea/conviction and SARATSO score etc. ok

    • AnotherAnon

      My bad. I was thinking of certificate of rehabilitation, section 4852.03.

  13. mike r

    Just think these two docs are sitting in front of a district court judge as we speak. This ought t put an end to any recidivism issues, efficacy issues, and I addressed everyone one of the Smith issues one by one in the objections to the MFR. If this judge is anything like the judges in the unanimous decision from the CA SC in Taylor them this is a done deal. Same type of reports used in the Taylor case where the court took judicial notice and was the deciding factor in that case. I bet the judge is like what the hell is going here. I cannot just rubber stamp this, the 9th would overturn immediately. The guy would have to be in dereliction of his official duties if he decides any other way. No reasonable mind would allow this and think it will past constitutional muster. Watch, the next filing I am going to be sure to replace the words sex offender with some other connotation that would show how ridiculous this really is. Could you imagine if I just used any other offender moniker. Replace the words sex offender with DUI offender or even a drug offender the laws still sound absurd…
    Look at the highlighted section, those reports played a “very significant” role if not the deciding factor.

  14. Lake County

    Huston, we have a problem. So we have a major fire in lake county. Most of the county has evacuated. I just got my orders to evacuate. However, the only evacuation centers open are at high schools. So what the hell am i supposed to do except to ignore the order to leave and stay home with the fire danger. This is not right to be excluded for receiving help during an emergency.

    • AO

      Man, that’s scary. When the Sonoma County fires were going last year, I was thinking of the same thing had we had to evacuate. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

      If you have no place else to go and that’s the only location that’s open, I’d probably go. DA’s would have a hard fight on their hands saying you had ulterior motives going to a school evacuation center during a natural disaster when that’s all that was made available. And I don’t think a judge would convict on such a strong technicality.

      • Lake County

        Are you saying I should trust a judge to do the right thing? And of course I’d likely be locked up until it was all sorted out. I have no choice but to stay in my home and risk it. I’m just trying to use social media to watch this growing fire. Too many fires in CA right now, resources to fight this are thin.

        Nice, they just now opened up a new evacuation center. At a school of coarse.

        • AO

          @Lake County – I hear you. Stay safe. If it’s coming to you, don’t risk your life. Either risk going to one of the centers or see if you can just leave town and get a hotel room or stay in your car. Just don’t make the news as a victim. Good luck!

        • Tim Moore

          I’ve worried about you since hearing abput these monster fires. We had a fire her on So Cal threaten our home and we were on alert to evacuate to , you guessed it, the local high school. Luckily, they got the fire out with cooperation of an ocean fog and hundreds of fire fighters, and, if I did have to evacuate, I have family to go to. Which brings me to this thought: we ought to network and be ready to take in fellow registrants, who have nowhere to go. I have an extra room, and I have space even for someone to pitch a tent in an emergency for a few days. I personally would not want to risk jail to stay in a high school sharing the same space with a horde of registry terrorists anyway.

        • Lake County

          Our fire keeps getting worse. I can’t see flames yet, but the current maps show it’s close. Our large 747 CalFire plane came by several times today so I hope that helped. Unfortunately each morning (if you can sleep) we find the fire has got worse. I’m holding out as long as possible so I have no issues. I feel safer at home. Although, I have considered going down with the ship. If my home was to burn, I feel like my life would be unbearable. I can’t afford fire insurance and my small income is fully out of my home. I would need a u-haul to move my business. And u-hauls can’t be brought here now, (roads closed). Plus we have looters. I got my bat to protect my home. Now if I just had a fire hose for the hydrant across the street. I can buy one online for a reasonable price. Something I will need to save up for if make it through this time.

        • Tim Moore

          Stay resilient, my friend. My thoughts go out to you and other registrants in that situation. Yeah, probably better to lean towards staying if possible. Where I am at, once you leave, you can’t get back in, sometimes even if the fire has passed. The authorities won’t allow you to return until the evacuation is lifted. Last time I followed the evacuation orders, I couldn’t return for five days, dispute the fire having whizzed by and gone on taking its danger beyond us the first night, and had no idea if there was a home to return to. I felt helpless.

