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GA: All registered sex offenders will gather in Council Chambers on Halloween

[Updated] With Halloween right around the corner, Grovetown is rounding up registered sex offenders to make the night a little less frightening for parents and children out trick-or-treating. Full Article

Jones for Mayor Facebook Page

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  1. AO

    WOW!! I can’t believe this is actually legal despite what the mayor assures. I hope they get sued into bankruptcy.

    • Ron

      I doubt it is strictly legal. It sounds like illegal detention being masked by some loophole. – but who is going to side with the sex offenders?

  2. Gralphr

    Is this everybody or just people on probation or parole? I dont see how they could make anyone not under those conditions stay there. It would be grounds to sue for confinement.

    • AO

      As with pretty much 100% of articles go on these matters, they never make this distinction despite the fact that it every much would only apply to those on supervision. News agencies love to push the “safety” crap by misleading people as to who’ll be effected so that people simply feel better about it.

    • Timmmy

      From the mayor’s facebook post:

      “In order to ensure the safety of our children, all sex offenders (on Probation) in the City of Grovetown (area) will be housed in the Council Chambers on Halloween night from 6pm-9pm. There are approx. 25-30 offenders and they will be overseen by the GA Dept. of Community Supervision District 10 (4 officers) and accompanied by one Grovetown Officer.”

  3. R M

    Uhhgg, another mayor spreading myths to up his chance for re-election is my guess.

    With an estimated population in 2016 of around 16,000 and 30 of those being RC’s, how much safer is Grovetown going to be? I’m not going to preach to the choir as you here all know the facts.

    I’ll see if I can find and write their mayor and throw some rebuttals his way (kinda beat right now though… been working on the house all day).

  4. Facts should matter

    “These sex offenders don’t need to be out here loose like they are cause you never know, they can just walk up and just grab a kid,” Bishop said.”


    I actually feel sorry for Bishop

    Attention: Major Jones, you’re not minimizing risk, you’re taking false credit for protecting children on Halloween (and every other day of the year).

  5. R M

    Since “Mayor Jones is a 30 year law enforcement veteran and was the Director of Public Safety in Grovetown until May of 2015. He promotes honesty, professionalism and transparency.”, you’d think he knew better (sarcasm)

    His email:
    His phone number: 706-863-4576

    • Janice Bellucci

      @RM – Thank you for providing the Mayor’s email address. Below is the email I’ve sent to him. I hope others who read this website will send their own emails as well.

      Mr. Mayor – As a former law enforcement official, you should know that the rate of re-offense for individuals convicted of a sex offense is extremely low, the second lowest re-offense rate of all crimes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. You should also know that the perpetrators of most sex offenses are family members, teachers, coaches, clergy and even law enforcement officials, according to the California Sex Offender Management Board. Therefore, if you truly want to protect the children of your town, you should lock up family members, teachers, coaches, clergy and law enforcements officials on Halloween, not those who have been convicted of a sex offense. Sincerely, Janice Bellucci, Attorney-at-Law and Executive Director, Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws

      • NYLevel1

        Thanks Janice however I would have added “Corrupt local politicians” to that list.
        We had this in NYC for two years whilst I was on probation then it suddenly stopped I think due to intercession from NYCLU?
        I believe that if you are on probation/parole you can be hauled in unless you have a medical exception like your death-bed.

      • R M

        No prob Janice, but you were too nice in your email :-).

      • Chris

        Would love to see that on his Facebook page.

      • Joe123

        Great response Janice! I was thinking of writing a few words to this guy as I did to the Boston Herald editor. I was then glad to see that you already wrote him a good summary.

      • Biol57

        I love the email! Thanks Janice!

    • R M

      Email sent:

      Mr. Jones,

      “With Halloween right around the corner, Grovetown is rounding up registered sex offenders to make the night a little less frightening for parents and children out trick-or-treating. ” This is far from the truth. The sex offender registries and locking up people on Halloween do NOT protect children.

      The recidivism rate for registered sex offenders is lower that ALL other crimes.The NEW sex crimes are mostly not committed by registered sex offenders but ARE committed by parents, siblings, clergy, law enforcement, etc… those in close relationship to the victim. There are at least 21 credible reports/studies that prove this, one being from the US government

      Locking up registered sex offenders on Halloween does NOT protect children. “There is not a single recorded case of a child being abducted or harmed by someone on the sex offender registry during trick-or-treat or other Halloween activities,” There are many other articles like this one too.