        • AnotherAnon

          I’d be tempted to go to one of the evacuation areas but stay a legal distance away, and wait for an authority to order you inside. You cannot disobey a first respondenr’s orders.

        • Lake County

          Well this fire turned out to be California’s largest fire ever and our 4th year of major fires. We do not yet know how many homes were lost, but it is less than previous years. No lives have been lost this time. Finally the evacuation ended a few hours ago. It was so nice to get food and drink (Bourbon). I’m planning on writing the Sheriff to ask him what I should do in the future. With all these CA fires, the next one is not far off. This was our second fire in a month. This current fire is not fully out and I can hear helicopters still dropping water near me. But I am safe and have some needed supplies now. Thanks for everyone’s concern.

        • Tim Moore

          Glad to hear. Write a letter to the principle of the high school. I would like to know his or her view on putting you in danger of burning up by denying you shelter, and for what reasons.

        • TS

          @Lake County

          Good to hear you are back home safely. Writing the Sheriff is a good idea to find out their action plan regarding your type of situation. It could certainly open the eyes of the others who may be involved, e.g. the school Principal, state level action, et al, to see what may be lacking (unlike FL and the Sheriff there when hurricanes came ashore…denied entry to main shelter and create their own RC shelter, even if that is the cty pokey).


      Earlier today I received a call on my cell phone from a Sgt. Gaskin of the “sheriff’s department” asking when I last registered. The guy had a southern drawl and sounded like he was on a bad VoIP connection. He said there was a warrant for my arrest for failure to register and he’d tell me how we could get it cleared up.
      As part of my business I’m hypersensitive to email and phone scams and this call might as well have been an email from a Nigerian prince wanting to share his millions.
      I asked again who he was with and he said the sheriff’s department. I asked where and he said The Police Department. “Really?” I asked, “I wasn’t aware we had our own police department. Where are you located?” “Here in on Topanga.” (There is an LAPD sub-station there but he said south of Roscoe and it’s actually to the north, plus, at no point does Topanga run through my town. When it comes to maps, Magellan, this guy, was not.) I asked the address again and he gave me something in downtown LA.
      As soon as I mentioned I heard about a scam like this he hung up.
      I called him back and got a robot voice thanking me for calling the Sheriff’s Department. I hung up, then he called me back and left a message.
      A little hobby I have is effing with robo-callers, particularly Indians claiming to be with the IRS or MS tech support and ripping off my clients.
      I’ll call back Sgt. Douche Bag as soon as I have a good scheme to ruin his day.

    • wonderin

      All you need is permission as per the law. Who would turn you down?

  15. David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

    “Supreme Court Sets New Evidentiary Standard in Child Sex Abuse Cases
    In a 58-page opinion authored by Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, the unanimous court ruled against the admissibility of most elements of a theory, child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome, long used to explain why children often don’t disclose sexual abuse until they grow up.” Thirty-five years of hating Roland Summit is starting to pay off.

  16. NPS

    Saw this in today’s SF Chronicle. Arrested and charged with a felony for voting. The man in the article apparently was on probation but the article doesn’t specify on what conviction. I wonder how many RCs may have been caught up in this even if voting absentee. Something to look into.

    This happened in North Carolina and apparently other states will charge someone with a felony for voting while on paper.

    For Californians…you CAN vote while on PROBATION. You can also vote even if you are in county jail as long as it’s probation that follows incarceration. This is not the case for those who served prison and would be on state supervision (parole).

  17. Steveo

    Thanks AJ, I will post how it goes when I send the letter to the deputy about my travel

  18. Harry

    The YMCA are promoting Darkness to Light, child sex abuse awareness and training program and it is full fictional information and hysteria fanning. See:

    • notfromhere

      The English language is funny…

      Rape (Idaho Section 18-6101):
      – A 20 year old with a 17 year old girl/boyfriend
      – An 18 year and one day old with a 15 year old and 364 day old girl/boyfriend
      – Where the victim resists but the resistance is overcome by force or violence

      This in a country that lets 13 year olds get married with parental and court permission (NH). A country that recruits 17 year olds into the armed forces. A country that kills thousands of children all over the world and calls them Collateral Damage.


      • The Unforgiven

        As long as they save “just one child”. That’s it, job well done.

    • David

      Excellent! Jury nullification!! 👍 How refreshing to hear of jurors actually using their reason and common sense! Thank you for posting that link, JohnDoeUtah!

    • Two States East

      Thank you John Doe Utah for posting the Utah TV station version ! I got it to the Registry Matters people and it will appear on an upcoming weekly podcast. By the way, the Associatted Press version of this left off important stuff. Too bad this (Utah) version plastered his face all over it though…

  19. ReadyToFight

    @Janice, and perhaps others who are more legal savvy….
    Tho I am ecstatic for those in PA and their families who find relief.
    Just wondering if California is so “Progressive” why is it PA is leading the way? What prevents us from bringing the same changes to Cali?
    Thank you

  20. Steveo

    So I’m not sure if someone mentioned this before, but here is a way that we can all get involved in the cause, and it’s super easy to do. Just insist on never calling yourself a “registered sex offender”. Call yourself a “former sex offender who has to register” Never describe the “sex offender registry” as that, call it something like the “former sex offender registration list”. When you call in to schedule your registration or when you go in, just use that language. Don’t do it with an attitude. Don’t get in an argument, just state the facts. If you are a sex offender, then you need to be arrested. You are a FORMER sex offender who has to register.

    • Lake County

      Usually we try and use “Registered Citizen (RC)” in public posts.

    • E

      This was discussed at the ACSOL conference by a plenary and while she stated registered citizen is better than SO, she made the point that we want to talk about the PERSON FIRST. So: “person required to register” or something like it was her preference. It puts the negative onus on the govt and points out to people that our govt actually has a system that requires people (of any standing) who are NOT under supervision of the courts to register. When I share this with friends (in the context of “my story”), most of them are in disbelief the govt can do that. Put the person first.

  21. Berdoo

    Washington State

    Does anyone out there have experience or knowledge with their path for either relief from registration or public notification?

  22. ReadyToFight

    I am a human being forced to register under threat of arrest and imprisonment.
    Let’s call it what it is.

  23. David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

    Laura A-Hole is media-whoring again: “Couple raises concerns about 5 sex offenders living in nearby home” (Long Island)
    If you decide to take her on, remember that she successfully sued one of our small community for defamatory comments so remember, always, to use a pseudonym when dealing with her.

    • Derek Logue of

      The PFML lawsuit against me is still pending, you might be confusing this suit with the Lauren Book lawsuit.

      • David Kennerly is Frightening and High

        Ah! Yes, indeed, I believe I was doing just that. So you’ve been sued by TWO of these harridans? Well, good luck on the one with A-Hole!

  24. David Kennerly is Frightening and High

    “Despite ban, Lafayette Parish sexual predators still active on social media”

    “We’re not just telling sex offenders we’re not doing anything about this,” Lightfoot said. “We are taking enforcement action. And I assure you that to everyone we’ve told, ‘You’d better get your butt off of social media,’ we’ve said it in such a way that they get the point.” Out of frustration with the Supreme Court’s Packingham v. North Carolina ruling, local authorities have taken to: “Complaints that come in are investigated, and when found to have merit, law enforcement will report the profile to the social network for removal and follow up with the sex offender.”
    And then there’s THIS gem of a blanket statement subheader from the “journalist” and without attribution: “Sex offenders online are motivated by sexual interest in minors” There are, as of this writing, no comments posted to the story. Maybe we should change that.

  25. NotFree


    Do people recommend Record Gone for California (LA area) felony reduction and expungement or is there something else?

    Recently finished probation and need to get my felony reduced and then expunged. Looking for recommendations. I see Record Gone looks reasonable and has the money back guarantee.

    How soon after probation should I expect to wait for the reduction/expungement? How long does the process take? My apartment lease is up in November and it would be great if I could pass a background check by then. No AC in the apartment and this summer has been brutal, would love to move.

    I am not publicly listed on the ML site.