      I feel sorry for the residents of your city with a Mayor like you who continue the myths of registered sex offenders. On Halloween, how many kids are killed by drunk drivers or unsafe drivers or shootings or drugs or domestic violence? Many more than registered sex offenders, I assure you. Maybe you should ban driving in your city on Halloween… not THAT would make kids safer.

      (my contact info)

      p.s. I provided my contact info if you decide you really want to know the truth. Oops, I forgot…. you are one of those tyrants who just don’t give a damn about safety just your own job.

  6. C

    Relax people. Don’t take it so personally. I’m sure they’re rounding up all the convicted drunk drivers and paroled child abusers, too.

    That idiot lady is afraid of the female sex offeder across the street?
    Did anyone look up the registrant’s “crime?” Oh, that poor child. When I was that age boys who were gettin’ it from anyone, especially older women were heros. Today they are victims. My much better looking step-brother was such a “victim” of his older sister’s twenty-something roommate who, by today’s standard, viciously “raped” him. This tragedy instilled a level of self-confidence which allowed him enjoy several healthy relationships with other women and eventually marriage, kids, etc.
    Had this happened today he’d be labeled the survivor of a violent sexual predator, prescribed years of therapy and doomed to life as a beta cuck.

  7. troy

    sounds like “NAZI GERMANY”!

  8. Randall J Saunders

    Concentraton camp anyone?

  9. mike r

    My God what an outrage. These wackos are insane in the mainframe. Let’s round em up and put in our camp until the war is over…. And what the hell is the lady worried about? she states specifically that she does not even let the kid go up to houses alone. What boogyman sex offender, whom are already on probation, going to jump out of the bushes snatch her out of your hands. Wackos, helicopter moms and grandmas…..Out of their minds.

  10. #no more free speech

    lol i posted on the facebook page and they deleted it and now i cant reply at all Said nothing wrong, guess there is no free speech anymore

  11. No more free speech

    Lol I posted my opinion on the site and they deleted it and now cant post on thereor like any comments, said nothing wrong, guess they don’t believe in free speech anymore

  12. David

    ROFLMAO!! What a great opportunity to meet and network with all the other Registrants in your area! A fine example of an elected official bringing a community together!! 🤣🤣🤣
    If it were my town, I’d go with lots of ACSOL flyers and information to hand out!! And I’d be certain to get contact information from all my fellow “detainees” so we could arrange regular meetings to organize ourselves, strengthen “the resistance”, and defeat our common enemies (Registries, residency restrictions, Halloween’s get-together)! And I’d be certain to thank the dumbass mayor for making all of it possible and ever so easy!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    (Sorry, I can’t stop laughing!!!)

    • David Whitehead

      LOL I emailed rhe mail with my above-posted comment. Out of courtesy, I was thoughtful enough to leave out the descriptor “Dumbass” …. though it was strongly implied! 🤣

  13. NY won't let go

    “Friends I am not personally going to pick up, round up, call or going to any sex offender’s home. This is a joint effort with GA Community Probation Services. They are the one’s with the authority under Special Conditions to require that offenders report. The reporting location is Grovetown City Hall. This is legal….. good grief!”

    Funny stuff. He didn’t mention any of them being on parole or probation before

  14. Eric

    We’ve had kids killed on Halloween by drunk drivers, but never a single instance of a person on the registry offending a child. This man is either a seriously misinformed and ignorant politician wasting county money, or else he is a very deceitful and manipulative politician wasting county money.

  15. B.Wat.

    It’s shit like this that really pisses me off, here is what posted on this dumb asses email address. Subject: Civil rights violations of United States citizens. Mayor Jones: You’re the real danger not the registered citizens you are unlawfully detaining on Halloween night. I hope they sue you for everything you have or will ever have you stupid backwoods hillbilly, get your head out of your ASS !!

  16. AJ

    Others are wondering if this is legal, but Mayor Jones assured people it is. In another Facebook post he writes, the “Georgia Community Probation Services” has the “authority under special conditions to require offenders to report.”
    This points to it applying to parolees and probationers. Hopefully those off supervision aren’t gullible enough to go there, too. I’d love to be off paper and have a Thin Blue Liar try to take me there.