    How difficult is the process? Any other info, experiences you all could give would be appreciated. It’s been a long road and I’m anxious to finally finish this up and get back to as normal a life as I can get to.


    • Hysteria

      They will do all the court work for you. They will ask you for some info, like court paperwork, impact letter, and testimonials.
      The process isn’t speedy, 6 – 12 months depending on court case load and judge.

      • NotFree

        6 to 12 months? wow. I was under the impression it was simpler than that and could even be done at the time probation ended.

        So basically not much of a chance of getting it done by end of the year. Darn.

        I guess I’ll go with Record Gone since nobody had anything negative to say about them.

        Next question if anyone knows… is there any way that having the felony still could impact me getting a mortgage and buying a house?

        Thanks for the help.

        • someone who cares

          Not Free ~ It really depends on how busy the courts are. Our expungement took about 6 months from the date of applying with record gone. You can start the process the minute you get off probation, though. Some say, you can even start earlier and ask for an early release of probation, but I doubt that would be granted. So, I would wait until probation is done. If your case is eligible (recordgone will let you know if it is), it will be granted by law. A reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor is not always granted, but the expungement will be (as long as your case is eligible) and you have fulfilled the terms of your probation.

        • Hysteria

          Each one is different, depending on county case load and offense. Some judges want to make you wait a while after probation and others will grant it immediately when submitted. Like everything about this it’s a crap shoot.

        • NPS

          I think it depends on your county. I filed an early termination of probation (as well as 17b and 1203.4) and it was granted. Five SECONDS later, the judge granted a hearing for reduction to misdemeanor and expungement. The hearing was 30 days out and my motions were granted.

          You don’t need RecordGone. You can do this yourself (I did). It isn’t too complicated.

        • NPS

          Regarding mortgage/house

          I don’t think it matters. I still got an FHA loan when I bought my house. There were absolutely no restrictions. As long as you have good credit and money, you’ll be fine.

          The only I saw regarding “sex offenders” was a document stating that there may be a possibility of sex offenders living nearby and to utilize Megan’s Law to see where they lived. This is included in all mortgage contracts. I just kept thinking about the irony of the whole thing. Here are documents encouraging me to utilize the site for my safety, yet I, myself, am an RC (unpublished), and I am barred by law to check.

        • NotFree

          someone who cares, Hysteria, NPS… thanks for the replies.

          NPS, I’ve seen your posts on these subjects before and I don’t think I’m smart enough to do it all on my own as you did, but it’s good to know it’s possible 🙂 Also good news about the house situation. Like I said, we don’t have AC now and this summer has been killer. With the felony on my record I don’t feel comfortable enough trying to rent another place so buying might be the answer.

          We are actually pretty close to being in a position to buy again thankfully, work has been good to me during this whole ordeal. Worst part is we had just sold our house when this whole thing happened and were about to close on our next… had to cancel that sale and use the house proceeds for lawyers instead. Sucks.

          Thanks again guys.


    Another SO win in Superior Court in NJ. This opinion just released 9 hrs ago.

    • R M

      Thanks TXSO4LIFE, as my conviction was in NJ:
      It all boils down to whether the appellate are subject to N.J.S.A. 2C:7-2(g)

      “We conclude only that the retroactive application of section (g) to G.H. and G.A. was not expressly or impliedly intended by the Legislature, and, even if it were, retroactive application would be manifestly unfair in these circumstances.”

      I guess I still have a way out…. eventually.

    • David

      @ TXSO4LIFE: Thanks for posting! I especially like some the wording in the decision:
      “….tak[ing] on a punitive aspect that cannot be justified by our Constitution.” (Paragraph 2, Page 6); see also the paragraph marked “continued” on Page 11;
      numerous other highlights. It’s worth reading.

  27. jw

    I’ve been granted expungement via 1203.4 and am “released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted”. They argue the registry isn’t a penalty but surely it is a disability.

    • NPS

      Congratulations and welcome to the club. There are quite a few of us with expunged records on this site. We are still scratching our heads with the “released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted” ruling, yet we are still required to register. Every time I register, the officer (and it’s always a different one each year) always says, “you still have to register even after a 1203.4? I didn’t know that!” ::eyeroll::: If only the state would recognize the ridiculousness of it all.

  28. Hysteria

    Any persons in San Jose area that knows of shared housing. A non ML listed misdomeanor and working that makes decent money, but hates where they currently are and am looking to take move forward to rebuild their life. Prefer to find an understanding person. Don’t want to have a random check ruin a living arrangement. Current landlord is pushing my buttons on rent because they mostly have county assisted felons, and can charge more.Want to get ahead , not just survive.

    BTW, this site should have a section for housing opportunities.

    • NPS

      I’m from the Bay Area. I also had misdemeanor and not on the public registry. When I lived in Burlingame, the manager did a background check and nothing showed up. Same result when I lived in Belmont. Both of these cities are upscale.

      So perhaps you’ll be okay. I should mention, though, my record is expunged and these background checks happened after the expungement.

      • Hysteria

        Can’t get expungement. What’s worse is that I can’t seem to find a place to advertise my service.
        People are useing apps like thumbtack, etc. , and they check for sex offenders. I am being slowly removed by society. Anyone in bay area knows that you cannot survive here on a min. wage job.
        It is so frustrating and depressing when you want to work, have sought after skills, but no one will let you use those skills. I have won awards and accolades for my work, yet 2 words have put me on the edge of homelessness, destitution, and without any support. It gets to the point of saying ” why try” . you want to keep opening doors until one works, but you lose the energy to even reach for the door.

        • steve

          This is the shit we should be concerned with not being a pollster IMHO. No disrespect to Janice and her team but too many are going to the abyss while we are fighting these fights that i’m not so sure are worth fighting.. Residency restriction fight… yes…being a pollster not so sure.

        • Jason


          I feel you. I was once a respected citizen, I served my country in two wars at great personal loss, I served my community as a public servant, I was a police academy instructor in Dubai, and I was a member of a church. Then one day I lost it all because of mistake of fact and an expensive lawyer that gave me wrong advice. After I was released I found myself homeless living in a Walmart parking lot. I was broke, alone, no one would hire me, or take a chance on me being an RC. But you know what I didn’t give up… first I found God, I accepted it, and I didn’t let it define me as a person. So I found ways around the very people that wished to exploit my conviction. I started a company and work through the company’s name and to be honest I make a pretty good living! I have a support structor of true friends, family and my new finance. So don’t give up brother…. if you or anyone on here have questions on starting a business and working from home PM me at I apologize for being boastful. God bless.

  29. bruce

    Paedophiles get revenge on vigilante who brought 28 sex offenders to justice

    • David

      😆 Hilarious!! Sympathy?…ZERO!!! 😏

    • Brian

      I love it, we could do that to a few thousand politicians, that would be so awesome, even though I’m currently off the reg that would be a good laugh to see a few of them gat a taste of their own medicine, maybe they would change their minds a little bit on how SO laws are just passed without any fight what so ever.

      • Matt

        Remember Congressman Mark Foley? 2005-ish. He was from Florida. He was responsible for multiple additions to the Adam Walsh Act, and he was hugely into new legislation to prevent CP. He also got caught trying to seduce multiple Congressional Pages, who were very young. They never prosecuted him because the leadership of the house of representatives would not allow law enforcement to gain access to all the records. Who was that leader? None other than Dennis Hasstert. This is one of many reasons why I think we need to rely more on courts than on legislators. They are all professional liars. Some of the ones who go out of their way to punish us have something to hide themselves. As for the subject of the article linked above, I think that thing has tremendous value to our cause. When lawmakers try to tell the press that the registry doesn’t harm anybody, they should be shown that article. It’s just dripping with irony.

  30. B Wat.

    If you have a 1203.4 do you need a 17b ?

    • NPS

      That’s a good question. It was my understanding that a case should be expunged as a misdemeanor. If one doesn’t file a 17B, what’s expunged is a felony. I would think it’s too late to file a 17b after the 1203.4 It may not seem a big deal since the record is expunged, but as RC, it IS a big deal because it could be the difference between being publicly listed and not being publicly listed. And now with the tiered registry, it may be a difference between a Tier 1 and Tier 2. Unless it’s a CP offense, then it would move from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

  31. Hysteria

    Does anyone know of a newer misdomeanor C.P. possession being expunged. I understand that they say it can’t be done. But it makes no sense to me why a misdomeanor internet offense is not able but a physical contact offense is allowed. But then none of this nightmare makes sense!