    I have my doubts that Halloween rates as a “special condition[].” I’m thinking a special condition is something more like during a hurricane or tornado or something. Some sort of public emergency situation or natural disaster. But, who am I to blunt rampant abuse of governmental power?

    Reviewing the various conditions of probation from GCPS (, I don’t see any mention of having to allow oneself to be rounded up–and they have some serious batsh!t crazy probation conditions (7, 17, & 18 are particular f’d up). If the mayor thinks item 10 authorizes this, I would say he’s sorely mistaken. Note, too, that these rules only apply to *felony* offenders on paper.

    I would hope someone in that bucolic town reaches out to ACLU or a civil rights attorney. This is pretty scary stuff that public officials are doing such stuff. Downright scary.

  17. AnotherAnon

    Grovetown Mayor Gary Jones should be ashamed of himself for putting four officers from the Georgia Department of Community Supervision District 10 at risk once surrounded by all those dangerous sex offenders. Doesn’t he care about public safety? What of the officer’s families? Think of the pain this will cause them.

  18. TS

    I am thinking this mayor laughs like Boss Hogg and his Sheriff is like Roscoe P. Coltrane with his dog, Flash! It’s GA after all. Couldn’t help it being the season.

    The story is interesting in these facts: the grandmother’s daughter was sexually victimized by a church bus driver (person of trust within a religious environment), not a stranger.

  19. Bill

    For what its worth it is an election year and I got a feeling this mayor is running again.

  20. David

    Bravo for Augusta, GA’s “Independent Voice”!! 😀

    • Dustin

      @ David: Thanks for that link. Couldn’t resist posting the following on that site:

      Patting his own back for supposedly solving a non-existent problem. Efforts to prevent sexual assaults on trick-or-treaters, which has never happened, and yet no effort to combat drunk or reckless driving, which has killed several hundred trick-or-treaters over the years. Apparently the reasoning is that being killed doesn’t leave lifelong emotional scars. Sounds pretty macabre to me, but there it is…

  21. Intrepid Champions

    I posted this message on the Grovetown, Georgia Facebook page:

    Mayor Gary Jones’ tagline is “honesty, professionalism, and transparency”. The fact that this Mayor is touting about safety precautions on Halloween concerning registered sex offenders (according to 12 WRDW news), his aim is very misguided. In fact, registered sex offenders have the lowest rate of recidivism compared to any other group of criminal offenders. Well, the truth is that large majority of sex offenders are not registered and can be teachers, law enforcement officers, parents, teenagers, clergy, government officials, doctors, etc. The mayor, himself, could very well –possibly– be a sex offender. We cannot know for sure! And why not round up firearm owners, DUI convicts, drug offenders, drug dealers and other sketchy characters, I ask? If anyone really thinks that rounding up registered sex offenders is a “good thing”, be careful of what you wish for because if a government can get by with this then they can start rounding up any group of people that your elected government “BELIEVES” is undesirable whenever they feel like it. For example, I would like to round up gun owners on the 4th of July, but I cannot do this because it is unconstitutional and violates human rights. That’s right..”your group” may be next and it could be on Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or any day. Any “real monster” that intends to sexually abuse a child will find a way to do it regardless of Halloween restrictions placed on registered sex offenders. I also do not see any data showing that registered sex offenders ever sexually abused a child on Halloween night. Mayor Gary Jones is making a grave mistake as it fosters bigotry, hatred, and is unconstitutional. Mayor Gary Jones unprofessional and he is being deceitful by spreading propaganda to scare people, and his claims about registered sex offenders is not transparent with empirical evidence. The registered citizens of Grovetown, GA must fight back against oppressive nanny government, voice up for your civil rights and exercise your constitutional and human rights.

  22. TS

    Just some additional light reading on this topic:

    Georgia Mayor Has Plan To Round Up Town’s Sex Offenders on Halloween
    Another Halloween, another unfounded freak-out over sex offenders.

  23. Eric

    Oh my goodness, just think of all the disgusting, wanton, and unbridled behavior that will take place at that “round up.” Is he sure just a couple of police will handle it? Based on his assumptions the place will be out of control with all those RSO’s in the same room. Please do a follow up on this so we can all hear of the vile debauchery that will take place that evening.

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