    • AO

      @Hysteria – How new are we talking here? CP possession offenses starting from 2014 are on the no expungement list. But any before that are grandfathered in.

      • Hysteria

        Jan 2015. It just doesn’t make sense why a misdomeanor isn’t expungable. I wonder if at 10yr mark if I get off list if they would then expunge it. I know a lot can happen in next 6 yrs, but it seriously hurting opportunities to move forward. It seems so arbitrary to me. One day yes, the next day no. But same offense.

  32. Someone who cares

    B what ~ it would be better if you got your felony reduced to a misdemeanor prior to getting it expunged but some judges won’t do that. Then you will have an expunged felony rather than an expunged misdemeanor. It’s still better than not getting it expunged. Always try to have it reduced first and most attorneys will do that anyways but as I mentioned before, the reduction is at the discretion of the judge. With an expunged felony, you will still not be able to carry a fire arm for example. Bottom line, try to get it reduced first, but if that doesn’t happen, get it expunged as a felony. The cost should be the same and it’s worth a try.

    • New Person

      Reading 17b carefully, specifically 17b(3) doesn’t involve any discretion by the courts:

      (3) When the court grants probation to a defendant without imposition of sentence and at the time of granting probation, or on application of the defendant or probation officer thereafter, the court declares the offense to be a misdemeanor.

      17b(3) states upon application of the defendant thereafter (successfully completing probation), then the court DECLARES the offense to be a misdemeanor. I don’t comprehend the necessity of petitioning when it reads the misdemeanor is automatic and no discretion is involved.

      The discretion is only involved in levying “probation to a defendant without imposition of sentence”. That’s the only time a judge can weigh in discretion upon this scenario.

  33. NPS

    All CPs became straight felonies and were no longer eligible for expungement after January 1, 2014.
    How were you convicted of a misdemeanor in 2015?

    • AO

      @NPS – I believe there’s a year gap between 1203.4 being amended to include 311.11 on the no expungement list and 311.11 becoming a straight felony. If you look at the bottom of both of these sections, you’ll see that 1203.4 amendment went into effect 01/01/14. While the amendment to 311.11 went into effect on 01/01/15. So those convicted in between can be charged/have it reduced to a misdemeanor but not have it expunged. However, that doesn’t explain how a 2015 conviction resulted in a misdemeanor. Maybe they went with the date of the arrest rather than date of conviction? One guy in our rehab group spent just shy of 2 years going through the court process on 311.11. It would suck that had he taken the plea prior to 2014 that he’d have a much easier time clearing his record, but because of his lawyers didn’t finish everything until 2016 (the lawyer was near retirement and was writing a book about this, and basically used the case for his personal gain rather then the clients. The final sentence ended up being the same what he could’ve gotten at the very beginning).

      • AnonMom

        My husbands attorney told us that he could have felony 311.11 reduced to misdemeanor upon completion of probation. Conviction was late 2017. I am so confused now.

    • Hysteria

      Convicted of felony, reduced to misdomeanor after probation.

  34. B Wat.

    Ok, thanks I’ll start working on the 17b.

  35. R M

    Georgia inmate’s death considered possible homicide

    “(WTXL) – The Georgia Department of Corrections has launched a homicide investigation after an inmate was found dead Wednesday morning at the Valdosta State Prison.”

  36. AnotherAnon

    The Board of Immigration Appeals considers failure to register a crime involving moral turpitude. So what other regulation violation is also a crime involving moral turpitude, I wonder?

    • David

      Isn’t failure to register your vehicle in a timely manner equivalent to DUI Manslaughter requiring a felony charge with a mandatory minimum 10 year sentence? 🤔 Wait…. you mean, the S.O. Registries are the only administrative regulatory schemes that subject supervision-free individuals to felony charges and incarceration?? 😡

      • AnotherAnon

        I’m trying to understand how to keep compliant if homeless. Maybe I need someone to access the registry and search for “transient” and go ask those in the know. Seems to me it is nothing more than the gotcha device and as the San Diego D.A. said, it is meant to incarcerate. The transient restrictions are far more restrictive than parole or probation restrictions. My bet is that transients are found non-compliant about 10 times more often than those who have a home.


      • AnotherAnon

        Yeah, it is that fubared.

  37. AnotherAnon

    Man convicted of failure to register as a transient after not registering shelter address.

  38. AnotherAnon

    Felony failure to register is a wobbler, so it can be reduced to a misdemeanor? Could be if this is still good law.

    • AnotherAnon

      Table 1 illustrates that there were no significant
      differences in the sexual recidivism rates of those who failed to
      register and compliant registrants (11% vs. 9%, respectively). T
      here also was no significant difference in the proportion of
      sexual recidivists and nonrecidivists with registration violations (12% and 10%, respectively).

  39. Moderator

    We have been some issues with our commenting function. Please bear with us while we fix the problem. ***Moderator***

  40. AnotherAnon

    From the jury instructions:

    3. Update his or her registration at least once every 30 days if he or she is “a
    transient.” (See Pen. Code, § 290.011.)
    A sexually violent predator who is released from custody must verify his or her
    address at least once every 90 days and verify any place of employment. (See Pen.
    Code, § 290.012.)

    Uh, equal protection?

    How does that make sense? I do not see much challenge to the transient statute in case law, and nothing that attacks the vagueness of “shall also list the places where he or she sleeps, eats, works, frequents, and engages in leisure activities.” WTF! How are these relevant to the offense? (Thinking of probation conditions.) Not to speak of the undo burden compared to parole and probation.

    Man, I really got spoiled by how easy it was for me to be compliant over the last 25 years of so.

  41. David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

    My thinking on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has been evolving but has now come to a conclusion: he’s no good for us. Deference to law enforcement and too-little concern for the rights of the accused makes him a distinctly inferior candidate to the now-seated Justice Gorsuch.
    Here are two links:
    “Popehat’s Ken White: ‘Free Speech Is in Just as Much Danger from Conservatives'” /////////// “Randy Barnett on the Secret History of SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings: Podcast
    The libertarian legal scholar explains the post-Bork landscape and what might derail Trump’s high-court pick.”

    • AJ

      @David Kennerly:
      I agree. I’m less and less impressed with Kavanaugh when it comes to his treatment of the citizen versus the State. He’s no Gorsuch; he’s more like an Alito, and we already have one too many of those!

      • Hysteria

        The media is reporting that he was present during decisions concerning torture, but the info is being kept from release. Me does think he isn’t a humanitarian!

      • AnotherAnon

        Two too many if you count Thomas, Alito’s twin.

    • TS

      @David K, et al – a short read to add to your thoughts on the SCOTUS nomination:

      Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination is historically unpopular

      Makes me wonder if Gundy will get caught up in an even number court when it is time to hear it. Of course, that is TBD with a lot of time between confirmation hearings starting and the Gundy hearing yet.

  42. TS


    Here is a YouTube video of Paul Dubbeling arguing for the plaintiff in Doe v Cooper oral arguments (audio portion only) for your listening leisure as you see fit. Fourth Circuit Affirms Doe v. Cooper Oral Arguments September 16, 2016.

    • E @ TS


    • TS

      Oops, minor operator error in not leaving the link as advertised. My apologies. Here it is:

      • R M

        Great video, Paul did an outstanding job.
        Doe vs Cooper
        My comment: Only 1.3% of adult victim sex offenders go on to commit an offense against a child. Whoopee. So why punish the other 98.3% just to insure the “safety” of minors?

      • E @ TS

        Thanks TS. Cool to hear Paul D in action. I’ve heard him speak a couple times, but never in action in front of a court. THANK YOU, PAUL DUBBELING, FOR HELPING US IN THIS CAUSE! I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOUR PASSIONATE DEFENSE OF THE CONSTITUTION–AS WELL AS FAIRNESS AND DECENCY.

      • David Kennerly is Frightening and High

        “What I would like the Court to consider are all of those instances where it is as clear as a ‘pike-staff’ that a sex offender can’t be there.” I’ve heard this several times now and am just amazed at how poorly the sex offender registry’s proponents argue their cases (consider the Fed’s representative in the first IML challenge, Kathryn Wyer, who was almost unbelievably inept yet, remarkably, apparently persuasive to the breathtakingly obtuse Judge Phyllis Hamilton). With too few exceptions, Doe v. Cooper being one of those, their clumsy, inept and illogical arguments have been accommodated by the courts. This may be changing. We need more Paul Dubbelings and more Janice Belluccis. It is the source of lasting regret that we did not have such a defender in Smith v. Doe or Justices motivated by their responsibilities of justice or the imperatives of their profession.

  43. Steveo

    This is sort of a rant about people who rant.
    I just saw that NARSOL felt the need to defend its self on Twitter, because of the claims that some people were making saying that they collected funds, but they weren’t pursuing going after the IML aggressively enough, or any of that. I also see people ranting about that on here from time to time, bitching about why no one is going for the brass ring that will just put an end to this registry, and all of that. I know that all of us on the registry will have to admit that we have done some stupid things before, otherwise we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in, but I just want to tell these whining ranters who are continually critiquing everyone else that nobody really cares about your rant, nobody thinks you are smart, and we don’t find your points to be compelling. You’re like those annoying people in movies where when everything is going bad, there’s always this one guy who thinks he is smarter that everyone else, and that nobody else is doing things good enough or right enough for him, and you just can’t wait for the monster to eat this character, or for someone to just give him an attitude adjustment or something.
    I hate saying all this, I really do, because I believe that we’re all here to encourage each other, and to help each other in this war we are in, but these intermural battles need to stop. If you think you are so smart, then hire your own lawyer. If you don’t have the money to, then you’re not smart enough or disciplined enough to have figured out how to make enough money, and you have no business critiquing anyone else anyway.
    So, this is my “nice” level 1 rant. I have a pet peeve for whiners, and bitchers, especially ones that I’m convinced are dumber than they think they are. There are some good things going on, and a lot of people are working on things together and independently that are helping bring about those good things. We definitely have some momentum. What has happened in courts that has benefited us in the past 6 months or so is much more than an anomaly, it’s actual momentum. Keep working, keep praying, be patient.

  44. AnotherAnon

    A very interesting case.

    The court said, “I’m going to issue a certificate of probable cause upon application. There are legal issues that I ruled upon which are worthy of appeal.”

  45. AnotherAnon

    Will there be a way to call into San Diego’s meeting tomorrow?

  46. Hysteria

    Looking for suggestions as to volunteer work. I currently am a trail volunteer for county parks, but would like to pad my resume for what I hope would be a successful COR request.

  47. Hysteria

    I can see issues with the Nov. elections. That will be the time that politicians will be focusing on the ” violence” and ” keeping our children safe” . with that they like to talk about stiffening penalties for offenders. Always a good sell for ignorant voters.
    On another subject, I read article about an MS 13 female that recieved 6 yrs for her part in murdering a 15 yr old girl. Yet a man in a local SAA group was just sentenced to 6 yrs for touching a minor.
    My confusion is , isn’t murdering a minor a LITTLE more hennous than touching a minor inappropriately? BTW, he was a swim coach and I am sure this is a response to the current issues in the news.
    The MS 13 girl will do maybe 3 yrs and be deported. This man will do all six, be on god only knows how much parole, a lifetime registration, and everything else that comes with this.
    This is beyond injustice. This is absurd.

  48. Mark

    How does one find the transcript of court cases for people who have been removed from Colorado registree?

    • AnotherAnon

      If you know the case number you can ask the court clerk for the case record. It will cost by the page. It doesn’t seem these would be expensive due to being brief. If you don’t know the case number call the court clerk and ask how to find what they need to lookup the case. Clerks are usually very helpful. Of course, if you know anyone removed, you could ask them for their case number, or if you only know their name, that could help narrow down the record. This might help you get started.

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